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1 - 6 Mechanism-based inhibition of cancer metastasis with (-)-epigallocatechin gallate
Takahashi A, Watanabe T, Mondal A, Suzuki K, Kurusu-Kanno M, Li ZH, Yamazaki T, Fujiki H, Suganuma M
7 - 12 The UbL protein UBTD1 stably interacts with the UBE2D family of E2 ubiquitin conjugating enzymes
Uhler JP, Spahr H, Farge G, Clavel S, Larsson NG, Falkenberg M, Samuelsson T, Gustafsson CM
13 - 17 Down-regulation of Fas-mediated apoptosis by plasma transglutaminase factor XIII that catalyzes fetal-specific cross-link of the Fas molecule
Kikuchi H, Kuribayashi F, Imajoh-Ohmi S
18 - 21 Molecular chaperone function of Arabidopsis thaliana phloem protein 2-A1, encodes a protein similar to phloem lectin
Lee JR, Boltz KA, Lee SY
22 - 27 Upstream binding factor-dependent and pre-rRNA transcription-independent association of pre-rRNA processing factors with rRNA gene
Ueshima S, Nagata K, Okuwaki M
28 - 31 Antitumour agents as inhibitors of tryptophan 2,3-dioxygenase
Pantouris G, Mowat CG
32 - 36 Small molecule glutaminase inhibitors block glutamate release from stimulated microglia
Thomas AG, O'Driscoll CM, Bressler J, Kaufmann WE, Rojas CJ, Slusher BS
37 - 41 Selection of DNA aptamers that bind to influenza A viruses with high affinity and broad subtype specificity
Shiratori I, Akitomi J, Boltz DA, Horii K, Furuichi M, Waga I
42 - 48 CTRP3 plays an important role in the development of collagen-induced arthritis in mice
Murayama MA, Kakuta S, Maruhashi T, Shimizu K, Seno A, Kubo S, Sato N, Saijo S, Hattori M, Iwakura Y
49 - 55 Disturbance of DKK1 level is partly involved in survival of lung cancer cells via regulation of ROMO1 and gamma-radiation sensitivity
Kim IG, Kim SY, Kim HA, Kim JY, Lee JH, Choi SI, Han JR, Kim KC, Cho EW
56 - 61 The Ca2+ channel TRPML3 specifically interacts with the mammalian ATG8 homologue GATE16 to regulate autophagy
Choi S, Kim HJ
62 - 67 beta TrCP-mediated ubiquitylation regulates protein stability of Mis18 beta in a cell cycle-dependent manner
Kim IS, Lee M, Park JH, Jeon R, Baek SH, Kim KI
68 - 73 Activation of farnesoid X receptor attenuates hepatic injury in a murine model of alcoholic liver disease
Wu WB, Zhu B, Peng XM, Zhou ML, Jia DW, Gu JX
74 - 79 Saponin monomer 13 of dwarf lilyturf tuber (DT-13) protects serum withdrawal-induced apoptosis through PI3K/Akt in HUVEC
Qiu C, Jozsef L, Yu BY, Yu J
80 - 85 Validation of a simple and fast method to quantify in vitro mineralization with fluorescent probes used in molecular imaging of bone
Moester MJC, Schoeman MAE, Oudshoorn IB, van Beusekom MM, Mol IM, Kaijzel EL, Lowik CWGM, de Rooij KE
86 - 90 Ubiquitous distribution of phosphatidylinositol phosphate synthase and archaetidylinositol phosphate synthase in Bacteria and Archaea, which contain inositol phospholipid
Morii H, Ogawa M, Fukuda K, Taniguchi H
91 - 96 Prolyl oligopeptidase inhibition-induced growth arrest of human gastric cancer cells
Suzuki K, Sakaguchi M, Tanaka S, Yoshimoto T, Takaoka M
97 - 102 ATP binding to two sites is necessary for dimerization of nucleotide-binding domains of ABC proteins
Zoghbi ME, Altenberg GA
103 - 109 The human cathelicidin LL-37 enhances airway mucus production in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Zhang YK, Jiang YY, Sun CC, Wang Q, Yang ZH, Pan XJ, Zhu MX, Xiao W
110 - 114 The cataract-associated V41M mutant of human gamma S-crystallin shows specific structural changes that directly enhance local surface hydrophobicity
Bharat SV, Shekhtman A, Pande J
