Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.479, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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117 - 124 STAT5A and STAT5B have opposite correlations with drug response gene expression
Lamba V, Jia B, Liang F
125 - 131 GHSR deficiency suppresses neointimal formation in injured mouse arteries
Li J, Zhang M, Wang M, Wang ZP, Liu YH, Zhang WZ, Wang NP
132 - 138 Deciphering the roles of circRNAs on chilling injury in tomato
Zuo JH, Wang Q, Zhu BZ, Luo YB, Gao LP
139 - 145 Irisin reverses platelet derived growth factor-BB-induced vascular smooth muscle cells phenotype modulation through STAT3 signaling pathway
Song HB, Xu J, Lv N, Zhang YZ, Wu F, Li HJ, Shao L, Mu Q, Wang F, Tang DQ, Fang X
146 - 151 Elevated expression of WWP2 in human lung adenocarcinoma and its effect on migration and invasion
Yang R, He Y, Chen SS, Lu XH, Huang C, Zhang GJ
152 - 158 The E3 ubiquitin ligase CHIP selectively regulates mutant epidermal growth factor receptor by ubiquitination and degradation
Chung C, Yoo G, Kim T, Lee D, Lee CS, Cha HR, Park YH, Moon JY, Jung SS, Kim JO, Lee JC, Kim SY, Park HS, Park M, Park DI, Lim DS, Jang KW, Lee JE
159 - 165 Molecular mechanisms of synergistic induction of apoptosis by the combination therapy with hyperthermia and cisplatin in prostate cancer cells
Zhang JF, Yan XM, Lan B, Lei YR, Li XH, Gao S, Guo YF, Guo F
166 - 172 Short-chain C6 ceramide sensitizes AT406-induced anti-pancreatic cancer cell activity
Zhao XG, Sun BY, Zhang JJ, Zhang RS, Zhang Q
173 - 178 CONSTANS-like 9 (COL9) delays the flowering time in Oryza sativa by repressing the Ehd1 pathway
Liu H, Gu FW, Dong SY, Liu W, Wang H, Chen ZQ, Wang JF
179 - 185 T-3256336, a novel and orally available small molecule IAP antagonist, induced tumor cell death via induction of systemic TNF alpha production
Sumi H, Inazuka M, Hashimoto K, Ishikawa T, Yoshida S, Yabuki M
186 - 191 Long non-coding RNA HOTAIR promotes ischemic infarct induced by hypoxia through up-regulating the expression of NOX2
Yang L, Lu ZN
192 - 197 Effects of HA and NA glycosylation pattern changes on the transmission of avian influenza A(H7N9) virus in guinea pigs
Park S, Lee I, Kim JI, Bae JY, Yoo K, Kim J, Nam M, Park M, Yun SH, Cho WI, Kim YS, Ko YY, Park MS
198 - 203 RNCR3 knockdown inhibits diabetes mellitus-induced retinal reactive gliosis
Liu C, Li CP, Wang JJ, Shan K, Liu X, Yan B
204 - 210 beta-arrestin1 promotes epithelial-mesenchymal transition via modulating GSK-3 beta/beta-catenin pathway in prostate cancer cells
Duan XL, Zhang T, Kong ZZ, Mai X, Lan CX, Chen D, Liu Y, Zeng ZW, Cai C, Deng T, Wu WQ, Zeng GH
211 - 216 Fusarithioamide A, a new antimicrobial and cytotoxic benzamide derivative from the endophytic fungus Fusarium chlamydosporium
Ibrahim SRM, Elkhayat ES, Mohamed GAA, Fat'hi SM, Ross SA
217 - 223 Deltamethrin induced RIPK3-mediated caspase-independent non-apoptotic cell death in rat primary hepatocytes
Arora D, Siddiqui MH, Sharma PK, Shukla Y
224 - 230 PPAR gamma is regulated by miR-27b-3p negatively and plays an important role in porcine oocyte maturation
Song CL, Yao J, Cao CW, Liang XJ, Huang JJ, Han ZQ, Zhang Y, Qin GS, Tao C, Li CB, Yang HR, Zhao JG, Li K, Wang YF
231 - 237 DNA methylation profiling of esophageal adenocarcinoma using Methylation Ligation-dependent Macroarray (MLM)
Guilleret I, Losi L, Chelbi ST, Fonda S, Bougel S, Saponaro S, Gozzi G, Alberti L, Braunschweig R, Benhattar J
238 - 244 NSrp70 is significant for embryonic growth and development, being a crucial factor for gastrulation and mesoderm induction
Lee SH, Kim C, Lee HK, Kim YK, Ismail T, Jeong Y, Park K, Park MJ, Park DS, Lee HS
245 - 252 Human transbodies to VP40 inhibit cellular egress of Ebola virus-like particles
Teimoori S, Seesuay W, Jittavisutthikul S, Chaisri U, Sookrung N, Densumite J, Saelim N, Chulanetra M, Maneewatch S, Chaicumpa W
253 - 259 EZH2 promotes invasion and metastasis of laryngeal squamous cells carcinoma via epithelial-mesenchymal transition through H3K27me3
Luo HN, Jiang Y, Ma SJ, Chang HH, Yi CX, Cao H, Gao Y, Guo HL, Hou J, Yan J, Sheng Y, Ren XY
260 - 265 Expression and promoter analysis of the OsHSP16.9C gene in rice
Zhang Y, Zou BH, Lu S, Ding Y, Liu H, Hua J
