Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.482, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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195 - 201 Discovery of GPX4 inhibitory peptides from random peptide T7 phage display and subsequent structural analysis
Sakamoto K, Sogabe S, Kamada Y, Matsumoto S, Kadotani A, Sakamoto J, Tani A
202 - 207 Possible roles of long-chain sphingomyelines and sphingomyelin synthase 2 in mouse macrophage inflammatory response
Sakamoto H, Yoshida T, Sanaki T, Shigaki S, Morita H, Oyama M, Mitsui M, Tanaka Y, Nakano T, Mitsutake S, Igarashi Y, Takemoto H
208 - 214 Functional characterisation of parvulin-type peptidyl prolyl cis-trans isomerase, PinA in Dictyostelium discoideum
Haokip N, Naorem A
215 - 220 Ro 90-7501 inhibits PP5 through a novel, TPR-dependent mechanism
Hong TJ, Park K, Choi EW, Hahn JS
221 - 225 The regulatory alpha and beta subunits of phosphorylase kinase directly interact with its substrate, glycogen phosphorylase
Thompson JA, Carlson GM
226 - 231 A human Fab exclusively binding to the extracellular domain of LMP2A
Cao Q, Zhang DW, Mao Y, Meng CF, Zhu J, Feng ZQ, Chen RJ
232 - 238 Hypoxia pretreatment and EPO-modification enhance the protective effects of MSC on neuron-like PC12 cells in a similar way
Feng JL, Wang W
239 - 245 Subcellular distribution of cyclin-dependent kinase-like 5 (CDKL5) is regulated through phosphorylation by dual specificity tyrosine-phosphorylation-regulated kinase 1A (DYRK1A)
Oi A, Katayama S, Hatano N, Sugiyama Y, Kameshita I, Sueyoshi N
246 - 252 AICAR activates ER stress-dependent apoptosis in gallbladder cancer cells
Nie JF, Liu AD, Tan QY, Zhao K, Hu K, Li Y, Yan B, Zhou L
253 - 256 NCOA5 is correlated with progression and prognosis in luminal breast cancer
Ye XH, Huang DP, Luo RC
257 - 263 A Morphological identification cell cytotoxicity assay using cytoplasm-localized fluorescent probe (CLFP) to distinguish living and dead cells
Lai FF, Shen ZW, Wen H, Chen JL, Zhang X, Lin P, Yin DL, Cui HQ, Chen XG
264 - 269 Crystal structure analysis of a hypothetical protein (MJ0366) from Methanocaldococcus jannaschii revealed a novel topological arrangement of the knot fold
Thiruselvam V, Kumarevel T, Karthe P, Kuramitsu S, Yokoyama S, Ponnuswamy MN
270 - 276 A secretome analysis reveals that PPAR alpha is upregulated by fractionated-dose gamma-irradiation in three-dimensional keratinocyte cultures
Lee J, Kim HJ, Yi JY
277 - 281 Arabidopsis plastidial folylpolyglutamate synthetase is required for nitrogen metabolism under nitrate-limited condition in darkness
Meng HY, Xu BS, Zhang CY, Jiang L
282 - 288 Transcriptional profiles of type 2 diabetes in human skeletal muscle reveal insulin resistance, metabolic defects, apoptosis, and molecular signatures of immune activation in response to infections
Wu C, Xu G, Tsai SYA, Freed WJ, Lee CT
289 - 295 Pulsed electromagnetic field inhibits RANKL-dependent osteoclastic differentiation in RAW264.7 cells through the Ca2+-calcineurin-NFATc1 signaling pathway
Zhang J, Xu HX, Han ZY, Chen P, Yu Q, Lei YT, Li ZZ, Zhao M, Tian J
296 - 300 Biphasic actions of SecA inhibitors on Prl/Sec suppressors: Possible physiological roles of SecA-only channels
Hsieh YH, Zhang H, Jin JS, Dai CF, Jiang C, Wang BH, Tai PC
301 - 304 All trans retinoic acid depresses the content and activity of the mitochondrial ATP synthase in human keratinocytes
Papa F, Lippolis R, Sardaro N, Gnoni A, Scacco S
305 - 309 The interchain disulfide cross-linking of tropomyosin alters its regulatory properties and interaction with actin filament
Matyushenko AM, Artemova NV, Shchepkin DV, Kopylova GV, Nabiev SR, Nikitina LV, Levitsky DI, Bershitsky SY
310 - 316 Discovery of high-affinity BCL6-binding peptide and its structure-activity relationship
Sakamoto K, Sogabe S, Kamada Y, Sakai N, Asano K, Yoshimatsu M, Ida K, Imaeda Y, Sakamoto JI
317 - 322 The Drosophila F-box protein Slimb controls dSmurf protein turnover to regulate the Hippo pathway
Hu LC, Wang P, Zhao RN, Li SS, Wang F, Li CJ, Cao L, Wu SA
323 - 328 Small molecule absorption by PDMS in the context of drug response bioassays
van Meer BJ, de Vries H, Firth KSA, van Weerd J, Tertoolen LGJ, Karperien HBJ, Jonkheijm P, Denning C, IJzerman AP, Mummery CL
329 - 334 The transcriptional modulator Ifrd1 is a negative regulator of SMP-2-dependent osteoblastogenesis
Onishi Y, Park G, Iezaki T, Horie T, Kanayama T, Fukasawa K, Ozaki K, Hinoi E
335 - 340 NMR elucidation of reduced B-Z transition activity of PKZ protein kinase at high NaCl concentration
Lee AR, Seo YJ, Choi SR, Ryu KS, Cheong HK, Lee SS, Katahira M, Park CJ, Lee JH
341 - 345 Potential suppression of the high glucose and insulin-induced retinal neovascularization by Sirtuin 3 in the human retinal endothelial cells
Mao XB, You ZP, Wu C, Huang J
346 - 351 Aspirin increases mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation
Uppala R, Dudiak B, Beck ME, Bharathi SS, Zhang YX, Stolz DB, Goetzman ES
352 - 358 Ectopical expression of FABP4 gene can induce bovine muscle-derived stem cells adipogenesis
Zhang L, Zhao YF, Ning Y, Wang HB, Zan LS
359 - 365 Palmitate induces RIP1/RIP3-dependent necrosis via MLKL-mediated pore formation in the plasma membrane of RAW 264.7 cells
Kim SK, Yun M, Seo G, Lee JY, Lee SB
366 - 374 1, 25(OH)(2)D-3-induced interaction of vitamin D receptor with p50 subunit of NF-kappa B suppresses the interaction between KLF5 and p50, contributing to inhibition of LPS-induced macrophage proliferation
Ma D, Zhang RN, Wen Y, Yin WN, Bai DS, Zheng GY, Li JS, Zheng B, Wen JK
375 - 381 MafB enhances the phagocytic activity of RAW264.7 macrophages by promoting Fcgr3 expression
Nemoto T, Shibata Y, Inoue S, Igarashi A, Tokairin Y, Yamauchi K, Kimura T, Sato M, Sato K, Nakano H, Abe S, Nishiwaki M, Kubota I