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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.452, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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303 - 307 Association of PS gene polymorphism and soluble P-selectin levels in atrial fibrillation thromboembolism population in Xinjiang
Bai L, Liu ZQ, Bakeyi M, Lu WH, He PY, Yang YC, Wulasihan M
308 - 314 Ambra1 modulates starvation-induced autophagy through AMPK signaling pathway in cardiomyocytes
Shi CH, Wu J, Fu M, Zhang BH, Wang J, Yang X, Chi YP
315 - 321 Formation of covalently closed circular DNA in Hep38.7-Tet cells, a tetracycline inducible hepatitis B virus expression cell line
Ogura N, Watashi K, Noguchi T, Wakita T
322 - 327 Anabolic androgens affect the competitive interactions in cell migration and adhesion between normal mouse urothelial cells and urothelial carcinoma cells
Huang CP, Hsieh TF, Chen CC, Hung XF, Yu AL, Chang CS, Shyr CR
328 - 333 MIG-10 (Lamellipodin) stabilizes invading cell adhesion to basement membrane and is a negative transcriptional target of EGL-43 in C-elegans
Wang L, Shen WQ, Lei SJ, Matus D, Sherwood D, Wang Z
334 - 339 Examining the critical roles of human CB2 receptor residues Valine 3.32 (113) and Leucine 5.41 (192) in ligand recognition and downstream signaling activities
Alqarni M, Myint KZ, Tong Q, Yang P, Bartlow P, Wang LR, Feng RT, Xie XQ
340 - 346 Reduced expression of Connexin26 and its DNA promoter hypermethylation in the inner ear of mimetic aging rats induced by D-galactose
Wu X, Wang YJ, Sun Y, Chen C, Zhang S, Shen L, Huang X, Lin X, Kong WJ
347 - 353 Preferential activation by galanin 1-15 fragment of the GalR1 protomer of a GalR1-GalR2 heteroreceptor complex
Borroto-Escuela DO, Narvaez M, Di Palma M, Calvo F, Rodriguez D, Millon C, Carlsson J, Agnati LF, Garriga P, Diaz-Cabiale Z, Fuxe K
354 - 360 Role of the mitochondrial pathway in serum deprivation-induced apoptosis of rat endplate cells
Li DF, Zhu B, Ding L, Lu W, Xu GX, Wu JP
361 - 368 Resistance through inhibition: Ectopic expression of serine protease inhibitor offers stress tolerance via delayed senescence in yeast cell
Joshi RS, Tanpure RS, Singh RK, Gupta VS, Giri AP
369 - 375 The deubiquitinase Leon/USP5 regulates ubiquitin homeostasis during Drosophila development
Wang CH, Chen GC, Chien CT
376 - 381 3,4-Dihydroxy-L-phenylalanine as a biomarker of oxidative damage in proteins: Improved detection using cloud-point extraction and HPLC
McPherson PAC, Turemen BT
382 - 388 A polyphenol rescues lipid induced insulin resistance in skeletal muscle cells and adipocytes
Gogoi B, Chatterjee P, Mukherjee S, Buragohain AK, Bhattacharya S, Dasgupta S
389 - 394 Functional and proteomic analyses reveal that wxcB is involved in virulence, motility, detergent tolerance, and biofilm formation in Xanthomonas campestris pv. vesicatoria
Park HJ, Jung HW, Han SW
395 - 401 Premature chondrocyte apoptosis and compensatory upregulation of chondroregulatory protein expression in the growth plate of Goto-Kakizaki diabetic rats
Aeimlapa R, Wongdee K, Charoenphandhu N, Suntornsaratoon P, Krishnamra N
402 - 407 Differential degradation for small heat shock proteins IbpA and IbpB is synchronized in Escherichia coli: Implications for their functional cooperation in substrate refolding
Shi XD, Yan LX, Zhang HL, Sun K, Chang ZY, Fu XM
