Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.465, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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319 - 323 Role of an arginine-lysine rich motif in maturation and trafficking of CD19
Vences-Catalan F, Kuo CC, Levy S
324 - 330 Identification and characterization of proliferative retinopathy-related long noncoding RNAs
Zhou RM, Wang XQ, Yao J, Shen Y, Chen SN, Yang H, Jiang Q, Yan B
331 - 337 Optimized assay for the quantification of histidine kinase autophosphorylation
Ueno TB, Johnson RA, Boon EM
338 - 343 Intracellular distribution of TM4SF1 and internalization of TM4SF1-antibody complex in vascular endothelial cells
Sciuto TE, Merley A, Lin CI, Richardson D, Liu Y, Li D, Dvorak AM, Dvorak HF, Jaminet SCS
344 - 348 Low-magnitude mechanical vibration regulates expression of osteogenic proteins in ovariectomized rats
Li M, Wu W, Tan L, Mu DG, Zhu D, Wang J, Zhao B
349 - 355 ROS-mediated bidirectional regulation of miRNA results in distinct pathologic heart conditions
Lee S, Lim S, Ham O, Lee SY, Lee CY, Park JH, Lee J, Seo HH, Yun I, Han SM, Cha MJ, Choi E, Hwang KC
356 - 362 Targeted activation of endothelin-1 exacerbates hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension
Satwiko MG, Ikeda K, Nakayama K, Yagi K, Hocher B, Hirata KI, Emoto N
363 - 367 Genistein inhibits activities of methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase and lactate dehydrogenase, enzymes which use NADH as a substrate
Grabowski M, Banecki B, Kadzinski L, Jakobkiewicz-Banecka J, Kazmierkiewicz R, Gabig-Ciminska M, Wegrzyn G, Wegrzyn A, Banecka-Majkutewicz Z
368 - 373 Lithium protects against methamphetamine-induced neurotoxicity in PC12 cells via Akt/GSK3 beta/mTOR pathway
Wu JT, Zhu DX, Zhang J, Li GB, Liu ZX, Sun JH
374 - 380 MiR-30a-5p is induced by Wnt/beta-catenin pathway and promotes glioma cell invasion by repressing NCAM
Wang ZY, Dai XL, Chen YM, Sun C, Zhu Q, Zhao HF, Liu GD, Huang Q, Lan Q
381 - 386 AMPK dependent protective effects of metformin on tumor necrosis factor-induced apoptotic liver injury
Cai L, Hu K, Lin L, Ai Q, Ge P, Liu YQ, Dai J, Ye B, Zhang L
387 - 393 MicroRNA-130a and-130b enhance activation of hepatic stellate cells by suppressing PPAR gamma expression: A rat fibrosis model study
Lu L, Wang JL, Lu HW, Zhang GY, Liu Y, Wang JZ, Zhang YF, Shang H, Ji H, Chen X, Duan YX, Li YM
394 - 401 PEDF attenuates hypoxia-induced apoptosis and necrosis in H9c2 cells by inhibiting p53 mitochondrial translocation via PEDF-R
Wang XY, Zhang YQ, Lu P, Zhang H, Li YF, Dong HY, Zhang ZM
402 - 407 Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of orally administered acetylenic tricyclic bis(cyanoenone), a highly potent Nrf2 activator with a reversible covalent mode of action
Kostov RV, Knatko EV, McLaughlin LA, Henderson CJ, Zheng S, Huang JTJ, Honda T, Dinkova-Kostova AT
408 - 413 Dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol suppresses monocyte adhesion to endothelial cells by attenuation of JNK signaling pathway
Tsuneyoshi T, Kanamori Y, Matsutomo T, Morihara N
414 - 420 Identification of novel regulatory NFAT and TFII-I binding elements in the calbindin-D28k promoter in response to serum deprivation
