Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.396, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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781 - 786 Effects of semaphorin 3A overexpression in corneal fibroblasts on the expression of adherens-junction proteins in corneal epithelial cells
Ko JA, Akamatsu Y, Yanai R, Nishida T
787 - 792 Design and evaluation of a multi-epitope peptide against Japanese encephalitis virus infection in BALB/c mice
Wei JC, Huang YZ, Zhong DK, Kang L, Ishag H, Mao XA, Cao RB, Zhou B, Chen PY
793 - 799 Superior serum half life of albumin tagged TNF ligands
Muller N, Schneider B, Pfizenmaier K, Wajant H
800 - 805 NMR characterization of hydrophobic collapses in amyloidogenic unfolded states and their implications for amyloid formation
Lim KH, Nagchowdhuri P, Rathinavelan T, Im W
806 - 811 Bauhinia variegata var. variegata trypsin inhibitor: From isolation to potential medicinal applications
Fang EF, Wong JH, Bah CSF, Lin P, Tsao SW, Ng TB
812 - 816 Mutations in the lipid A deacylase PagL which release the enzyme from its latency affect the ability of PagL to interact with lipopolysaccharide in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium
Manabe T, Kawano M, Kawasaki K
817 - 824 Identification and expression analysis of kcnh2 genes in the zebrafish
Leong IUS, Skinner JR, Shelling AN, Love DR
825 - 830 Antimicrobial activity of the Naja atra cathelicidin and related small peptides
de Latour FA, Amer LS, Papanstasiou EA, Bishop BM, van Hoek ML
831 - 836 Odd-skipped related 2 is epigenetically regulated in cellular quiescence
Kawai S, Amano A
837 - 842 Melanocyte stem cells express receptors for canonical Wnt-signaling pathway on their surface
Yamada T, Akamatsu H, Hasegawa S, Inoue Y, Date Y, Mizutani H, Yamamoto N, Matsunaga K, Nakata S
843 - 848 ALDH(high) adenoid cystic carcinoma cells display cancer stem cell properties and are responsible for mediating metastasis
Sun SY, Wang ZL
849 - 853 Nitric oxide enhances the sensitivity of alpaca melanocytes to respond to alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone by up-regulating melanocortin-1 receptor
Dong YJ, Cao J, Wang HD, Zhang J, Zhu ZW, Bai R, Hao HQ, He XY, Fan RW, Dong CS
854 - 860 In vitro selection of RNA aptamers that inhibit the activity of type A botulinum neurotoxin
Chang TW, Blank M, Janardhanan P, Singh BR, Mello C, Blind M, Cai SW
861 - 865 Effective knockdown of multiple target genes by expressing the single transcript harbouring multi-cistronic shRNAs
Junn HJ, Kim JY, Seol DW
866 - 869 Senescence-associated beta-galactosidase activity expression in aging hippocampal neurons
Geng YQ, Guan JT, Xu XH, Fu YC
870 - 873 Homology models for domains 21-23 of human tropoelastin shed light on lysine crosslinking
Dyksterhuis LB, Weiss AS
874 - 880 Sar1-dependent trafficking of the human calcium receptor to the cell surface
Zhuang XL, Chowdhury S, Northup JK, Ray K
881 - 886 Networks and circuits in cell regulation
Palumbo P, Mavelli G, Farina L, Alberghina L
887 - 893 The LIM protein Ajuba is required for ciliogenesis and left-right axis determination in medaka
Nagai Y, Asaoka Y, Namae M, Saito K, Momose H, Mitani H, Furutani-Seiki M, Katada T, Nishina H
894 - 900 PGC-1 alpha accelerates cytosolic Ca2+ clearance without disturbing Ca2+ homeostasis in cardiac myocytes
Chen M, Wang YR, Qu AJ
901 - 907 Transcriptional regulation of NADPH oxidase isoforms, Nox1 and Nox4, by nuclear factor-kappa B in human aortic smooth muscle cells
Manea A, Tanase LI, Raicu M, Simionescu M
908 - 914 Doxorubicin coupled to penetratin promotes apoptosis in CHO cells by a mechanism involving c-Jun NH2-terminal kinase
Aroui S, Mili D, Brahim S, De Waard M, Kenani A
915 - 920 Expression of the Argonaute protein PiwiL2 and piRNAs in adult mouse mesenchymal stem cells
Wu QL, Ma Q, Shehadeh LA, Wilson A, Xia LH, Yu H, Webster KA
921 - 926 Troglitazone stimulates beta-arrestin-dependent cardiomyocyte contractility via the angiotensin II type 1(A) receptor
Tilley DG, Nguyen AD, Rockman HA
