Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.446, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 7 TMPRSS4 induces cancer cell invasion through pro-uPA processing
Min HJ, Lee MK, Lee JW, Kim S
8 - 14 Diversity of amino acid signaling pathways on autophagy regulation: A novel pathway for arginine
Angcajas AB, Hirai N, Kaneshiro K, Karim MR, Horii Y, Kubota M, Fujimura S, Kadowaki M
15 - 17 Expression of Drosophila forkhead transcription factors during kidney development
Baek JI, Choi SY, Chacon-Heszele MF, Zuo XF, Lipschutz JH
18 - 24 CXCL5 knockdown expression inhibits human bladder cancer T24 cells proliferation and migration
Zheng JJ, Zhu X, Zhang J
25 - 29 Tissue kallikrein induces SH-SY5Y cell proliferation via epidermal growth factor receptor and extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 pathway
Lu ZY, Yang Q, Cui M, Liu YP, Wang T, Zhao H, Dong Q
30 - 36 Reversine increases the plasticity of lineage-committed preadipocytes to osteogenesis by inhibiting adipogenesis through induction of TGF-beta pathway in vitro
Park JG, Lee DH, Moon YS, Kim KH
37 - 42 Globular adiponectin induces a pro-inflammatory response in human astrocytic cells
Wan ZX, Mah D, Simtchouk S, Klegeris A, Little JP
43 - 48 p53 Down-regulates SETDB1 gene expression during paclitaxel induced-cell death
Noh HJ, Kim KA, Kim KC
49 - 53 Interleukin-13-induced MUC5AC expression is regulated by a PI3K-NFAT3 pathway in mouse tracheal epithelial cells
Yan FG, Li W, Zhou HB, Wu YF, Ying SM, Chen ZH, Shen HH
54 - 60 Fibroblast growth factor receptor 4 promotes progression and correlates Cross Mark to poor prognosis in cholangiocarcinoma
Xu YF, Yang XQ, Lu XF, Guo S, Liu Y, Iqbal M, Ning SL, Yang H, Suo N, Chen YX
61 - 67 TCP1OL acts as a tumor suppressor by inhibiting cell proliferation in hepatocellular carcinoma
Zuo J, Cai H, Wu YH, Ma HJ, Jiang W, Liu C, Han DD, Ji GQ, Yu L
68 - 72 HMG-CoA reductase regulates CCL17-induced colon cancer cell migration via geranylgeranylation and RhoA activation
Al-Haidari AA, Syk I, Thorlacius H
73 - 78 Nuclear translocation of doublecortin-like protein kinase and phosphorylation of a transcription factor JDP2
Nagamine T, Nomada S, Onouchi T, Kameshita I, Sueyoshi N
79 - 84 Carbamylated erythropoietin promotes neurite outgrowth and neuronal spine formation in association with CBP/p300
Choi M, Ko SY, Lee IY, Wang SE, Lee SH, Oh DH, Kim YS, Son H
85 - 90 Tumor endothelial expression of P-glycoprotein upon microvesicular transfer of TrpC5 derived from adriamycin-resistant breast cancer cells
Dong YP, Pan QX, Jiang L, Chen Z, Zhang FF, Liu YJ, Xing H, Shi M, Li J, Li XY, Zhu YD, Chen Y, Bruce IC, Jin J, Ma X
91 - 97 Inhibitory effect of p53 on mitochondrial content and function during adipogenesis
Okita N, Ishikawa N, Mizunoe Y, Oku M, Nagai W, Suzuki Y, Matsushima S, Mikami K, Okado H, Sasaki T, Higami Y
98 - 104 Effects of miR-31 on the osteogenesis of human mesenchymal stem cells
Xie Q, Wang Z, Bi XP, Zhou HF, Wang YF, Gu P, Fan XQ
105 - 112 Antibiotic drug tigecycline inhibited cell proliferation and induced autophagy in gastric cancer cells
Tang CL, Yang LQ, Jiang XL, Xu C, Wang M, Wang QR, Zhou ZS, Xiang ZH, Cui HJ
113 - 118 Loss of the Set2 histone methyltransferase increases cellular lifespan in yeast cells
Ryu HY, Rhie BH, Ahn SH
119 - 124 Identification of a chemical inhibitor for nuclear speckle formation: Implications for the function of nuclear speckles in regulation of alternative pre-mRNA splicing
Kurogi Y, Matsuo Y, Mihara Y, Yagi H, Shigaki-Miyamoto K, Toyota S, Azuma Y, Igarashi M, Tani T
125 - 131 An interplay between 2 signaling pathways: Melatonin-cAMP and IP3-Ca2+ signaling pathways control intraerythrocytic development, of the malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
Furuyama W, Enomoto M, Mossaad E, Kawai S, Mikoshiba K, Kawazu S
132 - 136 A nanobody directed to a functional epitope on VEGF, as a novel strategy for cancer treatment
Farajpour Z, Rahbarizadeh F, Kazemi B, Ahmadvand D
