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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.450, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Up-regulation of eEF1A2 promotes proliferation and inhibits apoptosis in prostate cancer
Sun Y, Du CL, Wang B, Zhang YL, Liu XY, Ren GP
7 - 12 An immortalized human liver endothelial sinusoidal cell line for the study of the pathobiology of the liver endothelium
Parent R, Durantel D, Lahlali T, Salle A, Plissonnier ML, DaCosta D, Lesca G, Zoulim F, Marion MJ, Bartosch B
13 - 18 A novel delivery platform for therapeutic peptides
Park S, Kim SD, Lee HY, Hwang D, Park JS, Bae YS, Chung J
19 - 24 JUNB promotes the survival of Flavopiridol treated human breast cancer cells
Hicks M, Hu QP, Macrae E, DeWille J
25 - 29 The Fe-heme structure of met-indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase-2 determined by X-ray absorption fine structure
Aitken JB, Austin CJD, Hunt NH, Ball HJ, Lay PA
30 - 35 IL-32 gamma induces chemotaxis of activated T cells via dendritic cell-derived CCL5
Son MH, Jung MY, Choi S, Cho D, Kim TS
36 - 41 Structural studies on a low oxygen affinity hemoglobin from mammalian species: Sheep (Ovis aries)
Kamariah N, Ponnuraj SM, Moovarkumudalvan B, Ponnuswamy MNG
42 - 48 Human monoclonal antibodies derived from a patient infected with 2009 pandemic influenza A virus broadly cross-neutralize group 1 influenza viruses
Pan Y, Sasaki T, Kubota-Koketsu R, Inoue Y, Yasugi M, Yamashita A, Ramadhany R, Arai Y, Du A, Boonsathorn N, Ibrahim MS, Daidoji T, Nakaya T, Ono K, Okuno Y, Ikuta K, Watanabe Y
49 - 54 Identification of a novel multiple kinase inhibitor with potent antiviral activity against influenza virus by reducing viral polymerase activity
Sasaki Y, Kakisaka M, Chutiwitoonchai N, Tajima S, Hikono H, Saito T, Aida Y
55 - 60 Chronic haloperidol increases voltage-gated Na+ currents in mouse cortical neurons
Chen WQ, Zhu FF, Guo JF, Sheng JT, Li WL, Zhao XF, Wang GF, Li KS
61 - 66 Soluble CD40 ligand-activated B cells from patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection as antigen presenting cells to induce hepatitis B virus specific cytotoxic T lymphocytes
Liu Y, Huang R, Xiong YL, Zhao Q, Chen GM, Xia J, Wu C
67 - 72 Structure determination of archaea-specific ribosomal protein L46a reveals a novel protein fold
Feng YG, Song XX, Lin JZ, Xuan JS, Cui Q, Wang JF
73 - 80 SNX-25a, a novel Hsp90 inhibitor, inhibited human cancer growth more potently than 17-AAG
Wang SX, Wang X, Du Z, Liu YT, Huang DN, Zheng K, Liu KS, Zhang Y, Zhong XY, Wang YF
81 - 86 Smad4 mediated BMP2 signal is essential for the regulation of GATA4 and Nkx2.5 by affecting the histone H3 acetylation in H9c2 cells
Si LN, Shi J, Gao WQ, Zheng M, Liu LJ, Zhu J, Tian J
87 - 92 Studies on the mechanism of testicular dysfunction in the early stage of a streptozotocin induced diabetic rat model
Xu YD, Lei HE, Guan RL, Gao ZZ, Li HX, Wang L, Song WD, Gao B, Xin ZC
93 - 98 Intracellular adenosine formation and release by freshly-isolated vascular endothelial cells from rat skeletal muscle: effects of hypoxia and/or acidosis
Le GY, Essackjee HC, Ballard HJ
99 - 104 Immunization method for multi-pass membrane proteins using highly metastatic cell lines
Satofuka H, Okabe Y, Takano Y, Utsugi T, Ohtsu M, Murakami Y
105 - 109 Secretory clusterin inhibits osteoclastogenesis by attenuating M-CSF-dependent osteoclast precursor cell proliferation
