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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.443, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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345 - 350 Community behavior and amyloid-associated phenotypes among a panel of uropathogenic E. coli
Lim JY, Pinkner JS, Cegelski L
351 - 356 Hepatocyte growth factor regulated tyrosine kinase substrate in the peripheral development and function of B-cells
Nagata T, Murata K, Murata R, Sun S, Saito Y, Yamaga S, Tanaka N, Tamai K, Moriya K, Kasai N, Sugamura K, Ishii N
357 - 362 Overexpression of tomato SpMPK3 gene in Arabidopsis enhances the osmotic tolerance
Li C, Chang PP, Ghebremariam KM, Qin L, Liang Y
363 - 369 Somatic mutational analysis of FAK in breast cancer: A novel gain-of-function mutation due to deletion of exon 33
Fang XQ, Liu XF, Yao L, Chen CQ, Gu ZD, Ni PH, Zheng XM, Fan QS
370 - 375 Solution structure of CEH-37 homeodomain of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Moon S, Lee YW, Kim WT, Lee W
376 - 381 The SufBCD protein complex is the scaffold for iron-sulfur cluster assembly in Thermus thermophiles HB8
Tian T, He H, Liu XQ
382 - 388 PPAR-gamma agonist stabilizes KLF4 protein via activating Akt signaling and reducing KLF4 ubiquitination
Sun Y, Zheng B, Zhang XH, He M, Guo ZW, Wen JK
389 - 394 Scd1 mammary-specific vector constructed and overexpressed in goat fibroblast cells resulting in an increase of palmitoleic acid and oleic acid
Wang LZ, You JH, Zhong BS, Ren CF, Zhang YL, Meng L, Zhang GM, Jia RX, Ying SJ, Wang F
395 - 399 Fibronectin alters the rate of formation and structure of the fibrin matrix
Ramanathan A, Karuri N
400 - 405 Expression analysis of histone acetyltransferases in rice under drought stress
Fang H, Liu X, Thorn G, Duan J, Tian LN
406 - 412 Dramatic suppression of colorectal cancer cell growth by the dual mTORC1 and mTORC2 inhibitor AZD-2014
Huo HZ, Zhou ZY, Wang B, Qin J, Liu WY, Gu Y
413 - 421 Immunomodulatory effect of poly-gamma-glutamic acid derived from Bacillus subtilis on natural killer dendritic cells
Lee SW, Park HJ, Park SH, Kim N, Hong S
422 - 427 Cell surface expression of MR1B, a splice variant of the MHC class I-related molecule MR1, revealed with antibodies
Yamaguchi H, Tsukamoto K, Hashimoto K
428 - 434 The effects of miR-467b on lipoprotein lipase (LPL) expression, pro-inflammatory cytokine, lipid levels and atherosclerotic lesions in apolipoprotein E knockout mice
Tian GP, Tang YY, He PP, Lv YC, Ouyang XP, Zhao GJ, Tang SL, Wu JF, Wang JL, Peng J, Zhang M, Li Y, Cayabyab FS, Zheng XL, Zhang DW, Yin WD, Tang CK
435 - 440 ATP sensitive bi-quinoline activator of the AMP-activated protein kinase
Scott JW, Oakhill JS, Ling NXY, Langendorf CG, Foitzik RC, Kemp BE, Issinger OG
441 - 446 Remodeling of ion channel expression may contribute to electrophysiological consequences caused by methamphetamine in vitro and in vivo
Qu YH, Leung KP, Qiao DF, Li DR, Liu C, Yue X, Wang HJ
447 - 452 Alpha-melanocyte stimulating hormone protects retinal pigment epithelium cells from oxidative stress through activation of melanocortin 1 receptor-Akt-mTOR signaling
Cheng LB, Cheng L, Bi HE, Zhang ZQ, Yao J, Zhou XZ, Jiang Q
453 - 457 Identification of novel dendritic cell subset markers in human blood
