Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.486, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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865 - 871 ADP-ribosylation factor-like GTPase 15 enhances insulin-induced AKT phosphorylation in the IR/IRS1/AKT pathway by interacting with ASAP2 and regulating PDPK1 activity
Zhao J, Wang M, Deng WQ, Zhong DP, Jiang YZ, Liao Y, Chen B, Zhang XL
872 - 878 Overexpression of TACC3 is correlated with tumor aggressiveness and poor prognosis in prostate cancer
Li QJ, Ye LP, Guo W, Wang M, Huang SA, Peng XS
879 - 885 Astroglial Ca2+ signaling is generated by the coordination of IP3R and store-operated Ca2+- channels
Sakuragi S, Niwa F, Oda Y, Mikoshiba K, Bannai H
886 - 892 Quantitative visualization of synchronized insulin secretion from 3D-cultured cells
Suzuki T, Kanamori T, Inouye S
893 - 897 The nociception genes painless and Piezo are required for the cellular immune response of Drosophila larvae to wasp parasitization
Tokusumi Y, Tokusumi T, Schulz RA
898 - 903 Relationships of BRAF mutation and HMGB1 to papillary thyroid carcinoma
Guan XL, Wang P, Chi JW, Zhao SH, Wang F
904 - 908 Revelation of the dynamic progression of hypoxia-reoxygenation injury by visualization of the lysosomal hydrogen peroxide
Zhu YJ, Zhou TL, Yang LF, Yuan L, Liang L, Xu P
909 - 915 Evolutionary conservation of Notch signaling inhibition by TMEM131L overexpression
Szuplewski S, Maharzi N, Nelson E, Hussen KA, Mignotte B, Guenal I, Canque B
916 - 922 A xenograft model reveals that PU.1 functions as a tumor suppressor for multiple myeloma in vivo
Nishimura N, Endo S, Ueno S, Ueno N, Tatetsu H, Hirata S, Hata H, Komohara Y, Takeya M, Mitsuya H, Okuno Y
923 - 929 Functional characterization of the Arabidopsis universal stress protein AtUSP with an antifungal activity
Park SC, Jung YJ, Lee Y, Kim IR, Seol MA, Kim EJ, Jang MK, Lee JR
930 - 936 Deferiprone attenuates inflammation and myocardial fibrosis in diabetic cardiomyopathy rats
Zou CB, Liu XG, Xie RJ, Bao YS, Jin Q, Jia XB, Li L, Liu RC
937 - 944 IGF-1 receptor haploinsufficiency leads to age-dependent development of metabolic syndrome
Thakur S, Garg N, Zhang N, Hussey SE, Musi N, Adamo ML
945 - 950 Pretreatment with light-emitting diode therapy reduces ischemic brain injury in mice through endothelial nitric oxide synthase-dependent mechanisms
Lee HI, Lee SW, Kim SY, Kim NG, Park KJ, Choi BT, Shin YI, Shin HK
951 - 957 A vesicle trafficking protein alpha SNAP regulates Paneth cell differentiation in vivo
Lechuga S, Naydenov NG, Feygin A, Jimenez AJ, Ivanov AI
958 - 964 Critical roles of Astrin in the mitosis of immature rat Sertoli cells
Tochigi Y, Iwasaki Y, Sano M, Yasuda H, Katayama K, Suzuki H
965 - 970 Melanoma growth and lymph node metastasis is independent of host CD169 expression
Muhsin-Sharafaldine MR, Saunderson SC, Dunn AC, McLellan AD
971 - 977 iTRAQ proteomic analysis of the hippocampus in a rat model of nicotine-induced conditioned place preference
Zhu BB, Li XY, Chen H, Wang HJ, Zhu XC, Hou HW, Hu QY
978 - 984 Inhibition of N-glycan processing modulates the network of EDEM3 interactors
Butnaru CM, Chiritoiu MB, Chiritoiu GN, Petrescu SM, Petrescu AJ
985 - 991 Impact of antibody subclass and disulfide isoform differences on the biological activity of CD200R and beta klotho agonist antibodies
Grujic O, Stevens J, Chou RYT, Weiszmann JV, Sekirov L, Thomson C, Badh A, Grauer S, Chan B, Graham K, Manchulenko K, Dillon TM, Li Y, Foltz IN
992 - 997 High affinity binding of amyloid beta-peptide to calmodulin: Structural and functional implications
Corbacho I, Berrocal M, Torok K, Mata AM, Gutierrez-Merino C
998 - 1004 Neoagarooligosaccharides prevent septic shock by modulating A20-and cyclooxygenase-2-mediated interleukin-10 secretion in a septic-shock mouse model
Kang DR, Yoon GY, Cho J, Lee SJ, Lee SJ, Park HJ, Kang TH, Han HD, Park WS, Yoon YK, Park YM, Jung ID
