Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.472, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 10 Vascular complications in diabetes: Microparticles and microparticle associated microRNAs as active players
Alexandru N, Badila E, Weiss E, Cochior D, Stepien E, Georgescu A
11 - 18 miR-221 activates the NF-kappa B pathway by targeting A20
Zhao DJ, Zhuang NT, Ding YN, Kang YH, Shi LY
19 - 25 C-reactive protein inhibits high-molecular-weight adiponectin expression in 3T3-L1 adipocytes via PI3K/Akt pathway
Liu YX, Liu CP, Jiang C, Wang S, Yang QC, Jiang D, Yuan GY
26 - 32 Xanthine oxidoreductase activation is implicated in the onset of metabolic arthritis
Aibibula Z, Ailixiding M, Iwata M, Piao JY, Hara Y, Okawa A, Asou Y
33 - 39 SMIFH2-mediated mDia formin functional inhibition potentiates chemotherapeutic targeting of human ovarian cancer spheroids
Ziske MA, Pettee KM, Khaing M, Rubinic K, Eisenmann KM
40 - 45 Functional impairment of endothelial cells by the antimycotic amphotericin B
Pelzmann B, Di Giuro CML, Zorn-Pauly K, Rossmann C, Hallstrom S, Groschner K, Fameli N
46 - 52 The dynamics of histone H2A ubiquitination in HeLa cells exposed to rapamycin, ethanol, hydroxyurea, ER stress, heat shock and DNA damage
Nakata S, Watanabe T, Nakagawa K, Takeda H, Ito A, Fujimuro M
53 - 59 Development of exosome surface display technology in living human cells
Stickney Z, Losacco J, McDevitt S, Zhang ZW, Lu B
60 - 67 Essential role of STX6 in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma growth and migration
Du J, Liu X, Wu YH, Zhu JF, Tang YH
68 - 74 C2C12 myotubes inhibit the proliferation and differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes by reducing the expression of glucocorticoid receptor gene
Chu WW, Wei W, Yu SG, Han HY, Shi XL, Sun WX, Gao Y, Zhang LF, Chen J
75 - 82 Co-transforming bar and CsLEA enhanced tolerance to drought and salt stress in transgenic alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.)
Zhang JY, Duan Z, Zhang DY, Zhang JQ, Di HY, Wu F, Wang YR
83 - 87 Identification of the Raptor-binding motif on Arabidopsis S6 kinase and its use as a TOR signaling suppressor
Son O, Kim S, Hur YS, Cheon CI
88 - 94 Interaction of atypical cadherin Fat1 with SoHo adaptor proteins CAP/ponsin and ArgBP2
Braun GS, Kuszka A, Dau C, Kriz W, Moeller MJ
95 - 100 c-Jun N-terminal kinase regulates the nucleoplasmic translocation and stability of nucleolar GLTSCR2 protein
Lee S, Cho YE, Kim YJ, Park JH
101 - 107 Mechanism of extraordinary DNA digestion by pepsin
Zhang YF, Li CC, Liu Y, Wang XQ, Dong P, Liang XG
108 - 113 UCP3 is associated with Hax-1 in mitochondria in the presence of calcium ion
Hirasaka K, Mills EM, Haruna M, Bando A, Ikeda C, Abe T, Kohno S, Nowinski SM, Lago CU, Akagi K, Tochio H, Ohno A, Teshima-Kondo S, Okumura Y, Nikawa T
114 - 117 Central nervous system promotes thermotolerance via FoxO/DAF-16 activation through octopamine and acetylcholine signaling in Caenorhabditis elegans
Furuhashi T, Sakamoto K
118 - 124 Phenotypic abnormalities in a chorea-acanthocytosis mouse model are modulated by strain background
Sakimoto H, Nakamura M, Nagata O, Yokoyama I, Sano A
125 - 130 Anethole restores delayed gastric emptying and impaired gastric accommodation in rodents
Asano T, Aida S, Suemasu S, Mizushima T
131 - 136 Control of vascular network location in millimeter-sized 3D-tissues by micrometer-sized collagen coated cells
Liu CY, Matsusaki M, Akashi M
137 - 143 Caspase-independent cell death mediated by apoptosis-inducing factor (AIF) nuclear translocation is involved in ionizing radiation induced HepG2 cell death
Sun HW, Yang SN, Li JH, Zhang YJ, Gao DS, Zhao ST
144 - 149 Targeting of the human F8 at the multicopy rDNA locus in Hemophilia a patient-derived iPSCs using TALENickases
Pang JL, Wu Y, Li Z, Hu ZQ, Wang XL, Hu XY, Wang XY, Liu XH, Zhou MJ, Liu B, Wang YC, Feng M, Liang DS
150 - 155 TGF-beta regulates TGFBIp expression in corneal fibroblasts via miR-21, miR-181a, and Smad signaling
Choi SI, Jin JY, Maeng YS, Kim TI, Kim EK