Schutz F, Hackstein H
458 - 463 HER4 selectively coregulates estrogen stimulated genes associated with breast tumor cell proliferation
Han W, Jones FE
464 - 469 Inhibition of aldolase A blocks biogenesis of ATP and attenuates Japanese encephalitis virus production
Tien CF, Cheng SC, Ho YP, Chen YS, Hsu JH, Chang RY
470 - 476 Accumulation of nano-sized particles in a murine model of angiogenesis
Wittenborn TR, Larsen EKU, Nielsen T, Rydtoft LM, Hansen L, Nygaard JV, Vorup-Jensen T, Kjems J, Horsman MR, Nielsen NC
477 - 482 SREBP-2 negatively regulates FXR-dependent transcription of FGF19 in human intestinal cells
Miyata M, Hata T, Yamazoe Y, Yoshinari K
483 - 488 Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of cysteine-free coprisin nonapeptides
Lee J, Lee D, Choi H, Kim HH, Kim H, Hwang JS, Lee DG, Kim JI
489 - 494 Reciprocal regulation of LXR alpha activity by ASXL1 and ASXL2 in lipogenesis
Park UH, Seong MR, Kim EJ, Hur W, Kim SW, Yoon SK, Um SJ
495 - 499 The N-terminal strand modulates immunoglobulin light chain fibrillogenesis
del Pozo-Yauner L, Wall JS, Andrade MG, Sanchez-Lopez R, Rodriguez-Ambriz SL, Carreon JIP, Ochoa-Leyva A, Fernandez-Velasco DA
500 - 504 NOTCH1 signaling regulates the BMP2/DLX-3 directed osteogenic differentiation of dental follicle cells
Viale-Bouroncle S, Gosau M, Morsczeck C
505 - 510 Steroid hormones are novel nucleoside transport inhibitors by competition with nucleosides for their transporters
Kaneko M, Hakuno F, Kamei H, Yamanaka D, Chida K, Minami S, Coe IR, Takahashi SI
511 - 517 N'[4-(dipropylamino)benzylidene]-2-hydroxybenzohydrazide is a dynamin GTPase inhibitor that suppresses cancer cell migration and invasion by inhibiting actin polymerization
Yamada H, Abe T, Li SA, Tago S, Huang P, Watanabe M, Ikeda S, Ogo N, Asai A, Takei K
518 - 523 The multiple expression of Ca2+-activated Cl- channels via homo- and hetero-dimer formation of TMEM16A splicing variants in murine portal vein
Ohshiro J, Yamamura H, Saeki T, Suzuki Y, Imaizumi Y
524 - 530 Murine T cell activation is regulated by surfen (bis-2-methyl-4-amino-quinolyl-6-carbamide)
Warford J, Doucette CD, Hoskin DW, Easton AS
531 - 536 Characterization of NMDP-mediated calcium signaling in human spermatozoa
Sanchez-Tusie AA, Vasudevan SR, Churchill GC, Nishigaki T, Trevino CL
537 - 542 FOXL2-induced follistatin attenuates activin A-stimulated cell proliferation in human granulosa cell tumors
Cheng JC, Chang HM, Qiu X, Fang LL, Leung PCK
543 - 548 The Saccharomyces cerevisiae poly(A)-binding protein is subject to multiple post-translational modifications, including the methylation of glutamic acid
Low JKK, Hart-Smith G, Erce MA, Wilkins MR
549 - 555 V-ATPase-dependent luminal acidification is required for endocytic recycling of a yeast cell wall stress sensor, Wsc1p
Ueno K, Saito M, Nagashima M, Kojima A, Nishinoaki S, Toshima JY, Toshima J
556 - 561 Uric acid induces NADPH oxidase-independent neutrophil extracellular trap formation
Arai Y, Nishinaka Y, Arai T, Morita M, Mizugishi K, Adachi S, Takaori-Kondo A, Watanabe T, Yamashita K
562 - 567 BSA-boronic acid conjugate as lectin mimetics
Narla SN, Pinnamaneni P, Nie H, Li Y, Sun XL
