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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.469, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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791 - 796 Activation of AMP-activated protein kinase decreases receptor activator of NF-kappa B ligand expression and increases sclerostin expression by inhibiting the mevalonate pathway in osteocytic MLO-Y4 cells
Yokomoto-Umakoshi M, Kanazawa I, Takeno A, Tanaka K, Notsu M, Sugimoto T
797 - 802 Suppression of Slit2/Robo1 mediated HUVEC migration by Robo4
Enomoto S, Mitsui K, Kawamura T, Iwanari H, Daigo K, Horiuchi K, Minami T, Kodama T, Hamakubo T
803 - 808 Intracellular Ca2+ thresholds for induction of excitatory long-term depression and inhibitory long-term potentiation in a cerebellar Purkinje neuron
Nakamura Y, Hirano T
809 - 815 Low-dose carbon monoxide inhalation protects neuronal cells from apoptosis after optic nerve crush
Chen ZL, Wang RB, Wu JC, Xia FZ, Sun QL, Xu JJ, Liu L
816 - 822 CD109 is a component of exosome secreted from cultured cells
Sakakura H, Mii S, Hagiwara S, Kato T, Yamamoto N, Hibi H, Takahashi M, Murakumo Y
823 - 829 Early osteoinductive human bone marrow mesenchymal stromal/stem cells support an enhanced hematopoietic cell expansion with altered chemotaxis- and adhesion-related gene expression profiles
Sugino N, Miura Y, Yao H, Iwasa M, Fujishiro A, Fujii S, Hirai H, Takaori-Kondo A, Ichinohe T, Maekawa T
830 - 835 A hyperbranched dopamine-containing PEG-based polymer for the inhibition of alpha-synuclein fibrillation
Breydo L, Newland B, Zhang H, Rosser A, Werner C, Uversky VN, Wang WX
836 - 841 Morphological characterization of adult mouse Leydig cells in culture
Wang JQ, Cao WG
842 - 847 Muscle fiber type specific activation of the slow myosin heavy chain 2 promoter by a non-canonical E-box
Weimer K, DiMario JX
848 - 855 Identification of novel membrane-associated prostaglandin E synthase-1 (mPGES-1) inhibitors with anti-influenza activities in vitro
Park JH, Park EB, Lee JY, Min JY
856 - 862 Induction of long-term potentiation and depression phenomena in human induced pluripotent stem cell-derived cortical neurons
Odawara A, Katoh H, Matsuda N, Suzuki I
863 - 867 Identification of activators of methionine sulfoxide reductases A and B
Cudic P, Joshi N, Sagher D, Williams BT, Stawikowski MJ, Weissbach H
868 - 872 The involvement of the PilQ, secretin of type IV pili in phage infection in Ralstonia solanacearum
Narulita E, Addy HS, Kawasaki T, Fujie M, Yamada T
873 - 877 Superoxide dismutase overexpression protects against glucocorticoid-induced depressive-like behavioral phenotypes in mice
Uchihara Y, Tanaka K, Asano T, Tamura F, Mizushima T
878 - 883 Heparanase augments inflammatory chemokine production from colorectal carcinoma cell lines
Tsunekawa N, Higashi N, Kogane Y, Waki M, Shida H, Nishimura Y, Adachi H, Nakajima M, Irimura T
884 - 890 CBX8 antagonizes the effect of Sirtinol on premature senescence through the AKT-RB-E2F1 pathway in K562 leukemia cells
Lee SH, Um SJ, Kim EJ
891 - 896 UbcD4, an ortholog of E2-25K/Ube2K, is essential for activation of the immune deficiency pathway in Drosophila
Park ES, Elangovan M, Kim YJ, Yoo YJ
897 - 902 Modified sympathetic nerve regulation in AKAP5-null mice
Han C, Tomita H, Ohba T, Nishizaki K, Ogata Y, Matsuzaki Y, Sawamura D, Yanagisawa T, Osanai T, Imaizumi T, Matsubara A, Adachi T, Ono K, Okumura K, Murakami M
