Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.490, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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71 - 77 Activation of Wnt3 alpha/beta-catenin signal pathway attenuates apoptosis of the cerebral microvascular endothelial cells induced by oxygen-glucose deprivation
Zhang JS, Zhang JF, Qi CF, Yang PB, Chen XL, Liu Y
78 - 83 Molecular dissection of Caenorhabditis elegans ATP-binding cassette transporter protein HAF-4 to investigate its subcellular localization and dimerization
Tanji T, Shiraishi H, Nishikori K, Aoyama R, Ohashi K, Maeda M, Ohashi-Kobayashi A
84 - 90 Knockout of immunoproteasome subunit beta 2i ameliorates cardiac fibrosis and inflammation in DOCA/Salt hypertensive mice
Yan W, Bi HL, Liu LX, Li NN, Liu Y, Du J, Wang HX, Li HH
91 - 97 LNK deficiency aggravates palmitate-induced preadipocyte apoptosis
Du JY, Jin CC, Wang GH, Huang XQ, Cheng JD, Wen XJ, Zhao XM, Wang GL
98 - 103 Autophagy upregulation ameliorates cell injury in Sequestosome 1 knockout podocytes in vitro
Li ZP, Yuan Y, Meng Y, Rong Y, Bai H, Chen LY
104 - 110 Circular RNA hsa_circ_0010729 regulates vascular endothelial cell proliferation and apoptosis by targeting the miR-186/HIF-1 alpha axis
Dang RY, Liu FL, Li Y
111 - 116 Amelioration of adjuvant-induced arthritis in CCDC134-overexpressing transgenic mice
Xia P, Zhang TZ, Gong XT, Xiao L, Liao QY, Qiu XY, Huang J
117 - 122 beta-hydroxybutyrate alleviates depressive behaviors in mice possibly by increasing the histone3-lysine9-beta-hydroxybutyrylation
Chen L, Miao ZG, Xu XS
123 - 133 Ophiopogonin D and EETs ameliorate Ang II-induced inflammatory responses via activating PPAR alpha in HUVECs
Huang XY, Wang YG, Zhang ZY, Wang Y, Chen XM, Wang Y, Gao Y
134 - 140 Characterization of Armitage and Yb containing granules and their relationship to nuage in ovary-derived cultured silkworm cell
Patil AA, Tatsuke T, Mon H, Lee JM, Morokuma D, Hino M, Kusakabe T
141 - 146 Construction of EGFR peptide gefitinib/quantum dots long circulating polymeric liposomes for treatment and detection of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Liu Y, Zhao Y, Luo H, Liu F, Wu YM
147 - 154 Early growth response factor 1 is essential for cigarette smoke-induced MUC5AC expression in human bronchial epithelial cells
Wang SB, Zhang C, Xu XC, Xu F, Zhou JS, Wu YP, Cao C, Li W, Shen HH, Cao JF, Chen ZH
155 - 160 Synthesis and assembly of Hepatitis B virus envelope protein-derived particles in Escherichia coli
Li H, Onbe K, Liu QS, Iijima M, Tatematsu K, Seno M, Tada H, Kuroda S
161 - 168 Functional evidence that the self-renewal gene NANOG regulates esophageal squamous cancer development
Deng L, Xiang XC, Yang F, Xiao DQ, Liu K, Chen Z, Zhang RL, Feng G
169 - 175 Necl-4 enhances the PLC gamma-c-Raf-MEK-ERK pathway without affecting internalization of VEGFR2
Yamana S, Tokiyama A, Fujita H, Terao Y, Horibe S, Sasaki N, Satomi-Kobayashi S, Hirata K, Rikitake Y
176 - 181 Silencing HIF-1 alpha induces TET2 expression and augments ascorbic acid induced 5-hydroxymethylation of DNA in human metastatic melanoma cells
Fischer AP, Miles SL
182 - 188 GSK3 inhibitor AR-A014418 promotes osteogenic differentiation of human adipose-derived stem cells via ERK and mTORC2/Akt signaling pathway
Zhang M, Zhang P, Liu YS, Zhou YS
