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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.430, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 6 Model membrane interaction and DNA-binding of antimicrobial peptide Lasioglossin II derived from bee venom
Bandyopadhyay S, Lee M, Sivaraman J, Chatterjee C
7 - 13 Metavinculin: New insights into functional properties of a muscle adhesion protein
Thoss F, Dietrich F, Punkt K, Illenberger S, Rottner K, Himmel M, Ziegler WH
14 - 19 A deeper analysis of the epitope/paratope of PLY-5, a mouse monoclonal antibody which recognises the conserved undecapeptide tryptophan-rich loop (ECTGLAWEWWR) of bacterial cholesterol-dependent cytolysins
Gonzalez-Menendez P, Garcia-Ocana M, de los Toyos JR
20 - 25 Enhanced Angpt1/Tie2 signaling affects the differentiation and long-term repopulation ability of hematopoietic stem cells
Ikushima YM, Arai F, Nakamura Y, Hosokawa K, Kubota Y, Hirashima M, Toyama H, Suda T
26 - 31 An upstream promoter element blocks the reverse transcription of the mouse insulin-degrading enzyme gene
Zhang L, Ding QY, Wang P, Wang Z
32 - 37 7-Hydroxymethyl chlorophyll a reductase functions in metabolic channeling of chlorophyll breakdown intermediates during leaf senescence
Sakuraba Y, Kim YS, Yoo SC, Hortensteiner S, Paek NC
38 - 42 Time course and temperature dependence of the membrane translocation of tetanus and botulinum neurotoxins C and D in neurons
Pirazzini M, Rossetto O, Bertasio C, Bordin F, Shone CC, Binz T, Montecucco C
43 - 48 Phosphorylation at tyrosine 114 of Proliferating Cell Nuclear Antigen (PCNA) is required for adipogenesis in response to high fat diet
Lo YH, Ho PC, Chen MS, Hugo E, Ben-Jonathan N, Wang SC
49 - 53 Identification of p21 (CIP1/WAF1) as a direct target gene of HIC1 (Hypermethylated In Cancer 1)
Dehennaut V, Loison I, Boulay G, Van Rechem C, Leprince D
54 - 59 N-Acyl taurines trigger insulin secretion by increasing calcium flux in pancreatic beta-cells
Waluk DP, Vielfort K, Derakhshan S, Aro H, Hunt MC
60 - 65 Ca2+ influx-dependent refilling of intracellular Ca2+ stores determines the frequency of Ca2+ oscillations in fertilized mouse eggs
Takahashi T, Kikuchi T, Kidokoro Y, Shirakawa H
66 - 71 Insulin suppression of apolipoprotein B in McArdle RH7777 cells involves increased sortilin 1 interaction and lysosomal targeting
Chamberlain JM, O'Dell C, Sparks CE, Sparks JD
72 - 77 Establishment of a human cell line stably overexpressing mouse Nip45 and characterization of Nip45 subcellular localization
Hashiguchi K, Ozaki M, Kuraoka I, Saitoh H
78 - 83 Mechanism for the enhanced peroxidation of linoleic acid by a titanium dioxide/hypochlorite system
McPherson PAC, Boyle PM, Turemen BT
84 - 89 In vivo evidence that Agxt2 can regulate plasma levels of dimethylarginines in mice
Kittel A, Maas R, Konig J, Mieth M, Weiss N, Jarzebska N, Hohenstein B, Martens-Lobenhoffer J, Bode-Boger SM, Rodionov RN
90 - 94 Simvastatin inhibits the core promoter of the TXNRD1 gene and lowers cellular TrxR activity in HepG2 cells
Ekstrom L, Johansson M, Monostory K, Rundlof AK, Arner ESJ, Bjorkhem-Bergman L
95 - 100 Regulation of cooperative function of the Il12b enhancer and promoter by the interferon regulatory factors 3 and 5
Koshiba R, Yanai H, Matsuda A, Goto A, Nakajima A, Negishi H, Nishio J, Smale ST, Taniguchi T
101 - 106 SnoN/SKIL modulates proliferation through control of hsa-miR-720 transcription in esophageal cancer cells
Shinozuka E, Miyashita M, Mizuguchi Y, Akagi I, Kikuchi K, Makino H, Matsutani T, Hagiwara N, Nomura T, Uchida E, Takizawa T
