Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.438, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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243 - 248 Kinetic characterization of ebselen, chelerythrine and apomorphine as glutaminase inhibitors
Thomas AG, Rojas C, Tanega C, Shen M, Simeonov A, Boxer MB, Auld DS, Ferraris DV, Tsukamoto T, Slusher BS
249 - 256 Differential COX-2 induction by viral and bacterial PAMPs: Consequences for cytokine and interferon responses and implications for anti-viral COX-2 directed therapies
Kirkby NS, Zaiss AK, Wright WR, Jiao J, Chan MV, Warner TD, Herschman HR, Mitchell JA
257 - 263 Dual effect of chemokine CCL7/MCP-3 in the development of renal tubulointerstitial fibrosis
Gonzalez J, Mouttalib S, Delage C, Calise D, Maoret JJ, Pradere JP, Klein J, Buffin-Meyer B, Van der Veen B, Charo IF, Heeringa P, Duchene J, Bascands JL, Schanstra JP
264 - 269 TXNIP interacts with hEcd to increase p53 stability and activity
Suh HW, Yun S, Song H, Jung H, Park YJ, Kim TD, Yoon SR, Choi I
270 - 276 Resveratrol protects cardiomyocytes from oxidative stress through SIRT1 and mitochondrial biogenesis signaling pathways
Li YG, Zhu W, Tao JP, Xin P, Liu MY, Li JB, Wei M
277 - 282 Senescent endothelial cells are prone to TNF-alpha-induced cell death due to expression of FAS receptor
Jeon H, Boo YC
283 - 288 Inhibition of GATE-16 attenuates ATRA-induced neutrophil differentiation of APL cells and interferes with autophagosome formation
Brigger D, Torbett BE, Chen J, Fey MF, Tschan MP
289 - 294 High-level heterologous expression of fungal cytochrome P450s in Escherichia coli
Ichinose H, Wariishi H
295 - 300 Validation of Alexa-647-ATP as a powerful tool to study P2X receptor ligand binding and desensitization
Bhargava Y, Nicke A, Rettinger J
301 - 305 Targeted disruption of fad24, a regulator of adipogenesis, causes pre-implantation embryonic lethality due to the growth defect at the blastocyst stage
Ochiai N, Nishizuka M, Miyamoto T, Miyoshi I, Ikawa M, Osada S, Imagawa M
306 - 311 Involvement of EnvZ-OmpR two-component system in virulence control of Escherichia coli in Drosophila melanogaster
Pukklay P, Nakanishi Y, Nitta M, Yamamoto K, Ishihama A, Shiratsuchi A
312 - 317 Zn2+ induces apoptosis in human highly metastatic SHG-44 glioma cells, through inhibiting activity of the voltage-gated proton channel Hv1
Wang YF, Zhang SR, Li SJ
318 - 323 Kamolonol suppresses angiotensin II-induced stress fiber formation and cellular hypertrophy through inhibition of Rho-associated kinase 2 activity
Kim MS, Oh KS, Lee JH, Ryu SY, Mun J, Lee BH
324 - 328 Quantitative analysis of RASSF1A promoter methylation in hepatocellular carcinoma and its prognostic implications
Xu BY, Di JZ, Wang ZG, Han XD, Li ZH, Luo XY, Zheng Q
329 - 333 The embryonic transcription factor Zelda of Drosophila melanogaster is also expressed in larvae and may regulate developmentally important genes
Giannios P, Tsitilou SG
334 - 339 Umami evaluation in taste epithelium on microelectrode array by extracellular electrophysiological recording
Zhang DM, Zhang FN, Zhang Q, Lu YL, Liu QJ, Wang P
340 - 345 Design of a novel LOX-1 receptor antagonist mimicking the natural substrate
Falconi M, Ciccone S, D'Arrigo P, Viani F, Sorge R, Novelli G, Patrizi P, Desideri A, Biocca S
