Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.444, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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451 - 454 A role for trans-caryophyllene in the moderation of insulin secretion
Wang SJ, Yang Z, Gao Y, Wang YF
455 - 460 Inhibition of miRNA-21 prevents fibrogenic activation in podocytes and tubular cells in IgA nephropathy
Bao H, Hu S, Zhang CM, Shi SL, Qin WS, Zeng CH, Zen K, Liu ZH
461 - 466 Participation of the extracellular domain in (pro)renin receptor dimerization
Suzuki-Nakagawa C, Nishimura M, Tsukamoto T, Aoyama S, Ebihara A, Suzuki F, Nakagawa T
467 - 472 Effects of Cd2+ on cis-dimer structure of E-cadherin in living cells
Takeda H
473 - 479 Impaired glomerulogenesis and endothelial cell migration in Pkd1-deficient renal organ cultures
Rowe I, Chiaravalli M, Piontek KB, Germino GG, Boletta A
480 - 484 Combinatory use of cell-free protein expression, limited proteolysis and mass spectrometry for the high-throughput protein domain identification
Shen XC, Chen SY, Ge H
485 - 490 Changes in seed water status as characterized by NMR in developing soybean seed grown under moisture stress conditions
Krishnan P, Singh R, Verma APS, Joshi DK, Singh S
491 - 495 Rab3A is a new interacting partner of synaptotagmin I and may modulate synaptic membrane fusion through a competitive mechanism
Xie CL, Li JL, Guo TY, Yan YZ, Tang C, Wang Y, Chen P, Wang XC, Liang SP
496 - 501 Macrophage migration inhibitory factor diminishes muscle glucose transport induced by insulin and AICAR in a muscle type-dependent manner
Miyatake S, Manabe Y, Inagaki A, Furuichi Y, Takagi M, Taoka M, Isobe T, Hirota K, Fujii NL
502 - 508 Blockage of Stat3 enhances the sensitivity of NSCLC cells to PI3K/mTOR inhibition
Jin HO, Lee YH, Park JA, Kim JH, Hong SE, Kim HA, Kim EK, Noh WC, Kim BH, Ye SK, Chang YH, Hong SI, Hong YJ, Park IC, Lee JK
509 - 513 The 31-kDa caspase-generated cleavage product of p130Cas antagonizes the action of MyoD during myogenesis
Jeong DE, Lee EK, Song WK, Kim W
514 - 519 Sequential introduction and dosage balance of defined transcription factors affect reprogramming efficiency from pancreatic duct cells into insulin-producing cells
Miyashita K, Miyatsuka T, Matsuoka TA, Sasaki S, Takebe S, Yasuda T, Watada H, Kaneto H, Shimomura I
520 - 524 Novel properties of antimicrobial peptide anoplin
Jindrichova B, Burketova L, Novotna Z
525 - 530 The role of glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase 1 in the progression of fatty liver after acute ethanol administration in mice
Sato T, Morita A, Mori N, Miura S
531 - 536 Expression of ATP-binding cassette membrane transporters in a HIV-1 transgenic rat model
Robillard KR, Hoque MT, Bendayan R
537 - 542 Equatorin is not essential for acrosome biogenesis but is required for the acrosome reaction
Hao JX, Chen M, Ji SY, Wang XN, Wang YB, Huang XX, Yang L, Wang YQ, Cui XH, Lv LM, Liu YX, Gao F
543 - 548 The phenotype and tissue-specific nature of multipotent cells derived from human mature adipocytes
Kou L, Lu XW, Wu MK, Wang H, Zhang YJ, Sato S, Shen JF
549 - 554 HUWE1 interacts with BRCA1 and promotes its degradation in the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
Wang XZ, Lu G, Li L, Yi J, Yan KW, Wang YQ, Zhu BL, Kuang JY, Lin M, Zhang S, Shao GZ
555 - 561 Dihydro-CDDO-trifluoroethyl amide suppresses inflammatory responses in macrophages via activation of Nrf2
Li B, Abdalrahman A, Lai YM, Janicki JS, Ward KW, Meyer CJ, Wang XL, Tang DQ, Cui T
