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591 - 595 The dynamic equilibrium between ATP synthesis and ATP consumption is lower in isolated mitochondria from myotubes established from type 2 diabetic subjects compared to lean control
Minet AD, Gaster M
596 - 602 Glutathione is a physiologic reservoir of neuronal glutamate
Koga M, Serritella AV, Messmer MM, Hayashi-Takagi A, Hester LD, Snyder SH, Sawa A, Sedlak TW
603 - 609 Cation permeation through connexin 43 hemichannels is cooperative, competitive and saturable with parameters depending on the permeant species
Orellana JA, Diaz E, Schalper KA, Vargas AA, Bennett MVL, Saez JC
610 - 615 Structure-function analysis of the tertiary bile acid TUDCA for the resolution of endoplasmic reticulum stress in intestinal epithelial cells
Berger E, Haller D
616 - 621 Dynamic changes in hair cell stereocilia and cochlear transduction after noise exposure
Wang H, Yin SK, Yu ZP, Huang YY, Wang J
622 - 627 Structure of a novel class II phospholipase D: Catalytic cleft is modified by a disulphide bridge
de Giuseppe PO, Ullah A, Silva DT, Gremski LH, Wille ACM, Moreira DC, Ribeiro AS, Chaim OM, Murakami MT, Veiga SS, Arni RK
628 - 633 Nuclear translocation of the cytoskeleton-associated protein, smALP, upon induction of skeletal muscle differentiation
Cambier L, Pomies P
634 - 639 OsJAR1 and OsJAR2 are jasmonyl-L-isoleucine synthases involved in wound- and pathogen-induced jasmonic acid signalling
Wakuta S, Suzuki E, Saburi W, Matsuura H, Nabeta K, Imai R, Matsui H
640 - 644 The microcephaly gene aspm is involved in brain development in zebrafish
Kim HT, Lee MS, Choi JH, Jung JY, Ahn DG, Yeo SY, Choi DK, Kim CH
645 - 650 Modulation of N-type Ca2+ currents by moxonidine via imidazoline I-1 receptor activation in rat superior cervical ganglion neurons
Kim YH, Nam TS, Ahn DS, Chung S
651 - 656 Soluble FGFR4 extracellular domain inhibits FGF19-induced activation of FGFR4 signaling and prevents nonalcoholic fatty liver disease
Chen Q, Jiang Y, An Y, Zhao N, Zhao Y, Yu CD
657 - 662 Activity-dependent SUMOylation of the brain-specific scaffolding protein GISP
Kantamneni S, Wilkinson KA, Jaafari N, Ashikaga E, Rocca D, Rubin P, Jacobs SC, Nishimune A, Henley JM
663 - 668 Plural assay systems derived from different cell lines and hepatitis C virus strains are required for the objective evaluation of anti-hepatitis C virus reagents
Ueda Y, Mori K, Ariumi Y, Ikeda M, Kato N
669 - 674 AMPK induces MUC5B expression via p38 MAPK in NCI-H292 airway epithelial cells
Bae CH, Kim JW, Ye SB, Song SY, Kim YW, Park SY, Kim YD
675 - 680 TLR4 activates NF-kappa B in human ovarian granulosa tumor cells
Woods DC, White YAR, Dau C, Johnson AL
681 - 686 Akt phosphorylates and regulates the function of Dlx5
Jeong HM, Jin YH, Kim YJ, Yum J, Choi YH, Yeo CY, Lee KY
687 - 692 CPEB1 modulates lipopolysaccharide-mediated iNOS induction in rat primary astrocytes
Kim KC, Joo SH, Shin CY
693 - 698 Prolyl oligopeptidase participates in cell cycle progression in a human neuroblastoma cell line
Sakaguchi M, Matsuda T, Matsumura E, Yoshimoto T, Takaoka M
699 - 704 Changes in carnitine octanoyltransferase activity induce alteration in fatty acid metabolism
Le Borgne F, Ben Mohamed A, Logerot M, Garnier E, Demarquoy J
705 - 710 Fgf20b is required for the ectomesenchymal fate establishment of cranial neural crest cells in zebrafish
Yamauchi H, Goto M, Katayama M, Miyake A, Itoh N
711 - 716 Lipid accumulation and lysosomal pathways contribute to dysfunction and apoptosis of human endothelial cells caused by 7-oxysterols
Li W, Ghosh M, Eftekhari S, Yuan XM
717 - 722 Paradoxical effects of chondroitin sulfate-E on Japanese encephalitis viral infection
Kim E, Okumura M, Sawa H, Miyazaki T, Fujikura D, Yamada S, Sugahara K, Sasaki M, Kimura T
