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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.490, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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587 - 593 Membrane translocation of transient receptor potential ankyrin 1 induced by inflammatory cytokines in lung cancer cells
Takahashi K, Ohta T
594 - 600 C-terminal tail of NADPH oxidase organizer 1 (Noxo1) mediates interaction with NADPH oxidase activator (Noxal) in the NOX1 complex
Shrestha P, Yun JH, Ko YJ, Kim M, Bae YS, Lee W
601 - 607 Aloe-emodin (AE) nanoparticles suppresses proliferation and induces apoptosis in human lung squamous carcinoma via ROS generation in vitro and in vivo
Wu YY, Zhang JH, Gao JH, Li YS
608 - 615 Transgenerational effects of proton beam irradiation on Caenorhabditis elegans germline apoptosis
Min H, Sung M, Son M, Kawasaki I, Shim YH
616 - 622 Inhibition of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling by IWR1 induces expression of Foxd3 to promote mouse epiblast stem cell self-renewal
Liu KS, Sun YY, Liu DH, Ye SD
623 - 628 Betaine Aldehyde Dehydrogenase expression during physiological cardiac hypertrophy induced by pregnancy
Rosas-Rodriguez JA, Sonanez-Organis JG, Godoy-Lugo JA, Espinoza-Salazar JA, Lopez-Jacobo CJ, Stephens-Camacho NA, Gonzalez-Ochoa G
629 - 635 CO-releasing molecules-2 attenuates ox-LDL-induced injury in HUVECs by ameliorating mitochondrial function and inhibiting Wnt/beta-catenin pathway
Sun HJ, Xu DY, Sun YX, Xue T, Zhang CX, Zhang ZX, Lin W, Li KX
636 - 642 Effects of mild calorie restriction on lipid metabolism and inflammation in liver and adipose tissue
Park CY, Park S, Kim MS, Kim HK, Han SN
643 - 649 Relaxin reduces susceptibility to post-infarct atrial fibrillation in mice due to anti-fibrotic and anti-inflammatory properties
Beiert T, Tiyerili V, Knappe V, Effelsberg V, Linhart M, Stockigt F, Klein S, Schierwagen R, Trebicka J, Nickenig G, Schrickel JW, Andrie RP
650 - 656 The novel YAP target gene, SGK1, upregulates TAZ activity by blocking GSK3 beta-mediated TAZ destabilization
Yoo G, Kim T, Chung C, Hwang DS, Lim DS
657 - 663 Quantitative proteomic reveals the dynamic of protein profile during final oocyte maturation in zebrafish
Ge CM, Lu WQ, Chen A
664 - 669 nonG, a constituent of the nonactin biosynthetic gene cluster, regulates nocardamine synthesis in Streptomyces albus J1074
Park W, Woo JK, Shin J, Oh KB
670 - 675 Astrocytes regulate the expression of Sp1R3 on oligodendrocyte progenitor cells through Cx47 and promote their proliferation
Xu D, Liu ZY, Wang S, Peng Y, Sun XC
676 - 681 High and low concentration of 17 alpha-estradiol protect cerebellar granule neurons in different time windows
Sorvik IB, Paulsen RE
682 - 687 Distinct regulation of activity-dependent transcription of immediate early genes in cultured rat cortical neurons
Fukuchi M, Sanabe T, Watanabe T, Kubota T, Tabuchi A, Tsuda M
688 - 692 Mint3 in bone marrow-derived cells promotes lung metastasis in breast cancer model mice
Hara T, Murakami Y, Seiki M, Sakamoto T
693 - 699 lncRNA HULC promotes the growth of hepatocellular carcinoma cells via stabilizing COX-2 protein
Xiong HJ, Li B, He JT, Zeng YJ, Zhang Y, He FT
700 - 706 Long noncoding RNA MEG3 mediated angiogenesis after cerebral infarction through regulating p53/NOX4 axis
Zhan RY, Xu KL, Pan JW, Xu QS, Xu SJ, Shen J
707 - 712 DEPDC1 promotes cell proliferation and tumor growth via activation of E2F signaling in prostate cancer
Huang L, Chen K, Cai ZP, Chen FC, Shen HY, Zhao WH, Yang SJ, Chen XB, Tang GX, Lin X
713 - 718 miR-217 suppresses proliferation and promotes apoptosis in cardiac myxoma by targeting Interleukin-6
Zhang J, Wang C, Xu HM
