Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.406, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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497 - 500 Polygonatum cyrtonema lectin, a potential antineoplastic drug targeting programmed cell death pathways
Wang SY, Yu QJ, Bao JK, Liu B
501 - 505 In-vivo quantification of primary microRNA processing by Drosha with a luciferase based system
Allegra D, Mertens D
506 - 511 Tight junction regulates epidermal calcium ion gradient and differentiation
Kurasawa M, Maeda T, Oba A, Yamamoto T, Sasaki H
512 - 517 HMGA1a is involved in specific splice site regulation of human immunodeficiency virus type 1
Tsuruno C, Ohe K, Kuramitsu M, Kohma T, Takahama Y, Hamaguchi Y, Hamaguchi I, Okuma K
518 - 523 miR-132 and miR-212 are increased in pancreatic cancer and target the retinoblastoma tumor suppressor
Park JK, Henry JC, Jiang JM, Esau C, Gusev Y, Lerner MR, Postier RG, Brackett DJ, Schmittgen TD
524 - 528 Impairment of neuropsychological behaviors in ganglioside GM3-knockout mice
Niimi K, Nishioka C, Miyamoto T, Takahashi E, Miyoshi I, Itakura C, Yamashita T
529 - 533 In vitro enhanced differentiation of neural networks in ES gut-like organ from mouse ES cells by a 5-HT4-receptor activation
Takaki M, Misawa H, Matsuyoshi H, Kawahara I, Goto K, Zhang GX, Obata K, Kuniyasu H
534 - 538 Down-regulation of NDRG2 gene expression in human colorectal cancer involves promoter methylation and microRNA-650
Feng L, Xie Y, Zhang H, Wu YL
539 - 545 Aberrant up-regulation of LAMB3 and LAMC2 by promoter demethylation in gastric cancer
Kwon OH, Park JL, Kim M, Kim JH, Lee HC, Kim HJ, Noh SM, Song KS, Yoo HS, Paik SG, Kim SY, Kim YS
546 - 551 alpha-Tocotrienol inhibits osteoclastic bone resorption by suppressing RANKL expression and signaling and bone resorbing activity
Ha H, Lee JH, Kim HN, Lee ZH
552 - 557 MicroRNA 421 suppresses DPC4/Smad4 in pancreatic cancer
Hao J, Zhang SY, Zhou YQ, Liu C, Hu XG, Shao CH
558 - 563 Nanoparticle-mediated intracellular lipid accumulation during C2C12 cell differentiation
Tsukahara T, Haniu H
564 - 569 Transcriptional up-regulation of antioxidant genes by PPAR delta inhibits angiotensin II-induced premature senescence in vascular smooth muscle cells
Kim HJ, Ham SA, Paek KS, Hwang JS, Jung SY, Kim MY, Jin H, Kang ES, Woo IS, Kim HJ, Lee JH, Chang KC, Han CW, Seo HG
570 - 573 Structural investigation of porcine stomach mucin by X-ray fiber diffraction and homology modeling
Veluraja K, Vennila KN, Umamakeshvari K, Jasmine A, Velmurugan D
574 - 579 GEFH1 binds ASAP1 and regulates podosome formation
Shiba Y, Randazzo PA
580 - 583 Bulk properties of the lipid bilayer are not essential for the thermal stability of Na,K-ATPase from shark rectal gland or pig kidney
Hansen AS, Kraglund KL, Fedosova NU, Esmann M
584 - 589 Inhibitory effect of leptin on rosiglitazone-induced differentiation of primary adipocytes prepared from TallyHO/Jng mice
Kim KY, Kim JY, Sung YY, Jung WH, Kim HY, Park JS, Cheon HG, Rhee DS
590 - 594 Mode of operation and low-resolution structure of a multi-domain and hyperthermophilic endo-beta-1,3-glucanase from Thermotoga petrophila
Cota J, Alvarez TM, Citadini AP, Santos CR, Neto MD, Oliveira RR, Pastore GM, Ruller R, Prade RA, Murakami MT, Squina FM
595 - 600 Proteomic analysis of muscle affected by motor neuron degeneration: The wobbler mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Staunton L, Jockusch H, Ohlendieck K
601 - 607 Overexpression of cellular repressor of E1A-stimulated genes inhibits TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis via NF-kappa B in mesenchymal stem cells
Peng F, Han YL, Jie-Deng, Yan CH, Jian-Kang, Bo-Luan, Jie-Li
608 - 613 Establishment of a novel monoclonal antibody SMab-1 specific for IDH1-R132S mutation
Kaneko MK, Tian W, Takano S, Suzuki H, Sawa Y, Hozumi Y, Goto K, Yamazaki K, Kitanaka C, Kato Y
614 - 620 Involvement of STAT3-regulated hepatic soluble factors in attenuation of stellate cell activity and liver fibrogenesis in mice
Shigekawa M, Takehara T, Kodama T, Hikita H, Shimizu S, Li W, Miyagi T, Hosui A, Tatsumi T, Ishida H, Kanto T, Hiramatsu N, Hayashi N
621 - 626 The enzymatic reaction-induced configuration change of the prosthetic group PQQ of methanol dehydrogenase
Li J, Gan JH, Mathews FS, Xia ZX
627 - 632 Differential interactions of cerebellin precursor protein (Cbln) subtypes and neurexin variants for synapse formation of cortical neurons
Joo JY, Lee SJ, Uemura T, Yoshida T, Yasumura M, Watanabe M, Mishina M
633 - 637 CutC is induced late during copper exposure and can modify intracellular copper content in Enterococcus faecalis
Latorre M, Olivares F, Reyes-Jara A, Lopez G, Gonzalez M
638 - 642 Inhibition of tumor growth by quercetin with increase of survival and prevention of cachexia in Walker 256 tumor-bearing rats
Camargo CA, da Silva MEF, da Silva RA, Justo GZ, Gomes-Marcondes MCC, Aoyama H
643 - 648 Elevated invasive potential of glioblastoma stem cells
Cheng L, Wu QL, Guryanova OA, Huang Z, Huang QA, Rich JN, Bao SD
649 - 655 Oncogenicity of L-type amino-acid transporter 1 (LAT1) revealed by targeted gene disruption in chicken DT40 cells: LAT1 is a promising molecular target for human cancer therapy
Ohkawa M, Ohno Y, Masuko K, Takeuchi A, Suda K, Kubo A, Kawahara R, Okazaki S, Tanaka T, Saya H, Seki M, Enomoto T, Yagi H, Hashimoto Y, Masuko T