Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.397, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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375 - 379 Binding of YC-1/BAY 41-2272 to soluble guanylate cyclase: A new perspective to the mechanism of activation
Pal B, Kitagawa T
380 - 385 MicroRNAs target gene and signaling pathway by bioinformatics analysis in the cardiac hypertrophy
Shen E, Diao XH, Wei C, Wu ZH, Zhang L, Hu B
386 - 390 Structure of mitochondrial transcription termination factor 3 reveals a novel nucleic acid-binding domain
Spahr H, Samuelsson T, Hallberg BM, Gustafsson CM
391 - 396 SIAH-1 interacts with mammalian polyhomeotic homologues HPH2 and affects its stability via the ubiquitin-proteasome pathway
Wu HL, Lin Y, Shi Y, Qian W, Tian ZP, Yu Y, Huo KK
397 - 400 SiO2 nanoparticles induce global genomic hypomethylation in HaCaT cells
Gong CM, Tao GH, Yang LQ, Liu JJ, Liu QC, Zhuang ZX
401 - 406 Erk1/2-dependent phosphorylation of PKC alpha at threonine 638 in hippocampal 5-HT1A receptor-mediated signaling
Debata PR, Ranasinghe B, Berliner A, Curcio GM, Tantry SJ, Ponimaskin E, Banerjee P
407 - 412 HSPC117 deficiency in cloned embryos causes placental abnormality and fetal death
Wang YY, Hai T, Liu ZC, Zhou SY, Lv Z, Ding CH, Liu L, Niu YY, Zhao XY, Tong M, Wang L, Jouneau A, Zhang X, Ji WZ, Zhou Q
413 - 419 Thromboxane A(2) increases endothelial permeability through upregulation of interleukin-8
Kim SR, Bae SK, Park HJ, Kim MK, Kim K, Park SY, Jang HO, Yun I, Kim YJ, Yoo MA, Bae MK
420 - 424 Inhibitory effects of glutathione on dengue virus production
Tian YP, Jiang W, Gao N, Zhang JL, Chen W, Fan DY, Zhou DS, An J
425 - 428 Messenger RNA quantification after fluorescence activated cell sorting using intracellular antigens
Yamada H, Maruo R, Watanabe M, Hidaka Y, Iwatani Y, Takano T
429 - 435 Crystal structures of aprotinin and its complex with sucrose octasulfate reveal multiple modes of interactions with implications for heparin binding
Yang IS, Kim TG, Park BS, Cho KJ, Lee JH, Park Y, Kim KH
436 - 440 Solution NMR characterization of Sgf73(1-104) indicates that Zn ion is required to stabilize zinc finger motif
Lai CH, Wu MH, Li P, Shi CW, Tian CL, Zang JY
441 - 446 Estradiol enhances cell-associated paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity in vitro without altering PON1 expression
Ahmad S, Scott JE
447 - 452 The Hsp70 chaperone Ssa1 is essential for catabolite induced degradation of the gluconeogenic enzyme fructose-1,6-bisphosphatase
Juretschke J, Menssen R, Sickmann A, Wolf DH
453 - 458 Pathologic role of stressed-induced glucocorticoids in drug-induced liver injury in mice
Masson MJ, Collins LA, Carpenter LD, Graf ML, Ryan PM, Bourdi M, Pohl LR
459 - 464 Chromium attenuates high-fat diet-induced nonalcoholic fatty liver disease in KK/HlJ mice
Chen WY, Chen CJ, Liu CH, Mao FC
465 - 469 Ins(1,4,5)P-3 facilitates ATP accumulation via phosphocreatine/creatine kinase in the endoplasmic reticulum extracted from MDCK cells
Sun J, Ogata S, Segawa M, Usune S, Zhao YM, Katsuragi T
470 - 471 PCBOST: Protein classification based on structural trees
Gordeev AB, Kargatov AM, Efimov AV
472 - 478 Lipopolysaccharide, high glucose and saturated fatty acids induce endoplasmic reticulum stress in cultured primary human adipocytes: Salicylate alleviates this stress
Alhusaini S, Mcgee K, Schisano B, Harte A, McTernan P, Kumar S, Tripathi G
479 - 485 Analysis of SMN-neurite granules: Core Cajal body components are absent from SMN-cytoplasmic complexes
Todd AG, Morse R, Shaw DJ, Stebbings H, Young PJ
486 - 492 Suppression of Akt1 phosphorylation by adenoviral transfer of the PTEN gene inhibits hypoxia-induced proliferation of rat pulmonary arterial smooth muscle cells
Luo CX, Yi B, Bai L, Xia YZ, Wang GS, Qian GS, Feng H
493 - 498 Copper inhibits P2Y(2)-dependent Ca2+ signaling through the effects on thapsigargin-sensitive Ca2+ stores in HTC hepatoma cells
Dolovcak S, Waldrop SL, Fitz JG, Kilic G
499 - 504 Nucleophosmin is overexpressed in thyroid tumors
Pianta A, Puppin C, Franzoni A, Fabbro D, Di Loreto C, Bulotta S, Deganuto M, Paron I, Tell G, Puxeddu E, Filetti S, Russo D, Damante G
