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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.478, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1491 - 1496 Overexpression of GhSARP1 encoding a E3 ligase from cotton reduce the tolerance to salt in transgenic Arabidopsis
Liu YC, Zhang XY, Zhu SH, Zhang H, Li YJ, Zhang T, Sun J
1497 - 1502 O-GlcNAcylation of the Signaling Scaffold Protein, GNB2L1 Promotes its Degradation and Increases Metastasis of Gastric Tumours
Cheng SM, Ren J, Su L, Liu JL, Liu QM, Zhou J, Ye XL, Zhu NW
1503 - 1508 Soybean Golgi SNARE 12 protein interacts with Soybean mosaic virus encoded P3N-PIPO protein
Song PW, Zhi HJ, Wu BY, Cui XY, Chen X
1509 - 1514 Selective killing of cancer cells by small molecules targeting heat shock stress response
Zhang D, Zhang B
1515 - 1520 mTOR inhibition sensitizes ONC201-induced anti-colorectal cancer cell activity
Jin ZZ, Wang W, Fang DL, Jin YJ
1521 - 1527 Structural insight into the E. coli HigBA
Yang JS, Zhou K, Liu P, Dong YH, Gao ZQ, Zhan JJ, Liu QS
1528 - 1533 Knockdown of FSTL1 inhibits oxLDL-induced inflammation responses through the TLR4/MyD88/NF-kappa B and MAPK
Guo JX, Liang WQ, Li JH, Long JN
1534 - 1540 Activation of the Wnt/beta-catenin pathway in pancreatic beta cells during the compensatory islet hyperplasia in prediabetic mice
Maschio DA, Oliveira RB, Santos MR, Carvalho CPF, Barbosa-Sampaio HCL, Collares-Buzato CB
1541 - 1547 Nerve growth factor (NGF)-mediated regulation of p75(NTR) expression contributes to chemotherapeutic resistance in triple negative breast cancer cells
Chakravarthy R, Mnich K, Gorman AM
1548 - 1554 The Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor-A phosphorylates Murine Double Minute-2 on its Serine 166 via the Extracellular Signal Regulated Kinase 1/2 and p90 Ribosomal S6 Kinase in primary human endothelial cells
Aiken J, Birot O
1555 - 1562 Redox regulation of ATP sulfurylase in microalgae
Prioretti L, Lebrun R, Gontero B, Giordano M
1563 - 1568 Improved antiviral efficacy using TALEN-mediated homology directed recombination to introduce artificial primary miRNAs into DNA of hepatitis B virus
Dreyer T, Nicholson S, Ely A, Arbuthnot P, Bloom K
1569 - 1574 Functional analysis of plant NB-LRR gene L3 by using E-coli
Yang Y, Wu XQ, Xuan H, Gao ZY
1575 - 1581 Downregulation of IGF-1 receptor occurs after hepatic linage commitment during hepatocyte differentiation from human embryonic stem cells
Waraky A, Aleem E, Larsson O
1582 - 1587 MiR-590-3p regulates osteogenic differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells by regulating APC gene
Wu SY, Liu WZ, Zhou L
1588 - 1593 Chromatin remodeling enzyme CHD7 is necessary for osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells
Chen Y, Wang MY, Chen DM, Wang J, Kang N
1594 - 1601 Identification of pyrrolo[3,2-c]pyridin-4-amine compounds as a new class of entry inhibitors against influenza viruses in vitro
Chang SY, Cruz DJM, Ko Y, Min JY
1602 - 1608 Necrostatin-1 protects against oleic acid-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome in rats
Pan L, Yao DC, Yu YZ, Li SJ, Chen BJ, Hu GH, Xi C, Wang ZH, Wang HY, Li JH, Tu YS
1609 - 1616 Inhibition of autophagy enhances dynamin inhibitor-induced apoptosis via promoting Bak activation and mitochondrial damage in human Jurkat T cells
Kim YH, Kim KY, Jun DY, Kim JS, Kim YH
1617 - 1623 Guanylate-Binding Protein-1 protects ovarian cancer cell lines but not breast cancer cell lines from killing by paclitaxel
Tipton AR, Nyabuto GO, Trendel JA, Mazur TM, Wilson JP, Wadi S, Justinger JS, Moore GL, Nguyen PT, Vestal DJ
1624 - 1629 The E3 ligase UBR5 regulates gastric cancer cell growth by destabilizing the tumor suppressor GKN1
Yang M, Jiang N, Cao QW, Ma MQ, Sun Q
1630 - 1633 Distinctions between dynamic characteristics of the single EG5 motor protein along neural vs. cancerous microtubules
Feizabadi MS, Jun Y, Reddy JNB
1634 - 1639 A mechanism for propagated SOD1 misfolding from frustration analysis of a G85R mutant protein assembly
Healy EE
1640 - 1646 Deletion of the cytoplasmic domain of N-cadherin reduces, but does not eliminate, traction force-transmission
Lee E, Ewald ML, Sedarous M, Kim T, Weyers BW, Truong RH, Yamada S
1647 - 1652 Application of SGT1-Hsp90 chaperone complex for soluble expression of NOD1 LRR domain in E. coli