137 - 142 New fluorescent probes for ligand-binding assays of odorant-binding proteins
Mastrogiacomo R, Iovinella I, Napolitano E
143 - 148 Metastatic potential of B16-F10 melanoma cells is enhanced by extracellular S100A4 derived from RAW264.7 macrophages
Haase-Kohn C, Wolf S, Herwig N, Mosch B, Pietzsch J
149 - 154 Tumor associated osteoclast-like giant cells promote tumor growth and lymphangiogenesis by secreting vascular endothelial growth factor-C
Hatano Y, Nakahama K, Isobe M, Morita I
155 - 159 microRNA-222 modulates liver fibrosis in a murine model of biliary atresia
Shen WJ, Dong R, Chen G, Zheng S
160 - 166 The Hsp90 inhibitor SNX-2112 induces apoptosis of human hepatocellular carcinoma cells: The role of ER stress
Wang X, Wang SX, Liu YT, Ding WC, Zheng K, Xiang YF, Liu KS, Wang DM, Zeng YY, Xia M, Yang DP, Wang YF
167 - 172 Interleukin 6 promotes endometrial cancer growth through an autocrine feedback loop involving ERK-NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Che Q, Liu BY, Wang FY, He YY, Lu W, Liao Y, Gu W, Wan XP
173 - 178 Ethanol-induced impairment of polyamine homeostasis - A potential cause of neural tube defect and intrauterine growth restriction in fetal alcohol syndrome
Poodeh SH, Alhonen L, Salonurmi T, Savolainen MJ
179 - 186 miR-138-5p reverses gefitinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer cells via negatively regulating G protein-coupled receptor 124
Gao Y, Fan XW, Li WN, Ping W, Deng Y, Fu XN
187 - 194 Kindlin-2 inhibits serous epithelial ovarian cancer peritoneal dissemination and predicts patient outcomes
Ren CX, Du J, Xi CG, Yu Y, Hu A, Zhan J, Guo HY, Fang WG, Liu CR, Zhang HQ
195 - 200 Deregulated unfolded protein response in chronic wounds of diabetic ob/ob mice: A potential connection to inflammatory and angiogenic disorders in diabetes-impaired wound healing
Schurmann C, Goren I, Linke A, Pfeilschifter J, Frank S
201 - 205 Construction and direct electrochemistry of orientation controlled laccase electrode
Li Y, Zhang JW, Huang XR, Wang TH
206 - 211 The Y-located gonadoblastoma gene TSPY amplifies its own expression through a positive feedback loop in prostate cancer cells
Kido T, Lau YFC
212 - 217 Defective adipose tissue development associated with hepatomegaly in cathepsin E-deficient mice fed a high-fat diet
Kadowaki T, Kido MA, Hatakeyama J, Okamoto K, Tsukuba T, Yamamoto K
218 - 223 Detection of PIWI and piRNAs in the mitochondria of mammalian cancer cells
Kwon C, Tak H, Rho M, Chang HR, Kim YH, Kim KT, Balch C, Lee EK, Nam S
224 - 230 Autophagy regulation in pancreatic acinar cells is independent of epidermal growth factor receptor signaling
Ozaki N, Fukuchi Y, Tomiyoshi S, Uehara H, Ida S, Wang J, Araki K, Sibilia M, Baba H, Yamamura K, Ohmuraya M
231 - 234 Bidirectional motility of the fission yeast kinesin-5, Cut7
Edamatsu M
235 - 240 Dux4 induces cell cycle arrest at G1 phase through upregulation of p21 expression
Xu HL, Wang ZX, Jin SQ, Hao HJ, Zheng LM, Zhou BD, Zhang W, Lv H, Yuan Y
241 - 247 Cell cycle-dependent regulation of Aurora kinase B mRNA by the Microprocessor complex
Jung E, Seong Y, Seo JH, Kwon YS, Song H
248 - 254 Differences in c-Jun N-terminal kinase recognition and phosphorylation of closely related stathmin-family members
Yip YY, Yeap YYC, Bogoyevitch MA, Ng DCH
255 - 260 Rigidity and resistance of larval- and adult schistosomes-medium interface
Migliardo F, Tallima H, El Ridi R
261 - 266 TALE nickase mediates high efficient targeted transgene integration at the human multi-copy ribosomal DNA locus
Wu Y, Gao TL, Wang XL, Hu YJ, Hu XY, Hu ZQ, Pang JL, Li Z, Xue JF, Feng M, Wu LQ, Liang DS
267 - 271 Transcriptional regulation of miR-146b by C/EBP beta LAP2 in esophageal cancer cells
Li JX, Shan FB, Xiong G, Wang JM, Wang WL, Xu XQ, Bai Y
272 - 279 Overexpressed homeobox B9 regulates oncogenic activities by transforming growth factor-beta 1 in gliomas
Fang LP, Xu YH, Zou LJ
280 - 285 Over-expression of FoxM1 is associated with adverse prognosis and FLT3-ITD in acute myeloid leukemia