115 - 119 Synthetic embryonic lethality upon deletion of the ER cochaperone p58(IPK) and the ER stress sensor ATF6 alpha
Gomez JA, Tyra HM, DeZwaan-McCabe D, Olivier AK, Rutkowski DT
120 - 125 Hypoxia and hypoxia mimetic cooperate to counteract tumor cell resistance to glucose starvation preferentially in tumor cells with mutant p53
Chavez-Perez VA, Strasberg-Rieber M, Rieber M
126 - 131 Peptides derived from human galectin-3 N-terminal tail interact with its carbohydrate recognition domain in a phosphorylation-dependent manner
Berbis MA, Andre S, Canada FJ, Pipkorn R, Ippel H, Mayo KH, Kubler D, Gabius HJ, Jimenez-Barbero J
132 - 137 Tussilagone suppresses colon cancer cell proliferation by promoting the degradation of beta-catenin
Li H, Lee HJ, Ahn YH, Kwon HJ, Jang CY, Kim WY, Ryu JH
138 - 143 Downregualtion of dynamin-related protein 1 attenuates glutamate-induced excitotoxicity via regulating mitochondrial function in a calcium dependent manner in HT22 cells
Zhang C, Yuan XR, Li HY, Zhao ZJ, Liao YW, Wang XY, Su J, Sang SS, Liu Q
144 - 149 CB2 cannabinoid receptor is a novel target for third-generation selective estrogen receptor modulators bazedoxifene and lasofoxifene
Kumar P, Song ZH
150 - 155 Nerve growth factor stimulates regeneration of perivascular nerve, and induces the maturation of microvessels around the injured artery
Asanome A, Kawabe J, Matsuki M, Kabara M, Hira Y, Bochimoto H, Yamauchi A, Aonuma T, Takehara N, Watanabe T, Hasebe N
156 - 160 Aberrant expression of SIRT3 is conversely correlated with the progression and prognosis of human gastric cancer
Yang B, Fu XQ, Shao L, Ding Y, Zeng D
161 - 166 Aquaporin 3 and 8 are down-regulated in TNBS-induced rat colitis
Zhao GX, Li J, Wang JY, Shen XZ, Sun JY
167 - 172 Age-related disruption of autophagy in dermal fibroblasts modulates extracellular matrix components
Tashiro K, Shishido M, Fujimoto K, Hirota Y, Yo K, Gomi T, Tanaka Y
173 - 178 Processing of glutathionylcobalamin by a bovine B-12 trafficking chaperone bCblC involved in intracellular B-12 metabolism
Jeong J, Park J, Park J, Kim J
179 - 184 Active site proton delivery and the lyase activity of human CYP17A1
Khatri Y, Gregory MC, Grinkova YV, Denisov IG, Sligar SG
185 - 188 H-1 NMR spectroscopic studies establish that heparanase is a retaining glycosidase
Wilson JC, Laloo AE, Singh S, Ferro V
189 - 193 Pre-pore oligomer formation by Vibrio cholerae cytolysin: Insights from a truncated variant lacking the pore-forming pre-stem loop
Paul K, Chattopadhyay K
194 - 199 Purification and characterization of a carboxymethyl cellulase from Artemia salina
Zin HW, Park KH, Choi TJ
200 - 204 Kinetic and equilibrium studies of acrylonitrile binding to cytochrome c peroxidase and oxidation of acrylonitrile by cytochrome c peroxidase compound I
Chinchilla D, Kilheeney H, Vitello LB, Erman JE
205 - 210 Midkine exacerbates pressure overload-induced cardiac remodeling
Netsu S, Shishido T, Kitahara T, Honda Y, Funayama A, Narumi T, Kadowaki S, Takahashi H, Miyamoto T, Arimoto T, Nishiyama S, Watanabe T, Woo CH, Takeishi Y, Kubota I
211 - 216 Activation of farnesoid X receptor induces RECK expression in mouse liver
Peng XM, Wu WB, Zhu B, Sun ZC, Ji LL, Ruan YY, Zhou ML, Zhou L, Gu JX
217 - 222 Nuclear AXIN2 represses MYC gene expression
Rennoll SA, Konsavage WM, Yochum GS
223 - 228 Hyperoxia inhibits glucose-induced insulin secretion and mitochondrial metabolism in rat pancreatic islets
Ma ZH, Moruzzi N, Catrina SB, Grill V, Bjorklund A
229 - 233 Characterization of vegetative storage protein (VSP) and low molecular proteins induced by water deficit in stolon of white clover
