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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.460, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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491 - 496 Islet beta-cell failure in type 2 diabetes - Within the network of toxic lipids
Janikiewicz J, Hanzelka K, Kozinski K, Kolczynska K, Dobrzyn A
497 - 503 Endothelin-1 exacerbates development of hypertension and atherosclerosis in modest insulin resistant syndrome
Lin YJ, Juan CC, Kwok CF, Hsu YP, Shih KC, Chen CC, Ho LT
504 - 510 Pyruvate metabolism: A therapeutic opportunity in radiation-induced skin injury
Yoo H, Kang JW, Lee DW, Oh SH, Lee YS, Lee EJ, Cho J
511 - 517 Prostate cancer cells stimulated by calcium-mediated activation of protein kinase C undergo a refractory period before re-releasing calcium-bearing microvesicles
Stratton D, Moore C, Zheng L, Lange S, Inal J
518 - 524 Complement inhibitor CD55 governs the integrity of membrane rafts in pancreatic beta cells, but plays no role in insulin secretion
Nagaraj V, King B, Storm P, Vikman P, Ottosson-Laakso E, Blom AM, Renstrom E
525 - 529 The Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV) V2 protein inhibits enzymatic activity of the host papain-like cysteine protease CYP1
Bar-Ziv A, Levy Y, Citovsky V, Gafni Y
530 - 536 IRE1 alpha-TRAF2-ASK1 complex-mediated endoplasmic reticulum stress and mitochondrial dysfunction contribute to CXC195-induced apoptosis in human bladder carcinoma T24 cells
Zeng T, Peng LF, Chao HC, Xi HB, Fu B, Wang YB, Zhu ZW, Wang GX
537 - 542 Metallothionein gene activation in the earthworm (Lumbricus rubellus)
Hockner M, Dallinger R, Stuerzenbaum SR
543 - 548 Activation of latent metastases in the lung after resection of a metastatic lymph node in a lymph node metastasis mouse model
Shao LN, Ouchi T, Sakamoto M, Mori S, Kodama T
549 - 554 Deficient copper concentrations in dried-defatted hepatic tissue from ob/ob mice: A potential model for study of defective copper regulation in metabolic liver disease
Church SJ, Begley P, Kureishy N, McHarg S, Bishop PN, Bechtold DA, Unwin RD, Cooper GJS
555 - 560 Identification of APOBEC3B promoter elements responsible for activation by human papillomavirus type 16 E6
Mori S, Takeuchi T, Ishii Y, Kukimoto I
561 - 565 Stronger activation of SREBP-1 a by nucleus-localized HBx
Wu Q, Qiao L, Yang J, Zhou Y, Liu Q
566 - 571 Suppression of atherosclerosis by synthetic REV-ERB agonist
Sitaula S, Billon C, Kamenecka TM, Solt LA, Burris TP
572 - 577 Glucose metabolism provide distinct prosurvival benefits to non-small cell lung carcinomas
Wu RR, Galan-Acosta L, Norberg E
578 - 582 (2S)-7,4'-dihydroxy-8-prenylflavan stimulates adipogenesis and glucose uptake through p38MAPK pathway in 3T3-L1 cells
Ji J, Zhu JJ, Hu X, Wang T, Zhang XD, Hou AJ, Wang HY
583 - 588 Identification of tetranectin as adipogenic serum protein
Park J, Park J, Jeong J, Cho KH, Choi I, Kim J
589 - 595 Microvesicles released constitutively from prostate cancer cells differ biochemically and functionally to stimulated microvesicles released through sublytic C5b-9
Stratton D, Moore C, Antwi-Baffour S, Lange S, Inal J
596 - 602 Fluid shear stress promotes proprotein convertase-dependent activation of MT1-MMP
Kang HJ, Duran CL, Abbey CA, Kaunas RR, Bayless KJ
603 - 608 Intracellular cytoplasm-specific delivery of SH3 and SH2 domains of SLAP inhibits TcR-mediated signaling
Kim JH, Moon JS, Yu J, Lee SK
609 - 615 REV1 is important for the ATR-Chk1 DNA damage response pathway in Xenopus egg extracts
DeStephanis D, McLeod M, Yan S
616 - 621 Olfactory receptor Olfr544 responding to azelaic acid regulates glucagon secretion in alpha-cells of mouse pancreatic islets
Kang N, Bahk YY, Lee N, Jae Y, Cho YH, Ku CR, Byun Y, Lee EJ, Kim MS, Koo J