Choi B, Kang SS, Kang SW, Min BH, Lee EJ, Song DH, Kim SM, Song Y, Yoon SY, Chang EJ
110 - 116 Interleukin-33/ST2 signaling promotes production of interleukin-6 and interleukin-8 in systemic inflammation in cigarette smoke-induced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease mice
Wu HX, Yang SF, Wu XJ, Zhao JL, Zhao JP, Ning Q, Xu YJ, Xie JG
117 - 123 Activation of farnesoid X receptor (FXR) protects against fructose-induced liver steatosis via inflammatory inhibition and ADRP reduction
Liu XJ, Xue RY, Ji LL, Zhang XW, Wu J, Gu JX, Zhou ML, Chen S
124 - 128 A pyrene based fluorescence approach to study conformation of apolipoprotein E3 in macrophage-generated nascent high density lipoprotein
Kim SH, Kothari S, Patel AB, Bielicki JK, Narayanaswami V
129 - 134 ALS2CR7 (CDK15) attenuates TRAIL induced apoptosis by inducing phosphorylation of survivin Thr34
Park MH, Kim SY, Kim YJ, Chung YH
135 - 141 Involvement of glutamate-cystine/glutamate transporter system in aspirin-induced acute gastric mucosa injury
Du J, Li XH, Zhang W, Yang YM, Wu YH, Li WQ, Peng J, Li YJ
142 - 147 N-type voltage-dependent Ca2+ channel in non-excitable microglial cells in mice is involved in the pathophysiology of neuropathic pain
Saegusa H, Tanabe T
148 - 153 MiR-124 protects human hepatic L02 cells from H2O2-induced apoptosis by targeting Rab38 gene
Li XH, Yi SH, Deng YA, Cheng JT, Wu XC, Liu W, Tai Y, Chen GH, Zhang Q, Yang Y
154 - 159 MicroRNA-429 induces tumorigenesis of human non-small cell lung cancer cells and targets multiple tumor suppressor genes
Lang YG, Xu SD, Ma JQ, Wu J, Jin S, Cao SB, Yu Y
160 - 165 GGA1 overexpression attenuates amyloidogenic processing of the amyloid precursor protein in Niemann-Pick type C cells
Marko K, Patrick W, Jochen W, Silva H
166 - 171 Negative transcriptional regulation of mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) by nuclear TFAM
Lee EJ, Kang YC, Park WH, Jeong JH, Pak YK
172 - 177 Snail interacts with hPLSCR1 promoter and down regulates its expression in IMR-32
Francis VG, Padmanabhan P, Gummadi SN
178 - 183 Fatty alcohols can complement functions of heterocyst specific glycolipids in Anabaena sp PCC 7120
Halimatul HSM, Ehira S, Awai K
184 - 188 Editing of the heavy chain gene of Bombyx mori using transcription activator like effector nucleases
Wang YJ, Nakagaki M
189 - 194 Identification of lysosomotropic compounds based on the distribution and size of lysosomes
Seo I, Jha BK, Lim JG, Suh SI, Suh MH, Baek WK
195 - 201 Apamin inhibits hepatic fibrosis through suppression of transforming growth factor beta 1-induced hepatocyte epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Lee WR, Kim KH, An HJ, Kim JY, Lee SJ, Han SM, Pak SC, Park KK
202 - 207 Oxaliplatin antagonizes HIV-1 latency by activating NF-kappa B without causing global T cell activation
Zhu XL, Liu SJ, Wang PF, Qu XY, Wang XH, Zeng HX, Chen HB, Zhu HZ
208 - 212 Slow and sustained nitric oxide releasing compounds inhibit multipotent vascular stem cell proliferation and differentiation without causing cell death
Curtis BM, Leix KA, Ji YJ, Glaves RSE, Ash DE, Mohanty DK
213 - 218 Matrix metalloproteinase-14 is a mechanically regulated activator of secreted MMPs and invasion
Haage A, Nam DH, Ge X, Schneider IC
219 - 226 Molecular phylogeny of C1 inhibitor depicts two immunoglobulin-like domains fusion in fishes and ray-finned fishes specific intron insertion after separation from zebrafish
