Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.421, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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635 - 639 Lamins as mediators of oxidative stress
Sieprath T, Darwiche R, De Vos WH
640 - 645 MicroRNA-25 promotes cell migration and invasion in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma
Xu XH, Chen ZL, Zhao XH, Wang JW, Ding DP, Wang Z, Tan FW, Tan XG, Zhou F, Sun J, Sun N, Gao YB, Shao K, Li N, Qiu B, He J
646 - 650 Congeneric bio-adhesive mussel foot proteins designed by modified prolines revealed a chiral bias in unnatural translation
Larregola M, Moore S, Budisa N
651 - 657 Rab21 attenuates EGF-mediated MAPK signaling through enhancing EGFR internalization and degradation
Yang X, Zhang YQ, Li S, Liu CX, Jin Z, Wang YY, Ren FL, Chang ZJ
658 - 664 Isoliquiritigenin isolated from Glycyrrhiza uralensis protects neuronal cells against glutamate-induced mitochondrial dysfunction
Yang EJ, Min JS, Ku HY, Choi HS, Park MK, Kim MK, Song KS, Lee DS
665 - 670 Lysine-specific demethylase 1 (LSD1) and histone deacetylase 1 (HDAC1) synergistically repress proinflammatory cytokines and classical complement pathway components
Janzer A, Lim S, Fronhoffs F, Niazy N, Buettner R, Kirfel J
671 - 677 8-Oxo-7,8-dihydrodeoxyadenosine: The first example of a native DNA lesion that stabilizes human telomeric G-quadruplex DNA
Aggrawal M, Joo H, Liu WB, Tsai J, Xue L
678 - 683 Nociceptin is upregulated by FSH signaling in Sertoli cells in murine testes
Eto K, Shiotsuki M, Sakai T, Abe S
684 - 689 SKLB70326, a novel small-molecule inhibitor of cell-cycle progression, induces G(0)/G(1) phase arrest and apoptosis in human hepatic carcinoma cells
Han YY, He HY, Peng F, Liu JY, Dai XY, Lin HJ, Xu YZ, Zhou T, Mao YQ, Xie G, Yang SY, Yu LT, Yang L, Zhao YL
690 - 695 Delivery of cationic polymer-siRNA nanoparticles for gene therapies in neural regeneration
Liang YR, Liu ZL, Shuai XT, Wang WW, Liu J, Bi W, Wang CM, Jing XN, Liu YY, Tao EX
696 - 700 Negative regulation of Odd-skipped related 2 by TGF-beta achieves the induction of cellular migration and the arrest of cell cycle
Kawai S, Amano A
701 - 706 Effect of PANDER in beta TC6-cell lipoapoptosis and the protective role of exendin-4
Xiang JN, Chen DL, Yang LY
707 - 712 Biphasic effect of danazol on human vascular endothelial cell permeability and f-actin cytoskeleton dynamics
Thomas GW, Rael LT, Bar-Or R, Mains CW, Slone DS, Boyd SR, Bar-Or D
713 - 720 Cloning and characterization of human Golgi phosphoprotein 2 gene (GOLPH2/GP73/GOLM1) promoter
Gong Y, Long Q, Xie HB, Zhang TY, Peng T
721 - 726 Tellurite-exposed Escherichia coli exhibits increased intracellular alpha-ketoglutarate
Reinoso CA, Auger C, Appanna VD, Vasquez CC
727 - 730 Deficient Rab11 activity underlies glucose hypometabolism in primary neurons of Huntington's disease mice
Li XY, Valencia A, McClory H, Sapp E, Kegel KB, DiFiglia M
731 - 735 A protein switch with tunable steepness reconstructed in Escherichia coli cells with eukaryotic signaling proteins
Takahashi M, Shibata T, Yanagida T, Sako Y
736 - 742 Validation of differential gene expression in muscle engineered from rat groin adipose tissue by quantitative real-time PCR
An Y, Reimers K, Allmeling C, Liu JL, Lazaridis A, Vogt PM
743 - 749 KBTBD13 interacts with Cullin 3 to form a functional ubiquitin ligase
Sambuughin N, Swietnicki W, Techtmann S, Matrosova V, Wallace T, Goldfarb L, Maynard E
750 - 756 The upregulation of TRPC6 contributes to Ca2+ signaling and actin assembly in human mesangial cells after chronic hypoxia