903 - 910 Target disruption of ribosomal protein pNO40 accelerates aging and impairs osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells
Lin YM, Wu CC, Chang YC, Wu CH, Ho HL, Hu JW, Chang RC, Wang CT, Ouyang P
911 - 916 CRISPR/Cas9-mediated mutagenesis of the white and Sex lethal loci in the invasive pest, Drosophila suzukii
Li F, Scott MJ
917 - 922 Impact of caspase-8 and PKA in regulating neutrophil-derived microparticle generation
Midura EF, Prakash PS, Johnson BL, Rice TC, Kunz N, Caldwell CC
923 - 929 Disassembly of yeast 80S ribosomes into subunits is a concerted action of ribosome-assisted folding of denatured protein
Chakraborty B, Bhakta S, Sengupta J
930 - 935 Logical design of anti-prion agents using NAGARA
Ma B, Yamaguchi K, Fukuoka M, Kuwata K
936 - 940 Integrin alpha V beta 3 and alpha V beta 5 are required for leukemia inhibitory factor-mediated the adhesion of trophoblast cells to the endometrial cells
Chung TW, Park MJ, Kim HS, Choi HJ, Ha KT
941 - 947 2,2'-dipyridyl induces pexophagy
Jin A, Lee JN, Kim MS, Kwak S, Kim SJ, Song K, Choe SK, Park R
948 - 953 Vasostatin-2 inhibits cell proliferation and adhesion in vascular smooth muscle cells, which are associated with the progression of atherosclerosis
Hou JH, Xue XL, Li JN
954 - 959 N-linked glycans do not affect plasma membrane localization of multidrug resistance protein 4 (MRP4) but selectively alter its prostaglandin E-2 transport activity
Miah MF, Conseil G, Cole SPC
960 - 966 Loss of maintenance DNA methylation results in abnormal DNA origin firing during DNA replication
Haruta M, Shimada M, Nishiyama A, Johmura Y, Le Tallec B, Debatisse M, Nakanishi M
967 - 977 Analysis of the microbiome: Advantages of whole genome shotgun versus 16S amplicon sequencing
Ranjan R, Rani A, Metwally A, McGee HS, Perkins DL
978 - 984 Investigation of the redox-dependent modulation of structure and dynamics in human cytochrome c
Imai M, Saio T, Kumeta H, Uchida T, Inagaki F, Ishimori K
985 - 992 LDH-A promotes malignant progression via activation of epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition and conferring stemness in muscle-invasive bladder cancer
Jiang FJ, Ma S, Xue YB, Hou JQ, Zhang YJ
993 - 999 Repulsive guidance molecule A suppresses angiogenesis
Harada K, Fujita Y, Yamashita T
1000 - 1005 Epigenetic down-regulated DDX10 promotes cell proliferation through Akt/NF-kappa B pathway in ovarian cancer
Gai MHZ, Bo QF, Qi LX
1006 - 1011 MicroRNA-127-3p inhibits proliferation and invasion by targeting SETD8 in human osteosarcoma cells
Zhang J, Hou WG, Chai MX, Zhao HX, Jia JL, Sun XH, Zhao B, Wang R
1012 - 1020 NLRP3 inflammasome activation during myocardial ischemia reperfusion is cardioprotective
Sandanger O, Gao E, Ranheim T, Bilksoen M, Kaasboll OJ, Alfnes K, Nymo SH, Rashidi A, Ohm IK, Attramadal H, Aukrust P, Vinge LE, Yndestad A
1021 - 1027 Effect of k-tuple length on sample-comparison with high-throughput sequencing data
Wang Y, Lei XY, Wang S, Wang ZC, Song NF, Zeng F, Chen T
1028 - 1033 New insight into multifunctional role of peroxiredoxin family protein: Determination of DNA protection properties of bacterioferritin comigratory protein under hyperthermal and oxidative stresses
Lee S, Chung JM, Yun HJ, Won J, Jung HS
1034 - 1040 Suppressing Cyclooxygenase-2 Prevents nonalcoholic and inhibits apoptosis of hepatocytes that are involved in the Akt/p53 signal pathway
Wu JL, Chen C, Hu X, Cai XB, Guan YH, Hu H, Wang QJ, Chen XF, Cai BZ, Jing XB