266 - 271 O-glycans and O-glycosylation sites of recombinant human GM-CSF derived from suspension-cultured rice cells, and their structural role
Kim J, Park H, Park BT, Hwang HS, Kim JI, Kim DK, Kim HH
272 - 276 Pollen structure visualization using high-resolution laboratory-based hard X-ray tomography
Li Q, Gluch J, Kruger P, Gall M, Neinhuis C, Zschech E
277 - 282 Charge translocation by mitochondrial NADH:ubiquinone oxidoreductase (complex I) from Yarrowia lipolytica measured on solid-supported membranes
Siebels I, Drose S
283 - 289 Agkihpin, a novel SVAE may inhibit the migration and invasion of liver cancer cells associated with the inversion of EMT induced by Wnt/beta-catenin signaling inhibition
Huang M, Wu SM, Hu QP, Wu HY, Wei S, Xie HQ, Sun KJ, Li XL, Fang L
290 - 296 Berberine suppressed epithelial mesenchymal transition through cross-talk regulation of PI3K/AKT and RAR alpha/RAR beta in melanoma cells
Kou Y, Li L, Li H, Tan YH, Li B, Wang K, Du BY
297 - 304 Carbon monoxide stimulates astrocytic mitochondrial biogenesis via L-type Ca2+ channel-mediated PGC-1 alpha/ERR alpha, activation
Choi YK, Park JH, Baek YY, Won MH, Jeoung D, Lee H, Ha KS, Kwon YG, Kim YM
305 - 311 Distribution of alpha-Gustducin and Vimentin in premature and mature taste buds in chickens
Venkatesan N, Rajapaksha P, Payne J, Goodfellow F, Wang ZH, Kawabata F, Tabata S, Stice S, Beckstead R, Liu HX
312 - 318 Overexpression of pro-gastrin releasing peptide promotes the cell proliferation and progression in small cell lung cancer
Gong ZY, Lu RQ, Xie SH, Jiang ML, Liu K, Xiao R, Shen JB, Wang YC, Guo L
319 - 324 Identification of early gene expression changes in primary cultured neurons treated with topoisomerase I poisons
Rossi SL, Lumpkin CJ, Harris AW, Holbrook J, Gentillon C, McCahan SM, Wang WL, Butchbach MER
325 - 330 Differential phosphorylation-based regulation of alpha B-crystallin chaperone activity for multipass transmembrane proteins
Ciano M, Allocca S, Ciardulli MC, della Volpe L, Bonatti S, D'Agostino M
331 - 337 Microglial response to LPS increases in wild-type mice during aging but diminishes in an Alzheimer's mouse model: Implication of TLR4 signaling in disease progression
Go M, Kou JH, Lim JE, Yang JL, Fukuchi KI
338 - 342 Intracellular chloride ion concentration in differentiating neuronal cell and its role in growing neurite
Nakajima K, Marunaka Y
343 - 350 Human aortic smooth muscle cell-derived exosomal miR-221/222 inhibits autophagy via a PTEN/Akt signaling pathway in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
Li LC, Wang ZW, Hu XP, Wan T, Wu HB, Jiang WL, Hu R
351 - 357 The extracellular matrix regulates the effect of decorin and transforming growth factor beta-2 (TGF-beta 2) on myoblast migration
Goetsch KP, Niesler CU
358 - 364 Dynamic autophagic activity affected the development of thoracic aortic dissection by regulating functional properties of smooth muscle cells
Wang Y, Zhao ZM, Zhang GX, Yang F, Yan Y, Liu SX, Li SH, Wang GK, Xu ZY
365 - 371 Hypoxia and ER stress promote Staufen1 expression through an alternative translation mechanism
Bonnet-Magnaval F, Philippe C, Van den Berghe L, Prats H, Touriol C, Lacazette E
372 - 379 Fluorosis increases the risk of postmenopausal osteoporosis by stimulating interferon gamma
Lv YG, Kang L, Wu GY
380 - 386 Protection of carboxymethylated chitosan on chondrocytes from nitric oxide-induced apoptosis by regulating phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase/Akt signaling pathway
He B, Tao HY, Wei AL, Liu SQ, Li XH, Chen R
387 - 392 Characterization of urocortin as an anti-apoptotic protein in experimental ischemia-reperfusion model of the rat testis
Sumii K, Miyake H, Enatsu N, Chiba K, Fujisawa M
393 - 397 Neighbors' death is required for surviving human adenocarcinoma PC-9 cells in an early stage of gefitinib treatment
Takahashi M, Fukuoka M, Yoshioka K, Hohjoh H
398 - 403 Palmitoylation of the carboxyl-terminal tail of dopamine D-4 receptor is required for surface expression, endocytosis, and signaling
Zhang X, Kim KM
404 - 409 A conserved glycine residue in the C-terminal region of human ATG9A is required for its transport from the endoplasmic reticulum to the Golgi apparatus
Staudt C, Gilis F, Tevel V, Jadot M, Boonen M