Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.484, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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467 - 473 Phytochemicals as multi-target inhibitors of the inflammatory pathway- A modeling and experimental study
Devi NS, Ramanan M, Paragi-Vedanthi P, Doble M
474 - 479 The selective cysteinyl leukotriene receptor 1 (CysLT1R) antagonist montelukast regulates extracellular matrix remodeling
Peng JL, Zhou HZ, Kuang GP, Xie LL, Tian T, Liu R
480 - 485 Attenuation of obesity-induced inflammation in mice orally administered with salmon cartilage proteoglycan, a prophylactic agent
Hirose S, Asano K, Nakane A
486 - 492 KLF4 expression enhances the efficacy of chemotherapy drugs in ovarian cancer cells
Wang BJ, Shen AR, Ouyang X, Zhao GN, Du ZY, Huo WY, Zhang T, Wang YN, Yang CH, Dong PX, Watari H, Pfeffer LM, Yue JM
493 - 500 Antitumor activity of a novel and orally available inhibitor of serine palmitoyltransferase
Yaguchi M, Shibata S, Satomi Y, Hirayama M, Adachi R, Asano Y, Kojima T, Hirata Y, Mizutani A, Kiba A, Sagiya Y
501 - 507 The role of pi-interactions and hydrogen bonds in fully protective synthetic malaria vaccine development
Reyes C, Moreno-Vranich A, Patarroyo ME
508 - 513 Hetero- and homodimerization of Arabidopsis thaliana arginine decarboxylase AtADC1 and AtADC2
Maruri-Lopez I, Jimenez-Bremont JF
514 - 521 Lnc-ATB contributes to gastric cancer growth through a MiR-141-3p/TGF beta 2 feedback loop
Lei KC, Liang X, Gao YW, Xu BX, Xu YC, Li YQ, Tao YW, Shi WB, Liu JW
522 - 528 USP15 attenuates IGF-I signaling by antagonizing Nedd4-induced IRS-2 ubiquitination
Fukushima T, Yoshihara H, Furuta H, Hakuno F, Iemura SI, Natsume T, Nakatsu Y, Kamata H, Asano T, Komada M, Takahashi SI
529 - 535 4-PBA reverses autophagic dysfunction and improves insulin sensitivity in adipose tissue of obese mice via Akt/mTOR signaling
Guo QY, Xu L, Li HX, Sun HZ, Wu SF, Zhou B
536 - 542 Expression of Nischarin negatively correlates with estrogen receptor and alters apoptosis, migration and invasion in human breast cancer
Chang C, Wei WJ, Han D, Meng JS, Zhu F, Xiao Y, Wu G, Shi X, Zhang LL
543 - 549 Cellular internalization, transcellular transport, and cellular effects of silver nanoparticles in polarized Caco-2 cells following apical or basolateral exposure
Imai S, Morishita Y, Hata T, Kondoh M, Yagi K, Gao JQ, Nagano K, Higashisaka K, Yoshioka Y, Tsutsumi Y
550 - 556 Inhibition of Drp1 attenuates mitochondrial damage and myocardial injury in Coxsackievirus B3 induced myocarditis
Lin L, Zhang M, Yan R, Shan H, Diao JY, Wei J
557 - 564 Comparative analysis of RNA-Seq data from brain and blood samples of Parkinson's disease
Chatterjee P, Roy D
565 - 571 HBXIP up-regulates ACSL1 through activating transcriptional factor Sp1 in breast cancer
Wang Y, Cai XL, Zhang SQ, Cui M, Liu FB, Sun BD, Zhang WY, Zhang XD, Ye LH
572 - 578 Myeloperoxidase amplified high glucose-induced endothelial dysfunction in vasculature: Role of NADPH oxidase and hypochlorous acid
Tian R, Ding Y, Peng YY, Lu NH
579 - 585 Nickel(II) diacetyl monoxime-2-pyridyl hydrazone complex can inhibit Ehrlich solid tumor growth in mice: A potential new antitumor drug
Saad EA, Hassanien MM, El-Iban FW
586 - 591 Highly expressed long non-coding RNA FOXD2-AS1 promotes non-small cell lung cancer progression via Wnt/beta-catenin signaling
Rong L, Zhao RX, Lu JX
592 - 597 Silencing myotubularin related protein 7 enhances proliferation and early differentiation of C2C12 myoblast
Yuan ZN, Chen YS, Zhang XM, Zhou XY, Li MS, Chen H, Wu M, Zhang Y, Mo DL
