Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.434, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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407 - 410 Getting mitochondria to center stage
Schatz G
411 - 412 An interview by Dr. Ernesto Carafoli with Dr. Gottfried Schatz
Carafoli E
413 - 420 Mechanisms of G1 cell cycle arrest and apoptosis in myeloma cells induced by hybrid-compound histone deacetylase inhibitor
Fujii S, Okinaga T, Ariyoshi W, Takahashi O, Iwanaga K, Nishino N, Tominaga K, Nishihara T
421 - 427 Repression of miR-17-5p with elevated expression of E2F-1 and c-MYC in non-metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma and enhancement of cell growth upon reversing this expression pattern
El Tayebi HM, Omar K, Hegy S, El Maghrabi M, El Brolosy M, Hosny KA, Esmat G, Abdelaziz AI
428 - 433 Extracellular NAADP affords cardioprotection against ischemia and reperfusion injury and involves the P2Y11-like receptor
Djerada Z, Peyret H, Dukic S, Millart H
434 - 438 Paraventricular NUCB2/nesfatin-1 rises in synchrony with feeding suppression during early light phase in rats
Sedbazar U, Maejima Y, Nakata M, Mori M, Yada T
439 - 443 Vinpocetine attenuates lipid accumulation and atherosclerosis formation
Cai YJ, Li JD, Yan C
444 - 448 High extensibility of stress fibers revealed by in vitro micromanipulation with fluorescence imaging
Matsui TS, Sato M, Deguchi S
449 - 454 Direct interaction between surface beta 1,4-galactosyltransferase 1 and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) inhibits EGFR activation in hepatocellular carcinoma
Tang WQ, Weng SQ, Zhang S, Wu WB, Dong L, Shen XZ, Zhang SW, Gu JX, Xue RY
455 - 459 Retinoic acid inhibits adipogenesis via activation of Wnt signaling pathway in 3T3-L1 preadipocytes
Kim DM, Choi HR, Park A, Shin SM, Bae KH, Lee SC, Kim IC, Kim WK
460 - 465 The human leukocyte antigen G promotes trophoblast fusion and beta-hCG production through the Erk1/2 pathway in human choriocarcinoma cell lines
Wang JM, Zhao HX, Wang L, Gao ZY, Yao YQ
466 - 472 Prominin-2 expression increases protrusions, decreases caveolae and inhibits Cdc42 dependent fluid phase endocytosis
Singh RD, Schroeder AS, Scheffer L, Holicky EL, Wheatley CL, Marks DL, Pagano RE
473 - 478 UDP-Gal/UDP-GlcNAc chimeric transporter complements mutation defect in mammalian cells deficient in UDP-Gal transporter
Olczak M, Maszczak-Seneczko D, Sosicka P, Jakimowicz P, Olczak T
479 - 485 Evaluating the effect of lycopene from Lycopersicum esculentum on apoptosis during NDEA induced hepatocarcinogenesis
Gupta P, Bansal MP, Koul A
486 - 491 Ellagic acid improves hepatic steatosis and serum lipid composition through reduction of serum resistin levels and transcriptional activation of hepatic ppara in obese, diabetic KK-A(y) mice
Yoshimura Y, Nishii S, Zaima N, Moriyarha T, Kawamura Y
492 - 497 Silencing heme oxygenase-1 gene expression in retinal pigment epithelial cells inhibits proliferation, migration and tube formation of cocultured endothelial cells
Zhang WJ, Zhang XM, Lu H, Matsukura M, Zhao J, Shinohara M
498 - 502 Reactive oxygen species induce a Ce2+-spark increase in sensitized murine airway smooth muscle cells
Tuo QR, Ma YF, Chen W, Luo XJ, Shen JH, Guo DL, Zheng YM, Wang YX, Ji GJ, Liu QH
503 - 508 The induction of miR-96 by mitochondrial dysfunction causes impaired glycogen synthesis through translational repression of IRS-1 in SK-Hep1 cells
Jeong HJ, Park SY, Yang WM, Lee W
509 - 515 BMP signal attenuates FGF pathway in anteroposterior neural patterning
Cho GS, Choi SC, Han JK
516 - 520 DNA duplex-supported artificial esterase mimicking by cooperative grafting functional groups
Xu L, Ji CS, Bai Y, He JL, Liu KL
521 - 526 Characterization and Hsp104-induced artificial clearance of familial ALS-related SOD1 aggregates
Kim Y, Park JH, Jang JY, Rhim H, Kang S
527 - 533 Macrophage-stimulating protein attenuates gentamicin-induced inflammation and apoptosis in human renal proximal tubular epithelial cells
Lee KE, Kim EY, Kim CS, Choi JS, Bae EH, Ma SK, Kim KK, Lee JU, Kim SW
534 - 540 Vascular smooth muscle cells isolated from adipose triglyceride lipase-deficient mice exhibit distinct phenotype and phenotypic plasticity
Lin Y, Chiba S, Suzuki A, Yamaguchi S, Nakanishi T, Matsumoto H, Ikeda Y, Ishibashi-Ueda H, Hirano K, Kato S
541 - 546 Metastasis suppressor Nm23-H1 inhibits STAT3 signaling via a negative feedback mechanism
Gong L, Wu ZH, Guo LL, Li L, Zhao RZ, Zhu DX, Zhou QH
547 - 551 Absence of NF-kappa B subunit p50 ameliorates cold immobilization stress-induced gastric ulcers
Ye B, Zhou PY, Jia M, Cheng XS, Jia YT, Xu SG
