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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.469, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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333 - 339 Rck1 promotes pseudohyphal growth via the activation of Ubp3 phosphorylation in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Kang CM, Chang M, Park YS, Yun CW
340 - 344 Interleukin 23 regulates the functions of human decidual immune cells during early pregnancy
Cai JY, Li MJ
345 - 351 MiR-631/ZAP70: A novel axis in the migration and invasion of prostate cancer cells
Fu DW, Liu B, Zang LE, Jiang HM
352 - 356 CRASP: CFP reconstitution across synaptic partners
Li YM, Guo AK, Li H
357 - 362 Catalytic site of human protein-glucosylgalactosylhydroxylysine glucosidase: Three crucial carboxyl residues were determined by cloning and site-directed mutagenesis
Hamazaki H, Hamazaki MH
363 - 369 Inhibition of cyclic AMP response element-directed transcription by decoy oligonucleotides enhances tumor-specific radiosensitivity
Park SI, Park SJ, Lee J, Kim HE, Park SJ, Sohn JW, Park YG
370 - 376 Epidermal growth factor receptor mediated proliferation depends on increased lipid droplet density regulated via a negative regulatory loop with FOXO3/Sirtuin6
Penrose H, Heller S, Cable C, Makboul R, Chadalawada G, Chen Y, Crawford SE, Savkovic SD
377 - 383 Versatile function of the circadian protein CIPC as a regulator of Erk activation
Matsunaga R, Nishino T, Yokoyama A, Nakashima A, Kikkawa U, Konishi H
384 - 391 Regulator of G-protein signaling 4: A novel tumor suppressor with prognostic significance in non-small cell lung cancer
Cheng CL, Yue WM, Li L, Li SH, Gao C, Si LB, Tian H
392 - 398 NDRG2 promoted secreted miR-375 in microvesicles shed from M1 microglia, which induced neuron damage
Tang LL, Wu YB, Fang CQ, Qu P, Gao ZL
399 - 404 Predicting unintended effects of drugs based on off-target tissue effects
Kim D, Lee J, Lee S, Park J, Lee D
405 - 411 Cathepsin D in pancreatic acinar cells is implicated in cathepsin B and L degradation, but not in autophagic activity
Mehanna S, Suzuki C, Shibata M, Sunabori T, Imanaka T, Araki K, Yamamura K, Uchiyama Y, Ohmuraya M
412 - 417 Two c-Myc binding sites are crucial in upregulating the expression of human phospholipid scramblase 1 gene
Vinnakota JM, Gummadi SN
418 - 423 Follistatin-like 1 protects cardiomyoblasts from injury induced by sodium nitroprusside through modulating Akt and Smad1/5/9 signaling
Chen WQ, Xia J, Hu P, Zhou F, Chen YQ, Wu JP, Lei W, Shen ZY
424 - 429 Hepatic maturation of human iPS cell-derived hepatocyte-like cells by ATF5, c/EBP alpha, and PROX1 transduction
Nakamori D, Takayama K, Nagamoto Y, Mitani S, Sakurai F, Tachibana M, Mizuguchi H
430 - 436 Down-regulation of TCF21 by hypermethylation induces cell proliferation, migration and invasion in colorectal cancer
Dai YY, Duan HX, Duan CJ, Zhou RR, He YX, Tu QS, Shen LF