Hajibeigi A, Dioum EM, Guo JF, Oz OK
421 - 426 Metabolite profiles of Populus in response to pathogen stress
Wu QM, Chen M, Zhou HL, Zhou XQ, Wang YW
427 - 432 Key subdomains in the C-terminal of cerebral dopamine neurotrophic factor regulate the protein secretion
Liu H, Zhao CL, Zhong L, Liu J, Zhang SX, Cheng BH, Gong L
433 - 436 Identification and characterization of a dipeptidyl peptidase IV inhibitor from aronia juice
Kozuka M, Yamane T, Nakano Y, Nakagaki T, Ohkubo I, Ariga H
437 - 442 A network-based approach to identify disease-associated gene modules through integrating DNA methylation and gene expression
Zhang YY, Zhang JY, Liu ZW, Liu YJ, Tuo SH
443 - 449 Human FAD synthase is a bi-functional enzyme with a FAD hydrolase activity in the molybdopterin binding domain
Giancaspero TA, Galluccio M, Miccolis A, Leone P, Eberini I, Iametti S, Indiveri C, Barile M
450 - 457 Arf6 mediates Schwann cell differentiation and myelination
Torii T, Miyamoto Y, Yamamoto M, Ohbuchi K, Tsumura H, Kawahara K, Tanoue A, Sakagami H, Yamauchi J
458 - 463 Neuronal differentiation of human iPS cells induced by baicalin via regulation of bHLH gene expression
Morita A, Soga K, Nakayama H, Ishida T, Kawanishi S, Sato EF
464 - 470 Isoform-specific dynamic translocation of PKC by alpha(1)-adrenoceptor stimulation in live cells
O-Uchi J, Sorenson J, Jhun BS, Mishra J, Hurst S, Williams K, Sheu SS, Lopes CMB
471 - 475 Simple and sensitive electrochemical impedimetric approach towards analysis of biophysical interaction
Gupta AK, Mitra CK
476 - 480 Serum peptidome profiling analysis for the identification of potential biomarkers in cervical intraepithelial neoplasia patients
Liu Y, Wei FQ, Wang F, Li CD, Meng G, Duan H, Ma QW, Zhang WY
481 - 487 Nitration of indoxyl sulfate facilitates its cytotoxicity in human renal proximal tubular cells via expression of heme oxygenase-1
Ishima Y, Narisoko T, Kragh-Hansen U, Kotani S, Nakajima M, Otagiri M, Maruyama T
488 - 493 Overexpression of acetylcholinesterase gene in rice results in enhancement of shoot gravitropism
Yamamoto K, Shida S, Honda Y, Shono M, Miyake H, Oguri S, Sakamoto H, Momonoki YS
494 - 500 Autophagy inhibition sensitizes KU-0063794-mediated anti-HepG2 hepatocellular carcinoma cell activity in vitro and in vivo
Tong YX, Huang HJ, Zheng JP, Shao GL, Pan HY
501 - 506 The E-box-like sterol regulatory element mediates the insulin-stimulated expression of hepatic clusterin
Oh GS, Kim G, Yoon J, Kim GH, Kim SW
507 - 511 Overexpression of porcine lipoprotein-associated phospholipase A(2) in swine
Tang XC, Wang G, Liu X, Han X, Li Z, Ran G, Li Z, Song Q, Ji Y, Wang HJ, Wang YH, Ouyang HS, Pang DX
512 - 515 Different roles of GPR120 and GPR40 in the acquisition of malignant properties in pancreatic cancer cells
Fukushima K, Yamasaki E, Ishii S, Tomimatsu A, Takahashi K, Hirane M, Fukushima N, Honoki K, Tsujiuchi T
516 - 522 A tryptophan derivative TD-26 attenuates thrombus formation by inhibiting both PI3K/Akt signaling and binding of fibrinogen to integrin alpha IIb beta 3
Chen YH, Wang Y, Xie ZL, Ming X, Li ZY, Kong Y
523 - 527 A model for non-obligate oligomer formation in protein aggregration
Healy EF