346 - 352 Pairwise comparisons of ten porcine tissues identify differential transcriptional regulation at the gene, isoform, promoter and transcription start site level
Farajzadeh L, Hornshoj H, Momeni J, Thomsen B, Larsen K, Hedegaard J, Bendixen C, Madsen LB
353 - 358 Molecular and pharmacological characterization of zebrafish'contractile' and'inhibitory' prostanoid receptors
Iwasaki R, Tsuge K, Morimoto K, Inazumi T, Kawahara O, Kawahara A, Tsuchiya S, Sugimoto Y
359 - 363 Renin angiotensin system blockade ameliorates lead nephropathy
Ng HY, Tain YL, Lee YT, Hsu CY, Chiou TTY, Huang PC, Lee CT
364 - 369 Screening assay for blood vessel maturation inhibitors
Fu CL, van der Zwan A, Gerber S, Van den Berg S, No E, Wang WCH, Sheibani N, Carducci MA, Kachhap S, Hammers HJ
370 - 374 Enhancement of (-)-epigallocatechin-3-gallate and theaflavin-3-3'-digallate induced apoptosis by ascorbic acid in human lung adenocarcinoma SPC-A-1 cells and esophageal carcinoma Eca-109 cells via MAPK pathways
Gao Y, Li W, Jia LY, Li B, Chen YC, Tu YY
375 - 381 [8]-Gingerol inhibits melanogenesis in murine melanoma cells through down-regulation of the MAPK and PKA signal pathways
Huang HC, Chou YC, Wu CY, Chang TM
382 - 387 Imaging the survival and utility of pre-differentiated allogeneic MSC in ischemic heart
Xia CH, Cao JB
388 - 394 Decreased expression of sirtuin 6 is associated with release of high mobility group box-1 after cerebral ischemia
Lee OH, Kim J, Kim JM, Lee H, Kim EH, Bae SK, Choi Y, Nam HS, Heo JH
395 - 401 Pexophagy-linked degradation of the peroxisomal membrane protein Pex3p involves the ubiquitin-proteasome system
Williams C, van der Klei IJ
402 - 409 SL-01, an oral derivative of gemcitabine, inhibited human breast cancer growth through induction of apoptosis
Li YY, Qin YZ, Wang RQ, Li WB, Qu XJ
410 - 419 Placenta mesenchymal stem cell accelerates wound healing by enhancing angiogenesis in diabetic Goto-Kakizaki (GK) rats
Kong PR, Xie XY, Li F, Liu Y, Lu YL
420 - 426 Synergistic activation of lipopolysaccharide-stimulated glial cells by propofol
Ko HM, Kim SY, Joo SH, Cheong JH, Yang SI, Shin CY, Koo BN
427 - 432 FBXW10 is negatively regulated in transcription and expression level by protein O-GlcNAcylation
Zhou F, Yan H, Li L, Liu XY, Wang YQ, Wang P, Zhang LW
433 - 438 CHL1 is involved in human breast tumorigenesis and progression
He LH, Ma Q, Shi YH, Ge J, Zhao HM, Li SF, Tong ZS
439 - 444 MicroRNA-187, down-regulated in clear cell renal cell carcinoma and associated with lower survival, inhibits cell growth and migration though targeting B7-H3
Zhao J, Lei T, Xu CJ, Li H, Ma WM, Yang YX, Fan SM, Liu YC
445 - 451 Transcription factor Sox4 is required for PUMA-mediated apoptosis induced by histone deacetylase inhibitor, TSA
Jang SM, Kang EJ, Kim JW, Kim CH, An JH, Choi KH
452 - 456 A peroxisome biogenesis deficiency prevents the binding of alpha-synuclein to lipid droplets in lipid-loaded yeast
Wang SX, Horn PJ, Liou LC, Muggeridge MI, Zhang ZJ, Chapman KD, Witt SN
457 - 461 Crystal structures of 26 kDa Clonorchis sinensis glutathione S-transferase reveal zinc binding and putative metal binding
Han YH, Hong SJ, Cheong HK, Chung YJ
462 - 462 Deletion of the calmodulin-binding domain of Grb7 impairs cell attachment to the extracellular matrix and migration (vol 436, pg 271, 2013)
Garcia-Palmero I, Villalobo A