Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.412, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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197 - 202 Role of S6K1 in regulation of SREBP1c expression in the liver
Li SY, Ogawa W, Emi A, Hayashi K, Senga Y, Nomura K, Hara K, Yu DM, Kasuga M
203 - 206 Crystal structure of Plasmodium falciparum phosphoglycerate kinase: Evidence for anion binding in the basic patch
Smith CD, Chattopadhyay D, Pal B
207 - 213 Resistance of colorectal cancer cells to radiation and 5-FU is associated with MELK expression
Choi S, Ku JL
214 - 219 Structural insights into the regulation and the recognition of histone marks by the SET domain of NSD1
Morishita M, di Luccio E
220 - 225 Plasmalemmal vesicle associated protein (PV1) modulates SV40 virus infectivity in CV-1 cells
Tse D, Armstrong DA, Oppenheim A, Kuksin D, Norkin L, Stan RV
226 - 231 Low calcium culture condition induces mesenchymal cell-like phenotype in normal human epidermal keratinocytes
Takagi R, Yamato M, Murakami D, Sugiyama H, Okano T
232 - 237 Insights into role of the hydrogen bond networks in substrate recognition by UDP-GaINAc 4-epimerases
Bhatt VS, Guan WY, Xue MY, Yuan HQ, Wang PG
238 - 244 Crystal structure of a key enzyme in the agarolytic pathway, alpha-neoagarobiose hydrolase from Saccharophagus degradans 2-40
Ha SC, Lee S, Lee J, Kim HT, Ko HJ, Kim KH, Choi IG
245 - 248 Unusual adult-onset Leigh syndrome presentation due to the mitochondrial m.9176T > C mutation
Ronchi D, Bordoni A, Cosi A, Rizzuti M, Fassone E, Di Fonzo A, Servida M, Sciacco M, Collotta M, Ronzoni M, Lucchini V, Mattioli M, Moggio M, Bresolin N, Corti S, Comi GP
249 - 252 Compensatory increase in lipogenic gene expression in adipose tissue of transgenic mice expressing constitutively active AMP-activated protein kinase-alphal in liver
Knowles C, Liu ZM, Yang J
253 - 259 Inhibitor of DNA binding 1 (Id1) induces differentiation and proliferation of mouse embryonic carcinoma P19CL6 cells
Meng QZ, Jia ZQ, Wang WP, Li BH, Ma KT, Zhou CY
260 - 265 Septic sera induces apoptosis and DNA fragmentation factor 40 activation in fibroblasts
Brabant D, Michael P, Bleiblo F, Saleh M, Narain R, Tai TC, Ramana CV, Parrillo JE, Kumar A, Kumar A
266 - 272 Dual roles of CagA protein in Helicobacter pylori-induced chronic gastritis in mice
Kido M, Watanabe N, Aoki N, Iwamoto S, Nishiura H, Maruoka R, Ikeda A, Azuma T, Chiba T
273 - 278 In vitro prominent bone regeneration by release zinc ion from Zn-modified implant
Yusa K, Yamamoto O, Fukuda M, Koyota S, Koizumi Y, Sugiyama T
279 - 285 Proteomic analysis of cancer stem cells in human prostate cancer cells
Lee EK, Cho H, Kim CW
286 - 290 Stearoyl-CoA desaturase is an essential enzyme for the parasitic protist Trypanosoma brucei
Alloatti A, Gupta S, Gualdron-Lopez M, Nguewa PA, Altabe SG, Deumer G, Wallemacq P, Michels PAM, Uttaro AD
291 - 295 Nesprin-2 epsilon: A novel nesprin isoform expressed in human ovary and Ntera-2 cells
Lam LT, Bohm SV, Roberts RG, Morris GE
296 - 301 Therapeutic potential of ghrelin treatment for unloading-induced muscle atrophy in mice