568 - 573 Bipolar nanosecond electric pulses are less efficient at electropermeabilization and killing cells than monopolar pulses
Ibey BL, Ullery JC, Pakhomova ON, Roth CC, Semenov I, Beier HT, Tarango M, Xiao S, Schoenbach KH, Pakhomov AG
574 - 579 Genetic mutations in adipose triglyceride lipase and myocardial up-regulation of peroxisome proliferated activated receptor-gamma in patients with triglyceride deposit cardiomyovasculopathy
Hirano K, Tanaka T, Ikeda Y, Yamaguchi S, Zaima N, Kobayashi K, Suzuki A, Sakata Y, Sakata Y, Kobayashi K, Toda T, Fukushima N, Ishibashi-Ueda H, Tavian D, Nagasaka H, Hui SP, Chiba H, Sawa Y, Hori M
580 - 585 critical role for the regulation of Syk from agglutination to aggregation in human platelets
Shih CH, Chiang TB, Wang WJ
586 - 591 Clock upregulates intercellular adhesion molecule-1 expression and promotes mononuclear cells adhesion to endothelial cells
Gao YH, Meng D, Sun N, Zhu Z, Zhao R, Lu C, Chen SF, Hua LC, Qian RZ
592 - 597 Evolutionarily conserved IMPACT impairs various stress responses that require GCN1 for activating the eIF2 kinase GCN2
Cambiaghi TD, Pereira CM, Shanmugam R, Bolech M, Wek RC, Sattlegger E, Castilho BA
598 - 603 GSK3 beta negatively regulates HIF1 alpha mRNA stability via nucleolin in the MG63 osteosarcoma cell line
Cheng DD, Zhao HG, Yang YS, Hu T, Yang QC
604 - 609 Altered expression of calcineurin, calpain, calpastatin and HMWCaMBP in cardiac cells following ischemia and reperfusion
Parameswaran S, Sharma RK
610 - 616 8-Oxo-2'-deoxyguanosine ameliorates features of metabolic syndrome in obese mice
Ko SH, Lee JK, Lee HJ, Ye SK, Kim HS, Chung MH
617 - 621 Cilostazol promotes production of melanin by activating the microphthalmia-associated transcription factor (MITF)
Wei B, Zhang YP, Yan HZ, Xu Y, Du TM
622 - 627 Inversed relationship between CD44 variant and c-Myc due to oxidative stress-induced canonical Wnt activation
Yoshida GJ, Saya H
628 - 634 The cytoprotective role of autophagy in puromycin aminonucleoside treated human podocytes
Kang YL, Saleem MA, Chan KW, Yung BYM, Law HKW
635 - 640 Imaging Axl expression in pancreatic and prostate cancer xenografts
Nimmagadda S, Pullambhatla M, Lisok A, Hu CX, Maitra A, Pomper MG
641 - 645 Measurement of HMG CoA reductase activity in different human cell lines by ultra-performance liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry
Kuzaj P, Kuhn J, Faust I, Knabbe C, Hendig D
646 - 651 Forced running exercise attenuates hippocampal neurogenesis impairment and the neurocognitive deficits induced by whole-brain irradiation via the BDNF-mediated pathway
Ji JF, Ji SJ, Sun R, Li K, Zhang Y, Zhang LY, Tian Y
652 - 657 Knockdown of p53 suppresses Nanog expression in embryonic stem cells
Abdelalim EM, Tooyama I
658 - 665 Dioscin inhibits osteoclast differentiation and bone resorption though down-regulating the Akt signaling cascades
Qu XH, Zhai ZJ, Liu XQ, Li HW, Ouyang ZX, Wu CL, Liu GW, Fan QM, Tang TT, Qin A, Dai KR
666 - 671 Effect of a cholesterol-rich lipid environment on the enzymatic activity of reconstituted hyaluronan synthase
Ontong P, Hatada Y, Taniguchi S, Kakizaki I, Itano N
672 - 676 The control of lipid metabolism by mRNA splicing in Drosophila
Gingras RM, Warren ME, Nagengast AA, DiAngelo JR
677 - 682 A unique F-type H+-ATPase from Streptococcus mutans: An active H+ pump at acidic pH
