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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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499 - 503 Extracellular acidification induces connective tissue growth factor production through proton-sensing receptor OGR1 in human airway smooth muscle cells
Matsuzaki S, Ishizuka T, Yamada H, Kamide Y, Hisada T, Ichimonji I, Aoki H, Yatomi M, Komachi M, Tsurumaki H, Ono A, Koga Y, Dobashi K, Mogi C, Sato K, Tomura H, Mori M, Okajima F
504 - 508 Identification of three novel mutations in the COL2A1 gene in four unrelated Chinese families with spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita
Zhang Z, He JW, Fu WZ, Zhang CQ, Zhang ZL
509 - 514 Fibrinogen alters mouse brain endothelial cell layer integrity affecting vascular endothelial cadherin
Muradashvili N, Tyagi N, Tyagi R, Munjal C, Lominadze D
515 - 520 NHR-23 dependent collagen and hedgehog-related genes required for molting
Kouns NA, Nakielna J, Behensky F, Krause MW, Kostrouch Z, Kostrouchova M
521 - 526 Introduction of glutamines into the B2-H2 loop promotes prion protein conversion
Avbelj M, Hafner-Bratkovic I, Jerala R
527 - 531 Function of yeast and amphioxus tRNA ligase in IRE1alpha-dependent XBP1 mRNA splicing
Iwawaki T, Tokuda M
532 - 536 A small unstructured nucleic acid disrupts a trinucleotide repeat hairpin
Avila-Figueroa A, Cattie D, Delaney S
537 - 540 Systematic selection of housekeeping genes for gene expression normalization in chicken embryo fibroblasts infected with Newcastle disease virus
Yin RF, Liu XX, Liu C, Ding Z, Zhang XD, Tian FR, Liu WH, Yu JH, Li L, de Angelis MH, Stoeger T
541 - 544 Comparing mechano-transduction in fibroblasts deficient of focal adhesion proteins
Dey T, Mann MC, Goldmann WH
545 - 549 Effects on the conformation of FVIIa by sTF and Ca2+ binding: Studies of fluorescence resonance energy transfer and quenching
Carlsson K, Persson E, Lindgren M, Carlsson U, Svensson M
550 - 554 Hsp90 alpha/beta associates with the GSK3 beta/axin1/phospho-beta-catenin complex in the human MCF-7 epithelial breast cancer model
Cooper LC, Prinsloo E, Edkins AL, Blatch GL
555 - 560 Endosomal trafficking of the G protein-coupled receptor somatostatin receptor 3
Tower-Gilchrist C, Lee E, Sztul E
561 - 565 Differentiation of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells into dermal fibroblasts in vitro
Han YF, Chai JK, Sun TJ, Li DJ, Tao R
566 - 571 Oxidized low-density lipoprotein-induced periodontal inflammation is associated with the up-regulation of cyclooxygenase-2 and microsomal prostaglandin synthase 1 in human gingival epithelial cells
Nagahama Y, Obama T, Usui M, Kanazawa Y, Iwamoto S, Suzuki K, Miyazaki A, Yamaguchi T, Yamamoto M, Itabe H
572 - 576 Kinemage of action - Proposed reaction mechanism of glutamate-1-semialdehyde aminomutase at an atomic level
Sorensen JL, Stetefeld J
577 - 581 Modulation of cytochrome P450 gene expression in primary hepatocytes on various artificial extracellular matrices
Adachi T, Goto M, Cho CS, Akaike T
582 - 587 CTGF/CCN2 has a chemoattractive function but a weak adhesive property to embryonic carcinoma cells
Aguiar DP, Pontes B, Mendes FA, Andrade LR, Viana NB, Abreu JG
588 - 593 Pilot analysis of the plasma metabolite profiles associated with emphysematous Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease phenotype
Paige M, Burdick MD, Kim S, Xu JR, Lee JK, Shim YM
594 - 598 Progress in demonstrating total homochiral selection in montmorillonite-catalyzed RNA synthesis
Joshi PC, Aldersley MF, Ferris JP
599 - 604 Longistatin, a novel plasminogen activator from vector ticks, is resistant to plasminogen activator inhibitor-1
Anisuzzaman, Islam MK, Alim MA, Miyoshi T, Hatta T, Yamaji K, Matsumoto Y, Fujisaki K, Tsuji N
605 - 610 Anti-Parkinsonian effects of Bacopa monnieri: Insights from transgenic and pharmacological Caenorhabditis elegans models of Parkinson's disease
Jadiya P, Khan A, Sammi SR, Kaur S, Mir SS, Nazir A
611 - 615 Synthetic Fab fragments that bind the HIV-1 gp41 heptad repeat regions
Liu YY, Regula LK, Stewart A, Lai JR
616 - 622 Human CD1d molecules are resistant to human cytomegalovirus US2-and US11-mediated degradation
Cho S, Jun Y
623 - 629 Enhanced sensitivity of A549 cells to the cytotoxic action of anticancer drugs via suppression of Nrf2 by procyanidins from Cinnamomi Cortex extract
Ohnuma T, Matsumoto T, Itoi A, Kawana A, Nishiyama T, Ogura K, Hiratsuka A
630 - 636 VEGF, Bcl-2 and Bad regulated by angiopoietin-1 in oleic acid induced acute lung injury
Guo Q, Jin J, Yuan JXJ, Zeifman A, Chen JW, Shen B, Huang JA
637 - 642 Isoliquiritigenin, a chalcone compound, is a positive allosteric modulator of GABA(A) receptors and shows hypnotic effects
Cho S, Kim S, Jin Z, Yang H, Han D, Baek NI, Jo J, Cho CW, Park JH, Shimizu M, Jin YH
643 - 648 Noxa induces apoptosis in oncogene-expressing cells through catch-and-release mechanism operating between Puma and Mcl-1
Nakajima W, Tanaka N
649 - 649 Downregulation of citrin, a mitochondrial AGC, is associated with apoptosis of hepatocytes (Retraction of vol 364, pg 937, 2007)
Sawada S, Kinjo T, Makishi S, Tomita M, Arasaki A, Iseki K, Watanabe H, Kobayashi K, Sunakawa H, Iwamasa T, Mori N