107 - 112 Mutants of human alpha B-crystallin cause enhanced protein aggregation and apoptosis in mammalian cells: Influence of co-expression of HspB1
Raju I, Abraham EC
113 - 118 Molecular approaches for structural characterization of a new potassium channel blocker from Tityus stigmurus venom: cDNA cloning, homology modeling, dynamic simulations and docking
Almeida DD, Torres TM, Barbosa EG, Lima JPMS, Fernandes-Pedrosa MD
119 - 124 Ubiquitination of the tomato cell death suppressor Adi3 by the RING E3 ubiquitin ligase AdBiL
Avila J, Devarenne TP
125 - 130 Bacillus anthracis-derived nitric oxide induces protein S-nitrosylation contributing to macrophage death
Chung MC, Narayanan A, Popova TG, Kashanchi F, Bailey CL, Popov SG
131 - 136 Role of sigma factor E in regulation of Salmonella Agf expression
Yoo AY, Yu JE, Yoo H, Lee TH, Lee WH, Oh JI, Kang HY
137 - 143 yy The flavoprotein Tah18-dependent NO synthesis confers high-temperature stress tolerance on yeast cells
Nishimura A, Kawahara N, Takagi H
144 - 149 Anti-elastolytic activity of a honeybee (Apis cerana) chymotrypsin inhibitor
Kim BY, Lee KS, Wan H, Zou FM, Choi YS, Yoon HJ, Kwon HW, Je YH, Jin BR
150 - 155 Recombinant expression and purification of a tumor-targeted toxin in Bacillus anthracis
Bachran C, Abdelazim S, Fattah RJ, Liu SH, Leppla SH
156 - 160 Correlation between cell attachment areas after 2 h of culture and osteogenic differentiation activity of rat mesenchymal stem cells on hydroxyapatite substrates with various surface properties
Cheng K, Hirose M, Wang X, Sogo Y, Yamazaki A, Ito A
161 - 166 Both antiviral activity and intracellular localization of chicken Mx protein depend on a polymorphism at amino acid position 631
Sasaki K, Yoneda A, Ninomiya A, Kawahara M, Watanabe T
167 - 172 Dual inhibition of DNA polymerase PolC and protein tyrosine phosphatase CpsB uncovers a novel antibiotic target
Standish AJ, Salim AA, Capon RJ, Morona R
173 - 178 Osteogenic differentiation of C2C12 myogenic progenitor cells requires the Fos-related antigen Fra-1 - A novel target of Runx2
Yu SH, Geng QQ, Sun FY, Yu YC, Pan QH, Hong A
179 - 182 Role of rhodopsin N-terminus in structure and function of rhodopsin-bitter taste receptor chimeras
Pydi SP, Chakraborty R, Bhullar RP, Chelikani P
183 - 189 Coupling to the surface of liposomes alters the immunogenicity of hepatitis C virus-derived peptides and confers sterile immunity
Takagi A, Kobayashi N, Taneichi M, Uchida T, Akatsuka T
190 - 195 Expression of orphan G-protein coupled receptor GPR174 in CHO cells induced morphological changes and proliferation delay via increasing intracellular cAMP
Sugita K, Yamamura C, Tabata K, Fujita N
196 - 201 PRL-3 activates NF-kappa B signaling pathway by interacting with RAP1
Lian SY, Meng L, Liu CY, Xing XF, Song Q, Dong B, Han Y, Yang YY, Peng LR, Qu LK, Shou CC
202 - 207 Soy milk suppresses cholesterol-induced inflammatory gene expression and improves the fatty acid profile in the skin of SD rats
Lee SM, Kim Y, Choi HJ, Choi J, Yi Y, Yoon S
208 - 212 Epigallocatechin-3-gallate up-regulates tumor suppressor gene expression via a reactive oxygen species-dependent down-regulation of UHRF1
Achour M, Mousli M, Alhosin M, Ibrahim A, Peluso J, Muller CD, Schini-Kerth VB, Hamiche A, Dhe-Paganon S, Bronner C
213 - 217 SUMOylation negatively regulates the stability of CHFR tumor suppressor
Kwon YE, Bae SJ, Kim M, Seol JH
218 - 224 Rossmann-fold motifs can confer multiple functions to metabolic enzymes: RNA binding and ribonuclease activity of a UDP-glucose dehydrogenase
Barbas A, Popescu A, Frazao C, Arraiano CM, Fialho AM