719 - 725 Overexpression cdc42 attenuates isoflurane-induced neurotoxicity in developmental brain of rats
Fang X, Li SY, Han Q, Zhao YL, Gao J, Yan J, Luo AL
726 - 731 A novel hepatitis B virus-derived cis-acting sequence that enhances expression of transgenes delivered by plasmid vectors in eukaryote cell culture systems
Lee SA, Kim H, Lee SY, Kim BJ
732 - 738 LIGHT is increased in patients with coronary disease and regulates inflammatory response and lipid metabolism in oxLDL-induced THP-1 macrophages
Yuan XM, Gu YL, Lai XY, Gu Q
739 - 745 Unphosphorylated STAT3 regulates the antiproliferative, antiviral, and gene-inducing actions of type I interferons
Pfeffer SR, Fan MY, Du ZY, Yang CH, Pfeffer LM
746 - 752 Identification and characterization of a novel antimicrobial protein from the housefly Musca domestica
Guo G, Tao RY, Li Y, Ma HL, Xiu JF, Fu P, Wu JW
753 - 759 Molecular cloning of chicken TET family genes and role of chicken TET1 in erythropoiesis
Okuzaki Y, Kaneoka H, Nishijima KI, Murakami S, Ozawa Y, Iijima S
760 - 766 Site-1 protease, a novel metabolic target for glioblastoma
Caruana BT, Skoric A, Brown AJ, Lutze-Mann LH
767 - 773 Inhibition of mitochondrial translation effectively sensitizes renal cell carcinoma to chemotherapy
Wang B, Ao JS, Yu D, Rao T, Ruan Y, Yao XB
774 - 779 Crystal structure of the crenarchaeal ExoIII AP endonuclease SisExoIII reveals a conserved disulfide bond endowing the protein with thermostability
Yan Z, Yuan ZL, Ni JF, Gu LC, Shen YL
780 - 785 IL-1 beta induced methylation of the estrogen receptor ER alpha gene correlates with EMT and chemoresistance in breast cancer cells
Jimenez-Gardnno AM, Mendoza-Rodriguez MG, Urrutia-Cabrera D, Dominguez-Robles MC, Perez-Yepez EA, Ayala-Sumuano JT, Meza I
786 - 793 Regulation of testicular steroidogenesis by Foxa3 via transcriptional modulation of ER alpha signaling in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM)
Zhao Y, Li HX, Wang K, Yan BY, Li W
794 - 799 Activation of central nesfatin-1/NucB2 after intraperitoneally administered cisplatin in rats
Akiyama Y, Yoshimura M, Nishimura K, Nishimura H, Sonoda S, Ueno H, Mitojima Y, Saito R, Maruyama T, Nonaka Y, Hashimoto H, Uezono Y, Hirata K, Ueta Y
800 - 805 Triglyceride synthesis in hepatocytes isolated from rats fed a low-protein diet is enhanced independently of upregulation of insulin signaling
Taguchi Y, Toyoshima Y, Tokita R, Kato H, Takahashi SI, Minami S
806 - 812 Structure of an unconventional SH3 domain from the postsynaptic density protein Shank3 at ultrahigh resolution
Ponna SK, Myllykoski M, Boeckers TM, Kursula P
813 - 820 Conjugated linoleic acid prevents age-induced bone loss in mice by regulating both osteoblastogenesis and adipogenesis
Lin GL, Wang H, Dai J, Li X, Guan M, Gao ST, Ding Q, Wang HX, Fang H
821 - 826 Identification and characterization of the leaf specific networks of inner and rosette leaves in Brassica rapa
Kim MS, Hong S, Devaraj SP, Im S, Kim JR, Lim YP
827 - 833 Crystal structures of the isochorismatase domains from Vibrio anguillarum
Du JS, Deng T, Ma QJ
834 - 840 Oleanolic acid prevents cartilage degeneration in diabetic mice via PPAR gamma associated mitochondrial stabilization
Kang X, Yang ZK, Sheng J, Liu JB, Xie QY, Zheng W, Chen K
841 - 848 Farnesoid X receptor agonist GW4064 ameliorates lipopolysaccharide-induced ileocolitis through TLR4/MyD88 pathway related mitochondrial dysfunction in mice
Liu HM, Liao JF, Lee TY
849 - 854 2,3-Butandione 2-monoxime inhibits skeletal myosin II by accelerating ATP cleavage
Komatsu H, Koseki Y, Kanno T, Aoki S, Kodama T
855 - 860 Myelin basic protein stimulates plasminogen activation via tissue plasminogen activator following binding to independent L-lysine-containing domains
Gonzalez-Gronow M, Fiedler JL, Gomez CF, Wang F, Ray R, Ferrell PD, Pizzo SV