622 - 627 HSF1 and NF-kappa B p65 participate in the process of exercise preconditioning attenuating pressure overload-induced pathological cardiac hypertrophy
Xu TY, Zhang B, Yang F, Cai CL, Wang GK, Han QQ, Zou LJ
628 - 632 Synthesis of a peptide that can translocate to the endoplasmic reticulum
Nakatsu K, Hosoi T, Toyoda K, Ozawa K
633 - 638 Characterization of the fusion core in zebrafish endogenous retroviral envelope protein
Shi J, Zhang HD, Gong R, Xiao GF
639 - 644 Insulin-like growth factor-binding protein 7 is up-regulated during EAE and inhibits the differentiation of oligodendrocyte precursor cells
Tan WX, Pu YY, Shao Q, Fang X, Han DX, Zhao M, Cao L
645 - 650 Lack of non-hematopoietic SIRP alpha signaling disturbs the splenic marginal zone architecture resulting in accumulation and displacement of marginal zone B cells
Kolan SS, Boman A, Matozaki T, Lejon K, Oldenborg PA
651 - 656 The longevity in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae: A comparison of two approaches for assessment the lifespan
Molon M, Zadrag-Tecza R, Bilinski T
657 - 662 Co-purification of arrestin like proteins with alpha-enolase from bovine myocardial tissues and the possible role in heart diseases as an autoantigen
Mirshahi M, Le Marchand S
663 - 669 A novel major facilitator transporter TrSTR1 is essential for pentose utilization and involved in xylanase induction in Trichoderma reesei
Huang ZB, Chen XZ, Qin LN, Wu HQ, Su XY, Dong ZY
670 - 677 miR-340 inhibits glioblastoma cell proliferation by suppressing CDK6, cyclin-D1 and cyclin-D2
Li XS, Gong XH, Chen J, Zhang JH, Sun JH, Guo M
678 - 683 Functional magnetic resonance imaging reveals abnormal brain connectivity in EGR3 gene transfected rat model of schizophrenia
Song TB, Nie BB, Ma ES, Che J, Sun SL, Wang YL, Shan BC, Liu YW, Luo SL, Ma GL, Li KF
684 - 690 Stress of endoplasmic reticulum modulates differentiation and lipogenesis of human adipocytes
Koc M, Mayerova V, Kracmerova J, Mairal A, Malisova L, Stich V, Langin D, Rossmeislova L
691 - 696 Thrombin generation in abdominal sepsis is Rho-kinase-dependent
Wang YZ, Braun OO, Zhang S, Norstrom E, Thorlacius H
697 - 702 Dihydrolipoic but not alpha-lipoic acid affects susceptibility of eukaryotic cells to bacterial invasion
Bozhokina E, Khaitlina S, Gamaley I
703 - 708 USP22 acts as an oncogene by regulating the stability of cyclooxygenase-2 in non-small cell lung cancer
Xiao HB, Tian Y, Yang Y, Hu FQ, Xie X, Mei J, Ding FB
709 - 714 Glut4 palmitoylation at Cys223 plays a critical role in Glut4 membrane trafficking
Ren WY, Sun YM, Du KY
715 - 720 Monoacylglycerol O-acyltransferase 1 is regulated by peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma in human hepatocytes and increases lipid accumulation
Yu JH, Lee YJ, Kim HJ, Choi H, Choi Y, Seok JW, Kim JW
721 - 726 Identification of Helicobacter pylori VacA in human lung and its effects on lung cells
Nakashima S, Kakugawa T, Yura H, Tomonaga M, Harada T, Hara A, Hara S, Nakano M, Yamasaki E, Sakamoto N, Ishimatsu Y, Isomoto H, Gochuico BR, Suffredini AF, Mukae H, Kurazono H, Hirayama T, Moss J, Kohno S
727 - 732 Roles of hepatic glucokinase in intertissue metabolic communication: Examination of novel liver-specific glucokinase knockout mice
Hayashi H, Sato Y, Li ZH, Yamamura K, Yoshizawa T, Yamagata K
733 - 740 LPS-miR-34a-CCL22 axis contributes to regulatory T cell recruitment in periapical lesions
He M, Song GT, Yu YQ, Jin QC, Bian Z
741 - 746 In-vitro and in-vivo imaging of MMP activity in cartilage and joint injury
Fukui T, Tenborg E, Yik JHN, Haudenschild DR
747 - 752 Carnitine protects the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans from glucose-induced reduction of survival depending on the nuclear hormone receptor DAF-12
Deusing DJ, Beyrer M, Fitzenberger E, Wenzel U
