Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.460, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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123 - 129 A chemically defined culture medium containing Rho kinase inhibitor Y-27632 for the fabrication of stratified squamous epithelial cell grafts
Aslanova A, Takagi R, Yamato M, Okano T, Yamamoto M
130 - 135 An ESRG-interacting protein, COXII, is involved in pro-apoptosis of human embryonic stem cells
Shi J, Ren CP, Liu H, Wang L, Zhu B, Huang W, Liu WD, Liu J, Liu YY, Xia XM, Xu R, Jiang XJ
136 - 142 Cepharanthine induces apoptosis through reactive oxygen species and mitochondrial dysfunction in human non-small-cell lung cancer cells
Hua PY, Sun M, Zhang GX, Zhang YF, Tian X, Li X, Cui RJ, Zhang XY
143 - 150 Expression of seipin in adipose tissue rescues lipodystrophy, hepatic steatosis and insulin resistance in seipin null mice
Gao MM, Wang MY, Guo X, Qiu X, Liu L, Liao JW, Liu JJ, Lu GT, Wang YH, Liu G
151 - 156 Improving the osteointegration of Ti6Al4V by zeolite MFI coating
Li Y, Jiao YL, Li XK, Guo Z
157 - 163 Dexamethasone-induced apoptosis of osteocytic and osteoblastic cells is mediated by TAK1 activation
Ding HY, Wang T, Xu DL, Cha BB, Liu J, Li YM
164 - 169 MicroRNA-26a overexpression protects RGC-5 cells against H2O2-induced apoptosis
Kang Y, Jia P, Zhao HQ, Hu CY, Yang XZ
170 - 176 Single chain antibody fragment with serine protease inhibitory property capable of neutralizing toxicity of Trimeresurus mucrosquamatus venom
Lee YC, Chen WC, Liang MH, Lee CH, Tsai KC, Chiang JR, Chiang LC, Chen CC, Chang CY, Lee CH, Leu SJ, Yang YY
177 - 182 Up-regulation of megakaryocytic Na+/Ca2+ exchange in klotho-deficient mice
Schmid E, Yan J, Hosseinzadeh Z, Almilaji A, Shumilina E, Kuro-o M, Borst O, Gawaz M, Lang F
183 - 190 Oxaliplatin triggers necrosis as well as apoptosis in gastric cancer SGC-7901 cells
Wu P, Zhu XP, Jin W, Hao SM, Liu Q, Zhang LJ
191 - 197 Extracellular acidification synergizes with PDGF to stimulate migration of mouse embryo fibroblasts through activation of p38MAPK with a PTX-sensitive manner
An CY, Sato K, Wu TY, Bao M, Bao L, Tobo M, Damirin A
198 - 204 Activating PTEN by COX-2 inhibitors antagonizes radiation-induced MKT activation contributing to radiosensitization
Meng Z, Gan YH
205 - 209 Zerumbone protects INS-1 rat pancreatic beta cells from high glucose-induced apoptosis through generation of reactive oxygen species
Wang CY, Zou SB, Cui ZJ, Guo PF, Meng QN, Shi X, Gao Y, Yang GY, Han ZF
210 - 215 A new enzyme involved in the control of the stereochemistry in the decalin formation during equisetin biosynthesis
Kato N, Nogawa T, Hirota H, Jang JH, Takahashi S, Ahn JS, Osada H
216 - 221 SOX9-mediated upregulation of LGR5 is important for glioblastoma tumorigenicity
Hiraoka K, Hayashi T, Kaneko R, Nasu-Nishimura Y, Koyama-Nasu R, Kawasaki Y, Akiyama T
222 - 226 DIP1 plays an antiviral role against DCV infection in Drosophila melanogaster
Zhang Q, Zhang LQ, Gao XL, Qi SS, Chang ZX, Wu QF
227 - 232 Design, expression, and characterization of a novel dendritic cell-targeted proteins
Wang Y, Zhu XM, Wang F, Wu S, Wang ZC, Du ZY, Yan JQ, Yu JY
233 - 237 Amino acid sequence surrounding the chondroitin sulfate attachment site of thrombomodulin regulates chondroitin polymerization
Izumikawa T, Kitagawa H
238 - 244 YY1 positively regulates human UBIAD1 expression
Funahashi N, Hirota Y, Nakagawa K, Sawada N, Watanabe M, Suhara Y, Okano T
245 - 249 A novel helper phage for Halo Tag-mediated co-display of enzyme and substrate on phage
