Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.399, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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465 - 469 Red cell PMVs, plasma membrane-derived vesicles calling out for standards
Hind E, Heugh S, Ansa-Addo EA, Antwi-Baffour S, Lange S, Inal J
470 - 474 Performance assessment of protein multiple sequence alignment algorithms based on permutation similarity measurement
Gong Z, Li FZ, Dong LH
475 - 479 TNF-alpha induced PMN apoptosis in whole human blood: Protective effect of SSR180575, a potent and selective peripheral benzodiazepine ligand
Leducq-Alet N, Vin V, Savi P, Bono F
480 - 486 Adipose-specific deletion of stearoyl-CoA desaturase 1 up-regulates the glucose transporter GLUT1 in adipose tissue
Hyun CK, Kim ED, Flowers MT, Liu XQ, Kim E, Strable M, Ntambi JM
487 - 491 Involvement of AMP-activated-protein-kinase (AMPK) in neuronal amyloidogenesis
Won JS, Im YB, Kim J, Singh AK, Singh I
492 - 497 Genome-to-function characterization of novel fungal P450 monooxygenases oxidizing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
Syed K, Doddapaneni H, Subramanian V, Lam YW, Yadav JS
498 - 504 COPI-mediated retrograde trafficking from the Golgi to the ER regulates EGFR nuclear transport
Wang YN, Wang HM, Yamaguchi H, Lee HJ, Lee HH, Hung MC
505 - 511 Substrate cleavage pattern, biophysical characterization and low-resolution structure of a novel hyperthermostable arabinanase from Thermotoga petrophila
Squina FM, Santos CR, Ribeiro DA, Cota J, de Oliveira RR, Ruller R, Mort A, Murakami MT, Prade RA
512 - 517 A lysine-rich region in Dot1p is crucial for direct interaction with H2B ubiquitylation and high level methylation of H3K79
Oh S, Jeong K, Kim H, Kwon CS, Lee D
518 - 524 Dynamics of lipid droplets induced by the hepatitis C virus core protein
Lyn RK, Kennedy DC, Stolow A, Ridsdale A, Pezacki JP
525 - 530 Subcellular localization of the interaction of bipolar landmarks Bud8p and Bud9p with Rax2p in Saccharomyces cerevisiae diploid cells
Kato Y, Kawasaki H, Arakawa N, Hirano H
531 - 536 Selection and evaluation of stable housekeeping genes for gene expression normalization in carbon nanoparticle-induced acute pulmonary inflammation in mice
Yin RF, Tian FR, Frankenberger B, de Angelis MH, Stoeger T
537 - 541 Variable loss of Kir4.1 channel function in SeSAME syndrome mutations
Tang XF, Hang D, Sand A, Kofuji P
542 - 547 Interleukin-1 beta regulates cell proliferation and activity of extracellular matrix remodelling enzymes in cultured primary pig heart cells
Zitta K, Brandt B, Wuensch A, Meybohm P, Bein B, Steinfath M, Scholz J, Albrecht M
548 - 554 Mitochondrial remodeling following fission inhibition by 15d-PGJ2 involves molecular changes in mitochondrial fusion protein OPA1
Kar R, Mishra N, Singha PK, Venkatachalam MA, Saikumar P
555 - 559 Crystal structure of the ligand-binding domain of the promiscuous EphA4 receptor reveals two distinct conformations
Singla N, Goldgur Y, Xu K, Paavilainen S, Nikolov DB, Himanen JP
560 - 564 Tyrosine phosphorylation of vinculin at position 1065 modifies focal adhesion dynamics and cell tractions
Kupper K, Lang N, Mohl C, Kirchgessner N, Born S, Goldmann WH, Merkel R, Hoffmann B
565 - 570 Misoprostol elevates intracellular calcium in Neuro-2a cells via protein kinase A
Tamiji J, Crawford DA
571 - 574 Phase separation in lipid bilayers triggered by low pH
Suresh S, Edwardson JM
575 - 580 Differential regulation of MRN (Mre11-Rad50-Nbs1) complex subunits and telomerase activity in cancer cells
Kavitha CV, Choudhary B, Raghavan SC, Muniyappa K
581 - 586 Antibiotic and synergistic effect of Leu-Lys rich peptide against antibiotic resistant microorganisms isolated from patients with cholelithiasis
Jeong N, Kim JY, Park SC, Lee JK, Gopal R, Yoo S, Son BK, Hahm JS, Park Y, Hahm KS
587 - 592 Crystal structure of human programmed cell death 10 complexed with inositol-(1,3,4,5)-tetrakisphosphate: A novel adaptor protein involved in human cerebral cavernous malformation
Ding JJ, Wang XY, Li DF, Hu YL, Zhang Y, Wang DC
593 - 599 Reduction of amyloid beta-peptide accumulation in Tg2576 transgenic mice by oral vaccination
Ishii-Katsuno R, Nakajima A, Katsuno T, Nojima J, Futai E, Sasagawa N, Yoshida T, Watanabe Y, Ishiura S
600 - 606 Crystal structures of two archaeal Pelotas reveal inter-domain structural plasticity
Lee HH, Jang JY, Yoon HJ, Kim SJ, Suh SW
607 - 612 Outer membrane vesicles of Vibrio vulnificus deliver cytolysin-hemolysin Vvha into epithelial cells to induce cytotoxicity
Kim YR, Kim BU, Kim SY, Kim CM, Na HS, Koh JT, Choy HE, Rhee JH, Lee SE
