Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.452, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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873 - 880 A novel ether-linked phytol-containing digalactosylglycerolipid in the marine green alga, Ulva pertusa
Ishibashi Y, Nagamatsu Y, Miyamoto T, Matsunaga N, Okino N, Yamaguchi K, Ito M
881 - 887 Interleukin-27 inhibits foam cell formation by promoting macrophage ABCA1 expression through JAK2/STAT3 pathway
Fu H, Tang YY, Ouyang XP, Tang SL, Su H, Li XT, Huang LP, He M, Lv YC, He PP, Yao F, Tan YL, Xie W, Zhang M, Wu JF, Li Y, Chen K, Liu D, Lan G, Zeng MY, Zheng XL, Tang CK
888 - 894 Purification and characterization of high antioxidant peptides from duck egg white protein hydrolysates
Ren Y, Wu H, Li XF, Lai FR, Xiao XL
895 - 900 Synergistic contribution of SMAD signaling blockade and high localized cell density in the differentiation of neuroectoderm from H9 cells
Liu C, Sun YP, Arnold J, Lu BW, Guo S
901 - 905 Targeted disruption of Ataxia-telangiectasia mutated gene in miniature pigs by somatic cell nuclear transfer
Kim YJ, Ahn KS, Kim M, Kim MJ, Park SM, Ryu J, Ahn JS, Heo SY, Kang JH, Choi YJ, Choi SJ, Shim H
906 - 911 The critical role of UDP-galactose-4-epimerase in osteoarthritis: Modulating proteoglycans synthesis of the articular chondrocytes
Wen YX, Qin J, Deng Y, Wang H, Magdalou J, Chen LB
912 - 919 Interleukin-2 drives immature double negative thymocytes into gamma delta T cells expressing Foxp3 on a stromal cell line in vitro
Shibuya K, Nakano N
920 - 927 Promotion of growth by Coenzyme Q(10) is linked to gene expression in C-elegans
Fischer A, Niklowitz P, Menke T, Doring F
928 - 932 Ubiquitin ligase CHIP suppresses cancer stem cell properties in a population of breast cancer cells
Tsuchiya M, Nakajima Y, Hirata N, Morishita T, Kishimoto H, Kanda Y, Kimura K
933 - 939 Astrocyte elevated gene-1 (AEG-1) promotes osteosarcoma cell invasion through the JNK/c-Jun/MMP-2 pathway
Wang F, Ke ZF, Wang R, Wang YF, Huang LL, Wang LT
940 - 944 A unique mechanism of curcumin inhibition on F-1 ATPase
Sekiya M, Hisasaka R, Iwamoto-Kihara A, Futai M, Nakanishi-Matsui M
945 - 950 BIIB021, a novel Hsp90 inhibitor, sensitizes esophageal squamous cell carcinoma to radiation
Wang XT, Bao CH, Jia YB, Wang NN, Ma W, Liu F, Wang C, Wang JB, Song QX, Cheng YF
951 - 957 miR-135a inhibition protects A549 cells from LPS-induced apoptosis by targeting Bcl-2
Zhao J, Li X, Zou M, He J, Han YM, Wu DB, Yang HF, Wu JL
958 - 961 Mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1/2 inhibition and angiotensin II converting inhibition in mice with cardiomyopathy caused by lamin A/C gene mutation
Muchir A, Wu W, Sera F, Homma S, Worman HJ
962 - 966 Amino-terminal extension of 146 residues of L-type GATA-6 is required for transcriptional activation but not for self-association
Takada K, Obayashi K, Ohashi K, Ohashi-Kobayashi A, Nakanishi-Matsui M, Maeda M
967 - 973 RhoGDI facilitates geranylgeranyltransferase-I-mediated RhoA prenylation
Tnimov Z, Abankwa D, Alexandrov K
974 - 979 Nuclear factor-kappa B is a common upstream signal for growth differentiation factor-5 expression in brown adipocytes exposed to pro-inflammatory cytokines and palmitate
Hinoi E, Iezaki T, Ozaki K, Yoneda Y
980 - 985 Frequent mutations in NOTCH1 ligand-binding regions in Japanese oral squamous cell carcinoma
Aoyama K, Ota Y, Kajiwara K, Hirayama N, Kimura M
986 - 991 Aquaporin 0 plays a pivotal role in refractive index gradient development in mammalian eye lens to prevent spherical aberration