598 - 604 Long noncoding RNA TUG1 alleviates extracellular matrix accumulation via mediating microRNA-377 targeting of PPAR gamma in diabetic nephropathy
Duan LJ, Ding M, Hou LJ, Cui YT, Li CJ, Yu DM
605 - 611 K-Ras(G12D)-selective inhibitory peptides generated by random peptide T7 phage display technology
Sakamoto K, Kamada Y, Sameshima T, Yaguchi M, Niida A, Sasaki S, Miwa M, Ohkubo S, Sakamoto J, Kamaura M, Cho N, Tani A
612 - 617 C21orf57 is a human homologue of bacterial YbeY proteins
Ghosal A, Kohrer C, Babu VMP, Yamanaka K, Davies BW, Jacob AI, Ferullo DJ, Gruber CC, Vercruysse M, Walker GC
618 - 622 Participation of perforin in mediating dopaminergic neuron loss in MPTP-induced Parkinson's disease in mice
Peng SP, Zhang Y, Copray S, Schachner M, Shen YQ
623 - 630 miR-214 down-regulates ARL2 and suppresses growth and invasion of cervical cancer cells
Peng RQ, Men JL, Ma R, Wang Q, Wang Y, Sun Y, Ren J
631 - 635 Proteogenomic analysis of NCC-S1M, a gastric cancer stem cell-like cell line that responds to anti-PD-1
Park JW, Um H, Yang H, Ko W, Kim DY, Kim HK
636 - 641 HADHA, the alpha subunit of the mitochondrial trifunctional protein, is involved in long-chain fatty acid-induced autophagy in intestinal epithelial cells
Maeyashiki C, Oshima S, Otsubo K, Kobayashi M, Nibe Y, Matsuzawa Y, Onizawa M, Nemoto Y, Nagaishi T, Okamoto R, Tsuchiya K, Nakamura T, Watanabe M
642 - 647 High-throughput screening for Survivin and Borealin interaction inhibitors in hepatocellular carcinoma
Yue LY, Li L, Li DA, Yang Z, Han S, Chen M, Lan SJ, Xu XJ, Hui LJ
648 - 655 MiR-138 indirectly regulates the MDR1 promoter by NF-kappa B/p65 silencing
Requenez-Contreras JL, Lopez-Castillejos ES, Hernandez-Flores R, Moreno-Eutimio MA, Granados-Riveron JT, Martinez-Ruiz GU, Aquino-Jarquin G
656 - 661 Mesenchymal stem cell detachment with trace trypsin is superior to EDTA for in vitro chemotaxis and adhesion assays
Fong D, Duceppe N, Hoemann CD
662 - 667 CD40 agonist converting CTL exhaustion via the activation of the mTORC1 pathway enhances PD-1 antagonist action in rescuing exhausted CTLs in chronic infection
Xu AZ, Wang R, Freywald A, Stewart K, Tikoo S, Xu JQ, Zheng CY, Xiang J
668 - 674 Differences in the effects of four TRPV1 channel antagonists on lipopolysaccharide-induced cytokine production and COX-2 expression in murine macrophages
Ninomiya Y, Tanuma S, Tsukimoto M
675 - 680 Different effects of G -protein -coupled receptor 120 (GPR120) and GPR40 on cell motile activity of highly migratory osteosarcoma cells
Takahashi K, Fukushima K, Onishi Y, Node Y, Inui K, Fukushima N, Honoki K, Tsujiuchi T
681 - 686 Activated microglia trigger inflammasome activation and lysosomal destabilization in human RPE cells
Nebel C, Aslanidis A, Rashid K, Langmann T
687 - 693 6-phosphofructo-2-kinase/fructose 2,6-bisphosphatase-3 is required for transforming growth factor beta 1-enhanced invasion of Panci cells in vitro
Yalcin A, Solakoglu TH, Ozcan SC, Guzel S, Peker S, Celikler S, Balaban BD, Sevinc E, Gurpinar Y, Chesney JA
694 - 701 Neferine reduces cisplatin-induced nephrotoxicity by enhancing autophagy via the AMPK/mTOR signaling pathway
Li H, Tang YL, Wen L, Kong XL, Chen XL, Liu P, Zhou ZG, Chen WH, Xiao CG, Xiao P, Xiao XC
702 - 709 Drosophila tensin plays an essential role in cell migration and planar polarity formation during oogenesis by mediating integrin-dependent extracellular signals to actin organization
Cha IJ, Lee JH, Cho KS, Lee SB
710 - 718 Vascular endothelial growth factor-C induces osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells through the ERK and RUNX2 pathway
Murakami J, Ishii M, Suehiro F, Ishihata K, Nakamura N, Nishimura M