Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.484, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Nonstop-mRNA decay machinery is involved in the clearance of mRNA 5'-fragments produced by RNAi and NMD in Drosophila melanogaster cells
Hashimoto Y, Takahashi M, Sakota E, Nakamura Y
8 - 14 Dysregulation of long noncoding RNAs in mouse testes and spermatozoa after exposure to cadmium
Gao FX, Zhang P, Zhang HY, Zhang YH, Zhang YW, Hao QY, Zhang XN
15 - 20 Transcription activator-like effector-mediated regulation of gene expression based on the inducible packaging and delivery via designed extracellular vesicles
Lainscek D, Lebar T, Jerala R
21 - 26 Thermodynamic contribution of backbone conformational entropy in the binding between SH3 domain and proline-rich motif
Zeng DY, Shen QL, Cho JH
27 - 33 MicroRNA-939 governs vascular integrity and angiogenesis through targeting gamma-catenin in endothelial cells
Hou SQ, Fang M, Zhu Q, Liu Y, Liu L, Li XM
34 - 39 Production of ABA responses requires both the nuclear and cytoplasmic functional involvement of PYR1
Park E, Kim TH
40 - 44 Crystal structure and biochemical features of dye-decolorizing peroxidase YfeX from Escherichia coli O157 Asp(143) and Arg(232) play divergent roles toward different substrates
Liu XH, Yuan ZL, Wang JX, Cui YQ, Liu S, Ma YL, Gu LC, Xu SJ
45 - 50 Truncated prion protein PrP226*- A structural view on its role in amyloid disease
Kovac V, Zupancic B, Ilc G, Plavec J, Serbec VC
51 - 55 Probing transport of charged beta-lactamase inhibitors through OmpC, a membrane channel from E. coli
Ghai I, Winterhalter M, Wagner R
56 - 63 Inhibition of glutathione production by L-S,R-buthionine sulfoximine activates hepatic ascorbate synthesis - A unique anti-oxidative stress mechanism in mice
Yu M, Liu Y, Duan YJ, Chen YL, Han JH, Sun L, Yang XX
64 - 70 Rifampin suppresses osteoclastogenesis and titanium particle-induced osteolysis via modulating RANKL signaling pathways
Zhu L, Kang H, Guo CA, Fan WS, Wang YM, Deng LF, Yan ZQ
71 - 78 Co segregation of the m.1555A>G mutation in the MT-RNR1 gene and mutations in MT-ATP6 gene in a family with dilated mitochondrial cardiomyopathy and hearing loss: A whole mitochondrial genome screening
Alila-Fersi O, Chamkha I, Majdoub I, Gargouri L, Mkaouar-Rebai E, Tabebi M, Tlili A, Keskes L, Mahfoudh A, Fakhfakh F
79 - 84 O-GlcNAc modification of Sp1 mediates hyperglycaemia-induced ICAM-1 up-regulation in endothelial cells
Zhang Y, Qu Y, Niu T, Wang HY, Liu K
85 - 92 Scutellarein antagonizes the tumorigenesis by modulating cytokine VEGF mediated neoangiogenesis and DFF-40 actuated nucleosomal degradation
Thirusangu P, Vigneshwaran V, Avin BRV, Rakesh H, Vikas HM, Prabhakar BT
93 - 99 Down-regulation of BORIS/CTCFL efficiently regulates cancer stemness and metastasis in MYCN amplified neuroblastoma cell line by modulating Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Garikapati KR, Patel N, Makani VKK, Cilamkoti P, Bhadra U, Bhadra MP
100 - 106 Periodontal tissue regeneration using the cytokine cocktail mimicking secretomes in the conditioned media from human mesenchymal stem cells
Sakaguchi K, Katagiri W, Osugi M, Kawai T, Sugimura-Wakayama Y, Hibi H
107 - 112 Dynamics of the EAG1 K+ channel selectivity filter assessed by molecular dynamics simulations