Delespaul W, Peeters Y, Herdewijn P, Robben J
250 - 254 Active site labeling of cysteine cathepsins by a straightforward diazomethylketone probe derived from the N-terminus of human cystatin C
Garenne T, Saidi A, Gilmore BF, Niemiec E, Roy V, Agrofoglio LA, Kasabova M, Lecaille F, Lalmanach G
255 - 260 Golgi polarization plays a role in the directional migration of neonatal dermal fibroblasts induced by the direct current electric fields
Kim MS, Lee MH, Kwon BJ, Koo MA, Seon GM, Park JC
261 - 266 Cysteine protease antigens cleave CD123, the alpha subunit of murine IL-3 receptor, on basophils and suppress IL-3-mediated basophil expansion
Nishikado H, Fujimura T, Taka H, Mineki R, Ogawa H, Okumura K, Takai T
267 - 273 Graphene substrate for inducing neurite outgrowth
Lee JS, Lipatov A, Ha L, Shekhirev M, Andalib MN, Sinitskii A, Lim JY
274 - 280 Novel odorant-binding proteins and their expression patterns in grasshopper, Oedaleus asiaticus
Zhang S, Pang BP, Zhang L
281 - 286 An RNautophagy/DNautophagy receptor, LAMP2C, possesses an arginine-rich motif that mediates RNA/DNA-binding
Fujiwara Y, Hase K, Wada K, Kabuta T
287 - 294 CD200R1 agonist attenuates LPS-induced inflammatory response in human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells by regulating TLR4-MyD88-TAK1-mediated NF-kappa B and MAPK pathway
Ding Y, Yang HL, Xiang W, He XJ, Liao W, Yi ZW
295 - 301 RCAN 1 and 3 proteins regulate thymic positive selection
Serrano-Candelas E, Aleman-Muench G, Sole-Sanchez S, Aubareda A, Martinez-Hoyer S, Adan J, Aranguren-Ibanez A, Pritchard MA, Soldevila G, Perez-Riba M
302 - 307 N-glycans and metastasis in galectin-3 transgenic mice
More SK, Srinivasan N, Budnar S, Bane SM, Upadhya A, Thorat RA, Ingle AD, Chiplunkar SV, Kalraiya RD
308 - 313 Hepatoprotective effect of phosphatidylcholine against carbon tetrachloride liver damage in mice
Na JY, Song K, Kim S, Kwon J
314 - 319 Suppression of DACH1 promotes migration and invasion of colorectal cancer via activating TGF-beta-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Wang P
320 - 326 IL-33 inhibits RANKL-induced osteoclast formation through the regulation of Blimp-1 and IRF-8 expression
Kiyomiya H, Ariyoshi W, Okinaga T, Kaneuji T, Mitsugi S, Sakurai T, Habu M, Yoshioka I, Tominaga K, Nishihara T
327 - 332 The effects and mechanisms of clinorotation on proliferation and differentiation in bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells
Yan M, Wang YC, Yang M, Liu YW, Qu B, Ye ZX, Liang W, Sun XQ, Luo ZJ
333 - 340 Ang-(1-7) promotes the migration and invasion of human renal cell carcinoma cells via Mas-mediated AKT signaling pathway
Zheng S, Yang Y, Song R, Yang XM, Liu H, Ma Q, Yang LY, Meng R, Tao T, Wang SL, He JQ
341 - 347 High expression of sphingosine kinase 1 is associated with poor prognosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
Li WH, Tian ZQ, Qin H, Li N, Zhou XQ, Li J, Ni B, Ruan ZH
348 - 353 Transcription outcome of promoters enriched in histone variant H3.3 defined by positioning of H3.3 and local chromatin marks
Lund EG, Collas P, Delbarre E
354 - 361 MicroRNA-224 targets ERG2 and contributes to malignant progressions of meningioma
Wang MM, Deng XD, Ying Q, Jin TY, Li M, Liang C
362 - 367 Chronopharmacodynamics and mechanisms of antitumor effect induced by erlotinib in xenograft-bearing nude mice
Lin PP, An FM, Xu X, Zhao LY, Liu L, Liu N, Wang PP, Liu J, Wang L, Li MC
368 - 374 NELL-1 expression in benign and malignant bone tumors
Shen J, LaChaud G, Khadarian K, Shrestha S, Zhang XL, Soo C, Ting K, Dry SM, James AW