225 - 230 Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid has an anti-oxidant effect via the Nrf-2/HO-1 pathway in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Kusunoki C, Yang L, Yoshizaki T, Nakagawa F, Ishikado A, Kondo M, Morino K, Sekine O, Ugi S, Nishio Y, Kashiwagi A, Maegawa H
231 - 235 Differential hepatic protein tyrosine nitration of mouse due to aging -Effect on mitochondrial energy metabolism, quality control machinery of the endoplasmic reticulum and metabolism of drugs
Marshall A, Lutfeali R, Raval A, Chakravarti DN, Chakravarti B
236 - 240 Atypical heat shock response and acquisition of thermotolerance in P388D1 cells
Oommen D, Giricz Z, Srinivas UK, Samali A
241 - 244 Subclinical myopathy in a child with neutral lipid storage disease and mutations in the PNPLA2 gene
Fiorillo C, Brisca G, Cassandrini D, Scapolan S, Astrea G, Valle M, Scuderi F, Trucco F, Natali A, Magnano G, Gazzerro E, Minetti C, Arca M, Santorelli FM, Bruno C
245 - 249 CYLD, a deubiquitinase specific for lysine63-linked polyubiquitins, accumulates at the postsynaptic density in an activity-dependent manner
Dosemeci A, Thein S, Yang YJ, Reese TS, Tao-Cheng JH
250 - 255 The DNA methyltransferase inhibitor zebularine induces mitochondria-mediated apoptosis in gastric cancer cells in vitro and in vivo
Tan W, Zhou W, Yu HG, Luo HS, Shen L
256 - 259 Knockdown of recA gene expression by artificial small RNAs in Escherichia coli
Sharma V, Sakai Y, Smythe KA, Yokobayashi Y
260 - 264 Blinking effect and the use of quantum dots in single molecule spectroscopy
Rombach-Riegraf V, Oswald P, Bienert R, Petersen J, Domingo MP, Pardo J, Graber P, Galvez EM
265 - 271 Crystal structure of the single cystathionine beta-synthase domain-containing protein CBSX1 from Arabidopsis thaliana
Jeong BC, Park SH, Yoo KS, Shin JS, Song HK
272 - 277 Long-chain acyl-CoA synthetase 4 is regulated by phosphorylation
Smith ME, Saraceno GE, Capani F, Castilla R
278 - 283 Central and peripheral des-acyl ghrelin regulates body temperature in rats
Inoue Y, Nakahara K, Maruyama K, Suzuki Y, Hayashi Y, Kangawa K, Murakami N
284 - 288 Photosensitivity of the Ni-A state of [NiFe] hydrogenase from Desulfovibrio vulgaris Miyazaki F with visible light
Osuka H, Shomura Y, Komori H, Shibata N, Nagao S, Higuchi Y, Hirota S
289 - 293 Androgen receptor primes prostate cancer cells to apoptosis through down-regulation of basal p21 expression
Lin YT, Lu ZY, Kokontis J, Xiang JL
294 - 300 Transduced Tat-glyoxalase protein attenuates streptozotocin-induced diabetes in a mouse model
Kim MJ, Kim DW, Lee BR, Shin MJ, Kim YN, Eom SA, Park BJ, Cho YS, Han KH, Park J, Hwang HS, Eum WS, Choi SY
301 - 306 Visualization of cyclooxygenase-2 using a 2,3-diarylsubstituted indole-based inhibitor and confocal laser induced cryofluorescence microscopy at 20 K in melanoma cells in vitro
Tondera C, Laube M, Wimmer C, Kniess T, Mosch B, Grossmann K, Pietzsch J
307 - 312 The inhibitory effect of curcumin on voltage-dependent K+ channels in rabbit coronary arterial smooth muscle cells
Hong DH, Son YK, Choi IW, Park WS
313 - 319 Molecular docking and NMR binding studies to identify novel inhibitors of human phosphomevalonate kinase
Boonsri P, Neumann TS, Olson AL, Cai S, Herdendorf TJ, Miziorko HM, Hannongbua S, Sem DS
320 - 324 RPAP3 splicing variant isoform 1 interacts with PIH1D1 to compose R2TP complex for cell survival
Yoshida M, Saeki M, Egusa H, Irie Y, Kamano Y, Uraguchi S, Sotozono M, Niwa H, Kamisaki Y
325 - 330 Good manufacturing practice-compliant animal-free expansion of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stroma cells in a closed hollow-fiber-based bioreactor
Nold P, Brendel C, Neubauer A, Bein G, Hackstein H