156 - 162 Decreased circadian component Bmal1 predicts tumor progression and poor prognosis in human pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
Li WH, Liu L, Liu D, Jin SM, Yang YS, Tang W, Gong L
163 - 168 Astragalus polysaccharide upregulates hepcidin and reduces iron overload in mice via activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase
Ren F, Qian XH, Qian XL
169 - 174 Gene expression profiling reveals Nef induced deregulation of lipid metabolism in HIV-1 infected T cells
Shrivastava S, Trivedi J, Mitra D
175 - 181 The pro-resolving lipid mediator Maresin 1 protects against cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury by attenuating the pro-inflammatory response
Xian WJ, Wu Y, Xiong W, Li LY, Li T, Pan SW, Song LM, Hu LS, Pei L, Yao SL, Shang Y
182 - 188 Ginsenoside Rg1 enhances lymphatic transport of intrapulmonary silica via VEGF-C/VEGFR-3 signaling in silicotic rats
Yu J, Mao LJ, Guan L, Zhang YL, Zhao JY
189 - 193 The protein inhibitor of nNOS (PIN/DLC1/LC8) binding does not inhibit the NADPH-dependent heme reduction in nNOS, a key step in NO synthesis
Parhad SS, Jaiswal D, Ray K, Mazumdar S
194 - 200 miR-26b inhibits autophagy by targeting ULK2 in prostate cancer cells
Clotaire DZJ, Zhang B, Wei N, Gao RF, Zhao F, Wang YF, Lei M, Huang WW
201 - 208 Nesfatin-1 stimulates cholecystokinin and suppresses peptide YY expression and secretion in mice
Ramesh N, Mortazavi S, Unniappan S
209 - 216 Chameleon sequences in neurodegenerative diseases
Bahramali G, Goliaei B, Minuchehr Z, Salari A
217 - 222 Improving residue-residue contact prediction via low-rank and sparse decomposition of residue correlation matrix
Zhang HC, Gao YJ, Deng MH, Wang C, Zhu JW, Li SC, Zheng WM, Bu DB
223 - 230 Selective disruption of disulphide bonds lowered activation energy and improved catalytic efficiency in TALipB from Trichosporon asahii MSR54: MD simulations revealed flexible lid and extended substrate binding area in the mutant
Singh Y, Gupta N, Verma VV, Goel M, Gupta R
231 - 236 Human dehydrogenase/reductase (SDR family) member 11 is a novel type of 17 beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase
Endo S, Miyagi N, Matsunaga T, Hara A, Ikari A
237 - 242 Crystal structure of the Bacillus-conserved MazG protein, a nucleotide pyrophosphohydrolase
Kim MI, Hong M
243 - 249 Exogenous S100A8 protein inhibits PDGF-induced migration of airway smooth muscle cells in a RAGE-dependent manner
Xu YD, Wei Y, Wang Y, Yin LM, Park GH, Liu YY, Yang YQ
250 - 254 Sulforaphane promotes murine hair growth by accelerating the degradation of dihydrotestosterone
Sasaki M, Shinozaki S, Shimokado K
255 - 261 Stroma-induced Jagged1 expression drives PC3 prostate cancer cell migration; disparate effects of RIP-generated proteolytic fragments on cell behaviour and Notch signaling
Delury C, Hart C, Brown M, Clarke N, Parkin E
262 - 269 MALAT1 induced migration and invasion of human breast cancer cells by competitively binding miR-1 with cdc42
Chou JJ, Wang BY, Zheng TJ, Li XM, Zheng LF, Hu JH, Zhang Y, Xing YY, Xi T
270 - 275 Characterization of the binding between a 70-kDa heat shock protein, HspA1A, and phosphoinositides
McCallister C, Kdeiss B, Oliverio R, Nikolaidis N
276 - 280 Decreased levels of RGS4 in the paraventricular nucleus facilitate GABAergic inhibition during the acute stress response
Jung S, Son H, Lee DH, Roh GS, Kang SS, Cho GJ, Choi WS, Kim HJ
281 - 286 Relationship between natural and heme-mediated antibody polyreactivity
Hadzhieva M, Vassilev T, Bayry J, Kaveri S, Lacroix-Desmazes S, Dimitrov JD
287 - 291 L-arginine, an active component of salmon milt nucleoprotein, promotes thermotolerance via Sirtuin in Caenorhabditis elegans
Furuhashi T, Matsunaga M, Asahara Y, Sakamoto K
292 - 292 Maintenance of sweat glands by stem cells located in the acral epithelium (vol 466, pg 333, 2015)
Ohe S, Tanaka T, Yanai H, Komai Y, Omachi T, Kanno S, Tanaka K, Ishigaki K, Saiga K, Nakamura N, Ohsugi H, Tokuyama Y, Atsumi N, Hisha H, Yoshida N, Kumano K, Yamazaki F, Okamoto H, Ueno H