505 - 508 An improved method for cell-to-cell transmission of infectious prion
Tanaka M, Hara H, Nishina H, Hanada K, Hagiwara K, Maehama T
509 - 512 Substoichiometric inhibition of A beta(1-40) aggregation by a tandem A beta(40-1-Gly8-1-40) peptide
Mustafi SM, Garai K, Crick SL, Baban B, Frieden C
513 - 519 The p85 beta regulatory subunit of PI3K serves as a substrate for PTEN protein phosphatase activity during insulin mediated signaling
He JM, de la Monte S, Wands JR
520 - 525 Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus processivity factor-8 dimerizes in cytoplasm before being translocated to nucleus
Zhou X, Liao QJ, Ricciardi RP, Peng C, Chen XL
526 - 531 UNC-31/CAPS docks and primes dense core vesicles in C. elegans neurons
Lin XG, Ming M, Chen MR, Niu WP, Zhang YD, Liu B, Jiu YM, Yu JW, Xu T, Wu ZX
532 - 536 A novel method for constructing pathogen-regulated small RNA cDNA library
Sun CB, Du XM, He YK
537 - 542 Protective effect of metformin in CD1 mice placed on a high carbohydrate-high fat diet
Hou M, Venier N, Sugar L, Musquera M, Pollak M, Kiss A, Fleshner N, Klotz L, Venkateswaran V
543 - 547 Berberine inhibits PTP1B activity and mimics insulin action
Chen CH, Zhang YB, Huang C
548 - 552 Evidence of a bigenomic regulation of mitochondrial gene expression by thyroid hormone during rat brain development
Sinha RA, Pathak A, Mohan V, Babu S, Pal A, Khare D, Godbole MM
553 - 558 Duplicated growth hormone genes in a passerine bird, the jungle crow (Corvus macrorhynchos)
Arai N, Iigo M
559 - 563 A novel in vivo inducible dendritic cell ablation model in mice
Okuyama M, Kayama H, Atarashi K, Saiga H, Kimura T, Waisman A, Yamamoto M, Takeda K
564 - 568 Gap junction-mediated spontaneous Ca2+ waves in differentiated cholinergic SN56 cells
Hettiarachchi NT, Dallas ML, Pearson HA, Bruce G, Deuchars S, Boyle JP, Peers C
569 - 575 Involvement of the p65/RelA subunit of NF-kappa B in TNF-alpha-induced SIRT1 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells
Zhang HN, Li L, Gao P, Chen HZ, Zhang R, Wei YS, Liu DP, Liang CC
576 - 579 Functional polymorphisms in the CYP3A4, CYP3A5, and CYP21A2 genes in the risk for hypertension in pregnancy
Coto E, Tavira B, Marin R, Ortega F, Lopez-Larrea C, Ruiz-Ortega M, Ortiz A, Diaz M, Corao AI, Alonso B, Alvarez V
580 - 585 Development of a safe and convenient neutralization assay for rapid screening of influenza HA-specific neutralizing monoclonal antibodies
Du LY, Zhao GY, Zhang XJ, Liu ZH, Yu H, Zheng BJ, Zhou YS, Jiang SB
586 - 591 TNF-alpha similarly induces IL-6 and MCP-1 in fibroblasts from colorectal liver metastases and normal liver fibroblasts
Mueller L, von Seggern L, Schumacher J, Goumas F, Wilms C, Braun F, Broering DC
592 - 597 Glycogen Synthase Kinase 3 (GSK-3) influences epithelial barrier function by regulating Occludin, Claudin-1 and E-cadherin expression
Severson EA, Kwon M, Hilgarth RS, Parkos CA, Nusrat A
598 - 602 ATP-induced noncooperative thermal unfolding of hen lysozyme
Liu HL, Yin PD, He SN, Sun ZH, Tao Y, Huang Y, Zhuang H, Zhang GB, Wei SQ
603 - 607 Detection of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by the oxidant-sensing probe 2',7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein diacetate in the cyanobacterium Anabaena variabilis PCC 7937
Rastogi RP, Singh SP, Hader DP, Sinha RP
608 - 613 Hydrogen gas treatment prolongs replicative lifespan of bone marrow multipotential stromal cells in vitro while preserving differentiation and paracrine potentials
Kawasaki H, Guan JJ, Tamama K
614 - 620 Identification of a voltage-gated potassium channel in gerbil hippocampal mitochondria
Bednarczyk P, Kowalczyk JE, Beresewicz M, Dolowy K, Szewczyk A, Zablocka B
621 - 625 The viscoelastic properties of microvilli are dependent upon the cell-surface molecule
Python JL, Wilson KO, Snook JH, Guo B, Guilford WH
626 - 630 Sensitive detection of scrapie prion protein in soil
Nagaoka K, Yoshioka M, Shimozaki N, Yamamura T, Murayama Y, Yokoyama T, Mohri S
631 - 631 Enhancement of bone formation ex vivo and in vivo by a helioxanthin-derivative (vol 395, pg 502, 2010)
Nakajima K, Komiyama Y, Hojo H, Ohba S, Yano F, Nishikawa N, Ihara S, Aburatani H, Takato T, Chung U