437 - 442 Mutants of collagen-specific molecular chaperone Hsp47 causing osteogenesis imperfecta are structurally unstable with weak binding affinity to collagen
Ito S, Nagata K
443 - 448 The three catalases in Deinococcus radiodurans: Only two show catalase activity
Jeong SW, Jung JH, Kim MK, Seo HS, Lim HM, Lim S
449 - 455 Rad6 upregulation promotes stem cell-like characteristics and platinum resistance in ovarian cancer
Somasagara RR, Tripathi K, Spencer SM, Clark DW, Barnett R, Bachaboina L, Scalici J, Rocconi RP, Piazza GA, Palle K
456 - 462 Impact of age and sex on the development of atherosclerosis and expression of the related genes in apoE deficient mice
Liu MY, Zhang WW, Li XJ, Han JH, Chen YL, Duan YJ
463 - 469 Deregulation of energy metabolism promotes antifibrotic effects in human hepatic stellate cells and prevents liver fibrosis in a mouse model
Karthikeyan S, Potter JJ, Geschwind JF, Sur S, Hamilton JP, Vogelstein B, Kinzler KW, Mezey E, Ganapathy-Kanniappan S
470 - 476 PIAS3 enhances the transcriptional activity of HIF-1 alpha by increasing its protein stability
Nakagawa K, Kohara T, Uehata Y, Miyakawa Y, Sato-Ueshima M, Okubo N, Asaka M, Takeda H, Kobayashi M
477 - 482 Differentiated embryo chondrocyte 1 (DEC1) is a novel negative regulator of hepatic fibroblast growth factor 21 (FGF21) in aging mice
Fujita Y, Makishima M, Bhawal UK
483 - 489 Crystal structure of the nucleosome containing histone H3 with crotonylated lysine 122
Suzuki Y, Horikoshi N, Kato D, Kurumizaka H
490 - 494 The third to fifth zinc fingers play an essential role in the binding of ZFP809 to the MLV-derived PBS
Ichida Y, Utsunomiya Y, Onodera M
495 - 500 Nanoformulated copper/zinc superoxide dismutase attenuates vascular cell activation and aortic inflammation in obesity
Saraswathi V, Ganesan M, Perriotte-Olson C, Manickam DS, Westwood RA, Zimmerman MC, Ahmad IM, Desouza CV, Kabanov AV
501 - 506 Snapin interacts with G-protein coupled receptor PKR2
Song J, Li J, Liu HD, Liu W, Feng Y, Zhou XT, Li JD
507 - 514 The imbalance between TIMP3 and matrix-degrading enzymes plays an important role in intervertebral disc degeneration
Li Y, Li K, Han XG, Mao CY, Zhang K, Zhao TF, Zhao J
515 - 520 Compound C inhibits macrophage chemotaxis through an AMPK-independent mechanism
Lee Y, Park BH, Bae EJ
521 - 528 Nrf2 transcriptional derepression from Keap1 by dietary polyphenols
Bayele HK, Debnam ES, Srai KS
529 - 534 alpha-Synuclein aggregation, seeding and inhibition by scyllo-inositol
Ibrahim T, McLaurin J
535 - 541 Comparative transcriptome analysis revealed the genotype specific cold response mechanism in tobacco
Hu RS, Zhu XX, Xiang SP, Zhan YG, Zhu MD, Yin HQ, Zhou QM, Zhu LS, Zhang XW, Liu Z
542 - 545 DLGP: A database for lineage-conserved and lineage-specific gene pairs in animal and plant genomes
Wang DP
546 - 551 Identification of protein-protein interactions of isoflavonoid biosynthetic enzymes with 2-hydroxyisoflavanone synthase in soybean (Glycine max (L.) Merr.)