408 - 414 Structural insights into the interaction of blood coagulation co-factor VIIIa with factor IXa: A computational protein-protein docking and molecular dynamics refinement study
Venkateswarlu D
415 - 421 Urinary Xist is a potential biomarker for membranous nephropathy
Huang YS, Hsieh HY, Shih HM, Sytwu HK, Wu CC
422 - 427 Surface features of the lipid droplet mediate perilipin 2 localization
Sletten A, Seline A, Rudd A, Logsdon M, Listenberger LL
428 - 435 miRNA-dependent cross-talk between VEGF and Ang-2 in hypoxia-induced microvascular dysfunction
Zhao RB, Qian LJ, Jiang L
436 - 442 Solution structure of telomere binding domain of AtTRB2 derived from Arabidopsis thaliana
Yun JH, Lee WK, Kim H, Kim E, Cheong C, Cho MH, Lee W
443 - 449 Structural and functional studies of conserved nucleotide-binding protein LptB in lipopolysaccharide transport
Wang ZS, Xiang QJ, Zhu XF, Dong HH, He C, Wang HY, Zhang YZ, Wang WJ, Dong CJ
450 - 456 miR-339-5p inhibits alcohol-induced brain inflammation through regulating NF-kappa B pathway
Zhang Y, Wei GK, Di ZY, Zhao QJ
457 - 461 Antioxidants successfully reduce ROS production in propionic acidemia fibroblasts
Gallego-Villar L, Perez B, Ugarte M, Desviat LR, Richard E
462 - 467 Characterization of the native C-reactive protein (cCRP) and the corresponding liver mRNA in dogs
Jasensky AK, Bondzio A, Murugaiyan J, Siebert U, Roesler U, Kohn B, Einspanier R
468 - 472 Peptidylprolyl cis/trans isomerase, NIMA-interacting 1 (PIN 1) regulates pulmonary effects of endotoxin and tumor necrosis factor-alpha in mice
Liu TZ, Schneider RA, Lee NY, Hoyt DG
473 - 478 Cytohesin-associated scaffolding protein (CASP) is a substrate for granzyme B and ubiquitination
Tompkins N, MacNeill AJ, Pohajdak B
479 - 483 Screening of synthetic phage display scFv libraries yields competitive ligands of human leptin receptor
Molek P, Vodnik M, Strukelj B, Bratkovic T
484 - 489 Sequence-constructive SELEX: A new strategy for screening DNA aptamer binding to Globo H
Wang CY, Wu CY, Hung TC, Wong CH, Chen CH
490 - 496 Snail regulates the motility of oral cancer cells via RhoA/Cdc42/p-ERM pathway
Li YY, Zhou CX, Gao Y
497 - 502 Ageing related periostin expression increase from cardiac fibroblasts promotes cardiomyocytes senescent
Li Q, Liu X, Wei J
503 - 508 RoGFP1 is a quantitative biosensor in maize cells for cellular redox changes caused by environmental and endogenous stimuli
Liu XN, Wu JM, Liu H, Zong N, Zhao J
509 - 514 Roles of tryptophan residue and disulfide bond in the variable lid region of oxidized polyvinyl alcohol hydrolase
Yang Y, Ko TP, Liu L, Li JH, Huang CH, Chen J, Guo RT, Du GC
515 - 519 Total inhibition of O-1(2)-induced oxidative damage to guanine bases of DNA/RNA by turmeric extracts
Joshi PC, Li HH, Merchant M, Keane TC
520 - 525 The GH26 beta-mannanase RsMan26H from a symbiotic protist of the termite Reticulitermes speratus is an endo-processive mannobiohydrolase: Heterologous expression and characterization
Tsukagoshi H, Nakamura A, Ishida T, Otagiri M, Moriya S, Samejima M, Igarashi K, Kitamoto K, Arioka M
526 - 530 Bortezomib prevents the expression of MMP-13 and the degradation of collagen type 2 in human chondrocytes
Hu WH, Zhang WK, Li F, Guo FJ, Chen AM
531 - 536 Sp7/Osterix induces the mouse pro-alpha 2(I) collagen gene (Col1a2) expression via the proximal promoter in osteoblastic cells