189 - 193 Quantification of egg proteome changes during fertilization in sterlet Acipenser ruthenus
Niksirat H, Andersson L, Golpour A, Chupani L, James P
194 - 201 Tofacitinib ameliorates atherosclerosis and reduces foam cell formation in apoE deficient mice
Wang ZC, Wang SM, Wang ZZ, Yun TT, Wang CC, Wang HT
202 - 208 Regulation of intracellular trafficking and secretion of adiponectin by myosin II
Bedi D, Dennis JC, Morrison EE, Braden TD, Judd RL
209 - 216 The angiogenic factor Egfl7 alters thymogenesis by activating Flt3 signaling
Salama Y, Hattori K, Heissig B
217 - 224 Long non-coding RNA PVT1 promotes glycolysis and tumor progression by regulating miR-497/HK2 axis in osteosarcoma
Song JY, Wu XL, Liu FX, Li MH, Sun YR, Wang Y, Wang C, Zhu K, Jia XJ, Wang B, Ma XX
225 - 230 The Medicago truncatula R2R3-MYB transcription factor gene MtMYBS1 enhances salinity tolerance when constitutively expressed in Arabidopsis thaliana
Dong W, Song YG, Zhao Z, Qiu NW, Liu XJ, Guo WH
231 - 238 Coptisine protects cardiomyocyte against hypoxia/reoxygenation-induced damage via inhibition of autophagy
Wang YH, Wang QL, Zhang L, Ke ZL, Zhao YY, Wang DS, Chen H, Jiang X, Gu M, Fan SJ, Huang C
239 - 246 Vitamin D supplement ameliorates hippocampal metabolism in diabetic rats
Guo F, Yue H, Wang L, Ding CZ, Wu LN, Wu Y, Gao FB, Qin GJ
247 - 252 Central administration of GLP-1 and GIP decreases feeding in mice
NamKoong C, Kim MS, Jang BT, Lee YH, Cho YM, Choi HJ
253 - 259 N-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid-enriched lipid emulsion improves Paneth cell function via the IL-22/Stat3 pathway in a mouse model of total parenteral nutrition
Wang JW, Tian F, Zheng HJ, Tian H, Wang P, Zhang L, Gao XJ, Wang XY
260 - 264 Crystal structure of BrlR with c-di-GMP
Raju H, Sharma R
265 - 270 Photoinactivation related dynamics of ctenophore photoproteins: Insights from molecular dynamics simulation under electric-field
Pashandi Z, Molakarimi M, Mohseni A, Sajedi RH, Taghdir M, Naderi-Manesh H
271 - 275 L368F/V408F double mutant of IBD of LEDGF/p75 retains interaction with M178I mutant of HIV-1 integrase
George A, Raghavendra NK
276 - 282 Alterations in conformational topology and interaction dynamics caused by L418A mutation leads to activity loss of Mycobacterium tuberculosis isocitrate lyase
Shukla H, Shukla R, Sonkar A, Tripathi T
283 - 289 CD155 blockade improves survival in experimental sepsis by reversing dendritic cell dysfunction
Meng Y, Zhao ZZ, Zhu WZ, Yang T, Deng XM, Bao R
290 - 295 The frequency of Th17 cells in the small intestine exhibits a day-night variation dependent on circadian clock activity
Le HPT, Nakamura Y, Oh-Oka K, Ishimaru K, Nakajima S, Nakao A
296 - 301 Neural differentiation of human embryonic stem cells induced by the transgene-mediated overexpression of single transcription factors
Matsushita M, Nakatake Y, Arai I, Ibata K, Kohda K, Goparaju SK, Murakami M, Sakota M, Chikazawa-Nohtomi N, Ko SBH, Kanai T, Yuzaki M, Ko MSH
302 - 308 miR-141-3p inhibits fibroblast proliferation and migration by targeting GAB1 in keloids
Feng JJ, Xue SL, Pang QY, Rang Z, Cui F
309 - 316 MiR-129-5p inhibits non-small cell lung cancer cell sternness and chemoresistance through targeting DLK1
Ma Z, Cai HF, Zhang Y, Chang L, Cui YB
