Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.411, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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227 - 234 Phosphorylation of NDRG1 is temporally and spatially controlled during the cell cycle
McCaig C, Potter L, Abramczyk O, Murray JT
235 - 240 Interaction of plasma membrane Ca2+-ATPase isoform 4 with calcineurin A: Implications for catecholamine secretion by PC12 cells
Kosiorek M, Podszywalow-Bartnicka P, Zylinska L, Zablocki K, Pikula S
241 - 246 Induction of neurite-outgrowth in PC12 cells by alpha-toxin from Clostridium perfringens
Oda M, Saito Y, Morimune Y, Nagahama M, Sakurai J
247 - 252 The mitochondrial ND1 m.3337G > A mutation associated to multiple mitochondrial DNA deletions in a patient with Wolfram syndrome and cardiomyopathy
Mezghani N, Mnif M, Mkaouar-Rebai E, Kallel N, Salem IH, Charfi N, Abid M, Fakhfakh F
253 - 258 Identification of a putative Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus entry factor
Xiao XD, Feng Y, Zhu ZY, Dimitrov DS
259 - 264 Expression of galectin-9 by IFN-gamma stimulated human nasal polyp fibroblasts through MAPK, PI3K, and JAK/STAT signaling pathways
Park WS, Jung WK, Park SK, Heo KW, Kang MS, Choi YH, Kim GY, Park SG, Seo SK, Yea SS, Liu KH, Shim EB, Kim DJ, Her M, Choi IW
265 - 270 Toward the smallest active subdomain of a TIM-barrel fold: Insights from a truncated alpha-amylase
Ben Ali M, Ghram M, Hmani H, Khemakhem B, Haser R, Bejar S
271 - 275 GSK-3 beta inhibitors suppressed neuroinflammation in rat cortex by activating autophagy in ischemic brain injury
Zhou XG, Zhou J, Li XL, Guo CA, Fang TL, Chen ZR
276 - 280 Creating a flexible multiple microRNA expression vector by linking precursor microRNAs
Qiu XN, Friedman JM, Liang GN
281 - 286 Liberation of desmosine and isodesmosine as amino acids from insoluble elastin by elastolytic proteases
Umeda H, Aikawa M, Libby P
287 - 292 Sustained expression of lipocalin-type prostaglandin D synthase in the antisense direction positively regulates adipogenesis in cloned cultured preadipocytes
Chowdhury A, Hossain MS, Rahman MS, Nishimura K, Jisaka M, Nagaya T, Shono F, Yokota K
293 - 298 Up-regulation of K(ir)2.1 by ER stress facilitates cell death of brain capillary endothelial cells
Kito H, Yamazaki D, Ohya S, Yamamura H, Asai K, Imaizumi Y
299 - 304 Iron(III) mesoporphyrin IX and iron(III) deuteroporphyrin IX bind to the Porphyromonas gingivalis HmuY hemophore
Wojaczynski J, Wojtowicz H, Bielecki M, Olczak M, Smalley JW, Latos-Grazynski L, Olczak T
305 - 311 Possibility of increasing cholesterol efflux by adiponectin and its receptors through the ATP binding cassette transporter A1 in HEK293T cells
Kitajima K, Miura S, Yamauchi T, Uehara Y, Kiya Y, Rye KA, Kadowaki T, Saku K
312 - 316 A partially folded structure of amyloid-beta(1-40) in an aqueous environment
Vivekanandan S, Brender JR, Lee SY, Ramamoorthy A
317 - 322 Colonization of collagen scaffolds by adipocytes derived from mesenchymal stem cells of the common marmoset monkey
Bernemann I, Mueller T, Blasczyk R, Glasmacher B, Hofmann N
323 - 328 FBN1 isoform expression varies in a tissue and development-specific fashion
Burchett ME, Ling IF, Estus S
329 - 334 Calmodulin and calcium differentially regulate the neuronal Nav1.1 voltage-dependent sodium channel
Gaudioso C, Carlier E, Youssouf F, Clare JJ, Debanne D, Alcaraz G
335 - 341 A novel protein kinase C target site in protein kinase D is phosphorylated in response to signals for cardiac hypertrophy
Phan D, Stratton MS, Huynh QK, McKinsey TA
342 - 347 Deoxyelephantopin from Elephantopus scaber L. induces cell-cycle arrest and apoptosis in the human nasopharyngeal cancer CNE cells
Su MX, Chung HY, Li YL
348 - 353 Effects of signal sequence on phage-displayed disulfide-stabilized single chain antibody variable fragment (sc-dsFv) libraries
Lee YC, Chen IC, Yu CM, Huang YJ, Hsu HJ, Yang AS