331 - 335 p38 MAP kinase enhances EGF-induced apoptosis in A431 carcinoma cells by promoting tyrosine phosphorylation of STAT1
Kozyulina PY, Okorokova LS, Nikolsky NN, Grudinkin PS
336 - 339 CCAAT/enhancer binding protein beta deletion increases mitochondrial function and protects mice from LXR-induced hepatic steatosis
Rahman SM, Choudhury M, Janssen RC, Baquero KC, Miyazaki M, Friedman JE
340 - 346 Activin type IB receptor signaling in prostate cancer cells promotes lymph node metastasis in a xenograft model
Nomura M, Tanaka K, Wang LX, Goto Y, Mukasa C, Ashida K, Takayanagi R
347 - 351 Effects of specific and prolonged expression of zebrafish growth factors, Fgf2 and Lif in primordial germ cells in vivo
Wong TT, Collodi P
352 - 357 Metformin inhibition of mTORC1 activation, DNA synthesis and proliferation in pancreatic cancer cells: Dependence on glucose concentration and role of AMPK
Sinnett-Smith J, Kisfalvi K, Kui R, Rozengurt E
358 - 363 Upregulation of ATBF1 by progesterone-PR signaling and its functional implication in mammary epithelial cells
Li M, Zhao D, Ma G, Zhang BT, Fu XY, Zhu ZM, Fu LY, Sun XD, Dong JT
364 - 369 IL-35 over-expression increases apoptosis sensitivity and suppresses cell growth in human cancer cells
Long J, Zhang XL, Wen MJ, Kong QL, Lv Z, An YQ, Wei XQ
370 - 374 Vitamin D directly regulates Mdm2 gene expression in osteoblasts
Chen HK, Reed G, Guardia J, Lakhan S, Couture O, Hays E, Chandar N
375 - 380 The liver X receptor promotes macrophage differentiation and suppresses osteoclast formation in mouse RAW264.7 promyelocytic leukemia cells exposed to bacterial lipopolysaccharide
Remen KMR, Gustafsson JA, Andersson G
381 - 386 Protocatechualdehyde possesses anti-cancer activity through downregulating cyclin D1 and HDAC2 in human colorectal cancer cells
Jeong JB, Lee SH
387 - 393 Recombinant VP1 protein expressed in Pichia pastoris induces protective immune responses against EV71 in mice
Wang M, Jiang S, Wang YF
394 - 399 Brain expression level and activity of HDAC6 protein in neurodegenerative dementia
Odagiri S, Tanji K, Mori F, Miki Y, Kakita A, Takahashi H, Wakabayashi K
400 - 405 Zinc finger protein 131 inhibits estrogen signaling by suppressing estrogen receptor alpha homo-dimerization
Oh Y, Chung KC
406 - 412 Pipernonaline from Piper longum Linn. induces ROS-mediated apoptosis in human prostate cancer PC-3 cells
Lee W, Kim KY, Yu SN, Kim SH, Chun SS, Ji JH, Yu HS, Ahn SC
413 - 418 Lsamp(-/-) mice display lower sensitivity to amphetamine and have elevated 5-HT turnover
Innos J, Leidmaa E, Philips MA, Sutt S, Alttoa A, Harro J, Koks S, Vasar E
419 - 424 p38 MAPK alpha mediates cytokine-induced IL-6 and MMP-3 expression in human cardiac fibroblasts
Sinfield JK, Das A, O'Regan DJ, Ball SG, Porter KE, Turner NA
425 - 428 Reduced expression of NLRP3 and MEFV in human ischemic heart tissue
Hermansson C, Lundqvist A, Wasslavik C, Palmqvist L, Jeppsson A, Hulten LM
429 - 435 ATM-deficient human fibroblast cells are resistant to low levels of DNA double-strand break induced apoptosis and subsequently undergo drug-induced premature senescence
Park J, Jo YH, Cho CH, Choe W, Kang I, Baik HH, Yoon KS
436 - 441 TNF alpha induced FOXP3-NF kappa B interaction dampens the tumor suppressor role of FOXP3 in gastric cancer cells
Hao Q, Li WN, Zhang C, Qin X, Xue XC, Li M, Shu Z, Xu TJ, Xu YJ, Wang WH, Zhang W, Zhang YQ
442 - 447 A modified fixed staining method for the simultaneous measurement of reactive oxygen species and oxidative responses
Shen WJ, Hsieh CY, Chen CL, Yang KC, Ma CT, Choi PC, Lin CF
448 - 448 Can microbes be patented?
Cameotra SS