Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.439, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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419 - 426 The moyamoya disease susceptibility variant RNF213 R4810K (rs112735431) induces genomic instability by mitotic abnormality
Hitomi T, Habu T, Kobayashi H, Okuda H, Harada KH, Osafune K, Taura D, Sone M, Asaka I, Ameku T, Watanabe A, Kasahara T, Sudo T, Shiota F, Hashikata H, Takagi Y, Morito D, Miyamoto S, Nakao K, Koizumi A
427 - 432 Recombinant production and solution structure of lipid transfer protein from lentil Lens culinaris
Gizatullina AK, Finkina EI, Mineev KS, Melnikova DN, Bogdanov IV, Telezhinskaya IN, Balandin SV, Shenkarev ZO, Arseniev AS, Ovchinnikova TV
433 - 437 Increase in muscarinic stimulation-induced Ca2+ response by adenovirus-mediated Stim1-mKO1 gene transfer to rat submandibular acinar cells in vivo
Morita T, Nezu A, Tojyo Y, Tanimura A
438 - 442 Mob as tumor suppressor is regulated by bantam microRNA through a feedback loop for tissue growth control
Zhang YF, Lai ZC
443 - 448 Cytoplasmic localization of Hug1p, a negative regulator of the MEC1 pathway, coincides with the compartmentalization of Rnr2p-Rnr4p
Ainsworth WB, Hughes BT, Au WC, Sakelaris S, Kerscher O, Benton MG, Basrai MA
449 - 452 Induction of amino acid transporters expression by endurance exercise in rat skeletal muscle
Murakami T, Yoshinaga M
453 - 458 Visualizing the effect of tumor microenvironments on radiation-induced cell kinetics in multicellular spheroids consisting of HeLa cells
Kaida A, Miura M
459 - 463 Rhodamine-based "turn-on" fluorescent probe with high selectivity for Fe2+ imaging in living cells
Hou GG, Wang CH, Sun JF, Yang MZ, Lin D, Li HJ
464 - 470 Antihypertensive drug Valsartan promotes dendritic spine density by altering AMPA receptor trafficking
Sohn YI, Lee NJ, Chung A, Saavedra JM, Turner RS, Pak DTS, Hoe HS
471 - 476 A novel chronic stress-induced shift in the Th1 to Th2 response promotes colon cancer growth
Hou N, Zhang X, Zhao LY, Zhao XG, Li ZF, Song TS, Huang C
477 - 480 Heme-binding properties of heme detoxification protein from Plasmodium falciparum
Nakatani K, Ishikawa H, Aono S, Mizutani Y
481 - 486 CREB, another culprit for TIGAR promoter activity and expression
Zou SB, Wang XZ, Deng LQ, Wang YC, Huang B, Zhang N, Fan QS, Luo J
487 - 492 Focal adhesion kinase mediates beta-catenin signaling in periodontal ligament cells
Premaraj S, Souza I, Premaraj T
493 - 500 MicroRNA-130b targets Fmr1 and regulates embryonic neural progenitor cell proliferation and differentiation
Gong X, Zhang KS, Wang YL, Wang JB, Cui YR, Li SG, Luo YP
501 - 505 Nrg1 functions as a global transcriptional repressor of glucose-repressed genes through its direct binding to the specific promoter regions
Lee SB, Kang HS, Kim T
506 - 510 Regulation of neuropeptide Y Y1 receptor expression by bone morphogenetic protein 2 in C2C12 myoblasts
Kurebayashi N, Sato M, Fujisawa T, Fukushima K, Tamura M
511 - 516 Vascular VPO1 expression is related to the endothelial dysfunction in spontaneously hypertensive rats
Yang LZ, Bai YP, Li NS, Hu CP, Peng J, Cheng GJ, Zhang GG, Shi RZ
517 - 521 Transient light-induced intracellular oxidation revealed by redox biosensor
Kolossov VL, Beaudoin JN, Hanafin WP, DiLiberto SJ, Kenis PJA, Gaskins HR
522 - 527 Ascorbate-induced generation of 5-hydroxymethylcytosine is unaffected by varying levels of iron and 2-oxoglutarate
Dickson KM, Gustafson CB, Young JI, Zuchner S, Wang GF
528 - 532 The naive effector cells of collagen type I during acute experimental pancreatitis are acinar cells and not pancreatic stellate cells
Gong JQ, Wang YH, Jiang R, Zhang GH, Tian FZ
533 - 538 The crystal structure of a novel phosphopantothenate synthetase from the hyperthermophilic archaea, Thermococcus onnurineus NA1
Kim MK, An YJ, Cha SS
539 - 546 In silico analysis of stomach lineage specific gene set expression pattern in gastric cancer
Pandi NS, Suganya S, Rajendran S
547 - 551 Identification of short-lived long non-coding RNAs as surrogate indicators for chemical stress response
Tani H, Torimura M
552 - 558 Differentiation of reprogrammed human adipose mesenchymal stem cells toward neural cells with defined transcription factors
Qu XJ, Liu TQ, Song KD, Li XQ, Ge D
559 - 563 p27(KiP1) inhibits tissue factor expression
Breitenstein A, Akhmedov A, Camici GG, Luscher TF, Tanner FC
564 - 569 Molecular basis for homo-dimerization of the CIDE domain revealed by the crystal structure of the CIDE-N domain of FSP27
Lee SM, Jang TH, Park HH
570 - 575 Cellular aging is associated with increased ubiquitylation of histone H2B in yeast telomeric heterochromatin
Rhie BH, Song YH, Ryu HY, Ahn SH
576 - 579 Four products from Escherichia coli pseudogenes increase hydrogen production
Yusoff MZM, Hashiguchi Y, Maeda T, Wood TK
580 - 585 Marine algal fucoxanthin inhibits the metastatic potential of cancer cells
Chung TW, Choi HJ, Lee JY, Jeong HS, Kim CH, Joo M, Choi JY, Han CW, Kim SY, Choi JS, Ha KT
586 - 590 Targeting SHP2 for EGFR inhibitor resistant non-small cell lung carcinoma
Xu J, Zeng LF, Shen WH, Turchi JJ, Zhang ZY
591 - 596 GATA4 loss-of-function mutation underlies familial dilated cardiomyopathy
Li RG, Li L, Qiu XB, Yuan F, Xu L, Li X, Xu YJ, Jiang WF, Jiang JQ, Liu X, Fang WY, Zhang M, Peng LY, Qu XK, Yang YQ