Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.408, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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505 - 510 Inhibition of Kir2.1 (KCNJ2) by the AMP-activated protein kinase
Alesutan I, Munoz C, Sopjani M, Dermaku-Sopjani M, Michael D, Fraser S, Kemp BE, Seebohm G, Foller M, Lang F
511 - 515 Reduced endothelial dependent vasodilation in vessels from TLR4(-/-) mice is associated with increased superoxide generation
Harrington LS, Lundberg MH, Waight M, Rozario A, Mitchell JA
516 - 522 Co-repressor activity of scaffold attachment factor B1 requires sumoylation
Garee JP, Meyer R, Oesterreich S
523 - 529 Phosphatidylinositol 5-phosphate 4-kinase type II beta is required for vitamin D receptor-dependent E-cadherin expression in SW480 cells
Kouchi Z, Fujiwara Y, Yamaguchi H, Nakamura Y, Fukami K
530 - 536 RANK signaling induces interferon-stimulated genes in the fetal thymic stroma
Ohshima D, Qin JW, Konno H, Hirosawa A, Shiraishi T, Yanai H, Shimo Y, Shinzawa M, Akiyama N, Yamashita R, Nakai K, Akiyama T, Inoue J
537 - 540 Mouse FKBP23 mediates conformer-specific functions of BiP by catalyzing Pro(117) cis/trans isomerization
Feng M, Gu C, Ma SK, Wang Y, Liu HJ, Han RF, Gao JF, Long Y, Mi HF
541 - 547 Interaction of a putative BH3 domain of clusterin with anti-apoptotic Bcl-2 family proteins as revealed by NMR spectroscopy
Lee DH, Ha JH, Kim Y, Bae KH, Park JY, Choi WS, Yoon HS, Park SG, Park BC, Yi GS, Chi SW
548 - 552 The human epithelial carcinoma antigen recognized by monoclonal antibody AE3 is expressed on a sulfoglycolipid in addition to neoplastic mucins
Palma AS, Liu Y, Childs RA, Herbert C, Wang DN, Chai WG, Feizi T
553 - 558 Crystal structure of PHYHD1A, a 2OG oxygenase related to phytanoyl-CoA hydroxylase
Zhang ZH, Kochan GT, Ng SS, Kavanagh KL, Oppermann U, Schofield CJ, McDonough MA
559 - 565 Cloning and heterologous expression of new xANO2 from Xenopus laevis
Ryu RH, Oh SJ, Lee RM, Jeong SW, Jan LY, Lee CH, Lee CJ, Jeong SM
566 - 570 Structural analysis of ConBr reveals molecular correlation between the carbohydrate recognition domain and endothelial NO synthase activation
Bezerra EHS, Rocha BAM, Nagano CS, Bezerra GD, de Moura TR, Bezerra MJB, Benevides RG, Sampaio AH, Assreuy AMS, Delatorre P, Cavada BS
571 - 575 Real-time investigation of mannosyltransferase function of a Xylella fastidiosa recombinant GumH protein using QCM-D
Alves CA, Pedroso MM, de Moraes MC, Souza DHF, Cass QB, Faria RC
576 - 581 Crystal structure of uroporphyrinogen III synthase from Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000
Peng SX, Zhang HM, Gao Y, Pan XW, Cao P, Li M, Chang WR
582 - 588 AMSH is required to degrade ubiquitinated proteins in the central nervous system
Suzuki S, Tamai K, Watanabe M, Kyuuma M, Ono M, Sugamura K, Tanaka N
589 - 594 A conserved histidine in human DNLZ/HEP is required for stimulation of HSPA9 ATPase activity
Zhai P, Vu MT, Hoff KG, Silberg JJ
595 - 601 Molecular analysis of DNA repair gene methylation and protein expression during chemical-induced rat lung carcinogenesis
Liu WB, Ao L, Cui ZH, Zhou ZY, Zhou YH, Yuan XY, Xiang YL, Cao J, Liu JY
602 - 608 Protective effect of the phosphodiesterase III inhibitor cilostazol on amyloid beta-induced cognitive deficits associated with decreased amyloid beta accumulation
Park SH, Kim JH, Bae SS, Hong KW, Lee DS, Leem JY, Choi BT, Shin HK
609 - 614 Multi-domain CGFS-type glutaredoxin Grx4 regulates iron homeostasis via direct interaction with a repressor Fep1 in fission yeast
Kim KD, Kim HJ, Lee KC, Roe JH
615 - 619 Dominant induction of vaccine antigen-specific cytotoxic T lymphocyte responses after simian immunodeficiency virus challenge