861 - 867 Helicobacter pylori does not use spermidine synthase to produce spermidine
Zhang HW, Au SWN
868 - 875 Biophysical characterization of histone H3.3 K27M point mutation
Hetey S, Boros-Olah B, Kuik-Rozsa T, Li QZ, Karanyi Z, Szabo Z, Roszik J, Szaloki N, Vamosi G, Toth K, Szekvolgyi L
876 - 881 CADPS2 gene expression is oppositely regulated by LRRK2 and alpha-synuclein
Obergasteiger J, Uberbacher C, Pramstaller PP, Hicks AA, Corti C, Volta M
882 - 888 Mild hypothermia ameliorates muscle wasting in septic rats associated with hypothalamic AMPK-induced autophagy and neuropeptides
Cao C, Gao T, Cheng MH, Xi FC, Zhao CY, Yu WK
889 - 894 Anticancer, antibacterial and pollutant degradation potential of silver nanoparticles from Hyphaene thebaica
Bello BA, Khan SA, Khan JA, Syed FQ, Mirza MB, Shah L, Khan SB
895 - 900 Inhibition of PLD1 activity causes ER stress via regulation of COPII vesicle formation
Nakagawa H, Hazama K, Ishida K, Komori M, Nishimura K, Matsuo S
901 - 905 Effects of Brn2 overexpression on eccrine sweat gland development in the mouse paw
Chee MK, Jo SK, Sohn KC, Kim CY, Lee JH, Lee YH
906 - 912 TMPRSS4 promotes cancer stem cell traits by regulating CLDN1 in hepatocellular carcinoma
Mahati S, Bolati D, Yang Y, Mao R, Zhang H, Bao YX
913 - 919 Luteolin suppresses angiogenesis and vasculogenic mimicry formation through inhibiting Notchl-VEGF signaling in gastric cancer
Zang MD, Hu L, Zhang BG, Zhu ZL, Li JF, Zhu ZG, Yan M, Liu BY
920 - 926 Upregulated long non-coding RNA LOC90784 promotes cell proliferation and invasion and is associated with poor clinical features in HCC
Xu JH, Chang WH, Fu HW, Shu WQ, Yuan T, Chen P
927 - 932 The effects of berberine on a murine model of multiple sclerosis and the SPHK1/S1P signaling pathway
Luo JM, Chen R, Zeng SY, Yu JM, Jiang GH, Wang L, Qin XY
933 - 940 RNAi-mediated disruption of neuropeptide genes, nlp-3 and nlp-12, cause multiple behavioral defects in Meloidogyne incognita
Dash M, Dutta TK, Phani V, Papolu PK, Shivakumara TN, Rao U
941 - 947 miR-137 attenuates A beta-induced neurotoxicity through inactivation of NF-kappa B pathway by targeting TNFAIP1 in Neuro2a cells
He D, Tan J, Zhang JW
948 - 954 1ncRNA-Map2k4 sequesters miR-199a to promote FGF1 expression and spinal cord neuron growth
955 - 962 INT131 increases dendritic arborization and protects against A beta toxicity by inducing mitochondrial changes in hippocampal neurons
Godoy JA, Zolezzi JM, Inestrosa NC
963 - 968 Functional identification of a Lippia dulcis bornyl diphosphate synthase that contains a duplicated, inhibitory arginine-rich motif
Hurd MC, Kwon M, Ro DK
969 - 976 Celecoxib induced apoptosis against different breast cancer cell lines by down-regulated NF-kappa B pathway
Wang GY, Li J, Zhang LX, Huang SK, Zhao XH, Zhao XA
977 - 983 In vitro and in vivo inhibition of proangiogenic retinal phenotype by an antisense oligonucleotide downregulating uPAR expression
Lulli M, Cammalleri M, Granucci I, Witort E, Bono S, Di Gesualdo F, Lupia A, Loffredo R, Casini G, Dal Monte M, Capaccioli S
984 - 990 NMR uncovers direct interaction between human NEDD4-1 and p34(SEI-1)
Shrestha P, Yun JH, Ko YJ, Yeon KJ, Kim D, Lee H, Jin DH, Nam KY, Yoo HD, Lee W
991 - 996 Overexpression of MicA induces production of OmpC-enriched outer membrane vesicles that protect against Salmonella challenge
Choi HI, Kim M, Jeon J, Han JK, Kim KS
997 - 1003 Disruption of TACE-filamin interaction can inhibit TACE-mediated ectodomain shedding
Cho Y, Park D, Kim C
1004 - 1010 A novel role for earthworm peptide Lumbricusin as a regulator of neuroinflammation
Seo M, Lee JH, Baek M, Kim MA, Ahn MY, Kim SH, Yun EY, Hwang JS
1011 - 1017 Structural bases of the altered catalytic properties of a pathogenic variant of apoptosis inducing factor