Lee BR, Lee DG, Avice JC, Kim TH
234 - 238 Human C-kit+CD45-cardiac stem cells are heterogeneous and display both cardiac and endothelial commitment by single-cell qPCR analysis
Sandstedt J, Jonsson M, Dellgren G, Lindahl A, Jeppsson A, Asp J
239 - 245 EpCAM expression in the prostate cancer makes the difference in the response to growth factors
Yoshida GJ, Saya H
246 - 251 TNF alpha induces the expression of genes associated with endothelial dysfunction through p38MAPK-mediated down-regulation of miR-149
Palmieri D, Capponi S, Geroldi A, Mura M, Mandich P, Palombo D
252 - 258 Identification of a novel Ser/Thr protein phosphatase Ppq1 as a negative regulator of mating MAP kinase pathway in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Shim E, Park SH
259 - 265 Cell cycle-dependent SUMO-1 conjugation to nuclear mitotic apparatus protein (NuMA)
Seo JS, Kim HN, Kim SJ, Bang J, Kim EA, Sung KS, Yoon HJ, Yoo HY, Choi CY
266 - 271 Perillyl alcohol suppresses antigen-induced immune responses in the lung
Imamura M, Sasaki O, Okunishi K, Nakagome K, Harada H, Kawahata K, Tanaka R, Yamamoto K, Dohi M
272 - 277 Understanding cross-communication between aboveground and belowground tissues via transcriptome analysis of a sucking insect whitefly-infested pepper plants
Park YS, Ryu CM
278 - 284 Hallucinogenic 5-HT2AR agonists LSD and DOI enhance dopamine D2R protomer recognition and signaling of D2-5-HT2A heteroreceptor complexes
Borroto-Escuela DO, Romero-Fernandez W, Narvaez M, Oflijan J, Agnati LF, Fuxe K
285 - 289 supraHex: An R/Bioconductor package for tabular omics data analysis using a supra-hexagonal map
Fang H, Gough J
290 - 295 Nucleoprotein of influenza B virus binds to its type A counterpart and disrupts influenza A viral polymerase complex formation
Rajesh PS, Rai VR
296 - 300 Nucleoprotein of influenza B virus binds to its type A counterpart and disrupts influenza A viral polymerase complex formation
Jaru-Ampornpan P, Narkpuk J, Wanitchang A, Jongkaewwattana A
301 - 307 Bovine alpha-2-HS-glycoprotein functions as a booster antigen for efficiently stimulating humoral immune responses to CCR5 and SIVmac239 envelope glycoprotein
Otsubo Y, Yashiro S, Nozaki K, Matsuura K, Kiyonaga K, Mitsumata R, Takahashi Y, Masuyama M, Muneoka A, Takamune N, Shoji S, Misumi S
308 - 312 Design and expression of a short peptide as an HIV detection probe
Lines JA, Yu ZQ, Dedkova LM, Chen SX
313 - 320 Transgenic mice expressing mutant Pinin exhibit muscular dystrophy, nebulin deficiency and elevated expression of slow-type muscle fiber genes
Wu HP, Hsu SY, Wu WA, Hu JW, Ouyang P
321 - 325 The calmodulin inhibitor and antipsychotic drug trifluoperazine inhibits voltage-dependent K+ channels in rabbit coronary arterial smooth muscle cells
Hong DH, Son YK, Li HL, Jung ID, Park YM, Jung WK, Kim HS, Choi IW, Park WS
326 - 332 Luteolin exhibits anti-inflammatory effects by blocking the activity of heat shock protein 90 in macrophages
Chen D, Bi AJ, Dong XL, Jiang Y, Rui B, Liu JJ, Yin ZM, Luo L
333 - 338 ER stress-inducible ATF3 suppresses BMP2-induced ALP expression and activation in MC3T3-E1 cells
Park JK, Jang H, Hwang S, Kim EJ, Kim DE, Oh KB, Kwon DJ, Koh JT, Kimura K, Inoue H, Jang WG, Lee JW
339 - 343 Shikonin shortens the circadian period: Possible involvement of Top2 inhibition
Ogawa Y, Kawano Y, Yamazaki Y, Onishi Y
344 - 344 TFEB activation promotes the recruitment of lysosomal glycohydrolases beta-hexosaminidase and beta-galactosidase to the plasma membrane (vol 440, pg 251, 2013)
Magini A, Polchi A, Urbanelli L, Cesselli D, Beltrami A, Tancini B, Emiliani C