552 - 558 Ang II induces capillary formation from endothelial cells via the AT1R-dependent inositol requiring enzyme 1 pathway
Wang X, Bai YP, Hong D, Gao HC, Li LF, Li CC, Zhu LP, Sun Q, Zhang GG
559 - 565 Signals regulating necrosis of cardiomyoblast by BTG2(/TIS21/PC3) via activation of GSK3 beta and opening of mitochondrial permeability transition pore in response to H2O2
Choi YW, Park TJ, Kim HS, Lim IK
566 - 571 Adenosine A(2A) receptor-dependent proliferation of pulmonary endothelial cells is mediated through calcium mobilization, PI3-kinase and ERK1/2 pathways
Ahmad A, Schaack JB, White CW, Ahmad S
572 - 576 Global cerebral ischemia induces increased expression of multiple retrotransposons
Wang S, Kelly S
577 - 583 Induction mechanism of lipocalin-2 expression by co-stimulation with interleukin-1 beta and interferon-gamma in RINm5F beta-cells
Chang SY, Kim DB, Ko SH, Jo YH, Kim MJ
584 - 588 Induction of IL-12 production by the activation of discoidin domain receptor 2 via NF-kappa B and JNK pathway
Poudel B, Ki HH, Lee YM, Kim DK
589 - 593 Induction of rat liver tumor using the Sleeping Beauty transposon and electroporation
Park JS, Kim BH, Park SG, Jung SY, Lee DH, Son WC
594 - 599 Lectin-like oxidized LDL receptor-1 is palmitoylated and internalizes ligands via caveolae/raft-dependent endocytosis
Kumano-Kuramochi M, Xie QH, Kajiwara S, Komba S, Minowa T, Machida S
600 - 605 Sulforaphane inhibits the engagement of LPS with TLR4/MD2 complex by preferential binding to Cys133 in MD2
Koo JE, Park ZY, Kim ND, Lee JY
606 - 613 p53 Attenuates the oncogenic Ras-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human mammary epithelial cells
Zhang JC, Lei Y, Gao XG, Liang Q, Li LL, Feng JX, Hou PF, Han LP, Zhang Y, Huang BQ, Lu J
614 - 619 Conformational changes induced in the eukaryotic translation initiation factor eIF4E by a clinically relevant inhibitor, ribavirin triphosphate
Volpon L, Osborne MJ, Zahreddine H, Romeo AA, Borden KLB
620 - 626 Phosphatidylserine-binding protein lactadherin inhibits protein translocation across the ER membrane
Yamamoto H, Kida Y, Sakaguchi M
627 - 633 Suppression of tumor cell invasiveness and in vivo tumor growth by microRNA-874 in non-small cell lung cancer
Kesanakurti D, Maddirela DR, Chittivelu S, Rao JS, Chetty C
634 - 640 Apicularen A acetate induces cell death via AIF translocation and disrupts the microtubule network by down-regulating tubulin in HM7 human colon cancer cells
Seo KS, Kim H, Hong TH, Kim JS, Song KS, Yun EJ, Park JH, Jung YH, Park JI, Kweon GR, Yoon WH, Lim K, Hwang BD
641 - 646 Early VEGFR2 activation in response to flow is VEGF-dependent and mediated by MMP activity
dela Paz NG, Melchior B, Frangos JA
647 - 652 Shear stress-induced Ang II AT1 receptor activation: G-protein dependent and independent mechanisms
Barauna VG, Magalhaes FC, Campos LCG, Reis RI, Kunapuli SP, Costa-Neto CM, Miyakawa AA, Krieger JE
653 - 658 Glycogen synthase kinase 3 alpha phosphorylates and regulates the osteogenic activity of Osterix
Li H, Jeong HM, Choi YH, Lee SH, Jeong HG, Jeong TC, Lee KY
659 - 663 Nucleolar protein, Myb-binding protein 1A, specifically binds to nonacetylated p53 and efficiently promotes transcriptional activation
Ono W, Akaogi K, Waku T, Kuroda T, Yokoyama W, Hayashi Y, Kimura K, Kishimoto H, Yanagisawa J
664 - 669 Synthetic phytochelatins complement a phytochelatin-deficient Arabidopsis mutant and enhance the accumulation of heavy metal(loid)s
Shukla D, Tiwari M, Tripathi RD, Nath P, Trivedi PK
670 - 675 Albumin overload induces expression of hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha and its target genes in HK-2 human renal proximal tubular cell line
Nagai J, Yamamoto A, Yumoto R, Takano M
676 - 680 Nukbone (R) promotes proliferation and osteoblastic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells from human amniotic membrane
Rodriguez-Fuentes N, Rodriguez-Hernandez AG, Enriquez-Jimenez J, Alcantara-Quintana LE, Fuentes-Mera L, Pina-Barba MC, Zepeda-Rodriguez A, Ambrosio JR
681 - 687 Expression of 2A peptide mediated tri-fluorescent protein genes were regulated by epigenetics in transgenic sheep
Tian YZ, Li WR, Wang LQ, Liu CX, Lin JP, Zhang XM, Zhang N, He SG, Huang JC, Jia B, Liu MJ
688 - 694 MicroRNA-19a/b regulates multidrug resistance in human gastric cancer cells by targeting PTEN
Wang F, Li T, Zhang B, Li H, Wu Q, Yang L, Nie YZ, Wu KC, Shi YQ, Fan DM
695 - 700 Mitochondrial calcium uniporter silencing potentiates caspase-independent cell death in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
Curry MC, Peters AA, Kenny PA, Roberts-Thomson SJ, Monteith GR