354 - 359 Anti-inflammatory effect of transduced PEP-1-heme oxygenase-1 in Raw 264.7 cells and a mouse edema model
Kwon SW, Sohn EJ, Kim DW, Jeong HJ, Kim MJ, Ahn EH, Kim YN, Dutta S, Kim DS, Park J, Eum WS, Hwang HS, Choi SY
360 - 364 Distinct expression patterns of the subunits of the CCR4-NOT deadenylase complex during neural development
Chen C, Ito K, Takahashi A, Wang G, Suzuki T, Nakazawa T, Yamamoto T, Yokoyama K
365 - 369 Secretion of N-terminal domain of alpha-dystroglycan in cerebrospinal fluid
Saito F, Saito-Arai Y, Nakamura-Okuma A, Ikeda M, Hagiwara H, Masaki T, Shimizu T, Matsumura K
370 - 374 Neuroprotective cytokines repress PUMA induction in the 1-methyl-4-phenylpyridinium (MPP+) model of Parkinson's disease
Kook YH, Ka M, Um M
375 - 380 Pioglitazone promotes preadipocyte proliferation by downregulating p16(Ink4a)
Hasan AU, Ohmori K, Hashimoto T, Kamitori K, Hirata Y, Ishihara Y, Okamoto N, Noma T, Kosaka H, Tokuda M, Kohno M
381 - 386 A Tunisian patient with Pearson syndrome harboring the 4.977 kb common deletion associated to two novel large-scale mitochondrial deletions
Ben Ayed I, Chamkha I, Mkaouar-Rebai E, Kammoun T, Mezghani N, Chabchoub I, Aloulou H, Hachicha M, Fakhfakh F
387 - 392 Isoflurane preconditioning involves upregulation of molecular chaperone genes
McClintick CA, Theisen CS, Ferns JE, Fibuch EE, Seidler NW
393 - 396 Systemic comparison of repression activity for miRNA and siRNA associated with different types of target sequences
Lee HC, Chen CY, Au LC
397 - 401 Vitamin C enhances in vitro and in vivo development of porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer embryos
Huang YY, Tang XC, Xie WH, Zhou Y, Li D, Zhou Y, Zhu JG, Yuan T, Lai LX, Pang DX, Ouyang HS
402 - 408 Cilostazol reduces MCP-1-induced chemotaxis and adhesion of THP-1 monocytes by inhibiting CCR2 gene expression
Chuang SY, Yang SH, Pang JHS
409 - 415 Accelerated cellular senescence phenotype of GAPDH-depleted human lung carcinoma cells
Phadke M, Krynetskaia N, Mishra A, Krynetskiy E
416 - 420 Phosphatidylinositol 4-phosphate 5-kinase I gamma_v6, a new splice variant found in rodents and humans
Xia Y, Irvine RF, Giudici ML
421 - 426 Herceptin, a recombinant humanized anti-ERBB2 monoclonal antibody, induces cardiomyocyte death
Singh KK, Shukla PC, Quan A, Lovren F, Pan Y, Wolfstadt JI, Gupta M, Al-Omran M, Leong-Poi H, Teoh H, Verma S
427 - 432 A novel 2,6-diisopropylphenyl-docosahexaenoamide conjugate induces apoptosis in T cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia cell lines
Altenburg JD, Harvey KA, McCray S, Xu ZD, Siddiqui RA
433 - 439 Structural and mutational analyses of the receptor binding domain of botulinum D/C mosaic neurotoxin: Insight into the ganglioside binding mechanism
Nuemket N, Tanaka Y, Tsukamoto K, Tsuji T, Nakamura K, Kozaki S, Yao M, Tanaka I
440 - 444 Fused pulmonary lobes is a rat model of human Fraser syndrome
Kiyozumi D, Nakano I, Takahashi KL, Hojo H, Aoyama H, Sekiguchi K
445 - 448 The contribution of serotonin 5-HT2C and melanocortin-4 receptors to the satiety signaling of glucagon-like peptide 1 and liragultide, a glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonist, in mice
Nonogaki K, Suzuki M, Sanuki M, Wakameda M, Tamari T
449 - 454 alpha-Pinene isolated from Schinus terebintinfolius Raddi (Anacardiaceae) induces apoptosis and confers antimetastatic protection in a melanoma model
Matsuo AL, Figueiredo CR, Arruda DC, Pereira FV, Scutti JAB, Massaoka MH, Travassos LR, Sartorelli P, Lago JHG
455 - 457 Interference of N-hydroxysuccinimide with bicinchoninic acid protein assay
Vashist SK, Dixit CK
458 - 463 p53 activation inhibits ochratoxin A-induced apoptosis in monkey and human kidney epithelial cells via suppression of JNK activation
Li JH, Yin ST, Dong YH, Fan LH, Hu HB
464 - 470 Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: Association with mutual regulation of RelA (p65)/NF-kappa B and phospho-I kappa B in the CNS
Hwang I, Ha D, Ahn G, Park E, Joo H, Jee Y