Yano H, Hamanaka R, Nakamura-Ota M, Adachi S, Zhang JJ, Matsuo N, Yoshioka H
537 - 541 Effect of TGF beta on Na+/K+ ATPase activity in megakaryocytes
Hosseinzadeh Z, Schmid E, Shumilina E, Laufer S, Borst O, Gawaz M, Lang F
542 - 547 Lyn tyrosine kinase promotes silencing of ATM-dependent checkpoint signaling during recovery from DNA double-strand breaks
Fukumoto Y, Kuki K, Morii M, Miura T, Honda T, Ishibashi K, Hasegawa H, Kubota S, Ide Y, Yamaguchi N, Nakayama Y, Yamaguchi N
548 - 553 The potential benefits of nicaraven to protect against radiation-induced Cross Mark injury in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells with relative low dose exposures
Ali H, Galal O, Urata Y, Goto S, Guo CY, Luo L, Abdelrahim E, Ono Y, Mostafa E, Li TS
554 - 559 Rexinoid inhibits Nrf2-mediated transcription through retinoid X receptor alpha
Wu JG, Wang HY, Tang XW
560 - 566 Altered expression of dopamine receptors in cholinergic motoneurons of the hypoglossal nucleus in a 6-OHDA-induced Parkinson's disease rat model
Zhou L, Wang ZY, Lian H, Song HY, Zhang YM, Zhang XL, Fan RF, Zheng LF, Zhu JX
567 - 574 Protocadherin 9 inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition and cell migration through activating GSK-3 beta in hepatocellular carcinoma
Zhu PF, Lv J, Yang ZW, Guo LM, Zhang L, Li M, Han WL, Chen XM, Zhuang H, Lu FM
575 - 580 The histone acetyltransferase hMOF suppresses hepatocellular carcinoma growth
Zhang J, Liu H, Pan H, Yang Y, Huang G, Yang Y, Zhou WP, Pan ZY
581 - 587 A feasibility study of an in vitro differentiation potential toward insulin-producing cells by dental tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells
Sawangmake C, Nowwarote N, Pavasant P, Chansiripornchai P, Osathanon T
588 - 592 Low-mass molecular dynamics simulation: A simple and generic technique to enhance configurational sampling
Pang YP
593 - 599 High-temperature calcined fullerene nanowhiskers as well as long needle-like multi-wall carbon nanotubes have abilities to induce NLRP3-mediated IL-1 beta secretion
Cui HY, Wu WJ, Okuhira K, Miyazawa K, Hattori T, Sai K, Naito M, Suzuki K, Nishimura T, Sakamoto Y, Ogata A, Maeno T, Inomata A, Nakae D, Hirose A, Nishimaki-Mogami T
600 - 607 Aggregation of ALS-linked FUS mutant sequesters RNA binding proteins and impairs RNA granules formation
Takanashi K, Yamaguchi A
608 - 613 Nitrate (NO3-) and nitrite (NO2-) are endocrine disruptors to downregulate expression of tyrosine hydroxylase and motor behavior through conversion to nitric oxide in early development of zebrafish
Jannat M, Fatimah R, Kishida M
614 - 621 SOX4 is associated with poor prognosis in cholangiocarcinoma
Wang WS, Zhang J, Zhan XM, Lin T, Yang MY, Hu J, Han B, Hu SY
622 - 628 Reactive oxygen species promotes cellular senescence in normal human epidermal keratinocytes through epigenetic regulation of p16(INK4a)
Sasaki M, Kajiya H, Ozeki S, Okabe K, Ikebe T
629 - 635 Naringin prevents ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis and promotes osteoclasts apoptosis through the mitochondria-mediated apoptosis pathway
Li FB, Sun XL, Ma JX, Ma XL, Zhao B, Zhang Y, Tian P, Li YJ, Han Z
636 - 641 Perturbation of bacterial ice nucleation activity by a grass antifreeze protein
Tomalty HE, Walker VK
642 - 648 Knockdown of kinesin KIF11 abrogates directed migration in response to epidermal growth factor-mediated chemotaxis
Wang F, Lin SL