Hong TJ, Hahn JS
1653 - 1659 Active site analysis of sortase A from Staphylococcus simulans indicates function in cleavage of putative cell wall proteins
Chen J, Dong HH, Murfin KE, Feng CY, Wu SQ, Zheng BW
1660 - 1666 Molecular cloning and expression analysis of cytochrome c oxidase subunit II from Sitophilus zeamais
Hou CL, Wang JB, Wu H, Liu JY, Ma ZQ, Feng JT, Zhang X
1667 - 1673 Tetrabromobisphenol-A induces apoptotic death of auditory cells and hearing loss
Park C, Kim SJ, Lee WK, Moon SK, Kwak S, Choe SK, Park R
1674 - 1681 Targeting ODC1 inhibits tumor growth through reduction of lipid metabolism in human hepatocellular carcinoma
Choi Y, Oh ST, Won MA, Choi KM, Ko MJ, Seo D, Jeon TW, Baik IH, Ye SK, Park KU, Park IC, Jang BC, Seo JY, Lee YH
1682 - 1687 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid improves viability of artificial RBCs
Hong SH, Yoon KJ, Lim KH, Urn YJ, Cho JG, Jo YJ, Park SG
1688 - 1693 Determinants of dual substrate specificity revealed by the crystal structure of homoisocitrate dehydrogenase from Thermus thermophilus in complex with homoisocitrate center dot Mg2+ center dot NADH
Takahashi K, Tomita T, Kuzuyama T, Nishiyama M
1694 - 1699 The development of a single molecule fluorescence standard and its application in estimating the stoichiometry of the nuclear pore complex
Tie HC, Madugula V, Lu L
1700 - 1705 The protection of rat retinal ganglion cells from ischemia/reperfusion injury by the inhibitory peptide of mitochondrial mu-calpain
Ozaki T, Yamashita T, Tomita H, Sugano E, Ishiguro SI
1706 - 1712 Periostin supports hematopoietic progenitor cells and niche-dependent myeloblastoma cells in vitro
Tanaka S, Maekawa A, Matsubara L, Imanishi A, Yano M, Roeder RG, Hasegawa N, Asano S, Ito M
1713 - 1719 Protective effects of ginsenoside F2 on 12-O-tetradecanoylphorbol-13-acetate-induced skin inflammation in mice
Park SH, Seo W, Eun HS, Kim SY, Jo E, Kim MH, Choi WM, Lee JH, Shim YR, Cui CH, Kim SC, Hwang CY, Jeong WI
1720 - 1725 Esrrb directly binds to Gata6 promoter and regulates its expression with Dax1 and Ncoa3
Uranishi K, Akagi T, Koide H, Yokota T
1726 - 1731 Haploinsufficiency of Hand1 improves mice survival after acute myocardial infarction through preventing cardiac rupture
Lu SS, Du P, Shan CJ, Wang YH, Ma CS, Dong JZ
1732 - 1738 Improved transduction efficiencies of adeno-associated virus vectors by synthetic cell-permeable peptides
Tabata K, Sugano E, Murakami F, Yamashita T, Ozaki T, Tomita H
1739 - 1745 Palindrome analyser - A new web-based server for predicting and evaluating inverted repeats in nucleotide sequences
Brazda V, Kolomaznik J, Lysek J, Haronikova L, Coufal J, St'astny J
1746 - 1750 Castration induced browning in subcutaneous white adipose tissue in male mice
Hashimoto O, Noda T, Morita A, Morita M, Ohtsuki H, Sugiyama M, Funaba M
1751 - 1757 Specific combinations of presenilins and Aph1s affect the substrate specificity and activity of gamma-secretase
Yonemura Y, Futai E, Yagishita S, Kaether C, Ishiura S
1758 - 1763 Identification of miR-125b targets involved in acute promyelocytic leukemia cell proliferation
Zhang YK, Zeng CW, Lu S, Qin TY, Yang LJ, Chen SH, Chen J, Li YQ
1764 - 1771 STING in tumor and host cells cooperatively work for NK cell-mediated tumor growth retardation
Takashima K, Takeda Y, Oshiumi H, Shime H, Okabe M, Ikawa M, Matsumoto M, Seya T
1772 - 1779 Human Rad23A plays a regulatory role in autophagy
Tan XT, Wang HC, Liang RY, Chuang SM
1780 - 1785 The low molecular weight fraction of commercial human serum albumin induces acetylation of alpha-tubulin and reduces transcytosis in retinal endothelial cells
Thomas GW, Rael LT, Hausburg M, Frederick ED, Brody E, Bar-Or D
1786 - 1791 MiR-1271 upregulated by saturated fatty acid palmitate provokes impaired insulin signaling by repressing INSR and IRS-1 expression in HepG2 cells
Yang WM, Min KH, Lee W
1792 - 1797 PMCA2 silencing potentiates MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cell death initiated with the Bcl-2 inhibitor ABT-263
Curry M, Roberts-Thomson SJ, Monteith GR
1798 - 1798 Knockdown expression of Syndecan in the fat body impacts nutrient metabolism and the organismal response to environmental stresses in Drosophila melanogaster (vol 477, pg 103, 2016)
Eveland M, Brokamp GA, Lue CH, Harbison ST, Leips J, De Luca M