Liu LL, Zhang DH, Mao X, Zhang XH, Zhang B
286 - 291 Structural and biochemical study of Bacillus subtilis HmoB in complex with heme
Park S, Kim D, Jang I, Oh HB, Choe J
292 - 297 Atorvastatin attenuates myocardial remodeling induced by chronic intermittent hypoxia in rats: Partly involvement of TLR-4/MYD88 pathway
Yuan X, Deng Y, Guo XL, Shang J, Zhu D, Liu HG
298 - 303 Identification of a cDNA encoding a novel small secretory protein, neurosecretory protein GL, in the chicken hypothalamic infundibulum
Ukena K, Iwakoshi-Ukena E, Taniuchi S, Bessho Y, Maejima S, Masuda K, Shikano K, Kondo K, Furumitsu M, Tachibana T
304 - 308 Structure and flexibility of the tropomyosin overlap junction
Li XE, Orzechowski M, Lehman W, Fischer S
309 - 315 LC3B is indispensable for selective autophagy of p62 but not basal autophagy
Maruyama Y, Sou YS, Kageyama S, Takahashi T, Ueno T, Tanaka K, Komatsu M, Ichimura Y
316 - 321 Activation of galanin receptor 2 stimulates large conductance Ca2+-dependent K+ (BK) channels through the IP3 pathway in human embryonic kidney (HEK293) cells
Pan NC, Bai YF, Yang YT, Hokfelt T, Xu ZQD
322 - 327 Sox5 induces epithelial to mesenchymal transition by transactivation of Twist1
Pei XH, Lv XQ, Li HX
328 - 334 Insulin stimulates glucose transport via protein kinase G type I alpha-dependent pathway in podocytes
Piwkowska A, Rogacka D, Angielski S, Jankowski M
335 - 340 Reconstruction of functional endometrium-like tissue in vitro and in vivo using cell sheet engineering
Takagi S, Shimizu T, Kuramoto G, Ishitani K, Matsui H, Yamato M, Okano T
341 - 346 DNA binding of the p21 repressor ZBTB2 is inhibited by cytosine hydroxymethylation
Lafaye C, Barbier E, Miscioscia A, Saint-Pierre C, Kraut A, Coute Y, Plo I, Gasparutto D, Ravanat JL, Breton J
347 - 351 Overexpression of Snail in retinal pigment epithelial triggered epithelial-mesenchymal transition
Li H, Li M, Xu D, Zhao C, Liu GD, Wang F
352 - 357 Molecular determinants of the interaction between Doa1 and Hse1 involved in endosomal sorting
Han S, Shin D, Choi H, Lee S
358 - 363 Reversible control of F-1-ATPase rotational motion using a photochromic Cross Mark ATP analog at the single molecule level
Sunamura EI, Kamei T, Konno H, Tamaoki N, Hisabori T
364 - 369 The histone deacetylase SIRT6 suppresses the expression of the RNA-binding protein PCBP2 in glioma
Chen X, Mao B, Liu Y, Dai DW, Han GS, Li YN, Wu X, Zhou XP, Yue ZJ, Wang LX, Cao YQ, Liu JM
370 - 374 Mechanism of tetrodotoxin block and resistance in sodium channels
Chen R, Chung SH
375 - 379 An AFM-based pit-measuring method for indirect measurements of cell-surface membrane vesicles
Zhang XJ, Chen Y, Chen Y
380 - 386 C-terminal motif within Sec7 domain regulates guanine nucleotide exchange activity via tuning protein conformation
Qiu BA, Zhang K, Wang SL, Sun F
387 - 392 Hsp70 and Hsp90 oppositely regulate TGF-beta signaling through CHIP/Stubl
Shang Y, Xu XL, Duan XL, Guo JW, Wang YY, Ren FL, He DC, Chang ZJ
393 - 398 H2S relaxes isolated human airway smooth muscle cells via the sarcolemmal K-ATP channel
Fitzgerald R, DeSantiago B, Lee DY, Yang GD, Kim JY, Foster DB, Chan-Li Y, Horton MR, Panettieri RA, Wang R, An SS
399 - 403 Structural insights into PDZ-mediated interaction of NHERF2 and LPA(2), a cellular event implicated in CFTR channel regulation
Holcomb J, Jiang YY, Lu GR, Trescott L, Brunzelle J, Sirinupong N, Li CY, Naren AP, Yang Z
404 - 409 S100 to receptor for advanced glycation end-products binding assay: Looking for inhibitors
Padilla L, Dakhel S, Hernandez JL
410 - 416 GLP-1 promotes mitochondrial metabolism in vascular smooth muscle cells by enhancing endoplasmic reticulum-mitochondria coupling
Morales PE, Torres G, Sotomayor-Flores C, Pena-Oyarzun D, Rivera-Mejias P, Paredes F, Chiong M
417 - 422 Identification of NaCl and NaHCO3 stress responsive proteins in tomato roots using iTRAQ-based analysis
Gong B, Zhang CJ, Li X, Wen D, Wang SS, Shi QH, Wang XF