649 - 654 GABA protects pancreatic beta cells against apoptosis by increasing SIRT1 expression and activity
Prud'homme GJ, Glinka Y, Udovyk O, Hasilo C, Paraskevas S, Wang QH
655 - 660 Sonic Hedgehog promotes the survival of neural crest cells by limiting apoptosis induced by the dependence receptor CDON during branchial arch development
Delloye-Bourgeois C, Rama N, Brito J, Le Douarin N, Mehlen P
661 - 664 Vinculin E29R mutation changes cellular mechanics
Auernheimer V, Goldmann WH
665 - 668 A knock-in mouse model of N-terminal R420W mutation of cardiac ryanodine receptor exhibits arrhythmogenesis with abnormal calcium dynamics in cardiomyocytes
Okudaira N, Kuwahara M, Hirata Y, Oku Y, Nishio H
669 - 675 Piperlongumine inhibits the proliferation and survival of B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines irrespective of glucocorticoid resistance
Han SS, Han S, Kamberos NL
676 - 681 Key roles of Arg(5), Tyr(10) and His residues in A beta-heme peroxidase: Relevance to Alzheimer's disease
Lu NH, Li JY, Tian R, Peng YY
682 - 688 5,7,3',4'-Tetramethoxyflavone exhibits chondroprotective activity by targeting beta-catenin signaling in vivo and in vitro
Wu LH, Liu HQ, Li LF, Liu H, Yang K, Liu ZW, Huang H
689 - 694 Chlamydia pneumoniae harness host NLRP3 inflammasome-mediated caspase-1 activation for optimal intracellular growth in murine macrophages
Itoh R, Murakami I, Chou B, Ishii K, Soejima T, Suzuki T, Hiromatsu K
695 - 700 Effect of rhynchophylline on conditioned place preference on expression of NR2B in methamphetamine-dependent mice
Li JK, Liu W, Peng QX, Jiang MJ, Luo CH, Guo YL, Liu Y, Fang M, Mo ZX
701 - 707 Suppression of Rad leads to arrhythmogenesis via PKA-mediated phosphorylation of ryanodine receptor activity in the heart
Yamakawa H, Murata M, Suzuki T, Yada H, Ishida H, Aizawa Y, Adachi T, Kamiya K, Fukuda K
708 - 714 Role of poly(ADP-ribose) glycohydrolase silencing in DNA hypomethylation induced by benzo(a)pyrene
Huang HY, Hu GH, Cai JF, Xia B, Liu JJ, Li X, Gao W, Zhang JQ, Liu YP, Zhuang ZX
715 - 721 CTRP5 ameliorates palmitate-induced apoptosis and insulin resistance through activation of AMPK and fatty acid oxidation
Yang WM, Lee W
722 - 727 Ubiquitin C-terminal hydrolase-L3 regulates EMT process and cancer metastasis in prostate cell lines
Song HM, Lee JE, Kim JH
728 - 733 Actin-associated protein palladin is required for migration behavior and differentiation potential of C2C12 myoblast cells
Nguyen NUN, Liang VR, Wang HV
734 - 739 The hexosamine biosynthetic pathway induces gene promoter activity of acetyl-CoA carboxylase beta
Imbriolo J, Mapanga RF, Essop MF
740 - 745 Hyperhomocysteinemia-induced oxidative stress differentially alters proteasome composition and activities in heart and aorta
Derouiche F, Bole-Feysot C, Naimi D, Coeffier M
746 - 752 Metformin inhibits epithelial-mesenchymal transition in prostate cancer cells: Involvement of the tumor suppressor miR30a and its target gene SOX4
Zhang J, Shen CW, Wang L, Ma QP, Xia PT, Qi M, Yang MY, Han B
753 - 759 Inhibition of DNA methylation enhances HLA-G expression in human mesenchymal stem cells
Teklemariam T, Purandare B, Zhao LM, Hantash BM
760 - 767 MicroRNA-181 expression regulates specific post-transcriptional level of SAMHD1 expression in vitro
Jin CZ, Peng XR, Liu FM, Cheng LF, Lu XY, Yao HP, Wu HB, Wu NP
768 - 774 Pre-clinical evaluation of cinobufotalin as a potential anti-lung cancer agent