1005 - 1013 Mild hypothermia protects against oxygen glucose deprivation/reoxygenation-induced apoptosis via the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway in hippocampal neurons
Zhou TE, Liang YR, Jiang LY, Yu T, Zeng CT, Tao EX
1014 - 1020 Developmentally regulated GTP-binding protein 2 depletion leads to mitochondrial dysfunction through downregulation of dynamin-related protein 1
Vo MT, Ko MS, Lee UH, Yoon EH, Lee BJ, Cho WJ, Ha CM, Kim K, Park JW
1021 - 1026 Activation and overexpression of Sirt1 attenuates lung fibrosis via P300
Zeng ZL, Cheng S, Chen HL, Li QH, Hu YA, Wang Q, Zhu XY, Wang J
1027 - 1033 EGFR tyrosine kinase inhibitors differentially affect autophagy in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma
Cai JY, Sun M, Ge X, Sun Y
1034 - 1039 Wnt signaling promotes androgen-independent prostate cancer cell proliferation through up-regulation of the hippo pathway effector YAP
Seo WI, Park S, Gwak J, Ju BG, Chung JI, Kang PM, Oh S
1040 - 1047 Identification and functional characterization of three type III polyketide synthases from Aquilaria sinensis calli
Wang XH, Zhang ZX, Dong XJ, Feng YY, Liu X, Gao BW, Wang JL, Zhang L, Wang J, Shi SP, Tu PF
1048 - 1054 Functional analyses of putative PalS (Palindromic Self-recognition) motifs in bacterial Hfq
Jackson TC, Sukhodolets MV
1055 - 1061 Affinity chromatography of a binder of 1-methyladenine, the maturation-inducing hormone for starfish oocytes
Toraya T, Kuyama A, Tanaka S, Yamamoto M, Ohmiya T, Saito Y, Tanabe T
1062 - 1068 Phosphorylation of ETV4 at Ser73 by ERK kinase could block ETV4 ubiquitination degradation in colorectal cancer
Xiao J, Yang S, Shen P, Wang YX, Sun HM, Ji FQ, Zhou DS
1069 - 1076 Disulfiram suppresses cancer stem-like properties and STAT3 signaling in triple-negative breast cancer cells
Kim YJ, Kim JY, Lee N, Oh E, Sung D, Cho TM, Seo JH
1077 - 1082 Generation and characterization of a human-mouse chimeric high-affinity antibody that detects the DYKDDDDK FLAG peptide
Ikeda K, Koga T, Sasaki F, Ueno A, Saeki K, Okuno T, Yokomizo T
1083 - 1089 Piperlongumine downregulates the expression of HER family in breast cancer cells
Jin HO, Park JA, Kim HA, Chang YH, Hong YJ, Park IC, Lee JK
1090 - 1096 Differential expression of ST6GAL1 in the tumor progression of colorectal cancer
Zhang S, Lu JS, Xu ZJ, Zou X, Sun X, Xu YJ, Shan AD, Lu JY, Yan XL, Cui YL, Yan W, Du YG, Gu JG, Zheng MM, Feng B, Zhang Y
1097 - 1102 Aquaporin 3 facilitates tumor growth in pancreatic cancer by modulating mTOR signaling
Huang XW, Huang L, Shao MH
1103 - 1109 Matrix metalloproteinase12 facilitated platelet activation by shedding carcinoembryonic antigen related cell adhesion molecule1
Wang J, Ye YJ, Wei GQ, Hu W, Li LH, Lu S, Meng ZH
1110 - 1115 Defect in the GTPase activating protein (GAP) function of eIF5 causes repression of GCN4 translation
Charles AA, Alone PV
1116 - 1121 Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hrql helicase activity is affected by the sequence but not the length of single-stranded DNA
Rogers CM, Bochman ML
1122 - 1128 Sex difference in mouse hypothalamic transcriptome profile in stress-induced depression model
Karisetty BC, Khandelwal N, Kumar A, Chakravarty S
1129 - 1136 Upregulation of miR-181a suppresses the formation of glioblastoma stem cells by targeting the Notch2 oncogene and correlates with good prognosis in patients with glioblastoma multiforme
Huang SX, Zhao ZY, Weng GH, He XY, Wu CJ, Fu CY, Sui ZY, Ma YS, Liu T
1137 - 1142 Proteomic analysis of Arabidopsis plasma membranes reveals lipopolysaccharide-responsive changes
Baloyi NM, Dubery IA, Piater LA
1143 - 1148 Recombinant protein transduction domain-Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase alleviates bone cancer pain via peroxiredoxin 4 modulation and antioxidation
Yao WJ, Zhao HW, Shi RS, Li XH, Li Y, Ke CB, Liu JY