562 - 567 Engineering micropatterned surfaces to modulate the function of vascular stem cells
Li J, Wu M, Chu J, Sochol R, Patel S
568 - 574 Regulation of cell-matrix adhesion by OLA1, the Obg-like ATPase 1
Jeyabal PVS, Rubio V, Chen HR, Zhang JW, Shi ZZ
575 - 580 Classification and interaction modes of 40 rice E2 ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes with 17 rice ARM-U-box E3 ubiquitin ligases
Bae H, Kim WT
581 - 587 Cobalt chloride induces neuronal differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells through upregulation of microRNA-124a
Jeon ES, Shin JH, Hwang SJ, Moon GJ, Bang OY, Kim HH
588 - 594 Identification of an atypical calcium-dependent calmodulin binding site on the C-terminal domain of GluN2A
Bajaj G, Hau AM, Hsu P, Gafken PR, Schimerlik MI, Ishmael JE
595 - 598 The beta-domain of cluster 2b streptokinase is a major determinant for the regulation of its plasminogen activation activity by cellular plasminogen receptors
Zhang Y, Mayfield JA, Ploplis VA, Castellino FJ
599 - 604 Cell-penetrating peptide-conjugated lipid nanoparticles for siRNA delivery
Asai T, Tsuzuku T, Takahashi S, Okamoto A, Dewa T, Nango M, Hyodo K, Ishihara H, Kikuchi H, Oku N
605 - 610 De-repression of RaRF-mediated RAR repression by adenovirus E1A in the nucleolus
Um SJ, Youn HS, Kim EJ
611 - 616 Epigenetic silencing of MicroRNA-503 regulates FANCA expression in non-small cell lung cancer cell
Li N, Zhang FF, Li SY, Zhou SZ
617 - 621 Diacylglycerol kinase gamma is a novel anionic phospholipid binding protein with a selective binding preference
Takeshita E, Kume A, Maeda Y, Sakai H, Sakane F
622 - 627 Augmenting podocyte injury promotes advanced diabetic kidney disease in Akita mice
Wang LM, Tang YP, Eisner W, Sparks MA, Buckley AF, Spurney RF
628 - 633 CD98hc regulates the development of experimental colitis by controlling effector and regulatory CD4(+) T cells
Bhuyan ZA, Arimochi H, Nishida J, Kataoka K, Kurihara T, Ishifune C, Tsumura H, Ito M, Ito Y, Kitamura A, Yasutomo K
634 - 637 PITX2 associates with PTIP-containing histone H3 lysine 4 methyltransferase complex
Liu Y, Huang Y, Fan J, Zhu GZ
638 - 643 Production of rhesus monkey cloned embryos expressing monomeric red fluorescent protein by interspecies somatic cell nuclear transfer
Zhu HY, Kang JD, Li S, Jin JX, Hong Y, Jin L, Guo Q, Gao QS, Yan CG, Yin XJ
644 - 650 Asymmetric spindle pole formation in CPAP-depleted mitotic cells
Lee M, Chang J, Chang S, Lee KS, Rhee K
651 - 655 Serine 83 in DosR, a response regulator from Mycobacterium tuberculosis, promotes its transition from an activated, phosphorylated state to an inactive, unphosphorylated state
Cho HY, Kang BS
656 - 661 Rck1 up-regulates pseudohyphal growth by activating the Ras2 and MAP kinase pathways independently in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Chang M, Kang CM, Park YS, Yun CW
662 - 669 Sirt3 controls chromosome alignment by regulating spindle dynamics during mitosis
Choi BS, Park JE, Jang CY
670 - 675 Blocking the NOTCH pathway can inhibit the growth of CD133-positive A549 cells and sensitize to chemotherapy
Liu JT, Mao ZF, Huang J, Xie SP, Liu TS, Mao ZF
676 - 681 MicroRNA mediates DNA methylation of target genes
Hu WX, Wang TZ, Xu JH, Li HZ
682 - 686 Aberrant histone acetylation contributes to elevated interleukin-6 production in rheumatoid arthritis synovial fibroblasts
Wada TT, Araki Y, Sato K, Aizaki Y, Yokota K, Kim YT, Oda H, Kurokawa R, Mimura T