Kai S, Lu JH, Hui PP, Zhao H
775 - 781 Piceatannol promotes apoptosis via up-regulation of microRNA-129 expression in colorectal cancer cell lines
Zhang HG, Jia RC, Wang CJ, Hu TM, Wang FJ
782 - 788 In vivo knockdown of ErbB3 in mice inhibits Schwann cell precursor migration
Torii T, Miyamoto Y, Takada S, Tsumura H, Arai M, Nakamura K, Ohbuchi K, Yamamoto M, Tanoue A, Yamauchi J
789 - 794 Kdo hydroxylase is an inner core assembly enzyme in the Ko-containing lipopolysaccharide biosynthesis
Chung HS, Yang EG, Hwang D, Lee JE, Guan ZQ, Raetz CRH
795 - 800 Anti-osteopontin monoclonal antibody prevents ovariectomy-induced osteoporosis in mice by promotion of osteoclast apoptosis
Zhang B, Dai JX, Wang HQ, Wei HF, Zhao J, Guo YJ, Fan KX
801 - 807 Activation of RAS/ERK alone is insufficient to inhibit RXR alpha function and deplete retinoic acid in hepatocytes
Wang AG, Song YN, Chen J, Li HL, Dong JY, Cui HP, Yao L, Li XF, Gao WT, Qiu ZW, Wang FJ, Wang JY
808 - 812 CYLD negatively regulates Hippo signaling by limiting Hpo phosphorylation in Drosophila
Chen Y, Wang ZZ, Wang P, Li DW, Zhou J, Wu SA
813 - 816 Substantial non-electrostatic forces are needed to induce allosteric disruption of thrombin's active site through exosite 2
Mehta AY, Desai UR
817 - 821 Fast conformational exchange between the sulfur-free and persulfide-bound rhodanese domain of E. coli YgaP
Wang W, Zhou P, He Y, Yu L, Xiong Y, Tian CL, Wu FM
822 - 827 Over-expression of Roquin aggravates T cell mediated hepatitis in transgenic mice using T cell specific promoter
Ji YR, Kim HJ, Yu DH, Bae KB, Park SJ, Park SJ, Jang WY, Kang MC, Jeong J, Sung YH, Choi M, Park T, Park T, Yun JW, Lee HS, Lee S, Kim MO, Ryoo ZY
828 - 833 Amyloid precursor protein regulates migration and metalloproteinase gene expression in prostate cancer cells
Miyazaki T, Ikeda K, Horie-Inoue K, Inoue S
834 - 839 Oxygen consumption of human heart cells in monolayer culture
Sekine K, Kagawa Y, Maeyama E, Ota H, Haraguchi Y, Matsuura K, Shimizu T
840 - 844 Human glutathione S-transferase P1-1 functions as an estrogen receptor alpha signaling modulator
Liu X, An BH, Kim MJ, Park JH, Kang YS, Chang M
845 - 851 Inhibition of JNK2 and JNK3 by JNK inhibitor IX induces prometaphase arrest-dependent apoptotic cell death in human Jurkat T cells
Jang WY, Lee JY, Lee ST, Jun DY, Kim YH
852 - 857 Down-regulation of ether-a-go-go-related gene potassium channel protein through sustained stimulation of AT(1) receptor by angiotensin II
Cai Y, Wang YH, Xu J, Zuo X, Xu YF
858 - 864 Thymosin beta 4 induces invasion and migration of human colorectal cancer cells through the ILK/AKT/beta-catenin signaling pathway
Piao Z, Hong CS, Jung MR, Choi C, Park YK
865 - 870 A human monoclonal antibody derived from a vaccinated volunteer recognizes heterosubtypically a novel epitope on the hemagglutinin globular head of H1 and H9 influenza A viruses
Boonsathorn N, Panthong S, Koksunan S, Chittaganpitch M, Phuygun S, Waicharoen S, Prachasupap A, Sasaki T, Kubota-Koketsu R, Yasugi M, Ono K, Arai Y, Kurosu T, Sawanpanyalert P, Ikuta K, Watanabe Y
871 - 872 Co-culture with human synovium-derived mesenchymal stem cells inhibits inflammatory activity and increases cell proliferation of sodium nitroprusside-stimulated chondrocytes (vol 447, pg 715, 2014)
Ryu JS, Jung YH, Cho MY, Yeo JE, Choi YJ, Kim YI, Koh YG