317 - 323 PART-1 functions as a competitive endogenous RNA for promoting tumor progression by sponging miR-143 in colorectal cancer
Hu YB, Ma Z, He YM, Liu W, Su Y, Tang ZB
324 - 329 The isoforms of alpha-actin and myosin affect the Ca2+ regulation of the actin-myosin interaction in the heart
Shchepkin DV, Nikitina LV, Bershitsky SY, Kopylova GV
330 - 335 Sensitivity of mitochondrial DNA depleted rho 0 cells to H2O2 depends on the plasma membrane status
Tomita K, Kuwahara Y, Takashi Y, Tsukahara T, Kurimasa A, Fukumoto M, Nishitani Y, Sato T
336 - 342 Myricetin ameliorates scopolamine-induced memory impairment in mice via inhibiting acetylcholinesterase and down-regulating brain iron
Wang BY, Zhong Y, Gao CJ, Li JB
343 - 348 AQP5 promotes hepatocellular carcinoma metastasis via NF-kappa B-regulated epithelial-mesenchymal transition
He ZK, Dong WX, Hu JH, Ren XQ
349 - 355 Chronic intermittent hypoxia induces liver fibrosis in mice with diet-induced obesity via TLR4/MyD88/MAPK/NF-kappa B signaling pathways
Kang HH, Kim IK, Lee HI, Joo H, Lim JU, Lee J, Lee SH, Moon HS
356 - 363 Overexpression of Dentin matrix protein 1 in Nestin(+) cells causes bone loss in mouse long bone
Pan M, Weng YT, Sun Y
364 - 370 The inhibition of NLRP3 signaling attenuates liver injury in an alpha-galactosylceramide-induced hepatitis model
Kanbe A, Ito H, Omori Y, Hara A, Seishima M
371 - 377 Increased expression of microRNA-31-5p inhibits cell proliferation, migration, and invasion via regulating Sp1 transcription factor in HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cell line
Zhao GL, Han CY, Zhang Z, Wang L, Xu J
378 - 384 Leukotriene signaling via ALOX5 and cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 is dispensable for in vitro growth of CD34 (+)CD38(-) stem and progenitor cells in chronic myeloid leukemia
Dolinska M, Piccini A, Wong WM, Gelali E, Johansson AS, Klang J, Xiao PN, Yektaei-Karin E, Stromberg UO, Mustjoki S, Stenke L, Ekblom M, Qian H
385 - 392 Targeting PI3K-AKT-mTOR by LY3023414 inhibits human skin squamous cell carcinoma cell growth in vitro and in vivo
Zou Y, Ge MG, Wang XM
393 - 399 Prostaglandin D-2 enhances lipid accumulation through suppression of lipolysis via DP2 (CRTH2) receptors in adipocytes
Wakai E, Aritake K, Urade Y, Fujimori K
400 - 405 Crystal structure of tRNA(His) guanylyltransferase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Lee K, Lee EH, Son J, Hwang KY
406 - 414 Serum long non coding RNA MALAT-1 protected by exosomes is up-regulated and promotes cell proliferation and migration in non-small cell lung cancer
Zhang R, Xia YH, Wang ZX, Zheng J, Chen YF, Li XL, Wang Y, Ming HK
415 - 422 HP1 alpha is highly expressed in glioma cells and facilitates cell proliferation and survival
Lai XL, Deng ZF, Guo H, Zhu XG, Tu W
423 - 428 Sirtuin 7-dependent deacetylation of DDB1 regulates the expression of nuclear receptor TR4
Karim MF, Yoshizawa T, Sobuz SU, Sato Y, Yamagata K
429 - 433 DNA hypomethylation circuit of mouse rDNA repeats in the germ cell lineage
Furuta A, Nakamura T
434 - 440 Azomethines, isoxazole, N-substituted pyrazoles and pyrimidine containing curcumin derivatives: Urease inhibition and molecular modeling studies
Ahmed M, Qadir MA, Hameed A, Arshad MN, Asiri AM, Muddassar M
441 - 446 Arabidopsis inositol polyphosphate kinase AtIpk2 beta is phosphorylated by CPK4 and positively modulates ABA signaling
