Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

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ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Divergent stalling sequences sense and control cellular physiology
Ito K, Chiba S, Pogliano K
6 - 10 The pan-ErbB receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor canertinib induces ErbB-independent apoptosis in human leukemia (HL-60 and U-937) cells
Trinks C, Djerf EA, Hallbeck AL, Jonsson JI, Walz TM
11 - 15 Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 alpha mediates oral squamous cell carcinoma invasion via upregulation of alpha 5 integrin and fibronectin
Ryu MH, Park HM, Chung J, Lee CH, Park HR
16 - 20 Geranylfarnesyl diphosphate synthase from Methanosarcina mazei: Different role, different evolution
Ogawa T, Yoshimura T, Hemmi H
21 - 27 Evidence for dimeric BACE-mediated APP processing
Jin SB, Agerman K, Kolmodin K, Gustafsson E, Dahlqvist C, Jureus A, Liu G, Falting J, Berg S, Lundkvist J, Lendahl U
28 - 31 Neutrophils are significant producers of IL-10 during sepsis
Kasten KR, Muenzer JT, Caldwell CC
32 - 37 1-Cinnamoyl-3,11-dihydroxymeliacarpin delays glycoprotein transport restraining virus multiplication without cytotoxicity
Bueno CA, Alche LE, Barquero AA
38 - 44 A thaumatin-like protein gene involved in cotton fiber secondary cell wall development enhances resistance against Verticillium dahliae and other stresses in transgenic tobacco
Munis MFH, Tu LL, Deng FL, Tan JF, Xu L, Xu SC, Long L, Zhang XL
45 - 49 Molecular cloning and characterization of a novel family VIII alkaline esterase from a compost metagenomic library
Kim YH, Kwon EJ, Kim SK, Jeong YS, Kim J, Yun HD, Kim H
50 - 54 Stimulation of TRPC5 cationic channels by low micromolar concentrations of lead ions (Pb2+)
Sukumar P, Beech DJ
55 - 60 Identification of genes related to heart failure using global gene expression profiling of human failing myocardium
Min KD, Asakura M, Liao YL, Nakamaru K, Okazaki H, Takahashi T, Fujimoto K, Ito S, Takahashi A, Asanuma H, Yamazaki S, Minamino T, Sanada S, Seguchi O, Nakano A, Ando Y, Otsuka T, Furukawa H, Isomura T, Takashima S, Mochizuki N, Kitakaze M
61 - 65 IL-13 promotes the proliferation of rat pancreatic stellate cells through the suppression of NF-kappa B/TGF-beta(1) pathway
Shinozaki S, Mashima H, Ohnishi H, Sugano K
66 - 72 SIRT1 regulates oxidant- and cigarette smoke-induced eNOS acetylation in endothelial cells: Role of resveratrol
Arunachalam G, Yao HW, Sundar IK, Caito S, Rahman I
73 - 78 Overexpression of SIRT5 confirms its involvement in deacetylation and activation of carbamoyl phosphate synthetase 1
Ogura M, Nakamura Y, Tanaka D, Zhuang XT, Fujita Y, Obara A, Hamasaki A, Hosokawa M, Inagaki N
79 - 83 Alterations of retinol-binding protein 4 species in patients with different stages of chronic kidney disease and their relation to lipid parameters
Henze A, Frey SK, Raila J, Scholze A, Spranger J, Weickert MO, Tepel M, Zidek W, Schweigert FJ
84 - 88 Resistance to ciprofloxacin by enhancement of antioxidant defenses in biofilm and planktonic Proteus mirabilis
Aiassa V, Barnes AI, Albesa I
89 - 94 Metformin reduces lipid accumulation in macrophages by inhibiting FOXO1-mediated transcription of fatty acid-binding protein 4
Song J, Ren PP, Zhang L, Wang XL, Chen L, Shen YH
95 - 100 Small molecule inhibition of arylamine N-acetyltransferase Type I inhibits proliferation and invasiveness of MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
Tiang JM, Butcher NJ, Minchin RF
101 - 105 Up-regulated type I collagen expression by the inhibition of Rac1 signaling pathway in human dermal fibroblasts
Igata T, Jinnin M, Makino T, Moriya C, Muchemwa FC, Ishihara T, Ihn H
106 - 110 UAP56 is an important regulator of protein synthesis and growth in cardiomyocytes
Sahni A, Wang N, Alexis JD
111 - 117 Transcriptional regulation of the human establishment of cohesion 1 homolog 2 gene
Nishihara M, Yamada M, Nozaki M, Nakahira K, Yanagihara I
118 - 122 Citric acid inhibits development of cataracts, proteinuria and ketosis in streptozotocin (type 1) diabetic rats
Nagai R, Nagai M, Shimasaki S, Baynes JW, Fujiwara Y
123 - 125 Automodification of PARP-1 mediates its tight binding to the nuclear matrix
Zaalishvili G, Margiani D, Kutalia K, Suladze S, Zaalishvili T
126 - 130 Structure and function of the apoA-IV T347S and Q360H common variants
Gomaraschi M, Putt WE, Pozzi S, Iametti S, Barbiroli A, Bonomi F, Favari E, Bernini F, Franceschini G, Talmud PJ, Calabresi L
131 - 136 Real-time monitoring of RNA helicase activity using fluorescence resonance energy transfer in vitro
Tani H, Fujita O, Furuta A, Matsuda Y, Miyata R, Akimitsu N, Tanaka J, Tsuneda S, Sekiguchi Y, Noda N
137 - 143 The tyrosine phosphatase, SHP-1, is involved in bronchial mucin production during oxidative stress
Jang MK, Kim SH, Lee KY, Kim TB, Moon KA, Park CS, Bae YJ, Zhu Z, Moon HB, Cho YS
144 - 149 Down-regulation of Notch1 by gamma-secretase inhibition contributes to cell growth inhibition and apoptosis in ovarian cancer cells A2780
Wang MY, Wu LY, Wang L, Xin XY
150 - 155 Mechanical behavior of human mesenchymal stem cells during adipogenic and osteogenic differentiation
Yu HY, Tay CY, Leong WS, Tan SCW, Liao K, Tan LP
156 - 161 Extracellular calcium modulates in vitro bone marrow-derived Flk-1(+) CD34(+) progenitor cell chemotaxis and differentiation through a calcium-sensing receptor
Aguirre A, Gonzalez A, Planell JA, Engel E
162 - 167 The EGCg-induced redox-sensitive activation of endothelial nitric oxide synthase and relaxation are critically dependent on hydroxyl moieties
Auger C, Kim JH, Chabert P, Chaabi M, Anselm E, Lanciaux X, Lobstein A, Schini-Kerth VB
168 - 173 The C-terminal regulatory domain is required for catalysis by Neisseria meningitidis alpha-isopropylmalate synthase
Huisman FHA, Hunter MFC, Devenish SRA, Gerrard JA, Parker EJ
174 - 178 FES kinase participates in KIT-ligand induced chemotaxis
Voisset E, Lopez S, Chaix A, Vita M, George C, Dubreuil P, De Sepulveda P
179 - 184 Identification of the KAI1 metastasis suppressor gene as a hypoxia target gene
Kim B, Boo K, Lee JS, Kim KI, Kim WH, Cho HJ, Park YB, Kim HS, Baek SH