Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.405, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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153 - 156 MicroRNAs and their target gene networks in renal cell carcinoma
Redova M, Svoboda M, Slaby O
157 - 161 Glycine-induced currents are insensitive to the glycine receptor alpha(1) subunit-specific blocker, cyanotriphenylborate, in older circling mice
Pradhan J, Ahn SC
162 - 167 Glutamate co-transmission from developing medial nucleus of the trapezoid body - Lateral superior olive synapses is cochlear dependent in kanamycin-treated rats
Lee JH, Pradhan J, Maskey D, Park KS, Hong SH, Suh MW, Kim MJ, Ahn SC
168 - 172 Aurora-A promotes gefitinib resistance via a NF-kappa B signaling pathway in p53 knockdown lung cancer cells
Wu CC, Yu CTR, Chang GC, Lai JM, Hsu SL
173 - 179 Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1B1 (ALDH1B1) is a potential biomarker for human colon cancer
Chen Y, Orlicky DJ, Matsumoto A, Singh S, Thompson DC, Vasiliou V
180 - 185 Calsenilin is degraded by the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
Jang C, Choi JK, Kim E, Park ES, Wasco W, Buxbaum JD, Kim YS, Choi EK
186 - 191 Autophagy is involved in anti-viral activity of pentagalloylglucose (PGG) against Herpes simplex virus type 1 infection in vitro
Pei Y, Chen ZP, Ju HQ, Komatsu M, Ji YH, Liu G, Guo CW, Zhang YJ, Yang CR, Wang YF, Kitazato K
192 - 196 Annexin A6 is recruited into lipid rafts of Niemann-Pick type C disease fibroblasts in a Ca2+-dependent manner
Domon MM, Besson F, Bandorowicz-Pikula J, Pikula S
197 - 203 Reduced atherosclerosis and inflammatory cytokines in apolipoprotein-E-deficient mice lacking bone marrow-derived interleukin-1 alpha
Kamari Y, Shaish A, Shemesh S, Vax E, Grosskopf I, Dotan S, White M, Voronov E, Dinarello CA, Apte RN, Harats D
204 - 209 Intraperitoneal AAV9-shRNA inhibits target expression in neonatal skeletal and cardiac muscles
Mayra A, Tomimitsu H, Kubodera T, Kobayashi M, Piao W, Sunaga F, Hirai Y, Shimada T, Mizusawa H, Yokota T
210 - 215 Characterization of histone H3K27 modifications in the beta-globin locus
Kim YW, Kim A
216 - 221 Transgenic overexpression of USP15 in the heart induces cardiac remodeling in mice
Isumi Y, Hirata T, Saitoh H, Miyakawa T, Murakami K, Kudoh G, Doi H, Ishibashi K, Nakajima H
222 - 227 Enhanced inhibitory effect of acidosis on hERG potassium channels that incorporate the hERG1b isoform
Du CY, El Harchi A, McPate MJ, Orchard CH, Hancox JC
228 - 233 'IntraCell' plugin for assessment of intracellular localization of nano-delivery systems and their targeting to the individual organelles
Sneh-Edri H, Stepensky D
234 - 237 Fixation alters fluorescence lifetime and anisotropy of cells expressing EYFP-tagged serotonin(1A) receptor
Ganguly S, Clayton AHA, Chattopadhyay A
238 - 243 Differential localization patterns of septins during growth of the human fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus reveal novel functions
Juvvadi PR, Fortwendel JR, Rogg LE, Steinbach WJ
244 - 249 Transport of hepcidin, an iron-regulatory peptide hormone, into retinal pigment epithelial cells via oligopeptide transporters and its relevance to iron homeostasis
Chothe PP, Gnana-Prakasam JP, Ananth S, Martin PM, Kannan R, Hinton DR, Smith SB, Ganapathy V
250 - 255 alpha- and beta-Adrenoceptors of zebrafish in melanosome movement: A comparative study between embryo and adult melanophores
Xu JA, Xie FK
256 - 261 Psoralen stimulates osteoblast differentiation through activation of BMP signaling
Tang DZ, Yang F, Yang Z, Huang J, Shi Q, Chen D, Wang YJ
262 - 266 Role of glycosaminoglycans of biglycan in BMP-2 signaling
Miguez PA, Terajima M, Nagaoka H, Mochida Y, Yamauchi M
267 - 271 The antimicrobial peptide, psacotheasin induces reactive oxygen species and triggers apoptosis in Candida albicans
Hwang B, Hwang JS, Lee J, Lee DG
272 - 277 Crystal structure of DNA polymerase III beta sliding clamp from Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Gui WJ, Lin SQ, Chen YY, Zhang XE, Bi LJ, Jiang T
278 - 284 c-Myc inhibits TP53INP1 expression via promoter methylation in esophageal carcinoma
Weng WH, Yang QY, Huang ML, Qiao YX, Xie YA, Yu YC, Jing A, Li Z
285 - 290 Anti-prion activity of protein-bound polysaccharide K in prion-infected cells and animals
Hamanaka T, Sakasegawa Y, Ohmoto A, Kimura T, Ando T, Doh-ura K
291 - 296 High mannose-specific lectin (KAA-2) from the red alga Kappaphycus alvarezii potently inhibits influenza virus infection in a strain-independent manner
Sato Y, Morimoto K, Hirayama M, Hori K
297 - 302 Membrane penetrating peptides greatly enhance baculovirus transduction efficiency into mammalian cells
Chen HZ, Wu CP, Chao YC, Liu CYY
303 - 307 A cell-death-defying factor, anamorsin mediates cell growth through inactivation of PKC and p38MAPK
Saito Y, Shibayama H, Tanaka H, Tanimura A, Kanakura Y
308 - 313 Changes in cytosolic glucose level in ATP stimulated live astrocytes
Prebil M, Chowdhury HH, Zorec R, Kreft M
314 - 318 Preferential involvement of both ROS and ceramide in fenretinide-induced apoptosis of HL60 rather than NB4 and U937 cells
Jiang LL, Pan XL, Chen Y, Wang KK, Du YZ, Zhang J
319 - 324 Epiregulin-dependent amphiregulin expression and ERBB2 signaling are involved in luteinizing hormone-induced paracrine signaling pathways in mouse ovary
Kim K, Lee H, Threadgill DW, Lee D
325 - 332 Over-expression of human carcinoma-associated antigen in intrahepatic cholangiocellular carcinoma
Zhou DX, Wang H, Zhou HB, Li SX, Qu HX, Kou XX, Li JZ, Wang H, Hu HP