Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.449, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 JMJD2A predicts prognosis and regulates cell growth in human gastric cancer
Hu CE, Liu YC, Zhang HD, Huang GJ
8 - 13 6-Shogaol, an active constituent of ginger, attenuates neuroinflammation and cognitive deficits in animal models of dementia
Moon M, Kim HG, Choi JG, Oh H, Lee PKJ, Ha SK, Kim SY, Park Y, Huh Y, Oh MS
14 - 18 Identification of a functional nuclear localization signal within the human USP22 protein
Xiong JJ, Wang YQ, Gong Z, Liu JY, Li WD
19 - 25 The PDZ-binding motif of the avian NS1 protein affects transmission of the 2009 influenza A(H1N1) virus
Kim JI, Hwang MW, Lee I, Park S, Lee S, Bae JY, Heo J, Kim D, Jang SI, Park MS, Kwon HJ, Song JW, Park MS
26 - 31 Human CTP:phosphoethanolamine cytidylyltransferase: Enzymatic properties and unequal catalytic roles of CTP-binding motifs in two cytidylyltransferase domains
Tian SQ, Ohtsuka J, Wang SP, Nagata K, Tanokura M, Ohta A, Horiuchi H, Fukuda R
32 - 37 Computational design of a sulfoglucuronide derivative fitting into a hydrophobic pocket of dengue virus E protein
Abe T, Sando A, Teraoka F, Otsubo T, Morita K, Tokiwa H, Ikeda K, Suzuki T, Hidari KIPJ
38 - 43 Phospholipase D1 decreases type I collagen levels in hepatic stellate cells via induction of autophagy
Seo HY, Jang BK, Jung YA, Lee EJ, Kim HS, Jeon JH, Kim JG, Lee IK, Kim MK, Park KG
44 - 48 A dual functional fluorescent probe for glioma imaging mediated by Blood-brain barrier penetration and glioma cell targeting
Ma HW, Gao ZY, Yu PF, Shen S, Liu YM, Xu BN
49 - 54 MET inhibitor PHA-665752 suppresses the hepatocyte growth factor-induced cell proliferation and radioresistance in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
Liu TX, Li Q, Sun QQ, Zhang YQ, Yang H, Wang R, Chen LH, Wang W
55 - 61 Apocynin attenuates isoproterenol-induced myocardial injury and fibrogenesis
Liu L, Cui JG, Yang QB, Jia CL, Xiong MQ, Ning BB, Du XY, Wang PW, Yu XT, Li L, Wang WJ, Chen Y, Zhang T
62 - 68 Novel distribution of calreticulin to cardiomyocyte mitochondria and its increase in a rat model of dilated cardiomyopathy
Zhang M, Wei J, Li YL, Shan H, Yan R, Lin L, Zhang QH, Xue JH
69 - 73 RmKK, a tissue kallikrein inhibitor from Rhipicephalus microplus eggs
Abreu PA, Soares TS, Buarque DS, Torquato RS, Tanaka AS
74 - 80 Prophylactic angiotensin type 1 receptor antagonism confers neuroprotection in an aged rat model of postoperative cognitive dysfunction
Li ZQ, Cao YY, Li LX, Liang YX, Tian XS, Mo N, Liu YJ, Li M, Chui DH, Guo XY
81 - 87 Expression of Dbn1 during mouse brain development and neural stem cell differentiation
Ao X, Liu YL, Qin ML, Li CR, Chen XS, Xiao L, Liu JJ
88 - 93 Sensitization of cancer cells to radiation by selenadiazole derivatives by regulation of ROS-mediated DNA damage and ERK and AKT pathways
Xie Q, Zhou YL, Lan GQ, Yang LY, Zheng WJ, Liang YW, Chen TF
94 - 99 Biliverdin modulates the expression of C5aR in response to endotoxin in part via mTOR signaling
Bisht K, Wegiel B, Tampe J, Neubauer O, Wagner KH, Otterbein LE, Bulmer AC
100 - 106 Expression of filaggrin-2 protein in the epidermis of human skin diseases: A comparative analysis with filaggrin
Makino T, Mizawa M, Yamakoshi T, Takaishi M, Shimizu T
107 - 113 Crystal structure studies of NADP(+) dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase from Thermus thermophilus exhibiting a novel terminal domain
Kumar SM, Pampa KJ, Manjula M, Abdoh MMM, Kunishima N, Lokanath NK
114 - 119 Selection of RNA aptamers against the M. tuberculosis EsxG protein using surface plasmon resonance-based SELEX
Ngubane NAC, Gresh L, Pym A, Rubin EJ, Khati M
120 - 125 Time-resolved fluorescence of 2-aminopurine in DNA duplexes in the presence of the EcoP15I Type III restriction-modification enzyme
Ma L, Wu XH, Wilson GG, Jones AC, Dryden DTF
126 - 131 Intermediate conformation between native beta-sheet and non-native alpha-helix is a precursor of trifluoroethanol-induced aggregation of Human Carbonic Anhydrase-II
Gupta P, Deep S
132 - 134 Therapeutic potential of flurbiprofen against obesity in mice
Hosoi T, Baba S, Ozawa K
135 - 140 Identification of hepatitis B virus-specific CTL epitopes presented by HLA-A*33:03 in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from patients and transgenic mice
Pan XW, Ding HG, Zhou XY, Tien P
141 - 145 Functional interplay between hepatitis B virus X protein and human miR-125a in HBV infection
Mosca N, Castiello F, Coppola N, Trotta MC, Sagnelli C, Pisaturo M, Sagnelli E, Russo A, Potenza N
146 - 150 Different evolutionary patterns among intronless genes in maize genome
Yan HW, Zhang W, Lin YX, Dong Q, Peng XJ, Jiang HY, Zhu SW, Cheng BJ
151 - 156 Adipocyte induced arterial calcification is prevented with sodium thiosulfate
Chen NX, O'Neill K, Akl NK, Moe SM
157 - 162 Molecular modeling and docking of novel laccase from multiple serotype of Yersinia enterocolitica suggests differential and multiple substrate binding
Singh D, Sharma KK, Dhar MS, Virdi JS
163 - 168 PFTK1 interacts with cyclin Y to activate non-canonical Wnt signaling in hepatocellular carcinoma
Sun TT, Co NN, Wong N
169 - 174 Inhibitory effects of draxin on axonal outgrowth and migration of precerebellar neurons
Riyadh MA, Shinmyo Y, Ohta K, Tanaka H
175 - 181 HepG2.2.15 as a model for studying cell protrusion and migration regulated by S100 proteins
Liu SY, Zhou R, Zhong J, Nie CL, Yuan Z, Zhou LX, Luo N, Wang CT, Tong AP