375 - 379 Anticancer drug bortezomib increases interleukin-8 expression in human monocytes
Sanacora S, Urdinez J, Chang TP, Vancurova I
380 - 385 Pirarubicin induces an autophagic cytoprotective response through suppression of the mammalian target of rapamycin signaling pathway in human bladder cancer cells
Li KQ, Chen X, Liu C, Gu P, Li ZH, Wu SX, Xu KW, Lin TX, Huang J
386 - 391 Expression of the moss PpLEA4-20 gene in rice enhances membrane protection and client proteins stability
Li L, Deng DD, Chen X, Wu BM, Hu K, Qiu TH, Cui SX, Huang F
392 - 396 A mechanistic study into the epoxidation of carboxylic acid and alkene in a mono, di-acylglycerol lipase
Wang XP, Tang QY, Popowicz GM, Yang B, Wang YH
397 - 403 Roles of PTEN-induced putative kinase 1 and dynamin-related protein 1 in transient global ischemia-induced hippocampal neuronal injury
Chen SD, Lin TK, Yang DI, Lee SY, Shaw FZ, Liou CW, Chuang YC
404 - 408 Expression of human olfactory receptor 10J5 in heart aorta, coronary artery, and endothelial cells and its functional role in angiogenesis
Kim SH, Yoon YC, Lee AS, Kang N, Koo J, Rhyu MR, Park JH
409 - 415 SENP1 inhibition induces apoptosis and growth arrest of multiple myeloma cells through modulation of NF-kappa B signaling
Xu J, Sun HY, Xiao FJ, Wang H, Yang Y, Wang L, Gao CJ, Guo ZK, Wu CT, Wang LS
416 - 421 Salinity-induced expression of HKT may be crucial for Na+ exclusion in the leaf blade of huckleberry (Solanum scabrum Mill.), but not of eggplant (Solanum melongena L.)
Assaha DVM, Mekawy AMM, Ueda A, Saneoka H
422 - 427 Indole-3-carbinol as inhibitors of glucocorticoid-induced apoptosis in osteoblastic cells through blocking ROS-mediated Nrf2 pathway
Lin H, Gao X, Chen GH, Sun JC, Chu JQ, Jing KP, Li P, Zeng R, Wei B
428 - 433 BIX-01294-induced autophagy regulates elongation of primary cilia
Shin JH, Kim PS, Kim ES, Park SJ, Jo YK, Hwang JJ, Park TJ, Chang JW, Seo JH, Cho DH
434 - 438 The elastic free energy of a tandem modular protein under force
Valle-Orero J, Eckels EC, Stirnemann G, Popa I, Berkovich R, Fernandez JM
439 - 445 Sigma-2 receptor binding is decreased in female, but not male, APP/PS1 mice
Sahlholm K, Liao F, Holtzman DM, Xu JB, Mach RH
446 - 450 ATP-gamma-S-(alpha,beta-CH2) protects against oxidative stress and amyloid beta toxicity in neuronal culture
Danino O, Grossman S, Fischer B
451 - 456 Structural basis for cargo binding and autoinhibition of Bicaudal-D1 by a parallel coiled-coil with homotypic registry
Terawaki S, Yoshikane A, Higuchi Y, Wakamatsu K
457 - 463 Retinal hypoxia induces vascular endothelial growth factor through induction of estrogen-related receptor gamma
Do JY, Choi YK, Kook H, Suk K, Lee IK, Park DH
464 - 468 Bitter taste receptor T2R1 activities were compatible with behavioral sensitivity to bitterness in chickens
Hirose N, Kawabata Y, Kawabata F, Nishimura S, Tabata S
469 - 475 MicroRNA-27b plays a role in pulmonary arterial hypertension by modulating peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma dependent Hsp90-eNOS signaling and nitric oxide production
Bi R, Bao CR, Jiang LY, Liu H, Yang Y, Mei J, Ding FB
476 - 481 Involvement of mouse and porcine PLC zeta-induced calcium oscillations in preimplantation development of mouse embryos
Yoneda A, Watanabe T
482 - 488 MicroRNA-194 promotes osteoblast differentiation via downregulating STAT1
Li J, He XJ, Wei WZ, Zhou XB
489 - 489 Enzymatic synthesis of substituted epicatechins for bioactivity studies in neurological disorders (vol 417, pg 457, 2012)
Blount JW, Ferruzzi M, Raftery D, Pasinetti GM, Dixon RA