753 - 758 'Super-perfect' enzymes: Structural stabilities and activities of recombinant triose phosphate isomerases from Pyrococcus furiosus and Thermococcus onnurineus produced in Escherichia coli
Sharma P, Guptasarma P
759 - 765 Adenosine induces apoptosis through TNFR1/RIPK1/P38 axis in colon cancer cells
Yu SJ, Hou DS, Chen P, Zhang Q, Lv B, Ma YF, Liu FC, Liu H, Song EJ, Yang DQ, Liu J
766 - 771 The rice ent-KAURENE SYNTHASE LIKE 2 encodes a functional ent-beyerene synthase
Tezuka D, Ito A, Mitsuhashi W, Toyomasu T, Imai R
772 - 779 p53 signalling mediates acupuncture-induced neuroprotection in Parkinson's disease
Park JY, Choi H, Baek S, Jang J, Lee A, Jeon S, Kim J, Park HJ
780 - 785 Folic acid supplementation rescues anomalies associated with knockdown of parkin in dopaminergic and serotonergic neurons in Drosophila model of Parkinson's disease
Srivastav S, Singh SK, Yadav AK, Srikrishna S
786 - 792 HO-1 expression control in the rat glomerulus
Detsika MG, Pu DA, Lianos EA
793 - 798 MiR-520b suppresses proliferation of hepatoma cells through targeting ten-eleven translocation 1 (TET1) mRNA
Zhang WY, Lu ZP, Gao YE, Ye LH, Song TQ, Zhang XD
799 - 805 Resolvin D2 recovers neural injury by suppressing inflammatory mediators expression in lipopolysaccharide-induced Parkinson's disease rat model
Tian YG, Zhang Y, Zhang RY, Qiao S, Fan J
806 - 812 miR-107 and miR-25 simultaneously target LATS2 and regulate proliferation and invasion of gastric adenocarcinoma (GAC) cells
Zhang MJ, Wang XL, Li WH, Cui YC
813 - 818 Nucleotides maintain the activity of Cav1.2 channels in guinea-pig ventricular myocytes
Liu SY, Xu J, Minobe E, Gao QH, Feng R, Zhao MM, Guo F, Yang L, Hao LY, Kameyama M
819 - 825 Arf6 guanine-nucleotide exchange factor cytohesin-2 regulates myelination in nerves
Toni T, Ohno N, Miyamoto Y, Kawahara K, Saitoh Y, Nakamura K, Takashima S, Sakagami H, Tanoue A, Yamauchi J
826 - 830 An improved flurogenic probe for high-throughput screening of 2-deoxyribose aldolases
Fei H, Xu G, Wu JP, Yang LR
831 - 837 ALS-associated P56S-VAPB mutation restrains 3T3-L1 preadipocyte differentiation
Tokutake Y, Gushima K, Miyazaki H, Shimosato T, Yonekura S
838 - 844 Analysis of mutants from a genetic screening reveals the control of intestine and liver development by many common genes in zebrafish
Jiang FM, Chen JH, Ma XR, Huang C, Zhu SC, Wang F, Li L, Luo LF, Ruan H, Huang HH
845 - 849 LeftyA sensitive cytosolic pH regulation and glycolytic flux in Ishikawa human endometrial cancer cells
Salker MS, Zhou YT, Singh Y, Brosens J, Lang F
850 - 856 P2Y purinergic receptor-regulated insulin secretion is mediated by a cAMP/Epac/Kv channel pathway
Zhang Y, Guo Q, Li XD, Gao JY, Liu YF, Yang J, Li QS
857 - 862 Bioenergetic disruption of human micro-vascular endothelial cells by antipsychotics
Elmorsy E, Smith PA
863 - 867 Inclusion excluded: Chiroptical sensing of the external surface of sulfated cyclodextrins
Zsila F
868 - 872 Brusatol inhibits the response of cultured beta-cells to pro-inflammatory cytokines in vitro
Turpaev K, Welsh N
873 - 878 1,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3 preserves intestinal epithelial barrier function from TNF-alpha induced injury via suppression of NF-kB p65 mediated MLCK-P-MLC signaling pathway
Chen SW, Zhu J, Chen GW, Zuo S, Zhang JL, Chen ZY, Wang X, Li JX, Liu YC, Wang PY
879 - 886 Sevoflurane pretreatment attenuates TNF-alpha-induced human endothelial cell dysfunction through activating eNOS/NO pathway
Li SB, Xu JM, Yao WF, Li HB, Liu Q, Xiao F, Irwin MG, Xia ZY, Ruan W
887 - 887 Disruption of TGF-beta signaling in smooth muscle cell prevents elastase-induced abdominal aortic aneurysm (vol 454, pg 137, 2014)
Gao F, Chambon P, Offermanns S, Tellides G, Kong W, Zhang XM, Li W