Kumar A, Bhandari A, Sarde SJ, Goswami C
227 - 233 High concentrations of glucose suppress etoposide-induced cell death of B-cell lymphoma through BCL-6
Shao Y, Ling CC, Liu XQ
234 - 239 Influenza entry pathways in polarized MDCK cells
Zhang YT, Whittaker GR
240 - 246 Cancer cell specific cytotoxic gene expression mediated by ARF tumor suppressor promoter constructs
Kurayoshi K, Ozono E, Iwanaga R, Bradford AP, Komori H, Ohtani K
247 - 254 Mollugin induces tumor cell apoptosis and autophagy via the PI3K/AKT/mTOR/p70S6K and ERK signaling pathways
Zhang L, Wang HD, Zhu JH, Xu JG, Ding K
255 - 260 PI3K/Akt is involved in brown adipogenesis mediated by growth differentiation factor-5 in association with activation of the Smad pathway
Hinoi E, Iezaki T, Fujita H, Watanabe T, Odaka Y, Ozaki K, Yoneda Y
261 - 266 Overexpression of ER beta is sufficient to inhibit hypoxia-inducible factor-1 transactivation
Park C, Lee Y
267 - 273 C-FLIP(L) contributes to TRAIL resistance in HER2-positive breast cancer
Zang FL, Wei XY, Leng X, Yu M, Sun BC
274 - 282 The effects of erythropoietin signaling on telomerase regulation in non-erythroid malignant and non-malignant cells
Uziel O, Kanfer G, Beery E, Yelin D, Shepshelovich D, Bakhanashvili M, Nordenberg J, Lahav M
283 - 288 Tetrameric ZBRK1 DNA binding domain has affinity towards cognate DNA in absence of zinc ions
Yadav LR, Biswal MN, Vikrant, Hosur MV, Varma AK
289 - 294 The grapevine tonoplast aquaporin TIP2;1 is a pressure gated water channel
Leitao L, Prista C, Loureiro-Dias MC, Moura TF, Soveral G
295 - 299 Glutamate/glutamine metabolism coupling between astrocytes and glioma cells: Neuroprotection and inhibition of glioma growth
Yao PS, Kang DZ, Lin RY, Ye B, Wang W, Ye ZC
300 - 305 Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase gene from pearl oyster Pinctada martensii participates in nacre formation
Yan F, Jiao Y, Deng YW, Du XD, Huang RL, Wang QH, Chen WY
306 - 311 Cycloastragenol, a triterpene aglycone derived from Radix astragali, suppresses the accumulation of cytoplasmic lipid droplet in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Wang SF, Zhai CX, Liu Q, Wang X, Ren ZZ, Zhang YX, Zhang YL, Wu QH, Sun SN, Li SY, Qiao YJ
312 - 317 High glucose modifies transient receptor potential canonical type 6 channels via increased oxidative stress and syndecan-4 in human podocytes
Thilo F, Lee M, Xia SQ, Zakrzewicz A, Tepel M
318 - 323 Ablation of Elovl6 protects pancreatic islets from high-fat diet-induced impairment of insulin secretion
Tang N, Matsuzaka T, Suzuki M, Nakano Y, Zao H, Yokoo T, Suzuki-Kemuriyama N, Kuba M, Okajima Y, Takeuchi Y, Kobayashi K, Iwasaki H, Yatoh S, Takahashi A, Suzuki H, Sone H, Shimada M, Nakagawa Y, Yahagi N, Yamada N, Shimano H
324 - 329 Lipoic acid entrains the hepatic circadian clock and lipid metabolic proteins that have been desynchronized with advanced age
Keith D, Finlay L, Butler J, Gomez L, Smith E, Moreau R, Hagen T
330 - 334 Simplified method for cell-specific gene expression analysis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Sugi T, Ohtani Y
335 - 340 NMR conformational properties of an Anthrax Lethal Factor domain studied by multiple amino acid-selective labeling
Vourtsis DJ, Chasapis CT, Pairas G, Bentrop D, Spyroulias GA
