Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.416, No.3-4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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227 - 231 Thyroid-specific gene expression in chondrocytes
Endo T, Kobayashi T
232 - 238 Alpha-adrenergic blocker mediated osteoblastic stem cell differentiation
Choi YJ, Lee JY, Lee SJ, Chung CP, Park YJ
239 - 245 Angiopoietin1 contributes to the maintenance of cell quiescence in EVI1(high) leukemia cells
Ichihara E, Kaneda K, Saito Y, Yamakawa N, Morishita K
246 - 251 STAT3 signaling pathway is necessary for cell survival and tumorsphere forming capacity in ALDH(+)/CD133(+) stem cell-like human colon cancer cells
Lin L, Fuchs J, Li CL, Olson V, Bekaii-Saab T, Lin JY
252 - 257 A structural model of the HIV-1 Rev-integrase complex: The molecular basis of integrase regulation by Rev
Benyamini H, Loyter A, Friedler A
258 - 265 Proteomic analysis of the 20S proteasome (PSMA3)-interacting proteins reveals a functional link between the proteasome and mRNA metabolism
Fedorova OA, Moiseeva TN, Nikiforov AA, Tsimokha AS, Livinskaya VA, Hodson M, Bottrill A, Evteeva IN, Ermolayeva JB, Kuznetzova IM, Turoverov KK, Eperon I, Barlev NA
266 - 269 Bradykinin receptor 2 extends inflammatory cell recruitment in a model of acute gouty arthritis
Shaw OM, Harper JL
270 - 276 Effects of a human plasma membrane-associated sialidase siRNA on prostate cancer invasion
Li XJ, Zhang L, Shao YT, Liang ZW, Shao C, Wang B, Guo BF, Li N, Zhao XJ, Li Y, Xu DQ
277 - 282 Expression and characterization of recombinant kurtoxin, an inhibitor of T-type voltage-gated calcium channels
Lee CW, Eu YJ, Min HJ, Cho EM, Lee JH, Kim HH, Nah SY, Swartz KJ, Kim JI
283 - 288 Suppression of phospholipase C gamma 1 phosphorylation by cinnamaldehyde inhibits antigen-induced extracellular calcium influx and degranulation in mucosal mast cells
Kageyama-Yahara N, Wang XY, Katagiri T, Wang P, Yamamoto T, Tominaga M, Kadowaki M
289 - 292 Transgenic overexpression of bone morphogenetic protein 11 propeptide in skeleton enhances bone formation
Li ZC, Zeng F, Mitchell AD, Kim YS, Wu ZF, Yang JZ
293 - 299 Increased cardiogenesis in P19-GFP teratocarcinoma cells expressing the propeptide IGF-1Ea
Poudel B, Bilbao D, Sarathchandra P, Germack R, Rosenthal N, Santini MP
300 - 306 Ubiquitination of Notch1 is regulated by MAML1-mediated p300 acetylation of Notch1
Popko-Scibor AE, Lindberg MJ, Hansson ML, Holmlund T, Wallberg AE
307 - 312 Inverse correlation between metallothioneins and hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha in colonocytes and experimental colitis
Devisscher L, Hindryckx P, Olievier K, Peeters H, De Vos M, Laukens D
313 - 317 Bile salt export pump inhibitors are associated with bile acid-dependent drug-induced toxicity in sandwich-cultured hepatocytes
Ogimura E, Sekine S, Horie T
318 - 324 The lectin ArtinM binds to mast cells inducing cell activation and mediator release
Barbosa-Lorenzi VC, Buranello PAD, Roque-Barreira MC, Jamur MC, Oliver C, Pereira-da-Silva G
325 - 330 Regulation of macrophage differentiation and polarization by group IVC phospholipase A(2)
Ishihara K, Kuroda A, Sugihara K, Kanai S, Nabe T, Akiba S