Wang P, Yang QF, Sang SH, Chen Y, Zhong YJ, Wei ZY
447 - 452 Dysfunction in diurnal synaptic responses and social behavior abnormalities in cathepsin S-deficient mice
Takayama F, Zhang XW, Hayashi Y, Wu Z, Nakanishi H
453 - 459 The co-expression of Neogenin with SOX2 in hippocampal neurons
Hong N, Kim MH, Min CK, Kim HJ, Lee JH
460 - 465 Generation and characterization of mouse knockout for glyoxalase 1
Jang S, Kwon DM, Kwon K, Park C
466 - 471 FGF21 regulates melanogenesis in alpaca melanocytes via ERK1/2-mediated MITF downregulation
Wang RW, Chen TZ, Zhao BL, Fan RW, Ji KY, Yu XJ, Wang XJ, Dong CS
472 - 479 In vitro evidences of epithelial to mesenchymal transition in low cell-density cultured human fetal hepatocytes
Chinnici CM, Miceli V, Pampalone M, Lo Nigro A, Amico G, Conaldi PG
480 - 485 Identification of functional hypoxia inducible factor response elements in the human lysyl oxidase gene promoter
Wang V, Davis DA, Yarchoan R
486 - 491 O-GlcNAcylation of amyloid-beta precursor protein at threonine 576 residue regulates trafficking and processing
Chun YS, Kwon OH, Chung S
492 - 498 Cellular localization of ATBF1 protein and its functional implication in breast epithelial cells
Li M, Zhang C, Zhong Y, Zhao JY
499 - 505 Effect of calcium carbonate particle shape on phagocytosis and pro-inflammatory response in differentiated THP-1 macrophages
Tabei Y, Sugino S, Eguchi K, Tajika M, Abe H, Nakajima Y, Horie M
506 - 513 Preliminary identification of endometrial cancer stem cells in vitro and in vivo
Kong FF, Li D, Yang H, Ma J, Pan X, Liu HX, Huo JN, Ma XX
514 - 520 beta-elemene inhibits tumor-promoting effect of M2 macrophages in lung cancer
Yu XM, Xu MY, Li N, Li ZJ, Li HY, Shao SJ, Zou K, Zou LJ
521 - 527 Intratumoral injection of IFN-13 induces chemokine production in melanoma and augments the therapeutic efficacy of anti-PD-Ll mAb
Uehara J, Ohkuri T, Kosaka A, Ishibashi K, Hirata Y, Ohara K, Nagato T, Oikawa K, Aoki N, Harabuchi Y, Ishida-Yamamoto A, Kobayashi H
528 - 534 Overexpression of a bacterial mercury transporter MerT in Arabidopsis enhances mercury tolerance
Xu S, Sun B, Wang R, He J, Xia B, Xue Y, Wang R
535 - 540 Rapamycin protects against paraquat-induced pulmonary fibrosis: Activation of Nrf2 signaling pathway
Xu YH, Tai WL, Qu XY, Wu WJ, Li ZK, Deng SH, Vongphouttha C, Dong ZX
541 - 551 Trimethylamine N-oxide prime NLRP3 inflammasome via inhibiting ATG16L1-induced autophagy in colonic epithelial cells
Yue CC, Yang XD, Li J, Chen XC, Zhao XD, Chen Y, Wen Y
552 - 559 Fortunellin protects against high fructose-induced diabetic heart injury in mice by suppressing inflammation and oxidative stress via AMPK/Nrf-2 pathway regulation
Zhao CH, Zhang Y, Liu HY, Li P, Zhang H, Cheng GC
560 - 566 Macrophage infiltration regulates the adipose ECM reconstruction and the fibrosis process after fat grafting
Cai JR, Li B, Liu KY, Li GH, Lu F
567 - 573 Folic acid attenuates cobalt chloride-induced PGE(2) production in HUVECs via the NO/HIF-1alpha/COX-2 pathway
Liang YM, Zhen XZ, Wang KW, Ma J
574 - 579 Binding of coronin 1B to T beta RI negatively regulates the TGF beta 1 signaling pathway
Kim GY, Lim HJ, Park HY
580 - + C1q/TNF-related protein 1 promotes endothelial barrier dysfunction under disturbed flow
Liu ZH, Li C, Chen JW, Shen Y, Gao J, Shen WF, Zhang RY, Wang XQ, Lu L