341 - 346 Negative feedback regulation of NF-kappa B-inducing kinase is proteasome-dependent but does not require cellular inhibitors of apoptosis
Gray CM, McCorkell KA, Chunduru SK, McKinlay MA, May MJ
347 - 352 A microplate assay for the coupled transglycosylase-transpeptidase activity of the penicillin binding proteins; a vancomycin-neutralizing tripeptide combination prevents penicillin inhibition of peptidoglycan synthesis
Kumar VP, Basavannacharya C, de Sousa SM
353 - 359 Atractylenolide I-mediated Notch pathway inhibition attenuates gastric cancer stem cell traits
Ma L, Mao RR, Shen K, Zheng YH, Li YQ, Liu JW, Ni L
360 - 365 Estradiol determines the effects of PTH on ER alpha-dependent transcription in MC3T3-E1 cells
Christensen MHE, Fenne IS, Flageng MH, Almas B, Lien EA, Mellgren G
366 - 371 Increasing levels of cardiolipin differentially influence packing of phospholipids found in the mitochondrial inner membrane
Zeczycki TN, Whelan J, Hayden WT, Brown DA, Shaikh SR
372 - 377 Acetylation regulates the stability of glutamate carboxypeptidase II protein in human astrocytes
Choi JY, Kim JH, Jo SA
378 - 383 Cerebellar stem cells do not produce neurons and astrocytes in adult mouse
Su X, Guan WQ, Yu YC, Fu YH
384 - 389 In silico assessment of interaction of sea anemone toxin APETx2 and acid sensing ion channel
Rahman T, Smith ES
390 - 395 Atomic resolution crystal structure of VcLMWPTP-1 from Vibrio cholerae 0395: Insights into a novel mode of dimerization in the low molecular weight protein tyrosine phosphatase family
Nath S, Banerjee R, Sen U
396 - 400 Functional analysis of the Hikeshi-like protein and its interaction with HSP70 in Arabidopsis
Koizumi S, Ohama N, Mizoi J, Shinozaki K, Yamaguchi-Shinozaki K
401 - 408 Improvement of stability of nitrile hydratase via protein fragment swapping
Cui YT, Cui WJ, Liu ZM, Zhou L, Kobayashi M, Zhou ZM
409 - 415 P44/WDR77 restricts the sensitivity of proliferating cells to TGF beta signaling
Yi PF, Gao S, Gu ZP, Huang T, Wang ZX
416 - 422 Aryl hydrocarbon receptor catabolic activity in bone metabolism is osteoclast dependent in vivo
Yu TY, Kondo T, Matsumoto T, Fujii-Kuriyama Y, Imai Y
423 - 428 Purification, cellular levels, and functional domains of lipase maturation factor 1
Babilonia-Rosa MA, Neher SB
429 - 432 A new method for multilayered, site-directed immobilization of antibody on polystyrene surface
Feng B, Wang CY, Xie XM, Feng X, Li YQ, Cao ZJ
433 - 439 Involvement of transcription factor XBP1s in the resistance of HDAC6 inhibitor Tubastatin A to superoxidation via acetylation-mediated proteasomal degradation
Zhang Y, Liu CM, Cao XC, Zang Y, Zhou YB, Li J
440 - 446 Activation of activin type IB receptor signals in pancreatic beta cells leads to defective insulin secretion through the attenuation of ATP-sensitive K+ channel activity
Nomura M, Morinaga H, Zhu HL, Wang LX, Hasuzawa N, Takayanagi R, Teramoto N
447 - 452 Cadmium induces vascular permeability via activation of the p38 MAPIK pathway
Dong FY, Guo F, Li LQ, Guo L, Hou YL, Hao EK, Yan SH, Allen TD, Liu J
453 - 458 A novel bHLH transcription factor PebHLH35 from Populus euphratica confers drought tolerance through regulating stomatal development, photosynthesis and growth in Arabidopsis
Dong Y, Wang CP, Han X, Tang S, Liu S, Xia XL, Yin WL
459 - 463 Activation of ER stress by hydrogen peroxide in C2C12 myotubes
Pierre N, Barbe C, Gilson H, Deldicque L, Raymackers JM, Francaux M
