Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.400, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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293 - 298 Characterization of a chromosomal toxin-antitoxin, Rv1102c-Rv1103c system in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
Han JS, Lee JJ, Anandan T, Zeng MH, Sripathi S, Jahng WJ, Lee SH, Suh JW, Kang CM
299 - 304 Secreted Frizzled-related protein-2 (sFRP2) augments canonical Wnt3a-induced signaling
von Marschall Z, Fisher LW
305 - 312 DNA methylation of the Trip10 promoter accelerates mesenchymal stem cell lineage determination
Hsiao SH, Lee KD, Hsu CC, Tseng MJ, Jin VX, Sun WS, Hung YC, Yeh KT, Yan PS, Lai YY, Sun HS, Lu YJ, Chang YS, Tsai SJ, Huang THM, Leu YW
313 - 317 The Dad1 subunit of the yeast kinetochore Dam1 complex is an intrinsically disordered protein
Waldo JT, Greagor SA, Iqbal AJ, Gittens ASA, Grant KK
318 - 322 Brown adipose tissue function in short-chain acyl-CoA dehydrogenase deficient mice
Skilling H, Coen PM, Fairfull L, Ferrell RE, Goodpaster BH, Vockley J, Goetzman ES
323 - 328 Vinculin activates inside-out signaling of integrin alpha IIb beta 3 in Chinese hamster ovary cells
Ohmori T, Kashiwakura Y, Ishiwata A, Madoiwa S, Mimuro J, Honda S, Miyata T, Sakata Y
329 - 333 Crystal structure of cyclic Lys48-linked tetraubiquitin
Satoh T, Sakata E, Yamamoto S, Yamaguchi Y, Sumiyoshi A, Wakatsuki S, Kato K
334 - 339 The presence of a side population and its marker ABCG2 in human deciduous dental pulp cells
Wang JM, Wei X, Ling JQ, Huang YJ, Huo YB, Zhou YX
340 - 345 Isolation and characterization of the core single-stranded DNA-binding domain of purine-rich element binding protein B (Pur beta)
Rumora AE, Steere AN, Ramsey JE, Knapp AM, Ballif BA, Kelm RJ
346 - 351 The structural mechanism of the inhibition of archaeal RelE toxin by its cognate RelB antitoxin
Shinohara M, Guo JX, Mori M, Nakashima T, Takagi H, Nishimoto E, Yamashita S, Tsumoto K, Kakuta Y, Kimura M
352 - 357 Antifungal properties and mode of action of psacotheasin, a novel knottin-type peptide derived from Psacothea hilaris
Hwang B, Hwang JS, Lee J, Lee DG
358 - 362 Differentiation of human neural progenitor cells regulated by Wnt-3a
Hubner R, Schmole AC, Liedmann A, Frech MJ, Rolls A, Luo JK
363 - 368 Mutagenesis of tGCN5 core region reveals two critical surface residues F90 and R140
Mehta KR, Chan YM, Lee MX, Yang CY, Voloshchuk N, Montclare JK
369 - 373 Crystal structures of MKK4 kinase domain reveal that substrate peptide binds to an allosteric site and induces an auto-inhibition state
Matsumoto T, Kinoshita T, Kirii Y, Yokota K, Hamada K, Tada T
374 - 378 Altered heme catabolism by heme oxygenase-1 caused by mutations in human NADPH cytochrome P450 reductase
Pandey AV, Fluck CE, Mullis PE
379 - 383 The adipokine leptin increases skeletal muscle mass and significantly alters skeletal muscle miRNA expression profile in aged mice
Hamrick MW, Herberg S, Arounleut P, He HZ, Shiver A, Qi RQ, Zhou L, Isales CM, Mi QS
384 - 388 Amino acid residues involved in organic solvent-stability of the LST-03 lipase
Kawata T, Ogino H
389 - 395 Regulation of the Polycomb protein RING1B ubiquitination by USP7
de Bie P, Zaaroor-Regev D, Ciechanover A
396 - 402 Bc13-dependent stabilization of CtBP1 is crucial for the inhibition of apoptosis and tumor progression in breast cancer
Choi HJ, Lee JM, Kim H, Nam HJ, Shin HJR, Kim D, Ko E, Noh DY, Kim KI, Kim JH, Baek SH
403 - 408 Non-acylated Mycobacterium bovis glycoprotein MPB83 binds to TLR1/2 and stimulates production of matrix metalloproteinase 9
Chambers MA, Whelan AO, Spallek R, Singh M, Coddeville B, Guerardel Y, Elass E
409 - 412 Deacetylase inhibitor trichostatin A down-regulates Foxp3 expression and reduces CD4(+)CD25(+) regulatory T cells
Liu ZJ, Zhang CQ, Sun JA
413 - 418 BAG3 directly associates with guanine nucleotide exchange factor of Rap1, PDZGEF2, and regulates cell adhesion
Iwasaki M, Tanaka R, Hishiya A, Homma S, Reed JC, Takayama S
419 - 425 Negative regulation of neuronal cell differentiation by INHAT subunit SET/TAF-I beta
Kim DW, Kim KB, Kim JY, Lee KS, Seo SB
426 - 431 Cyclin D-1 blocks the anti-proliferative function of RUNX3 by interfering with RUNX3-p300 interaction
Iwatani K, Fujimoto T, Ito T
432 - 436 Microparticles mediate enzyme transfer from platelets to mast cells: A new pathway for lipoxin A4 biosynthesis
Tang K, Liu J, Yang ZS, Zhang BA, Zhang HF, Huang CM, Ma JW, Shen GX, Ye DY, Huang B
437 - 441 Identification of a novel GPR119 agonist, AS1269574, with in vitro and in vivo glucose-stimulated insulin secretion
Yoshida S, Ohishi T, Matsui T, Shibasaki M
442 - 446 The role of iron in the proliferation of Drosophila 1(2)mbn cells
Metzendorf C, Lind MI
447 - 451 Characterization of caged compounds binding to proteins by NMR spectroscopy
Bandorowicz-Pikula J, Buchet R, Canada FJ, Clemancey M, Groves P, Jimenez-Barbero J, Lancelin JM, Marcillat O, Pikula S, Sekrecka-Belniak A, Strzelecka-Kiliszek A
452 - 452 Involvement of AMP-activated-protein-kinase (AMPK) in neuronal amyloidogenesis
Vingtdeux V, Marambaud P
453 - 453 Role of transient receptor potential vanilloid 2 in LPS-induced cytokine production in macrophages (vol 398, pg 284, 2010)
Yamashiro K, Sasano T, Tojo K, Namekata I, Kurokawa J, Sawada N, Suganami T, Kamei Y, Tanaka H, Tojima N, Utsunomiya K, Ogawa Y, Furukawa T