927 - 932 ADAM19 autolysis is activated by LPS and promotes non-classical secretion of cysteine-rich protein 2
Tanabe C, Hotoda N, Sasagawa N, Futai E, Komano H, Ishiura S
933 - 938 Clonal expansion of human pluripotent stem cells on gelatin-coated surface
Kitajima H, Niwa H
939 - 943 Auto-inhibitory effects of an IQ motif on protein structure and function
Petzhold D, Lossie J, Behlke J, Keller S, Haase H, Morano I
944 - 949 Intracellular lysyl oxidase: Effect of a specific inhibitor on nuclear mass in proliferating cells
Saad FA, Torres M, Wang H, Graham L
950 - 955 Induced expression of bone morphogenetic protein-6 and Smads signaling in human monocytes derived dendritic cells during sickle-cell pathology with orthopedic complications
Abhishek K, Kumar R, Arif E, Patra PK, Choudhary SB, Sohail M
956 - 960 MAPK and PI3K activities are required for leptin stimulation of protein synthesis in human trophoblastic cells
Perez-Perez A, Gambino Y, Maymo J, Goberna R, Fabiani F, Varone C, Sanchez-Margalet V
961 - 966 SPARC interacts with AMPK and regulates GLUT4 expression
Song HY, Guan YY, Zhang LP, Li K, Dong CL
967 - 972 Ascofuranone prevents ER stress-induced insulin resistance via activation of AMP-activated protein kinase in L6 myotube cells
Hwang SL, Chang HW, Lee IK, Yang BK, Magae J, Chang YC
973 - 977 Characterization of a highly pathogenic avian influenza H5N1 virus isolated from an ostrich
Yang PH, Dongmei, Wang C, Tang C, Xing L, Luo DY, Zhan ZP, Duan YQ, Jia WH, Peng DX, Liu XF, Wang XL
978 - 982 Intronic miR-301 feedback regulates its host gene, ska2, in A549 cells by targeting MEOX2 to affect ERK/CREB pathways
Cao GJ, Huang BC, Liu ZH, Zhang JY, Xu H, Xia W, Li J, Li SH, Chen LC, Ding HM, Zhao QA, Fan M, Shen BF, Shao NS
983 - 988 Identification of a novel human thyroid hormone receptor beta isoform as a transcriptional modulator
Tagami T, Yamamoto H, Moriyama K, Sawai K, Usui T, Shimatsu A, Naruse M
989 - 993 MicroRNA profiling in early hypertrophic growth of the left ventricle in rats
Busk PK, Cirera S
994 - 998 Phosphorylation at serine 318 is not required for inhibition of T cell activation by ALX
Shapiro MJ, Spruce L, Sundsbak R, Thapa P, Shapiro VS
999 - 1005 Ultraviolet irradiation induces autofluorescence enhancement via production of reactive oxygen species and photodecomposition in erythrocytes
Wu XA, Pan LT, Wang ZH, Liu XL, Zhao D, Zhang XZ, Rupp RA, Xu JJ
1006 - 1011 Screening of novel dominant negative mutant actins using glycine targeted scanning identifies G146V actin that cooperatively inhibits cofilin binding
Noguchi TQP, Toya R, Ueno H, Tokuraku K, Uyeda TQP
1012 - 1017 In vitro and in vivo antiangiogenic activity of a novel deca-peptide derived from human tissue-type plasminogen activator kringle 2
Su L, Xu X, Zhao H, Gu Q, Zou HD
1018 - 1023 Insights into the mechanism of drug resistance: X-ray structure analysis of G48V/C95F tethered HIV-1 protease dimer/saquinavir complex
Prashar V, Bihani SC, Das A, Rao DR, Hosur MV
1024 - 1029 Proteomic profiling of naturally protected extraocular muscles from the dystrophin-deficient mdx mouse
Lewis C, Ohlendieck K
1030 - 1035 Agonism with the omega-3 fatty acids alpha-linolenic acid and docosahexaenoic acid mediates phosphorylation of both the short and long isoforms of the human GPR120 receptor
Burns RN, Moniri NH
1036 - 1041 Endocrine-committed progenitor cells retain their differentiation potential in the absence of neurogenin-3 expression
Prasadan K, Tulachan S, Guo P, Shiota C, Shah S, Gittes G
1042 - 1047 MT1-MMP promotes cell growth and ERK activation through c-Src and paxillin in three-dimensional collagen matrix
Takino T, Tsuge H, Ozawa T, Sato H
1048 - 1053 Dissection of the assembly pathway of the proteasome lid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Fukunaga K, Kudo T, Toh-e A, Tanaka K, Saeki Y
1054 - 1059 Sildenafil promotes adipogenesis through a PKG pathway
Zhang XD, Ji J, Yan GR, Wu JW, Sun XY, Shen JS, Jiang HL, Wang HY
1060 - 1064 Human p38 delta MAP kinase mediates UV irradiation induced up-regulation of the gene expression of chemokine BRAK/CXCL14
Ozawa S, Ito S, Kato Y, Kubota E, Hata RI