613 - 616 New molecular mechanisms of the unexpectedly complex role of VEGF in ulcerative colitis
Tolstanova G, Khomenko T, Deng XM, Szabo S, Sandor Z
617 - 622 The HPV-16 E5 protein represses expression of stress pathway genes XBP-1 and COX-2 in genital keratinocytes
Sudarshan SR, Schlegel R, Liu XF
623 - 628 The Ski protein negatively regulates Siah2-mediated HDAC3 degradation
Zhao HL, Ueki N, Hayman MJ
629 - 636 Selective destruction of mouse islet beta cells by human T lymphocytes in a newly-established humanized type 1 diabetic model
Zhao Y, Guo CS, Hwang D, Lin B, Dingeldein M, Mihailescu D, Sam S, Sidhwani S, Zhang Y, Jain S, Skidgel RA, Prabhakar BS, Mazzone T, Holterman MJ
637 - 641 Indoxyl sulfate, a uremic toxin, promotes cell senescence in aorta of hypertensive rats
Adijiang A, Higuchi Y, Nishijima F, Shimizu H, Niwa T
642 - 646 LPS-induced NF-kappa B expression in THP-1Blue cells correlates with neopterin production and activity of indoleamine 2,3-dioxygenase
Schroecksnadel S, Jenny M, Kurz K, Klein A, Ledochowski M, Uberall F, Fuchs D
647 - 653 Mitochondrial ND6 T14502C variant may modulate the phenotypic expression of LHON-associated G11778A mutation in four Chinese families
Zhang JJ, Zhou XT, Zhou JA, Li CW, Zhao FX, Wang Y, Meng YZ, Wang JY, Yuan MX, Cai WS, Tong Y, Sun YH, Yang L, Qu J, Guan MX
654 - 658 Flavohemoglobin and nitric oxide detoxification in the human protozoan parasite Giardia intestinalis
Mastronicola D, Testa F, Forte E, Bordi E, Pucillo LP, Sarti P, Giuffre A
659 - 664 Molecular characterization of TGF beta-induced epithelial-mesenchymal transition in normal finite lifespan human mammary epithelial cells
Lindley LE, Briegel KJ
665 - 669 Phosphorylation of the protein kinase A catalytic subunit is induced by cyclic AMP deficiency and physiological stresses in the fission yeast, Schizosaccharomyces pombe
McInnis B, Mitchell J, Marcus S
670 - 676 Testosterone affects hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) activity and lipid metabolism in the left ventricle
Langfort J, Jagsz S, Dobrzyn P, Brzezinska Z, Klapcinska B, Galbo H, Gorski J
677 - 682 Monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 /CC chemokine ligand 2 enhances apoptotic cell removal by macrophages through Rac1 activation
Tanaka T, Terada M, Ariyoshi K, Morimoto K
683 - 687 The NH2-terminus of K+-Cl- cotransporter 3a is essential for up-regulation of Na+,K+-ATPase activity
Fujii T, Fujita K, Shimizu T, Takeguchi N, Sakai H
688 - 693 Irreversible inhibition of RANK expression as a possible mechanism for IL-3 inhibition of RANKL-induced osteoclastogenesis
Khapli SM, Tomar GB, Barhanpurkar AP, Gupta N, Yogesha SD, Pote ST, Wani MR
694 - 698 Distribution of radiolabeled L-glutamate and D-aspartate from blood into peripheral tissues in naive rats: Significance for brain neuroprotection
Klin Y, Zlotnik A, Boyko M, Ohayon S, Shapira Y, Teichberg VI
699 - 704 A novel nucleic acid analogue shows strong angiogenic activity
Tsukamoto I, Sakakibara N, Maruyama T, Igarashi J, Kosaka H, Kubota Y, Tokuda M, Ashino H, Hattori K, Tanaka S, Kawata M, Konishi R
705 - 710 EWS-FLI1 inhibits TNF alpha-induced NF kappa B-dependent transcription in Ewing sarcoma cells
Lagirand-Cantaloube J, Laud K, Lilienbaum A, Tirode F, Delattre O, Auclair C, Kryszke MH
711 - 715 Induction of cereblon by NF-E2-related factor 2 in neuroblastoma cells exposed to hypoxia-reoxygenation
Lee KJ, Lee KM, Jo S, Kang KW, Park CS
716 - 720 Tissue and plasma globotriaosylsphingosine could be a biomarker for assessing enzyme replacement therapy for Fabry disease
Togawa T, Kawashima I, Kodama T, Tsukimura T, Suzuki T, Fukushige T, Kanekura T, Sakuraba H
721 - 726 Hypoxia induces adipogenic differentitation of myoblastic cell lines
Itoigawa Y, Kishimoto KN, Okuno H, Sano H, Kaneko K, Itoi E
727 - 732 IGF-1 receptor inhibition by picropodophyllin in medulloblastoma
Ohshima-Hosoyama S, Hosoyama T, Nelon LD, Keller C
733 - 737 In vivo assay of human NK-dependent ADCC using NOD/SCID/gamma c(null) (NOG) mice
Shiokawa M, Takahashi T, Murakami A, Kita S, Ito M, Sugamura K, Ishii N
738 - 743 Novel protein interactors of urokinase-type plasminogen activator receptor
Mekkawy AH, De Bock CE, Lin Z, Morris DL, Wang Y, Pourgholami MH
744 - 749 MyD88-dependent pathway accelerates the liver damage of Concanavalin A-induced hepatitis
Ojiro K, Ebinuma H, Nakamoto N, Wakabayashi K, Mikami Y, Ono Y, Po-Sung C, Usui S, Umeda R, Takaishi H, Yamagishi Y, Saito H, Kanai T, Hibi T
750 - 754 Silencing of SlFTR-c, the catalytic subunit of ferredoxin:thioredoxin reductase, induces pathogenesis-related genes and pathogen resistance in tomato plants
Lim CJ, Kim WB, Lee BS, Lee HY, Kwon TH, Park JM, Kwon SY