Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.451, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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467 - 472 Baicalin reverse AMPA receptor expression and neuron apoptosis in chronic unpredictable mild stress rats
Yu HY, Yin ZJ, Yang SJ, Ma SP
473 - 479 Dexamethasone treatment alters function of adipocytes from a mesenchymal stromal cell line
Johnston JC, Haile A, Wang DQ, Ronnett G, Jones LC
480 - 484 Myomaker mediates fusion of fast myocytes in zebrafish embryos
Landemaine A, Rescan PY, Gabillard JC
485 - 490 Identification of borrelidin binding site on threonyl-tRNA synthetase
Li M, Zhang J, Liu CX, Fang BZ, Wang XJ, Xiang WS
491 - 496 Regulation of IL-6 and IL-8 production by reciprocal cell-to-cell interactions between tumor cells and stromal fibroblasts through IL-1 alpha in ameloblastoma
Fuchigami T, Kibe T, Koyama H, Kishida S, Iijima M, Nishizawa Y, Hijioka H, Fujii T, Ueda M, Nakamura N, Kiyono T, Kishida M
497 - 502 cNMP-AMs mimic and dissect bacterial nucleotidyl cyclase toxin effects
Beckert U, Grundmann M, Wolter S, Schwede F, Rehmann H, Kaever V, Kostenis E, Seifert R
503 - 509 Over-expression of Oct4 and Sox2 transcription factors enhances differentiation of human umbilical cord blood cells in vivo
Guseva D, Rizvanov AA, Salafutdinov II, Kudryashova NV, Palotas A, Islamov RR
510 - 515 The role of calpain in an in vivo model of oxidative stress-induced retinal ganglion cell damage
Yokoyama Y, Maruyama K, Yamamoto K, Omodaka K, Yasuda M, Himori N, Ryu M, Nishiguchi KM, Nakazawa T
516 - 521 MicroRNA-665 is involved in the regulation of the expression of the cardioprotective cannabinoid receptor CB2 in patients with severe heart failure
Mohnle P, Schutz SV, Schmidt M, Hinske C, Hubner M, Heyn J, Beiras-Femandez A, Kreth S
522 - 528 Evidence for participation of GCS1 in fertilization of the starlet sea anemone Nematostella vectensis: Implication of a common mechanism of sperm-egg fusion in plants and animals
Ebchuqin E, Yokota N, Yamada L, Yasuoka Y, Akasaka M, Arakawa M, Deguchi R, Mori T, Sawada H
529 - 534 Detection of in vivo protein tyrosine nitration in petite mutant of Saccharomyces cerevisiae: Consequence of its formation and significance
Panja C, Ghosh S
535 - 540 Chemical rescue of Delta F508-CFTR in C127 epithelial cells reverses aberrant extracellular pH acidification to wild-type alkalization as monitored by microphysiometry
Luckie DB, Van Alst AJ, Massey MK, Flood RD, Shah AA, Malhotra V, Kozel BJ
541 - 547 Introducing transglycosylation activity in Bacillus licheniformis alpha-amylase by replacement of His235 with Glu
Tran PL, Cha HJ, Lee JS, Park SH, Woo EJ, Park KH
548 - 555 A genetic screen in Drosophila for regulators of human prostate cancer progression
Ito S, Ueda T, Ueno A, Nakagawa H, Taniguchi H, Kayukawa N, Miki T
556 - 561 Arsenic trioxide inhibits cell proliferation and human papillomavirus oncogene expression in cervical cancer cells
Wang HT, Gao P, Zheng J
562 - 567 Expression and localization of aquaporin-4 in sensory ganglia
Kato J, Takai Y, Hayashi MK, Kato Y, Tanaka M, Sohma Y, Abe Y, Yasui M
568 - 573 Aloperine attenuated neuropathic pain induced by chronic constriction injury via anti-oxidation activity and suppression of the nuclear factor kappa B pathway
Xu YQ, Jin SJ, Liu N, Li YX, Zheng J, Ma L, Du J, Zhou R, Zhao CJ, Niu Y, Sun T, Yu JQ
574 - 579 Epistasis effects of COMT and MTHFR on inter-individual differences in mental health: Under the inverted U-shaped prefrontal dopamine model
Htun NC, Miyaki K, Zhao CX, Muramatsu M, Sato N
580 - 586 Nascent histamine induces alpha-synuclein and caspase-3 on human cells
Caro-Astorga J, Fajardo I, Ruiz-Perez MV, Sanchez-Jimenez F, Urdiales JL
587 - 591 PGE(2)-induced colon cancer growth is mediated by mTORC1
Dufour M, Faes S, Dormond-Meuwly A, Demartines N, Dormond O
592 - 598 Modulation of cytokine expression in human macrophages by endocrine-disrupting chemical Bisphenol-A
Liu YZ, Mei CF, Liu H, Wang HS, Zeng GQ, Lin JH, Xu MY
599 - 602 Identification of a telomeric DNA-binding protein in Eimeria tenella
Zhao N, Gong PT, Li ZP, Cheng BQ, Li JH, Yang ZT, Li H, Yang J, Zhang GC, Zhang XC
603 - 608 Structure based modification of Bluetongue virus helicase protein VP6 to produce a viable VP6-truncated BTV
Matsuo E, Leon E, Matthews SJ, Roy P
609 - 614 Experimental in vitro infection of rat osteoblasts with measles virus stimulates osteogenic differentiation
Ayala-Pena V, Santillan G, Scolaro L
615 - 621 NFkappaB activation is essential for miR-21 induction by TGF beta 1 in high glucose conditions
Madhyastha R, Madhyastha H, Pengjam Y, Nakajima Y, Omura S, Maruyama M
622 - 626 Testosterone treatment increases androgen receptor and aromatase gene expression in myotubes from patients with PCOS and controls, but does not induce insulin resistance
Eriksen MB, Glintborg D, Nielsen MFB, Jakobsen MA, Brusgaard K, Tan QH, Gaster M
627 - 631 Differential impact of glucose levels and advanced glycation end-products on tubular cell viability and pro-inflammatory/profibrotic functions
Franko B, Brault J, Jouve T, Beaumel S, Benhamou PY, Zaoui P, Stasia MJ
632 - 636 Cholesterol efflux from THP-1 macrophages is impaired by the fatty acid component from lipoprotein hydrolysis by lipoprotein lipase
Yang YB, Thyagarajan N, Coady BM, Brown RJ
637 - 643 LOX-1-dependent mitochondrial DNA damage and NLRP3 activation during systemic inflammation in mice
Ding ZF, Liu SJ, Wang XW, Theus S, Fan YB, Deng XY, Mehta JL
644 - 649 Cellular Inhibitor of Apoptosis Protein 1 ubiquitinates endonuclease G but does not affect endonuclease G-mediated cell death
Seo TW, Lee JS, Yoo SJ
650 - 655 Cecropin A-melittin mutant with improved proteolytic stability and enhanced antimicrobial activity against bacteria and fungi associated with gastroenteritis in vitro
Ji SY, Li WL, Zhang L, Zhang Y, Cao BY