464 - 469 Molecular mechanism regulating myosin and cardiac functions by ELC
Lossie J, Kohncke C, Mahmoodzadeh S, Steffen W, Canepari M, Maffei M, Taube M, Larcheveque O, Baumert P, Haase H, Bottinelli R, Regitz-Zagrosek V, Morano I
470 - 475 E2F1-regulated DROSHA promotes miR-630 biosynthesis in cisplatin-exposed cancer cells
Cao JX, Li SY, An GS, Mao ZB, Jia HT, Ni JH
476 - 481 Fatty acid-bearing albumin but not fatty acid-depleted albumin induces HIF-1 activation in human renal proximal tubular epithelial cell line HK-2
Nagai J, Yamamoto A, Katagiri Y, Yumoto R, Takano M
482 - 487 Active vitamin D possesses beneficial effects on the interaction between muscle and bone
Tanaka K, Kanazawa I, Yamaguchi T, Yano S, Kaji H, Sugimoto T
488 - 493 Hormonogenic donor Tyr2522 of bovine thyroglobulin. Insight into preferential T3 formation at thyroglobulin carboxyl terminus at low iodination level
Cetrangolo GP, Arcaro A, Lepore A, Graf M, Mamone G, Ferranti P, Palumbo G, Gentile F
494 - 499 Palmitate induces SHIP2 expression via the ceramide-mediated activation of NF-kappa B, and JNK in skeletal muscle cells
Gorgani-Firuzjaee S, Ahmadi S, Meshkani R
500 - 506 Mitofusin 2 decreases intracellular lipids in macrophages by regulating peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-gamma
Liu C, Ge BH, He C, Zhang Y, Liu XW, Liu KJ, Qian CP, Zhang Y, Peng WZ, Guo XM
507 - 512 Novel elongase of Pythium sp with high specificity on Delta(6)-18C desaturated fatty acids
Jeennor S, Cheawchanlertfa P, Suttiwattanakul S, Panchanawaporn S, Chutrakul C, Laoteng K
513 - 518 Structure and regulatory targets of SCO3201, a highly promiscuous TetR-like regulator of Streptomyces coelicolor M145
Xu DL, Waack P, Zhang QZ, Werten S, Hinrichs W, Virolle MJ
519 - 525 Analysis of subcellular localization and function of the yeast Rab6 homologue, Ypt6p, using a novel amino-terminal tagging strategy
Kawamura S, Nagano M, Toshima JY, Toshima J
526 - 531 TCR-induced, PKC-theta-mediated NF-kappa B activation is regulated by a caspase-8-caspase-9-caspase-3 cascade
Zhao YX, Lei MX, Wang ZY, Qiao GL, Yang TL, Zhang J
532 - 537 A soluble form of Siglec-9 provides an antitumor benefit against mammary tumor cells expressing MUC1 in transgenic mice
Tomioka Y, Morimatsu M, Nishijima K, Usui T, Yamamoto S, Suyama H, Ozaki K, Ito T, Ono E
538 - 544 Functional proteomics revealed IL-1 beta amplifies TNF downstream protein signals in human synoviocytes in a TNF-independent manner
Shen S, Guo JH, Luo YZ, Zhang WL, Cui YZ, Wang Q, Zhang ZG, Wang T
545 - 549 Eph receptor A10 has a potential as a target for a prostate cancer therapy
Nagano K, Yamashita T, Inoue M, Higashisaka K, Yoshioka Y, Abe Y, Mukai Y, Kamada H, Tsutsumi Y, Tsunoda S
550 - 554 MK regulates the deubiquitinase CYLD at the postsynaptic density
Thein S, Pham A, Bayer KU, Tao-Cheng JH, Dosemeci A
555 - 560 Secreted meningeal chemokines, but not VEGFA, modulate the migratory properties of medulloblastoma cells
Davare MA, Lal S, Peckham JL, Prajapati SI, Gultekin SH, Rubin BP, Keller C
561 - 567 Purpurin inhibits adipocyte-derived leucine aminopeptidase and angiogenesis in a zebrafish model
Park H, Shim JS, Kim BS, Jung HJ, Huh TL, Kwon HJ
568 - 574 A heterocyclic molecule kartogenin induces collagen synthesis of human dermal fibroblasts by activating the smad4/smad5 pathway
Wang J, Zhou J, Zhang N, Zhang XL, Li QF