723 - 726 Evaluation of anti-depressant-like activity of linezolid, an oxazolidinone class derivative - An investigation using behavioral tests battery of depression
Mahesh R, Jindal A, Gautam B, Bhatt S, Pandey D
727 - 731 Light responsiveness of clock genes, Per1 and Per2, in the olfactory bulb of mice
Hamada T, Honma S, Honma KI
732 - 737 Keratan sulfate and related murine glycosylation can suppress murine cartilage damage in vitro and in vivo
Hayashi M, Kadomatsu K, Kojima T, Ishiguro N
738 - 744 ALCAPs induce mitochondrial apoptosis and activate DNA damage response by generating ROS and inhibiting topoisomerase I enzyme activity in K562 leukemia cell line
Bogurcu N, Sevimli-Gur C, Ozmen B, Bedir E, Korkmaz KS
745 - 747 Fluoride enhances transfection activity of carbonate apatite by increasing cytoplasmic stability of plasmid DNA
Chowdhury EH
748 - 751 Roles of ATR1 paralogs YMR279c and YOR378w in boron stress tolerance
Bozdag GO, Uluisik I, Gulculer GS, Karakaya HC, Koc A
752 - 757 ZL11n is a novel nitric oxide-releasing derivative of farnesylthiosalicylic acid that induces apoptosis in human hepatoma HepG2 cells via MAPK/mitochondrial pathways
Yang LF, Ling Y, Zhang ZZ, Zhao Q, Tang JX, Ji H, Zhang YH
758 - 763 Nitric oxide counters the inhibitory effects of uremic toxin indoxyl sulfate on endothelial cells by governing ERK MAP kinase and myosin light chain activation
Kharait S, Haddad DJ, Springer ML
764 - 768 Agonist-induced formation of FGFR1 homodimers and signaling differ among members of the FGF family
Romero-Fernandez W, Borroto-Escuela DO, Tarakanov AO, Mudo G, Narvaez M, Perez-Alea M, Agnati LF, Ciruela F, Belluardo N, Fuxe K
769 - 774 Fucoxanthin exerts differing effects on 3T3-L1 cells according to differentiation stage and inhibits glucose uptake in mature adipocytes
Kang SI, Ko HC, Shin HS, Kim HM, Hong YS, Lee NH, Kim SJ
775 - 779 Electrogenic Na+/HCO3- co-transporter-1 is essential for the parathyroid hormone-stimulated intestinal HCO3- secretion
Charoenphandhu N, Laohapitakworn S, Kraidith K, Nakkrasae LI, Jongwattanapisan P, Tharabenjasin P, Krishnamra N
780 - 785 Casuarinin suppresses TNF-alpha-induced ICAM-1 expression via blockade of NF-kappa B activation in HaCaT cells
Kwon DJ, Bae YS, Ju SM, Goh AR, Choi SY, Park J
786 - 791 Genes that integrate multiple adipogenic signaling pathways in human mesenchymal stem cells
Ito T, Tsuruta S, Tomita K, Kikuchi K, Yokoi T, Aizawa Y
792 - 798 Human papillomavirus 16E6 suppresses major histocompatibility complex class I by upregulating lymphotoxin expression in human cervical cancer cells
Kim DH, Kim EM, Lee EH, Ji KY, Yi J, Park M, Kim KD, Cho YY, Kang HS
799 - 802 Evidence of tricellulin expression by immune cells, particularly microglia
Mariano C, Silva SL, Pereira P, Fernandes A, Brites D, Brito MA
803 - 807 MAPK/ERK and Wnt/beta-Catenin pathways are synergistically involved in proliferation of Sca-1 positive hepatic progenitor cells
Jin CX, Samuelson L, Cui CB, Sun YZ, Gerber DA
808 - 813 The Akt/GSK-3 beta pathway mediates flurbiprofen-induced neuroprotection against focal cerebral ischemia/reperfusion injury in rats
Sun BZ, Chen L, Wei XB, Xiang YX, Liu XQ, Zhang XM
814 - 819 Inhibition of selenocysteine tRNA([Ser]Sec) aminoacylation provides evidence that aminoacylation is required for regulatory methylation of this tRNA
Kim JY, Carlson BA, Xu XM, Zeng Y, Chen S, Gladyshev VN, Lee BJ, Hatfield DL
820 - 820 Insulin increases glutamate transporter GLT1 in cultured astrocytes (vol 405, pg 691, 2011)
Ji YF, Xu SM, Zhu J, Wang XX, Shen Y
821 - 821 Melittin activates TRPV1 receptors in primary nociceptive sensory neurons via the phospholipase A2 cascade pathways (vol 408, pg 32, 2011)
Du YR, Xiao Y, Lu ZM, Ding J, Xie F, Fu H, Wang Y, Strong JA, Zhang JM, Chen J