Waki T, Yoo D, Fujino N, Mameda R, Denessiouk K, Yamashita S, Motohashi R, Akashi T, Aoki T, Ayabe S, Takahashi S, Nakayama T
552 - 558 c-Jun regulates adipocyte differentiation via the KLF15-mediated mode
Lee DS, Choi H, Han BS, Kim WK, Lee SC, Oh KJ, Bae KH
559 - 564 Intestinal and peritoneal mast cells differ in kinetics of quantal release
Balseiro-Gomez S, Ramirez-Ponce MP, Acosta J, Ales E, Flores JA
565 - 572 Effects of ER stress on unfolded protein responses, cell survival, and viral replication in primary effusion lymphoma
Shigemi Z, Baba Y, Hara N, Matsuhiro J, Kagawa H, Watanabe T, Fujimuro M
573 - 579 Transcriptional regulation of the human Liver X Receptor alpha gene by Hepatocyte Nuclear Factor 4 alpha
Theofilatos D, Anestis A, Hashimoto K, Kardassis D
580 - 586 Identification of a novel circadian clock modulator controlling BMAL1 expression through a ROR/REV-ERB-response element-dependent mechanism
Lee J, Lee S, Chung S, Park N, Son GH, An H, Jang J, Chang DJ, Suh YG, Kim K
587 - 592 The modeling of Alzheimer's disease by the overexpression of mutant Presenilin 1 in human embryonic stem cells
Honda M, Minami I, Tooi N, Morone N, Nishioka H, Uemura K, Kinoshita A, Heuser JE, Nakatsuji N, Aiba K
593 - 598 Ribosomal L1 domain and lysine-rich region are essential for CSIG/RSL1D1 to regulate proliferation and senescence
Ma LW, Zhao WT, Zheng QH, Chen TD, Qi J, Li GD, Tong TJ
599 - 605 Proliferation and osteo/odontogenic differentiation of stem cells from apical papilla regulated by Zinc fingers and homeoboxes 2: An in vitro study
Wan F, Gao LF, Lu YT, Ma HX, Wang HX, Liang XH, Wang Y, Ma CH
606 - 612 A systematic analysis of acceptor specificity and reaction kinetics of five human alpha(2,3)sialyltransferases: Product inhibition studies illustrate reaction mechanism for ST3Gal-I
Gupta R, Matta KL, Neelamegham S
613 - 618 Formation of small transmembrane pores: An intermediate stage on the way to Bacillus cereus non-hemolytic enterotoxin (Nhe) full pores in the absence of NheA
Zhu K, Didier A, Dietrich R, Heilkenbrinker U, Waltenberger E, Jessberger N, Martlbauer E, Benz R
619 - 625 Phosphorylation-mediated regulation of the Staphylococcus aureus secreted tyrosine phosphatase PtpA
Brelle S, Baronian G, Huc-Brandt S, Zaki LG, Cohen-Gonsaud M, Bischoff M, Molle V
626 - 632 NMR-based metabolite profiling of human milk: A pilot study of methods for investigating compositional changes during lactation
Wu JF, Domellof M, Zivkovic AM, Larsson G, Ohman A, Nording ML
633 - 638 MicroRNA-613 represses prostate cancer cell proliferation and invasion through targeting Frizzled7
Ren W, Li C, Duan WL, Du SK, Yang F, Zhou JC, Xing JP
639 - 645 Extracellular calcium influx promotes antibacterial autophagy in Escherichia coli infected murine macrophages via CaMKK beta dependent activation of ERK1/2, AMPK and FoxO1
Liu X, Wang N, Zhu YF, Yang YJ, Chen XL, Chen Q, Zhou H, Zheng J
646 - 653 Cholecalciferol inhibits lipid accumulation by regulating early adipogenesis in cultured adipocytes and zebrafish
Kim JH, Kang S, Jung YN, Choi HS
654 - 658 Expression and localization of calmodulin-related proteins in brain, heart and kidney from spontaneously hypertensive rats
Kameshima S, Okada M, Yamawaki H
659 - 664 An adventitious interaction of filamin A with RhoGDI2(Tyr153Glu)
Song M, He QJ, Berk BA, Hartwig JH, Stossel TP, Nakamura F