331 - 336 Proteomics investigation of endogenous S-nitrosylation in Arabidopsis
Fares A, Rossignol M, Peltier JB
337 - 342 Extracellular low pH affects circadian rhythm expression in human primary fibroblasts
Lee SK, Achieng E, Maddox C, Chen SC, Iuvone PM, Fukuhara C
343 - 348 CCCP induces autophagy in an AMPK-independent manner
Kwon KY, Viollet B, Yoo OJ
349 - 355 3D structure and immunogenicity of Plasmodium falciparum sporozoite induced associated protein peptides as components of fully-protective anti-malarial vaccine
Alba MP, Almonacid H, Calderon D, Chacon EA, Poloche LA, Patarroyo MA, Patarroyo ME
356 - 361 NMR structure of human thymosin alpha-1
Elizondo-Riojas MA, Chamow SM, Tuthill CW, Gorenstein DG, Volk DE
362 - 366 Endoplasmic reticulum stress enhances gamma-secretase activity
Ohta K, Mizuno A, Li SM, Itoh M, Ueda M, Ohta E, Hida Y, Wang MX, Furoi M, Tsuzuki Y, Sobajima M, Bohmoto Y, Fukushima T, Kobori M, Inuzuka T, Nakagawa T
367 - 371 Smooth muscle myosin light chain kinase efficiently phosphorylates serine 15 of cardiac myosin regulatory light chain
Josephson MP, Sikkink LA, Penheiter AR, Burghardt TP, Ajtai K
372 - 378 Histone demethylase JMJD2B is required for tumor cell proliferation and survival and is overexpressed in gastric cancer
Li WJ, Zhao L, Zang W, Liu ZF, Chen L, Liu TT, Xu DW, Jia JH
379 - 384 The X protein of hepatitis B virus activates hepatoma cell proliferation through repressing melanoma inhibitory activity 2 gene
Xu YL, Yang Y, Cai YY, Liu F, Liu YL, Zhu Y, Wu JG
385 - 390 XLG alpha(olf) regulates expression of p27(Kip1) in a CSN5 and CDK2 dependent manner
Akita K, Takahashi Y, Takata N, Hashimoto M, Kataoka M, Tomigahara Y, Saito K
391 - 396 Prolonged effect of fluid flow stress on the proliferative activity of mesothelial cells after abrupt discontinuation of fluid streaming
Aoki S, Ikeda S, Takezawa T, Kishi T, Makino J, Uchihashi K, Matsunobu A, Noguchi M, Sugihara H, Toda S
397 - 402 Synthetic cyclohexenyl chalcone natural products possess cytotoxic activities against prostate cancer cells and inhibit cysteine cathepsins in vitro
Majumdar ID, Devanabanda A, Fox B, Schwartzman J, Cong H, Porco JA, Weber HC
403 - 408 Overexpression of the human ubiquitin E3 ligase CUL4A alleviates hypoxia-reoxygenation injury in pheochromocytoma (PC12) cells
Tan C, Zhang LY, Chen H, Xiao L, Liu XP, Zhang JX
409 - 415 Negative-feedback regulation of ATP release: ATP release from cardiomyocytes is strictly regulated during ischemia
Kunugi S, Iwabuchi S, Matsuyama D, Okajima T, Kawahara K
416 - 420 The human Ino80 binds to microtubule via the E-hook of tubulin: Implications for the role in spindle assembly
Park EJ, Hur SK, Lee HS, Lee SA, Kwon J
421 - 426 Inactivation of prolyl hydroxylase domain (PHD) protein by epigallocatechin (EGCG) stabilizes hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF-1 alpha) and induces hepcidin (Hamp) in rat kidney
Manalo DJ, Baek JH, Buehler PW, Struble E, Abraham B, Alayash AI
427 - 432 Expanding the utility of heptamer-type sgRNA for TRUE gene silencing
Sano T, Takahashi M, Nozaki T, Takahashi Y, Tamura M, Nashimoto M
433 - 436 Stimulation of the extracellular Ca2+-sensing receptor by denatonium
Rogachevskaja OA, Churbanov GD, Bystrova MF, Romanov RA, Kolesnikov SS