Bernsteiner H, Brundl M, Stary-Weinzinger A
113 - 117 Structural basis for the regulation of nuclear import of Epstein-Barr virus nuclear antigen 1 (EBNA1) by phosphorylation of the nuclear localization signal
Nakada R, Hirano H, Matsuura Y
118 - 124 PINK1 alleviates myocardial hypoxia-reoxygenation injury by ameliorating mitochondrial dysfunction
Li Y, Qiu LX, Liu XP, Hou ZW, Yu B
125 - 131 The difference in in vivo sensitivity between Bacillus licheniformis PerR and Bacillus subtilis PerR is due to the different cellular environments
Kim JH, Won YB, Ji CJ, Yang YM, Ryu SH, Ju SY, Kwon Y, Lee YE, Lee JW
132 - 137 Antimicrobial activity and mechanism of PDC213, an endogenous peptide from human milk
Sun YZ, Zhou YH, Liu X, Zhang F, Yan LP, Chen L, Wang X, Ruan HJ, Ji CB, Cui XW, Wang JQ
138 - 143 NDRG2, suppressed expression associates with poor prognosis in pancreatic cancer, is hypermethylated in the second promoter in human gastrointestinal cancers
Yamamura A, Miura K, Karasawa H, Motoi F, Mizuguchi Y, Saiki Y, Fukushige S, Sunamura M, Shibata C, Unno M, Horii A
144 - 151 Phospholipase C epsilon deficiency delays the early stage of cutaneous wound healing and attenuates scar formation in mice
Zhu XL, Sun Y, Mu X, Guo P, Gao F, Zhang J, Zhu YJ, Zhang XZ, Chen LL, Ning ZW, Bai YF, Ren JL, Man MQ, Liu PM, Hu LZ
152 - 158 Palmitic acid increases invasiveness of pancreatic cancer cells AsPC-1 through TLR4/ROS/NF-kappa B/MMP-9 signaling pathway
Binker-Cosen MJ, Richards D, Oliver B, Gaisano HY, Binker MG, Cosen-Binker LI
159 - 164 Down-regulation of GJA3 is associated with lens epithelial cell apoptosis and age-related cataract
Su DM, Hu SS, Guan LN, Wu XZ, Shi CG, Yang XB, Ma X
165 - 170 Structural study of the effects of mutations in proteins to identify the molecular basis of the loss of local structural fluidity leading to the onset of autoimmune diseases
Ali A, Ghosh S, Bagchi A
171 - 175 Inhibition of chaperone-mediated autophagy prevents glucotoxicity in the Caenorhabditis elegans mev-1 mutant by activation of the proteasome
Eisermann DJ, Wenzel U, Fitzenberger E
176 - 183 Possible roles of the transcription factor Nrf1 (NFE2L1) in neural homeostasis by regulating the gene expression of deubiquitinating enzymes
Taniguchi H, Okamuro S, Koji M, Waku T, Kubo K, Hatanaka A, Sun YM, Chowdhury AMMA, Fukamizu A, Kobayashi A
184 - 188 S100A8 protein attenuates airway hyperresponsiveness by suppressing the contraction of airway smooth muscle
Xu YD, Wang Y, Yin LM, Park GH, Ulloa L, Yang YQ
189 - 194 Methionine sulfoxide reductase A deficiency exacerbates acute liver injury induced by acetaminophen
Singh MP, Kim KY, Kim HY
195 - 201 Crystal structure of PvdO from Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Yuan ZL, Gao F, Bai GH, Xia HC, Gu LC, Xu SJ
202 - 208 Proliferation of mouse endometrial stromal cells in culture is highly sensitive to lysophosphatidic acid signaling
Aikawa S, Kano K, Inoue A, Aoki J
209 - 217 Inhibition of TRPC3 downregulates airway hyperresponsiveness, remodeling of OVA-sensitized mouse
Wang LW, Li J, Zhang J, He Q, Weng XW, Huang YM, Guan MJ, Qiu C
218 - 223 Zinc induces apoptosis on cervical carcinoma cells by p53-dependent and -independent pathway
Bae SN, Lee KH, Kim JH, Lee SJ, Park LO