528 - 533 Inhibition of long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase 4 facilitates production of 5, 11-dihydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid via the cyclooxygenase-2 pathway
Kuwata H, Hara S
534 - 541 Fatty acid transport protein-2 inhibitor Grassofermata/CB5 protects cells against lipid accumulation and toxicity
Saini N, Black PN, Montefusco D, DiRusso CC
542 - 547 Fenofibrate activates Nrf2 through p62-dependent Keap1 degradation
Park JS, Kang DH, Lee DH, Bae SH
548 - 555 Idebenone protects against oxidized low density lipoprotein induced mitochondrial dysfunction in vascular endothelial cells via GSK3 beta/beta-catenin signalling pathways
Lin PF, Liu JL, Ren M, Ji KQ, Li L, Zhang B, Gong YQ, Yan CZ
556 - 561 Time-fixed feeding prevents obesity induced by chronic advances of light/dark cycles in mouse models of jet-lag/shift work
Oike H, Sakurai M, Ippoushi K, Kobori M
562 - 568 Caffeic acid phenethyl ester inhibits 3-MC-induced CYP1A1 expression through induction of hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha
Kim HG, Han EH, Im JH, Lee EJ, Jin SW, Jeong HG
569 - 574 Effect of molecular weight and concentration of hyaluronan on cell proliferation and osteogenic differentiation in vitro
Zhao NB, Wang X, Qin L, Guo ZZ, Li DH
575 - 579 GATA-1 directly regulates Nanog in mouse embryonic stem cells
Li WZ, Ai ZY, Wang ZW, Chen LL, Guo ZK, Zhang Y
580 - 586 Improving the activity of the subtilisin nattokinase by site-directed mutagenesis and molecular dynamics simulation
Weng MZ, Deng XW, Bao W, Zhu L, Wu JY, Cai YJ, Jia Y, Zheng ZL, Zou GL
587 - 593 ANGUSTIFOLIA mediates one of the multiple SCRAMBLED signaling pathways regulating cell growth pattern in Arabidopsis thaliana
Kwak SH, Song SK, Lee MM, Schiefelbein J
594 - 600 Fentanyl inhibits the invasion and migration of colorectal cancer cells via inhibiting the negative regulation of Ets-1 on BANCR
Li AX, Xin WQ, Ma CG
601 - 605 A potential link between insulin signaling and GLUT4 translocation: Association of Rab10-GTP with the exocyst subunit Exoc6/6b
Sano H, Peck GR, Blachon S, Lienhard GE
606 - 612 Identification of a PEAK1/ZEB1 signaling axis during TGF beta/fibronectin-induced EMT in breast cancer
Agajanian M, Runa F, Kelber JA
613 - 619 Adenylyl cyclase localization to the uropod of aggregating Dictyostelium cells requires RacC
Wang C, Jung D, Cao Z, Chung CY
620 - 624 Human glutaredoxin 3 can bind and effectively transfer [4Fe-4S] cluster to apo-iron regulatory protein 1
Xia HY, Li BH, Zhang Z, Wang Q, Qiao T, Li KY
625 - 630 Tsukushi expression is dependent on Notch signaling and oscillated in the presomitic mesoderm during chick somitogenesis
Acharjee UK, Gejima R, Abdulhaleem MFA, Riyadh MA, Tanaka H, Ohta K
631 - 637 Differential caspase activity in the cortex and striatum with chronic infusion of 3-nitropropionic acid
Cho KJ, Kim GW
638 - 643 Progranulin plays crucial roles in preserving bone mass by inhibiting TNF-alpha-induced osteoclastogenesis and promoting osteoblastic differentiation in mice
Noguchi T, Ebina K, Hirao M, Kawase R, Ohama T, Yamashita S, Morimoto T, Koizumi K, Kitaguchi K, Matsuoka H, Kaneshiro S, Yoshikawa H
644 - 649 NFAT5 promotes proliferation and migration of lung adenocarcinoma cells in part through regulating AQP5 expression
Guo K, Jin FG