665 - 671 Silencing Nrf2 impairs glioma cell proliferation via AMPK-activated mTOR inhibition
Jia Y, Wang HD, Wang Q, Ding H, Wu HM, Pan H
672 - 678 Overexpression of the pleiotropic regulator CodY decreases sporulation, attachment and pellicle formation in Bacillus anthracis
Gopalani M, Dhiman A, Rahi A, Bhatnagar R
679 - 685 Inhibition of BRD4 suppresses tumor growth and enhances iodine uptake in thyroid cancer
Gao XM, Wu XC, Zhang X, Hua WJ, Zhang YJ, Maimaiti Y, Gao ZR, Zhang YX
686 - 691 A wheat R2R3-MYB protein PURPLE PLANTI (TaPL1) functions as a positive regulator of anthocyanin biosynthesis
Shin DH, Choi MG, Kang CS, Park CS, Choi SB, Park YI
692 - 697 miR-186 inhibits cell proliferation in multiple myeloma by repressing Jagged1
Liu ZY, Zhang GQ, Yu WZ, Gao N, Peng J
698 - 703 Importance of Thr(328) and Thr(369) for functional maintenance of two receptor-binding beta-hairpins of the Bacillus thuringiensis Cry4Ba toxin: Implications for synergistic interactions with Cyt2Aa2
Kaikaew A, Promptmas C, Angsuthanasombat C
704 - 710 Macrophage depletion and TNF-alpha inhibition prevent resorption in CBA/J x DBA/2 model of CpG-induced abortion
Kang XM, Zhang XX, Zhao AM
711 - 715 Screening of posttranscriptional regulatory molecules of I kappa B-zeta
MaruYama T, Sayama A, Ishii KJ, Muta T
716 - 722 Pyrvinium selectively induces apoptosis of lymphoma cells through impairing mitochondrial functions and JAK2/STAT5
Xiao MF, Zhang LM, Zhou YZ, Rajoria P, Wang CF
723 - 730 Periodic mechanical stress activates EGFR-dependent Rac1 mitogenic signals in rat nucleus pulpous cells via ERK1/2
Gao GM, Shen N, Jiang XF, Sun HQ, Xu NW, Zhou D, Nong LM, Ren KW
731 - 736 Cell type-specific modulation of lipid mediator's formation in murine adipose tissue by omega-3 fatty acids
Kuda O, Rombaldova M, Janovska P, Flachs P, Kopecky J
737 - 742 Alternative splicing transcription of Megalobrama amblycephala HIF prolyl hydroxylase PHD3 and up-regulation of PHD3 by HIF-1 alpha
Chen N, Huang CH, Chen BX, Liu H, Wang WM, Gul Y, Wang HL
743 - 747 Discovery of conjugated thiazolidinone-thiadiazole scaffold as anti-dengue virus polymerase inhibitors
Manvar D, Kucukguzel I, Erensoy G, Tatar E, Deryabasogullari G, Reddy H, Talele TT, Cevik O, Kaushik-Basu N
748 - 752 Tyrosol, an olive oil polyphenol, inhibits ER stress-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta-cell through JNK signaling
Lee H, Im SW, Jung CH, Jang YJ, Ha TY, Ahn J
753 - 760 Low-concentration of perifosine surprisingly protects cardiomyocytes from oxygen glucose deprivation
Zheng KL, Lu HH, Sheng ZQ, Li YF, Xu BA
761 - 767 A facile one-step strategy for the generation of conditional knockout mice to explore the role of Notch1 in oroesophageal tumorigenesis
Mandasari M, Sawangarun W, Katsube K, Kayamori K, Yamaguchi A, Sakamoto K
768 - 775 iTRAQ-based quantitative proteomic analysis reveals proteomic changes in leaves of cultivated tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum) in response to drought stress
Xie H, Yang DH, Yao H, Bai G, Zhang YH, Xiao BG
776 - 782 DNA methylation in cystathionine-gamma-lyase (CSE) gene promoter induced by ox-LDL in macrophages and in apoE knockout mice
Du HP, Li JJ, You SJ, Wang YL, Wang F, Cao YJ, Hu LF, Liu CF
783 - 789 HL271, a novel chemical compound derived from metformin, differs from metformin in its effects on the circadian clock and metabolism
Row H, Jeong J, Cho S, Kim S, Kim K