575 - 580 A PerR-like protein involved in response to oxidative stress in the extreme bacterium Deinococcus radiodurans
Liu CZ, Wang LY, Li T, Lin L, Dai S, Tian B, Hua YJ
581 - 587 Non-viral reprogramming of fibroblasts into induced pluripotent stem cells by Sleeping Beauty and piggyBac transposons
Talluri TR, Kumar D, Glage S, Garrels W, Ivics Z, Debowski K, Behr R, Kues WA
588 - 592 Adipogenesis stimulates the nuclear localization of EWS with an increase in its O-GlcNAc glycosylation in 3T3-L1 cells
Li Q, Kamemura K
593 - 597 Vascular endothelial cells promote cortical neurite outgrowth via an integrin beta 3-dependent mechanism
Sumimoto S, Muramatsu R, Fujii S, Yamashita T
598 - 603 An automated mass spectrometry-based screening method for analysis of sulfated glycosaminoglycans
Kiselova N, Dierker T, Spillmann D, Ramstrom M
604 - 609 14,15-EET promotes mitochondrial biogenesis and protects cortical neurons against oxygen/glucose deprivation-induced apoptosis
Wang L, Chen M, Yuan L, Xiang YT, Zheng RM, Zhu SG
610 - 615 Two novel mutations in COII and tRNA(His) mitochondrial genes in asthenozoospermic infertiles men
Siwar BG, Myriam G, Afif B, Emna MR, Nozha C, Afifa S, Faiza F, Leila AK
616 - 621 Ribozyme-independent replication of a defective hepatitis D virus RNA derived from hepatitis B/D patients receiving antiviral therapy
Hsu CW, Yeh CT
622 - 627 Mutational analysis of the pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima) phloem exudate lectin, PP2 reveals Ser-104 is crucial for carbohydrate binding
Bobbili KB, Bandari S, Grobe K, Swamy MJ
628 - 633 p38 alpha mitogen-activated kinase mediates cardiomyocyte apoptosis induced by palmitate
Oh CC, Nguy MQ, Schwenke DC, Migrino RQ, Thornburg K, Reaven P
634 - 640 Structural analysis of the yeast exosome Rrp6p-Rrp47p complex by small-angle X-ray scattering
Dedic E, Seweryn P, Jonstrup AT, Flygaard RK, Fedosova NU, Hoffmann SV, Boesen T, Brodersen DE
641 - 645 The small RNA RyhB homologs from Salmonella typhimurium participate in the response to S-nitrosoglutathione-induced stress
Calderon PF, Morales EH, Acuna LG, Fuentes DN, Gil F, Porwollik S, McClelland M, Saavedra CP, Calderon IL
646 - 651 Transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-beta) induces the expression of chondrogenesis-related genes through TGF-beta receptor II (TGFRII)-AKT-mTOR signaling in primary cultured mouse precartilaginous stem cells
Li C, Wang Q, Wang JF
652 - 658 Anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic activity of whole extract and isolated indicaxanthin from Opuntia ficus-indica associated with re-activation of the onco-suppressor p16(INK4a) gene in human colorectal carcinoma (Caco-2) cells
Naselli F, Tesoriere L, Caradonna F, Bellavia D, Attanzio A, Gentile C, Livrea MA
659 - 665 Pick1 modulates ephrinB1-induced junctional disassembly through an association with ephrinB1
Son J, Park MS, Park I, Lee HK, Lee SH, Kang B, Min BH, Ryoo J, Lee S, Bae JS, Kim SH, Park MJ, Lee HS
666 - 672 LMO4 is required to maintain hypothalamic insulin signaling
Pandey NR, Zhou X, Zaman T, Cruz SA, Qin ZT, Lu M, Keyhanian K, Brunel JM, Stewart AFR, Chen HH
673 - 678 Ribosomal protein L19 overexpression activates the unfolded protein response and sensitizes MCF7 breast cancer cells to endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced cell death
Hong M, Kim H, Kim I