Koshinaka K, Toshinai K, Mohammad A, Noma K, Oshikawa M, Ueno H, Yamaguchi H, Nakazato M
302 - 306 A new experimental approach and signal processing scheme for the detection and quantitation of P-31 brain neurochemicals from in vivo MRS studies using dual tuned (H-1/P-31) head coil
Mandal PK, Akolkar H
307 - 312 Inhibition of MEK5 by BIX02188 induces apoptosis in cells expressing the oncogenic mutant FLT3-ITD
Razumovskaya E, Sun JM, Ronnstrand L
313 - 317 Protein kinase C eta activates NF-kappa B in response to camptothecin-induced DNA damage
Raveh-Amit H, Hai N, Rotem-Dai N, Shahaf G, Gopas J, Livneh E
318 - 322 Effects of cold exposure and shear stress on endothelial nitric oxide synthase activation
Isa KBM, Kawasaki N, Ueyama K, Sumii T, Kudo S
323 - 327 The defective protein level of myosin light chain phosphatase (MLCP) in the isolated saphenous vein, as a vascular conduit in coronary artery bypass grafting (CABG), harvested from patients with diabetes mellitus (DM)
Matsuo Y, Kuwabara M, Tanaka-Totoribe N, Kanai T, Nakamura E, Gamoh S, Suzuki A, Asada Y, Hisa H, Yamamoto R
328 - 333 Suppression of HPV E6 and E7 expression by BAF53 depletion in cervical cancer cells
Lee K, Lee AY, Kwon YK, Kwon H
334 - 340 Increased galectin-3 facilitates leukemia cell survival from apoptotic stimuli
Cheng YL, Huang WC, Chen CL, Tsai CC, Wang CY, Chiu WH, Chen YL, Lin YS, Chang CF, Lin CF
341 - 346 Epidermal growth factor receptors destined for the nucleus are internalized via a clathrin-dependent pathway
Campos ACD, Rodrigues MA, de Andrade C, de Goes AM, Nathanson MH, Gomes DA
347 - 352 Persistent expression of Nqo1 by p62-mediated Nrf2 activation facilitates p53-dependent mitotic catastrophe
Bui CB, Shin J
353 - 359 Specific expression of the human voltage-gated proton channel Hv1 in highly metastatic breast cancer cells, promotes tumor progression and metastasis
Wang YF, Li SJ, Pan JC, Che YZ, Yin J, Zhao Q
360 - 365 Glutathione increases the binding affinity of a bovine B-12 trafficking chaperone bCblC for vitamin B-12
Jeong J, Kim J
366 - 372 Genistein promotes DNA demethylation of the steroidogenic factor 1 (SF-1) promoter in endometrial stromal cells
Matsukura H, Aisaki K, Igarashi K, Matsushima Y, Kanno J, Muramatsu M, Sudo K, Sato N
373 - 378 Induction of diabetes with signs of autoimmunity in primates by the injection of multiple-low-dose streptozotocin
Wei LL, Lu YR, He SR, Jin X, Zeng L, Zhang S, Chen YN, Tian BL, Mai G, Yang G, Zhang J, Wang L, Li HX, Markmann JF, Cheng JQ, Deng SP
379 - 384 PARP1 inhibitors attenuate AKT phosphorylation via the upregulation of PHLPP1
Wang SA, Wang HB, Davis BC, Liang JY, Cui RT, Chen SJ, Xu ZX
385 - 390 ATF3 represses PDX-1 expression in pancreatic beta-cells
Jang MK, Park HJ, Jung MH
391 - 395 Tumor suppressor REIC/Dkk-3 interacts with the dynein light chain, Tctex-1
Ochiai K, Watanabe M, Ueki H, Huang P, Fujii Y, Nasu Y, Noguchi H, Hirata T, Sakaguchi M, Huh N, Kashiwakura Y, Kaku H, Kumon H
396 - 400 Time-imposed daily restricted feeding induces rhythmic expression of Fgf21 in white adipose tissue of mice
Oishi K, Konishi M, Murata Y, Itoh N