Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.458, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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449 - 455 Muscle-selective knockout of AMPK alpha 2 does not exacerbate diet-induced obesity probably related to altered myokines expression
Chen T, Li ZW, Zhang YY, Feng F, Wang XB, Wang XX, Shen QWW
456 - 461 Differential apoptotic effect and metabolism of N-acetylsphingosine and N-hexanoylsphingosine in CHP-100 human neurotumor cells
Di Bartolomeo S, Agostini A, Spinedi A
462 - 469 Melatonin ameliorates ER stress-mediated hepatic steatosis through miR-23a in the liver
Kim SJ, Kang HS, Lee JH, Park JH, Jung CH, Bae JH, Oh BC, Song DK, Baek WK, Im SS
470 - 475 Physical interaction between MPP8 and PRC1 complex and its implication for regulation of spermatogenesis
Murata K, Sato S, Haruta M, Goshima T, Chiba Y, Takahashi S, Sharif J, Koseki H, Nakanishi M, Shimada M
476 - 482 Over-expression of tetraspanin 8 in malignant glioma regulates tumor cell progression
Pan SJ, Wu YB, Cai S, Pan YX, Liu W, Bian LG, Sun BM, Sun QF
483 - 487 N-acetylated alpha-linked acidic dipeptidase is identified as an antigen of Histoplasma capsulatum
Toyotome T, Watanabe A, Ochiai E, Kamei K
488 - 493 FRET analysis of CP12 structural interplay by GAPDH and PRK
Moparthi SB, Thieulin-Pardo G, de Torres J, Ghenuche P, Gontero B, Wenger J
494 - 500 The tumor suppressor proteins ASPP1 and ASPP2 interact with C-Nap1 and regulate centrosome linker reassembly
Zhang YY, Wang YQ, Wei YH, Ma J, Peng JT, Wumaier R, Shen SQ, Zhang PZ, Yu L
501 - 508 PRR11 regulates late-S to G2/M phase progression and induces premature chromatin condensation (PCC)
Zhang CD, Zhang Y, Li Y, Zhu NF, Wang YT, Cai W, Zhu J, Ozaki T, Bu YQ
509 - 514 A role for calcium in the regulation of ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C, member 3 (ABCC3) gene expression in a model of epidermal growth factor-mediated breast cancer epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Stewart TA, Azimi I, Thompson EW, Roberts-Thomson SJ, Monteith GR
515 - 519 Effects of an ATP analogue, adenosine 5'-[alpha-thio]-triphosphate, on F-1-ATPase rotary catalysis, torque generation, and inhibited intermediated formation
Yukawa A, Watanabe R, Noji H
520 - 524 Ferulic acid in combination with PARP inhibitor sensitizes breast cancer cells as chemotherapeutic strategy
Choi YE, Park E
525 - 530 Retinoic acid inhibits histone methyltransferase Whsc1 during palatogenesis
Liu SY, Higashihori N, Yahiro K, Moriyama K
531 - 535 Coupling of beta(1)-adrenergic receptor to type 5 adenylyl cyclase and its physiological relevance in cardiac myocytes
Tsunematsu T, Okumura S, Mototani Y, Ohnuki Y, Jin HL, Cai WQ, Suita K, Sato I, Umemura M, Yokoyama U, Sato M, Fujita T, Ishikawa Y
536 - 542 In vitro and in vivo evidence for oxalate oxidase activity of a germin-like protein from azalea
Sakamoto A, Nishimura T, Miyaki Y, Watanabe S, Takagi H, Izumi S, Shimada H
543 - 548 A cooled CCD camera-based protocol provides an effective solution for in vitro monitoring of luciferase
Afshari A, Uhde-Stone C, Lu BA
549 - 554 Transgene-derived overexpression of miR-17-92 in CD8(+) T-cells confers enhanced cytotoxic activity
Kosaka A, Ohkuri T, Ikeura M, Kohanbash G, Okada H
555 - 560 Radicicol induces intracellular accumulation of glycan-deficient clusterin variant
Choi I, Lee Y, Park JY, Song Y, Chang EJ, Kang SW
561 - 567 Amyloid beta oligomers induce interleukin-1 beta production in primary microglia in a cathepsin B- and reactive oxygen species-dependent manner
Taneo J, Adachi T, Yoshida A, Takayasu K, Takahara K, Inaba K
568 - 575 K6PC-5, a novel sphingosine kinase 1 (SphK1) activator, alleviates dexamethasone-induced damages to osteoblasts through activating SphK1-Akt signaling
Ji F, Mao L, Liu YY, Cao XJ, Xie Y, Wang SG, Fei HD
576 - 583 Sustained hypertension despite endothelial-specific eNOS rescue in eNOS-deficient mice
Suvorava T, Stegbauer J, Thieme M, Pick S, Friedrich S, Rump LC, Hohlfeld T, Kojda G
584 - 589 Involvement of the histamine H1 receptor in the regulation of sympathetic nerve activity
Murakami M, Yoshikawa T, Nakamura T, Ohba T, Matsuzaki Y, Sawamura D, Kuwasako K, Yanagisawa T, Ono K, Nakaji S, Yanai K