Sasaki Y, Nogami E, Maeda M, Nakanishi-Matsui M, Iwamoto-Kihara A
683 - 688 Kruppel-like transcription factor 11 (KLF11) overexpression inhibits cardiac hypertrophy and fibrosis in mice
Zheng Y, Kong Y, Li F
689 - 693 IRS1(Ser307) phosphorylation does not mediate mTORC1-induced insulin resistance
Herrema H, Lee JM, Zhou YJ, Copps KD, White MF, Ozcan U
694 - 699 A supra-cellular model for coupling of bone resorption to formation during remodeling: lessons from two bone resorption inhibitors affecting bone formation differently
Jensen PR, Andersen TL, Pennypacker BL, Duong LT, Engelholm LH, Delaisse JM
700 - 705 Generation of functional endothelial-like cells from adult mouse germline-derived pluripotent stem cells
Kim J, Eligehausen S, Stehling M, Nikol S, Ko K, Waltenberger J, Klocke R
706 - 711 Baclofen, a GABA(B) receptor agonist, enhances ubiquitin-proteasome system functioning and neuronal survival in Huntington's disease model mice
Kim W, Seo H
712 - 717 Salinomycin inhibits proliferation and induces apoptosis of human nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell in vitro and suppresses tumor growth in vivo
Wu DX, Zhang Y, Huang J, Fan ZR, Shi FR, Wang SM
718 - 724 A novel lysophosphatidic acid acyltransferase enzyme (LPAAT4) with a possible role for incorporating docosahexaenoic acid into brain glycerophospholipids
Eto M, Shindou H, Shimizu T
725 - 730 Mechanisms underlying hypertriglyceridemia in rats with monosodium L-glutamate-induced obesity: Evidence of XBP-1/PDI/MTP axis activation
Franca LM, Freitas LNC, Chagas VT, Coelho CFF, Barroso WA, Costa GC, Silva LA, Debbas V, Laurindo FRM, Paes AMD
731 - 737 TLR4-dependent metabolic changes are associated with cognitive impairment in an animal model of type 1 diabetes
Kawamoto EM, Cutler RG, Rothman SM, Mattson MP, Camandola S
738 - 742 Prostaglandin receptor EP1-mediated differential degradation of cyclooxygenases involves a specific lysine residue
Spector-Chotiner A, Shraga-Heled N, Sood R, Rimon G, Barki-Harrington L
743 - 748 Akt-independent GSK3 inactivation downstream of PI3K signaling regulates mammalian axon regeneration
Zhang BY, Saijilafu, Liu CM, Wang RY, Zhu QS, Jiao ZX, Zhou FQ
749 - 755 Indatraline inhibits Rho- and calcium-mediated glioblastoma cell motility and angiogenesis
Heo JC, Jung TH, Jung DY, Park WK, Cho H
756 - 760 Genome-wide analysis reveals the expansion of Cytochrome P450 genes associated with xenobiotic metabolism in rice striped stem borer, Chilo suppressalis
Wang BJ, Shahzad MF, Zhang Z, Sun HN, Han P, Li F, Han ZJ
761 - 767 Inhibition of protein synthesis and JNK activation are not required for cell death induced by anisomycin and anisomycin analogues
Monaghan D, O'Connell E, Cruickshank FL, O'Sullivan B, Giles FJ, Hulme AN, Fearnhead HO
768 - 774 Coordinated transcriptional regulation of isopentenyl diphosphate biosynthetic pathway enzymes in plastids by phytochrome-interacting factor 5
Mannen K, Matsumoto T, Takahashi S, Yamaguchi Y, Tsukagoshi M, Sano R, Suzuki H, Sakurai N, Shibata D, Koyama T, Nakayama T
775 - 781 Transplantation of insulin-secreting cells differentiated from human adipose tissue-derived stem cells into type 2 diabetes mice
Nam JS, Kang HM, Kim J, Park S, Kim H, Ahn CW, Park JO, Kim KR