679 - 684 Promiscuity of Exiguobacterium sp AT1b o-succinylbenzoate synthase illustrates evolutionary transitions in the OSBS family
Brizendine AM, Odokonyero D, McMillan AW, Zhu MZ, Hull K, Romo D, Glasner ME
685 - 691 Protective effects of Sapindus mukorossi Gaertn against fatty liver disease induced by high fat diet in rats
Peng QX, Zhang Q, Xiao W, Shao M, Fan Q, Zhang HW, Zou YK, Li X, Xu WX, Mo ZX, Cai HB
692 - 696 Histone H4 Lys 20 methyltransferase SET8 promotes androgen receptor-mediated transcription activation in prostate cancer
Yao LS, Li YY, Du FX, Han X, Li XH, Niu YJ, Ren SC, Sun YL
697 - 703 Mitochondrial protein cyclophilin-D-mediated programmed necrosis attributes to berberine-induced cytotoxicity in cultured prostate cancer cells
Zhang LY, Wu YL, Gao XH, Guo F
704 - 710 3-Hydroxy-3',4'-dimethoxyflavone suppresses Bcl-w-induced invasive potentials and sternness in glioblastoma multiforme
Bae IH, Lee WS, Yun DH, Han YH, Lee JS
711 - 716 Alteration of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase 1 expression by influenza A virus is correlated with virus replication
Pyo CW, Shin N, Jung KI, Choi JH, Choi SY
717 - 722 Engineering and characterization of a humanized antibody targeting TNF-alpha and RANKL
Wang J, Du YX, Qian HY, Yu HT, Li ST, Zhang XL, Li ZG, Yuan HH, Zhao WM
723 - 728 Continuous wave W- and D-Band EPR spectroscopy offer "sweet-spots" for characterizing conformational changes and dynamics in intrinsically disordered proteins
Casey TM, Liu ZL, Esquiaqui JM, Pirman NL, Milshteyn E, Fanucci GE
729 - 734 Isorhynchophylline protects against pulmonary arterial hypertension and suppresses PASMCs proliferation
Guo HP, Zhang X, Cui YG, Deng W, Xu DC, Han H, Wang H, Chen YG, Li Y, Wu DW
735 - 740 Role of hydrophobic mutations on the binding affinity and stability of blood coagulation factor VIIIa: A computational molecular dynamics and free-energy analysis
Venkateswarlu D
741 - 745 Structural characterization of the BH3-like motif of hepatitis B virus X protein
Kusunoki H, Tanaka T, Kohno T, Wakamatsu K, Hamaguchi I
746 - 749 Lithium potentiates GSK-3 beta activity by inhibiting phosphoinositide 3-kinase-mediated Akt phosphorylation
Tian N, Kanno T, Jin Y, Nishizaki T
750 - 754 Membrane inlet mass spectrometry reveals that Ceriporiopsis subvermispora bicupin oxalate oxidase is inhibited by nitric oxide
Moomaw EW, Uberto R, Tu CK
755 - 761 Induction of the cellular miR-29c by influenza virus inhibits the innate immune response through protection of A20 mRNA
Zhang XY, Dong CY, Sun XN, Li ZY, Zhang ML, Guan ZH, Duan M
762 - 766 Effects of celecoxib on proliferation and tenocytic differentiation of tendon-derived stem cells
Zhang KR, Zhang S, Li QQ, Yang J, Dong WQ, Wang SN, Cheng YR, Al-Qwbani M, Wang Q, Yu B
767 - 772 Study on dioxygen reduction by mutational modifications of the hydrogen bond network leading from bulk water to the trinuclear copper center in bilirubin oxidase
Morishita H, Kurita D, Kataoka K, Sakurai T
773 - 776 Ethanol affects hepatitis C pathogenesis: Humanized SCID Alb-uPA mouse model
Osna NA, Kharbanda KK, Sun YM, Simpson RL, Poluektova LE, Ganesan M, Wisecarver JL, Mercer DF
777 - 781 Palmitate attenuates osteoblast differentiation of fetal rat calvarial cells
Yeh LCC, Ford JJ, Lee JC, Adamo ML
782 - 787 Identification and mutagenesis of the TACE and gamma-secretase cleavage sites in the colony-stimulating factor 1 receptor