590 - 595 Flavone inhibits nitric oxide synthase (NOS) activity, nitric oxide production and protein S-nitrosylation in breast cancer cells
Zhu WZ, Yang BW, Fu HL, Ma L, Liu TT, Chai RF, Zheng ZD, Zhang QY, Li GR
596 - 600 Phenotypes of ATP-activated current associated with their genotypes of P2X1-6 subunits in neurons innervating tooth-pulp
Liu YW, Tian X, Wu YX, Chen L, Yi CL, Li ZW, Zhang Y, Li CY
601 - 604 Early onset cardiomyopathy associated with the mitochondrial tRNALeu((UUR)) 3271T > C MELAS mutation
Brisca G, Fiorillo C, Nesti C, Trucco F, Derchi M, Andaloro A, Assereto S, Morcaldi G, Pedemonte M, Minetti C, Santorelli FM, Bruno C
605 - 607 Precise characterization of GlnR Box in actinomycetes
Wang J, Wang Y, Zhao GP
608 - 613 Reversibility of the Snail-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition revealed by the Cre-loxP system
Ozawa M, Kobayashi W
614 - 619 Interleukin-15 directly stimulates pro-oxidative gene expression in skeletal muscle in-vitro via a mechanism that requires interleukin-15 receptor alpha
O'Connell GC, Pistilli EE
620 - 625 Effects of culturing media on hepatocytes differentiation using Volvox sphere as co-culturing vehicle
Wu KL, Chang SH, Manousakas I, Huang HH, Teong B, Chuang CW, Kuo SM
626 - 631 Isoaspartate, carbamoyl phosphate synthase-1, and carbonic anhydrase-III as biomarkers of liver injury
Carter WG, Vigneswara V, Newlaczyl A, Wayne D, Ahmed B, Saddington S, Brewer C, Raut N, Gerdes HK, Erdozain AM, Tooth D, Bolt EL, Osna NA, Tuma DJ, Kharbanda KK
632 - 638 Hydrogen sulfide protects against myocardial ischemia and reperfusion injury by activating AMP-activated protein kinase to restore autophagic flux
Xie H, Xu QR, Jia J, Ao GZ, Sun Y, Hu LF, Alkayed NJ, Wang C, Cheng J
639 - 643 Plasma and urinary glycosaminoglycans in the course of juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Winsz-Szczotka K, Kuznik-Trocha K, Komosinska-Vassev K, Wisowski G, Gruenpeter A, Lachor-Motyka I, Zeglen B, Lemski W, Olczyk K
644 - 649 Structure analysis of Bacillus cereus MepR-like transcription regulator, BC0657, in complex with pseudo-ligand molecules
Il Kim M, Cho MU, Hong MS
650 - 655 Nuclear DAMP complex-mediated RAGE-dependent macrophage cell death
Chen RC, Fu S, Fan XG, Lotze MT, Zeh HJ, Tang DL, Kang R
656 - 662 Protection of erythropoietin against ischemic neurovascular unit injuries through the effects of connexin43
Zhou ZY, Wei XB, Xiang J, Gao JP, Wang LX, You JS, Cai YF, Cai DF
663 - 666 The relationship between circulating kisspeptin and sexual hormones levels in healthy females
Katagiri F, Kotani M, Hirai T, Kagawa J
667 - 673 Trametinib, a novel MEK kinase inhibitor, suppresses lipopolysaccharide-induced tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha production and endotoxin shock
Du SL, Xue Y, Sun Z, Tang LJ, Tong CY
674 - 680 C-peptide ameliorates renal injury in type 2 diabetic rats through protein kinase A-mediated inhibition of fibronectin synthesis
Xu SQ, Jiang YW, Wang H, Wang Z, Liu HL, Peng L, Fang Q, Deng TT, You J, Zhou XF, Zhang WJ, Lou JN
681 - 686 Compensatory hyperinsulinemia in high-fat diet-induced obese mice is associated with enhanced insulin translation in islets
Kanno A, Asahara S, Masuda K, Matsuda T, Kimura-Koyanagi M, Seino S, Ogawa W, Kido Y
687 - 692 Bovine leukemia virus nucleocapsid protein is an efficient nucleic acid chaperone
Qualley DF, Sokolove VL, Ross JL
693 - 699 Oregonin reduces lipid accumulation and proinflammatory responses in primary human macrophages
Lundqvist A, Magnusson LU, Ullstrom C, Krasilnikova J, Telysheva G, Dizhbite T, Hulten LM
700 - 706 NLRP3 inflammasome expression is driven by NF-kappa B in cultured hepatocytes
Boaru SG, Borkham-Kamphorst E, Van de Leur E, Lehnen E, Liedtke C, Weiskirchen R
707 - 713 Baicalin and baicalein inhibit transforming growth factor-beta 1-mediated epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human breast epithelial cells
Chung H, Choi HS, Seo EK, Kang DH, Oh ES
714 - 719 miR-1271 promotes non-small-cell lung cancer cell proliferation and invasion via targeting HOXA5
Wang YF, Xu LH, Jiang LX
720 - 725 The oncoprotein HBXIP promotes migration of breast cancer cells via GCN5-mediated microtubule acetylation
Li LL, Liu BW, Zhang XD, Ye LH