Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.422, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 4 ATP-citrate lyase: A mini-review
Chypre M, Zaidi N, Smans K
5 - 7 Why collagens best survived in fossils? Clues from amino acid thermal stability
Wang SY, Cappellini E, Zhang HY
8 - 14 Proteomic analysis reveals a protective role for DJ-1 during 6-hydroxydopamine-induced cell death
Kim SJ, Park YJ, Oh YJ
15 - 21 Apoptosis of CT26 colorectal cancer cells induced by Clostridium difficile toxin A stimulates potent anti-tumor immunity
Tian Y, Huang TX, Li GC, Liu J, Wang XN, Feng HP, Wang JF
22 - 27 Ezetimibe reduces fatty acid quantity in liver and decreased inflammatory cell infiltration and improved NASH in medaka model
Oishi T, Terai S, Kuwashiro S, Fujisawa K, Matsumoto T, Nishina H, Sakaida I
28 - 35 Combined introduction of Bmi-1 and hTERT immortalizes human adipose tissue-derived stromal cells with low risk of transformation
Tatrai P, Szepesi A, Matula Z, Szigeti A, Buchan G, Madi A, Uher F, Nemet K
36 - 41 The elusive short gene - an ensemble method for recognition for prokaryotic genome
Goli B, Nair AS
42 - 47 Downregulation of Mcl-1 by daunorubicin pretreatment reverses resistance of breast cancer cells to TNF-related apoptosis-inducing ligand
Oh B, Park S, Pak JH, Kim I
48 - 53 Membrane-bound receptor activator of NF kappa B ligand (RANKL) activity displayed by osteoblasts is differentially regulated by osteolytic factors
Singh PP, van der Kraan AGJ, Xu JK, Gillespie MT, Quinn JMW
54 - 58 Blocking FSH action attenuates osteoclastogenesis
Zhu LL, Tourkova I, Yuen T, Robinson LJ, Bian ZA, Zaidi M, Blair HC
59 - 63 Over-expression in Escherichia coli, purification and reconstitution in liposomes of the third member of the OCTN sub-family: The mouse carnitine transporter OCTN3
Scalise M, Galluccio M, Pochini L, Indiveri C
64 - 69 Protein kinase C regulates amino acid transporter ATB(0,+)
Samluk L, Czeredys M, Skowronek K, Nalecz KA
70 - 74 Abscisic acid ameliorates the systemic sclerosis fibroblast phenotype in vitro
Bruzzone S, Battaglia F, Mannino E, Parodi A, Fruscione F, Basile G, Salis A, Sturla L, Negrini S, Kalli F, Stringara S, Filaci G, Zocchi E, Fenoglio D
75 - 79 In vivo tissue engineering chamber supports human induced pluripotent stem cell survival and rapid differentiation
Lim SY, Lee DG, Sivakumaran P, Crombie D, Slavin J, Dottori M, Conley B, Denham M, Leung J, Tee R, Dusting GJ, Pebay A, Dilley RJ
80 - 84 Invasion inhibition by a MEK inhibitor correlates with the actin-based cytoskeleton in lung cancer A549 cells
Niu JM, Mo QJ, Wang HL, Li MY, Cui JW, Li ZY, Li ZK
85 - 90 Screening of anti-cancer agent using zebrafish: Comparison with the MTT assay
Li YG, Huang WJ, Huang SY, Du JL, Huang C
91 - 96 Polymorphisms in the glutamate decarboxylase 1 gene associated with heroin dependence
Wu W, Zhu YS, Li SB
97 - 102 Rapid degradation kinetics of amyloid fibrils under mild conditions by an archaeal chaperonin
Kurouski D, Luo HB, Sereda V, Robb FT, Lednev IK
103 - 108 CGK733 enhances multinucleated cell formation and cytotoxicity induced by taxol in Chk1-deficient HBV-positive hepatocellular carcinoma cells
Wang H, Zuo B, Wang HB, Ren LF, Yang P, Zeng M, Duan D, Liu C, Li MY
109 - 113 Progesterone and levonorgestrel regulate expression of 17 beta HSD-enzymes in progesterone receptor positive breast cancer cell line T47D
Sivik T, Jansson A
114 - 120 Inactivation of Dicer1 has a severe cumulative impact on the formation of mature germ cells in mouse testes
Liu DK, Li LY, Fu HL, Li SZ, Li JM
121 - 127 Potential role of 20S proteasome in maintaining stem cell integrity of human bone marrow stromal cells in prolonged culture expansion
Lu L, Song HF, Zhang WG, Liu XQ, Zhu Q, Cheng XL, Yang GJ, Li A, Xiao ZC
128 - 132 Role of side-edge site of sphingomyelinase from Bacillus cereus
Oda M, Takahashi M, Tsuge H, Nagahama M, Sakurai J
133 - 138 p53 Retards cell-growth and suppresses etoposide-induced apoptosis in Pin1-deficient mouse embryonic fibroblasts
Shimazaki K, Uchida T, Komine A, Takahashi K
139 - 145 The PDZ protein TIP-1 facilitates cell migration and pulmonary metastasis of human invasive breast cancer cells in athymic mice
Han MJ, Wang HL, Zhang HT, Han ZZ
146 - 151 Increased expression of bHLH transcription factor E2A (TCF3) in prostate cancer promotes proliferation and confers resistance to doxorubicin induced apoptosis
Patel D, Chaudhary J
152 - 156 Modifications on the hydrogen bond network by mutations of Escherichia coli copper efflux oxidase affect the process of proton transfer to dioxygen leading to alterations of enzymatic activities
Kajikawa T, Kataoka K, Sakurai T
157 - 163 The characteristics of genome-wide DNA methylation in naive CD4+ T cells of patients with psoriasis or atopic dermatitis
Han J, Park SG, Bae JB, Choi J, Lyu JM, Park SH, Kim HS, Kim YJ, Kim S, Kim TY
164 - 168 Transport of actin-decorated liposomes along myosin molecules in vitro
Iwabuchi S, Takahashi T, Hatori K
169 - 173 Proteasomal insensitivity of apoptin in tumor cells
Lanz HL, Suijker J, Noteborn MHM, Backendorf C
174 - 180 Preferential induction of Th17 cells in vitro and in vivo by Fucogalactan from Ganoderma lucidum (Reishi)
Yoshida H, Suzuki M, Sakaguchi R, Tani I, Kotani H, Shudo N, Yoshimura A
181 - 186 Phosphorylation by AtMPK6 is required for the biological function of AtMYB41 in Arabidopsis
My HTH, Nguyen XC, Lee K, Kwon YS, Huyen TTP, Park HC, Yun DJ, Lim CO, Chung WS
187 - 193 Downregulation of tumor suppressor QKI in gastric cancer and its implication in cancer prognosis
Bian YQ, Wang L, Lu HY, Yang GD, Zhang Z, Fu HY, Lu XZ, Wei MY, Sun JY, Zhao QC, Dong GL, Lu ZF
194 - 199 Tumor promoting effect of podoplanin-positive fibroblasts is mediated by enhanced RhoA activity
Ito S, Ishii G, Hoshino A, Hashimoto H, Neri S, Kuwata T, Higashi M, Nagai K, Ochiai A
200 - 205 Clusterin induces the secretion of TNF-alpha and the chemotactic migration of macrophages
Shim YJ, Kang BH, Choi BK, Park IS, Min BH
206 - 206 Characterization of cancer stem cell properties of CD24 and CD26-positive human malignant mesothelioma cells (vol 419, pg 529, 2012)
Yamazaki H, Naito M, Ghani FI, Dang NH, Iwata S, Morimoto C