Kumari SS, Varadaraj K
992 - 997 Insights in K(IR)2.1 channel structure and function by an evolutionary approach; cloning and functional characterization of the first reptilian inward rectifier channel K(IR)2.1, derived from the California kingsnake (Lampropeltis getula californiae)
Houtman MJC, Korte SM, Ji Y, Kok B, Vos MA, Stary-Weinzinger A, van der Heyden MAG
998 - 1003 Urotensin II increases foam cell formation by repressing ABCA1 expression through the ERK/NF-kappa B pathway in THP-1 macrophages
Wang Y, Wu JF, Tang YY, Zhang M, Li Y, Chen K, Zeng MY, Yao F, Xie W, Zheng XL, Zeng GF, Tang CK
1004 - 1008 Restoration of structural stability and ligand binding after removal of the conserved disulfide bond in tear lipocalin
Gasymov OK, Abduragimov AR, Glasgow BJ
1009 - 1015 Neuroprotective role of Indirubin-3'-monoxime, a GSK beta inhibitor in high fat diet induced cognitive impairment in mice
Sharma S, Taliyan R
1016 - 1021 PRMT5 is essential for the eIF4E-mediated 5'-cap dependent translation
Lim JH, Lee YM, Lee G, Choi YJ, Lim BO, Kim YJ, Choi DK, Park JW
1022 - 1027 The Arabidopsis thaliana lysophospholipid acyltransferase At1g78690p acylates a variety of lysophospholipids including bis(monoacylglycero)phosphate
Garrett TA, Moncada RM
1028 - 1033 Quercetin suppresses insulin receptor signaling through inhibition of the insulin ligand-receptor binding and therefore impairs cancer cell proliferation
Wang F, Yang Y
1034 - 1039 Dimer monomer transition and dimer re-formation play important role for ATM cellular function during DNA repair
Du FX, Zhang MJ, Li XH, Yang CY, Meng H, Wang D, Chang S, Xu Y, Price B, Sun YL
1040 - 1045 CD4 aptamer-ROR gamma t shRNA chimera inhibits IL-17 synthesis by human CD4(+) T cells
Song PF, Chou YK, Zhang XW, Meza-Romero R, Yomogida K, Benedek G, Chu CQ
1046 - 1053 A novel firefly luciferase biosensor enhances the detection of apoptosis induced by ESAT-6 family proteins of Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Shi JW, Zhang H, Fang LR, Xi YQ, Zhou YR, Luo R, Wang D, Xiao SB, Chen HC
1054 - 1059 Age-dependent changes in diastolic Ca2+ and Na+ concentrations in dystrophic cardiomyopathy: Role of Ca2+ entry and IP3
Mijares A, Altamirano F, Kolster J, Adams JA, Lopez JR
1060 - 1066 Conversion of nicotinic acid to trigonelline is catalyzed by N-methyltransferase belonged to motif B' methyltransferase family in Coffea arabica
Mizuno K, Matsuzaki M, Kanazawa S, Tokiwano T, Yoshizawa Y, Kato M
1067 - 1070 K-rasG12V mediated lung tumor models identified three new quantitative trait loci modifying events post-K-ras mutation
Saito H, Suzuki N
1071 - 1077 Drosophila RecQ5 is involved in proper progression of early spermatogenesis
Sakurai H, Takai S, Kawamura K, Ogura Y, Yoshioka Y, Kawasaki K
1078 - 1083 Inhibition of adipogenesis and leptin production in 3T3-L1 adipocytes by a derivative of meridianin C
Park YK, Lee TY, Choi JS, Hong VS, Lee J, Park JW, Jang BC
1084 - 1090 Shedding of epithin/PRSS14 is induced by TGF-beta and mediated by tumor necrosis factor-alpha converting enzyme
Lee HS, Park BM, Cho Y, Kim S, Kim C, Kim MG, Park D
1091 - 1097 Stanniocalcin-1 is induced by hypoxia inducible factor in rat alveolar epithelial cells
Ito Y, Zernans R, Correll K, Yang IV, Ahmad A, Gao BF, Mason RJ
1098 - 1103 Structural insights into the histidine trimethylation activity of EgtD from Mycobacterium smegmatis
Jeong JH, Cha HJ, Ha SC, Rojviriya C, Kim YG