1041 - 1048 MicroRNA-181c inhibits glioblastoma cell invasion, migration and mesenchymal transition by targeting TGF-beta pathway
He X, Liu ZJ, Peng YT, Yu CJ
1049 - 1054 Inflammation increases pyruvate dehydrogenase kinase 4 (PDK4) expression via the Jun N-Terminal Kinase (JNK) pathway in C2C12 cells
Park H, Jeoung NH
1055 - 1061 House dust mite extract induces growth factor expression in nasal mucosa by activating the PI3K/Akt/HIF-1 alpha pathway
Chen X, Li YY, Zhang WQ, Zhang WM, Zhou H
1062 - 1068 Matrix metalloproteinase-14 mediates formation of bile ducts and hepatic maturation of fetal hepatic progenitor cells
Otani S, Kakinuma S, Kamiya A, Goto F, Kaneko S, Miyoshi M, Tsunoda T, Asano Y, Kawai-Kitahata F, Nitta S, Nakata T, Okamoto R, Itsui Y, Nakagawa M, Azuma S, Asahina Y, Yamaguchi T, Koshikawa N, Seiki M, Nakauchi H, Watanabe M
1069 - 1074 No obvious phenotypic abnormalities in mice lacking the Pate4 gene
Heckt T, Keller J, Reusch R, Hartmann K, Krasemann S, Hermans-Borgmeyer I, Amling M, Schinke T
1075 - 1082 Enhancement of cisplatin-induced colon cancer cells apoptosis by shikonin, a natural inducer of ROS in vitro and in vivo
He GD, He GL, Zhou RY, Pi ZB, Zhu TQ, Jiang LM, Xie YB
1083 - 1089 Chlorogenic acid ameliorates endotoxin-induced liver injury by promoting mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation
Zhou Y, Ruan Z, Zhou LL, Shu XG, Sun XH, Mi SM, Yang YH, Yin YL
1090 - 1096 Mitochondrial regulation of cell cycle progression through SLC25A43
Gabrielson M, Reizer E, Stal O, Tina E
1097 - 1103 Nanog interact with CDK6 to regulates astrocyte cells proliferation following spinal cord injury
Gu J, Ni YJ, Xu L, Xu HL, Cai ZD
1104 - 1110 Inhibition of mTOR improves the impairment of acidification in autophagic vesicles caused by hepatic steatosis
Nakadera E, Yamashina S, Izumi K, Inami Y, Sato T, Fukushima H, Kon K, Ikejima K, Ueno T, Watanabe S
1111 - 1116 Over-expression of CHAF1A promotes cell proliferation and apoptosis resistance in glioblastoma cells via AKT/FOX03a/Bim pathway
Peng HH, Du B, Jiang HL, Gao J
1117 - 1122 Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase p110 alpha mediates phosphorylation of AMP-activated protein kinase in myoblasts
Matheny RW, Geddis AV, Abdalla MN, Leandry LA
1123 - 1128 Squalene is lipotoxic to yeast cells defective in lipid droplet biogenesis
Valachovic M, Garaiova M, Holic R, Hapala I
1129 - 1132 High affinity nucleotide-binding mutant of the epsilon subunit of thermophilic F-1-ATPase
Kato-Yamada Y
1133 - 1139 Determination of the catalytic activity of LEOPARD syndrome-associated SHP2 mutants toward parafibromin, a bona fide SHP2 substrate involved in Wnt signaling
Noda S, Takahashi A, Hayashi T, Tanuma S, Hatakeyama M
1140 - 1145 Serum immunoglobulin G Fc region N-glycosylation profiling by matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization mass spectrometry can distinguish breast cancer patients from cancer-free controls
Kawaguchi-Sakita N, Kaneshiro-Nakagawa K, Kawashima M, Sugimoto M, Tokiwa M, Suzuki E, Kajihara S, Fujita Y, Iwamoto S, Tanaka K, Toi M
1146 - 1152 The suppression of torulene and torularhodin treatment on the growth of PC-3 xenograft prostate tumors
Du C, Li YC, Guo YH, Han M, Zhang WG, Qian H
1153 - 1158 Evodiamine selectively targets cancer stem-like cells through the p53-p21-Rb pathway
Han S, Woo JK, Jung Y, Jeong D, Kang M, Yoo YJ, Lee H, Oh SH, Ryu JH, Kim WY