Liao C, Yang H, Zhang R, Sun H, Zhao B, Gao CS, Zhu FR, Jiao JD
757 - 762 Structural insights into the metabolism of 2-chlorodibenzofuran by an evolved biphenyl dioxygenase
Kumar P, Mohammadi M, Dhindwal S, Thi TMP, Bolin JT, Sylvestre M
763 - 767 Intracellular trafficking of superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles conjugated with TAT peptide: 3-dimensional electron tomography analysis
Nair BG, Fukuda T, Mizuki T, Hanajiri T, Maekawa T
768 - 772 Autophagy in the intestinal epithelium is not involved in the pathogenesis of intestinal tumors
Nishiumi S, Fujishima Y, Inoue J, Masuda A, Azuma T, Yoshida M
773 - 779 Detection of Transglutaminase 2 conformational changes in living cell
Pavlyukov MS, Antipova NV, Balashova MV, Shakhparonov MI
780 - 784 Heat shock protein gp96 regulates Toll-like receptor 9 proteolytic processing and conformational stability
Brooks JC, Sun WL, Chiosis G, Leifer CA
785 - 789 PDGFBB promotes PDGFR alpha-positive cell migration into artificial bone in vivo
Yoshida S, Iwasaki R, Kawana H, Miyauchi Y, Hoshi H, Miyamoto H, Mori T, Kanagawa H, Katsuyama E, Fujie A, Hao W, Kobayashi T, Sato Y, Miyamoto K, Morioka H, Matsumoto M, Chiba K, Toyama Y, Nakagawa T, Miyamoto T
790 - 796 Involvement of the MAPK and P13K pathways in chitinase 3-like 1-regulated hyperoxia-induced airway epithelial cell death
Kim MN, Lee KE, Hong JY, Heo WI, Kim KW, Kim KE, Sohn MH
797 - 800 Survivin regulates Plk1 localization to kinetochore in mouse oocyte meiosis
Sun SC, Liu HL, Sun QY
801 - 807 The impact of Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II on insulin gene expression in MIN6 cells
Suefuji M, Furukawa N, Matsumoto K, Oiso H, Shimoda S, Yoshinaga T, Matsuyama R, Miyagawa K, Kondo T, Kawashima J, Tsuruzoe K, Araki E
808 - 812 Nanosecond pulsed electric fields (nsPEFs) activate intrinsic caspase-dependent and caspase-independent cell death in Jurkat cells
Ren W, Sain NM, Beebe SJ
813 - 818 Stimulation of vesicular monoamine transporter 2 activity by DJ-1 in SH-SY5Y cells
Ishikawa S, Tanaka Y, Takahashi-Niki K, Niki T, Ariga H, Iguchi-Ariga SMM
819 - 824 PTHrP isoforms have differing effect on chondrogenic differentiation and hypertrophy of mesenchymal stem cells
Lee JM, Im GI
825 - 831 Transcriptional regulation of the human mitochondrial peptide deformylase (PDF)
Pereira-Castro I, da Costa LT, Amorim A, Azevedo L
832 - 836 Characterization of a novel weak interaction between MUC1 and Src-SH3 using nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Gunasekara N, Sykes B, Hugh J
837 - 843 Serum anti-Ku86 is a potential biomarker for early detection of hepatitis C virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma
Nomura F, Sogawa K, Noda K, Seimiya M, Matsushita K, Miura T, Tomonaga T, Yoshitomi H, Imazeki F, Takizawa H, Mogushi K, Miyazaki M, Yokosuka O
844 - 849 Magnetic bead-based salivary peptidome profiling analysis during orthodontic treatment durations
Zhang JN, Zhou SN, Zheng H, Zhou YH, Chen F, Lin JX
850 - 854 High-yield production of a stable Vero cell-based vaccine candidate against the highly pathogenic avian influenza virus H5N1
Zhou FY, Zhou J, Ma L, Song SH, Zhang XW, Li WD, Jiang SD, Wang Y, Liao GY
855 - 859 Differential dependence on oxygen tension during the maturation process between monomeric Kusabira Orange 2 and monomeric Azami Green expressed in HeLa cells
Kaida A, Miura M
860 - 860 Trehalose as an indicator of desiccation stress in Drosophila melanogaster larvae: A potential marker of anhydrobiosis (vol 419, pg 638, 2012)
Thorat LJ, Gaikwad SM, Nath BB