Vahidi A, Glenn G, van der Geer P
788 - 793 Apolipoprotein E-knockout mice on high-fat diet show autoimmune injury on kidney and aorta
Wang YH, Lu HX, Huang ZY, Lin HL, Lei ZM, Chen XQ, Tang MX, Gao F, Dong M, Li RD, Lin L
794 - 801 Function of wheat Ta-UnP gene in enhancing salt tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis and rice
Liang WJ, Cui WN, Ma XL, Wang G, Huang ZJ
802 - 807 Post-translational modification and mitochondrial relocalization of histone H3 during apoptosis induced by staurosporine
Han MJ, Koc EC, Koc H
808 - 811 NMDA-induced accumulation of Shank at the postsynaptic density is mediated by CaMKII
Tao-Cheng JH, Yang YJ, Bayer KU, Reese TS, Dosemeci A
812 - 817 Intracellular calcium levels can regulate Importin-dependent nuclear import
Kaur G, Ly-Huynh JD, Jans DA
818 - 823 Dipeptidyl peptidase I controls survival from Klebsiella pneumoniae lung infection by processing surfactant protein D
Sutherland RE, Barry SS, Olsen JS, Salantes DB, Caughey GH, Wolters PJ
824 - 830 IL-4 receptor alpha in non-lipid rafts is the target molecule of strictinin in inhibiting STAT6 activation
Kim YH, Ninomiya Y, Yamashita S, Kumazoe M, Huang YH, Nakahara K, Won YS, Murata M, Fujimura Y, Yamada K, Tachibana H
831 - 836 SNARE zippering is hindered by polyphenols in the neuron
Yang Y, Kim SH, Heo P, Kong B, Shin J, Jung YH, Yoon K, Chung WJ, Shin YK, Kweon DH
837 - 843 Association of a murine leukaemia stem cell gene signature based on nucleostemin promoter activity with prognosis of acute myeloid leukaemia in patients
Ali MAE, Naka K, Yoshida A, Fuse K, Kasada A, Hoshii T, Tadokoro Y, Ueno M, Ohta K, Kobayashi M, Takahashi C, Hirao A
844 - 850 Monocyte to macrophage differentiation-associated (MMD) targeted by miR-140-5p regulates tumor growth in non-small cell lung cancer
Li WN, He F
851 - 856 HMGB1-DNA complex-induced autophagy limits AIM2 inflammasome activation through RAGE
Liu LY, Yang MH, Kang R, Dai YP, Yu Y, Gao F, Wang HM, Sun XJ, Li XL, Li JH, Wang HC, Cao LZ, Tang DL
857 - 862 miR-182 targets CHL1 and controls tumor growth and invasion in papillary thyroid carcinoma ocr issue
Zhu HL, Fang J, Zhang JC, Zhao ZF, Liu LY, Wang JN, Xi Q, Gu MJ
863 - 869 Analysis of metabolites in plasma reveals distinct metabolic features between Dahl salt-sensitive rats and consomic SS.13(BN) rats
Wang L, Hou ET, Wang ZJ, Sun N, He LQ, Chen L, Liang MY, Tian ZM
870 - 874 ExoY from Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a nucleotidyl cyclase with preference for cGMP and cUMP formation
Beckert U, Wolter S, Hartwig C, Bahre H, Kaever V, Ladant D, Frank DW, Seifert R
875 - 879 Imiquimod induces a Toll-like receptor 7-independent increase in intracellular calcium via IP3 receptor activation
Hwang H, Min H, Kim D, Yu SW, Jung SJ, Choi SY, Lee SJ
880 - 884 Disruption of behavioral circadian rhythms induced by psychophysiological stress affects plasma free amino acid profiles without affecting peripheral clock gene expression in mice
Oishi K, Yamamoto S, Itoh N, Miyazaki K, Nemoto T, Nakakita Y, Kaneda H
885 - 890 v-Src inhibits the interaction between Rad17 and Rad9 and induces replication fork collapse
Fukumoto Y, Miura T, Morii M, Kubota S, Honda T, Kubota S, Morinaga T, Yamaguchi N, Nakayama Y, Yamaguchi N
891 - 898 Inhibition of Akt kinase activity suppresses entry and replication of influenza virus
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