Sorrentino L, Cossu F, Milani M, Aliverti A, Mastrangelo E
1018 - 1025 The comprehensive liver transcriptome of two cattle breeds with different intramuscular fat content
Wang X, Zhang YQ, Zhang XZ, Wang DC, Jin G, Li B, Xu F, Cheng J, Zhang F, Wu SJ, Rui S, He J, Zhang RH, Li WZ
1026 - 1032 Interleukin-6, C/EBP-beta and PPAR-gamma expression correlates with intramuscular liposarcoma growth in mice: The impact of voluntary physical activity levels
Assi M, Kenawi M, Ropars M, Rebillard A
1033 - 1038 Anti-dengue virus activity of scytovirin and evaluation of point mutation effects by molecular dynamics and binding free energy calculations
Siqueira AS, Lima ARJ, de Souza RC, Santos AS, Vianez JLDG, Goncalves EC
1039 - 1044 Ser-261 phospho-regulation is involved in pS256 and pS269-mediated aquaporin-2 apical translocation
Yui N, Ando F, Sasaki S, Uchida S
1045 - 1051 Enhancement of TGF-beta-induced Smad3 activity by c-Abl-mediated tyrosine phosphorylation of its coactivator SKI-interacting protein (SKIP)
Kuki K, Yamaguchi N, Iwasawa S, Takakura Y, Aoyama K, Yuki R, Nakayama Y, Kuga T, Hashimoto Y, Tomonaga T, Yamaguchi N
1052 - 1058 Inducible liver-specific overexpression of gankyrin in zebrafish results in spontaneous intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma and hepatocellular carcinoma formation
Huang SJ, Cheng CL, Chen JR, Gong HY, Liu WT, Wu JL
1059 - 1065 Racl signalling coordinates epiboly movement by differential regulation of actin cytoskeleton in zebrafish
Li YL, Shao M, Shi DL
1066 - 1073 GC-MS based metabolomics of CSF and blood serum: Metabolic phenotype for a rat model of cefoperazone-induced disulfiram-like reaction
Liu LS, Huang CR, Bian YC, Miao LY
1074 - 1079 Tyro3 carboxyl terminal region confers stability and contains the autophosphorylation sites
Shao HS, Lauffenburger D, Wells A
1080 - 1085 Omega-3 fatty acids promote fatty acid utilization and production of pro-resolving lipid mediators in alternatively activated adipose tissue macrophages
Rombaldova M, Janovska P, Kopecky J, Kuda O
1086 - 1092 BCL11B is frequently downregulated in HTLV-1-infected T-cells through Tax-mediated proteasomal degradation
Permatasari HK, Nakahata S, Ichikawa T, Morishita K
1093 - 1099 A novel conformation of the LC3-interacting region motif revealed by the structure of a complex between LC3B and RavZ
Kwon DH, Kim L, Kim BW, Kim JH, Roh KH, Choi EJ, Song HK
1100 - 1105 Inhibition of miR-664a interferes with the migration of osteosarcoma cells via modulation of MEG3
Sahin Y, Altan Z, Arman K, Bozgeyik E, Ozer MK, Arslan A
1106 - 1111 MiR-21 promotes fibrosis and hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum in lumbar spinal canal stenosis by activating IL-6 expression
Sun C, Tian JW, Liu XH, Guan GP
1112 - 1118 Knockdown of frizzled-7 inhibits cell growth and metastasis and promotes chemosensitivity of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cells by inhibiting Wnt signaling
Liu XP, Yan YL, Ma WP, Wu SG
1119 - 1124 S1PR2 antagonist protects endothelial cells against high glucose induced mitochondrial apoptosis through the Akt/GSK-3 beta signaling pathway
Liu HD, Peng H, Chen SH, Liu YW, Xiang H, Chen RF, Chen W, Zhao SL, Chen P, Lu HW
1125 - 1131 The glycine hinge of transmembrane segment 2 modulates the subcellular localization and gating properties in TREK channels
Zhuo RG, Peng P, Zheng JQ, Zhang YL, Wen L, Wei XL, Ma XY
1132 - 1138 Inhibition of B7-H3 reverses oxaliplatin resistance in human colorectal cancer cells
Zhang PF, Chen Z, Ning K, Jin J, Han XF
1139 - 1139 beta-arrestins negatively control human adrenomedullin type 1-receptor internalization (vol 487, pg 438, 2017)
Kuwasako K, Kitamura K, Nagata S, Sekiguchi T, Jiang DF, Murakami M, Hattori Y, Kato J