Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.480, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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289 - 295 GSK621 activates AMPK signaling to inhibit LPS-induced TNF alpha production
Wu YH, Li Q, Li P, Liu B
296 - 301 ALTERED MERISTEM PROGRAM1 has conflicting effects on the tolerance to heat shock and symptom development after Pseudomonas syringae infection
Lee MW, Seo R, Lee YJ, Bae JH, Park JK, Yoon JH, Lee JW, Jung HW
302 - 308 Yor022c protein is a phospholipase Al that localizes to the mitochondrial matrix
Urafuji K, Arioka M
309 - 313 Carvedilol suppresses cartilage matrix destruction
Li ZG, Liu BY, Wang BJ, Liu YP, Zhang Y, Tian FD, Li BR, Zhao DW
314 - 320 Local co-application of zoledronate promotes long-term maintenance of newly formed bone induced by recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2
Ichikawa K, Ohta Y, Mamoto K, Mizokawa S, Minoda Y, Imai Y, Takaoka K, Nakamura H
321 - 327 The unfolding pathways of the native and molten globule states of 5-aminolevulinate synthase
Stojanovski BM, Breydo L, Uversky VN, Ferreira GC
328 - 333 27-Hydroxycholesterol increases Myc protein stability via suppressing PP2A, SCP1 and FBW7 transcription in MCF-7 breast cancer cells
Ma LM, Liang ZR, Zhou KR, Zhou H, Qu LH
334 - 340 Autophagy prevention sensitizes AKTi-1/2-induced antihepatocellular carcinoma cell activity in vitro and in vivo
Zhang Q, Yang MY, Qu Z, Zhou JX, Jiang Q
341 - 347 Fluorescent 6-amino-6-deoxyglycoconjugates for glucose transporter mediated bioimaging
Liu XY, Liu SN, Liu XY, Shi YL, Yang JN, Huang ZH, Zhao HX, Gao QZ
348 - 354 Long non-coding RNA linc-cdh4-2 inhibits the migration and invasion of HCC cells by targeting R-cadherin pathway
Gao YZ, Wang GX, Zhang CL, Lin MJ, Liu XL, Zeng YY, Liu JF
355 - 361 Activin A/Smads signaling pathway negatively regulates Oxygen Glucose Deprivation-induced autophagy via suppression of JNK and p38 MAPK pathways in neuronal PC12 cells
Xue LX, Xu ZH, Wang JQ, Cui Y, Liu HY, Liang WZ, Ji QY, He JT, Shao YK, Mang J, Xu ZX
362 - 368 CHOP deficiency inhibits methylglyoxal-induced endothelial dysfunction
Choi YY, Kim S, Han JH, Nam DH, Park KM, Kim SY, Woo CH
369 - 374 miR-543 is up-regulated in gefitinib-resistant non-small cell lung cancer and promotes cell proliferation and invasion via phosphatase and tensin homolog
Bi MJ, Chen W, Yu HM, Wang JX, Ding F, Tang DJ, Tang CY
375 - 379 Autocrine Semaphorin3A signaling is essential for the maintenance of stem-like cells in lung cancer
Yamada D, Takahashi K, Kawahara K, Maeda T
380 - 386 An inhibitor of apoptosis protein antagonist T-3256336 potentiates the antitumor efficacy of the Nedd8-activating enzyme inhibitor pevonedistat (TAK-924/MLN4924)
Sumi H, Inazuka M, Morimoto M, Hibino R, Hashimoto K, Ishikawa T, Kuida K, Smith PG, Yoshida S, Yabuki M
387 - 393 Role of Sirtuin3 in high glucose-induced apoptosis in renal tubular epithelial cells
Jiao XC, Li Y, Zhang T, Liu MD, Chi YQ
394 - 401 Chromosome mapping, molecular cloning and expression analysis of a novel gene response for leaf width in rice
Wu YH, Luo LX, Chen LK, Tao XX, Huang M, Wang H, Chen ZQ, Xiao WM
402 - 408 Characterization and evolutionary analysis of ent-kaurene synthase like genes from the wild rice species Oryza rufipogon
Toyomasu T, Miyamoto K, Shenton MR, Sakai A, Sugawara C, Horie K, Kawaide H, Hasegawa M, Chuba M, Mitsuhashi W, Yamane H, Kurata N, Okada K
409 - 414 Dynamin2 GTPase contributes to invadopodia formation in invasive bladder cancer cells
Zhang YB, Nolan M, Yamada H, Watanabe M, Nasu Y, Takei K, Takeda T
415 - 421 Anthelmintic drug ivermectin inhibits angiogenesis, growth and survival of glioblastoma through inducing mitochondrial dysfunction and oxidative stress
Liu YY, Fang SS, Sun QS, Liu B
422 - 428 cIAPs promote the proteasomal degradation of mutant SOD1 linked to familial amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Choi JS, Kim K, Lee DH, Cho S, Du Ha J, Park BC, Kim S, Park SG, Kim JH
429 - 435 Protective effects of estrogen against vascular calcification via estrogen receptor alpha-dependent growth arrest-specific gene 6 transactivation
Nanao-Hamai M, Son BK, Hashizume T, Ogawa S, Akishita M
436 - 442 High expression of CREPT promotes tumor growth and is correlated with poor prognosis in colorectal cancer
Zheng GX, Li WM, Zuo BL, Guo ZY, Xi WJ, Wei M, Chen P, Wen WH, Yang AG
443 - 449 FANCD2 protects against bone marrow injury from ferroptosis
Song XX, Xie YC, Kang R, Hou W, Sun XF, Epperly MW, Greenberger JS, Tang DL
450 - 454 Muscarinic acetylcholine receptors mediate eIF4B phosphorylation in SNU-407 colon cancer cells
Liu Z, Cho NJ
455 - 460 MiR-107 suppresses proliferation of hepatoma cells through targeting HMGA2 mRNA 3' UTR
Wang Y, Chen FQ, Zhao M, Yang Z, Zhang SQ, Ye LH, Gao HW, Zhang XD
461 - 467 Short chain fatty acids induce UCP2-mediated autophagy in hepatic cells
Iannucci LF, Sun J, Singh BK, Zhou J, Kaddai VA, Lanni A, Yen PM, Sinha RA
468 - 473 Tyrosine phosphorylation of RalGDS by c-Met receptor blocks its interaction with Ras
Wong R, Feig LA
474 - 478 Cross-sensitization between xeno- and allo-antigens on subsequent allogeneic and xenogeneic pancreatic islet transplantation in a murine model
Kim HJ, Byun N, Kwon O, Park CG
479 - 485 Histamine H-3 receptor antagonist OUP-186 attenuates the proliferation of cultured human breast cancer cell lines
Tanaka S, Sakaguchi M, Yoneyama H, Usami Y, Harusawa S
486 - 491 Looped limulus anti-lipopolysaccharide derived peptide CLP-19 induces endotoxin tolerance involved inhibition of NF-kappa B activation
Yang Y, Li D, Tian ZQ, Lv J, Sun FJ, Wang Q, Liu Y, Xia PY
492 - 497 SERCA2a was serotonylated and may regulate sino-atrial node pacemaker activity
Wang QJ, Wang D, Yan GL, Qiao Y, Sun L, Zhu BQ, Wang X, Tang CC