Takahara Y, Matsuoka S, Kuwano T, Tsukamoto T, Yamamoto H, Ishii H, Nakasone T, Takeda A, Inoue M, Iida A, Nara H, Shu T, Hasegawa M, Sakawaki H, Horiike M, Miura T, Igarashi T, Naruse TK, Kimura A, Matano T
620 - 624 Novel mutations in the SOX10 gene in the first two Chinese cases of type IV Waardenburg syndrome
Jiang L, Chen HS, Jiang W, Hu ZM, Mei LY, Xue JJ, He CF, Liu YL, Xia K, Feng Y
625 - 629 Inhibition of TNF-alpha-mediated inflammatory responses by a benzodioxolylacetylamino-linked benzothiazole analog in human fibroblast-like synoviocytes
Lee YR, Jin GH, Lee SM, Park JW, Ryu JH, Jeon R, Park BH
630 - 634 Pharmacological inhibition of HDAC6 attenuates endothelial barrier dysfunction induced by thrombin
Saito S, Lasky JA, Guo WC, Nguyen H, Mai A, Danchuk S, Sullivan DE, Shan B
635 - 641 Circadian rhythm of cholesterol synthesis in mouse liver: A statistical analysis of the post-squalene metabolites in wild-type and Crem-knock-out mice
Acimovic J, Kosir R, Kastelec D, Perse M, Majdic G, Rozman D, Kosmelj K, Golicnik M
642 - 646 The cytoplasmic domain is not involved in directing Class 5 mutant LDL receptors to lysosomal degradation
Strom TB, Tveten K, Holla OL, Cameron J, Berge KE, Leren TP
647 - 653 Aurora-C interacts with and phosphorylates the transforming acidic coiled-coil 1 protein
Gabillard JC, Ulisse S, Baldini E, Sorrenti S, Cremet JY, Coccaro C, Prigent C, D'Armiento M, Arlot-Bonnemains Y
654 - 657 A putative disease-associated haplotype within the SCN1A gene in Dravet syndrome
Fendri-Kriaa N, Boujilbene S, Kammoun F, Mkaouar-Rebai E, Ben Mahmoud A, Hsairi I, Rebai A, Triki C, Fakhfakh F
658 - 662 IL-17A increases ADP-induced platelet aggregation
Maione F, Cicala C, Liverani E, Mascolo N, Perretti M, D'Acquisto F
663 - 668 Intersectin 2 nucleotide exchange factor regulates Cdc42 activity during Xenopus early development
Novokhatska O, Dergai M, Houssin N, Tsyba L, Moreau J, Rynditch A
669 - 673 Nek6 suppresses the premature senescence of human cancer cells induced by camptothecin and doxorubicin treatment
Jee HJ, Kim HJ, Kim AJ, Song N, Kim M, Yun J
674 - 679 Sll1466, a glycosyl transferase homolog involved in global cellular regulation and high-light tolerance of Synechocystis PCC6803
Wang X, Dong LL, Zhang CX, Zhu KZ, Zhao JQ, Zhao KH, Zhou M
680 - 685 Crystal structure of the middle domain of human poly(A)-binding protein-interacting protein 1
Lei J, Mesters JR, von Brunn A, Hilgenfeld R
686 - 691 Role of Twist in vasculogenic mimicry formation in hypoxic hepatocellular carcinoma cells in vitro
Jin-Lu M, Su-Xia H, Qing Z, Jing Z, Dan Z, Li W, Yi L
692 - 696 Single-domain antibodies that compete with the natural ligand fibroblast growth factor block the internalization of the fibroblast growth factor receptor 1
Veggiani G, Ossolengo G, Aliprandi M, Cavallaro U, de Marco A
697 - 700 The Ca2+/Mg2+ sites of troponin C modulate crossbridge-mediated thin filament activation in cardiac myofibrils
Fuchs F, Grabarek Z
701 - 706 New microbial mannan catabolic pathway that involves a novel mannosylglucose phosphorylase
Senoura T, Ito S, Taguchi H, Higa M, Hamada S, Matsui H, Ozawa T, Jin S, Watanabe J, Wasaki J, Ito S
707 - 712 Working memory deficits in neuronal nitric oxide synthase knockout mice: Potential impairments in prefrontal cortex mediated cognitive function
Zoubovsky SP, Pogorelov VM, Taniguchi Y, Kim SH, Yoon P, Nwulia E, Sawa A, Pletnikov MV, Kamiya A
713 - 719 Combined effect of sodium selenite and docetaxel on PC3 metastatic prostate cancer cell line
Freitas M, Alves V, Sarmento-Ribeiro AB, Mota-Pinto A
720 - 725 SREBP-1c regulates glucose-stimulated hepatic clusterin expression
Kim G, Kim GH, Oh GS, Yoon J, Kim HW, Kim MS, Kim SW