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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.391, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1301 - 1305 Potassium channel regulator KCNRG regulates surface expression of Shaker-type potassium channels
Usman H, Mathew MK
1306 - 1311 SPRED: A machine learning approach for the identification of classical and non-classical secretory proteins in mammalian genomes
Kandaswamy KK, Pugalenthi G, Hartmann E, Kalies KU, Moller S, Suganthan PN, Martinetz T
1312 - 1317 Molecular shape and binding force of Mycoplasma mobile's leg protein Gli349 revealed by an AFM study
Lesoil C, Nonaka T, Sekiguchi H, Osada T, Miyata M, Afrin R, Ikai A
1318 - 1323 Interaction of the regulatory subunit of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase with PATZ1 (ZNF278)
Yang WL, Ravatn R, Kudoh K, Alabanza L, Chin KV
1324 - 1329 Downregulation of Gnas, Got2 and Snord32a following tenofovir exposure of primary osteoclasts
Grigsby IF, Pham L, Gopalakrishnan R, Mansky LM, Mansky KC
1330 - 1335 The role of beta(1)Pix/caveolin-1 interaction in endothelin signaling through G alpha subunits
Chahdi A, Sorokin A
1336 - 1341 The t-SNAREs syntaxin4 and SNAP23 but not v-SNARE VAMP2 are indispensable to tether GLUT4 vesicles at the plasma membrane in adipocyte
Kawaguchi T, Tamori Y, Kanda H, Yoshikawa M, Tateya S, Nishino N, Kasuga M
1342 - 1347 Identification of candidate genes involved in endogenous protection mechanisms against acute pancreatitis in mice
Nakada S, Tsuneyama K, Kato I, Tabuchi Y, Takasaki I, Furusawa Y, Kawaguchi H, Fujimoto M, Goto H, Hikiami H, Kondo T, Takano Y, Shimada Y
1348 - 1351 Succinimidyl oleate, established inhibitor of CD36/FAT translocase inhibits complex III of mitochondrial respiratory chain
Drahota Z, Vrbacky M, Nuskova H, Kazdova L, Zidek V, Landa V, Pravenec M, Houstek J
1352 - 1357 Amino acid deprivation induces CREBZF/Zhangfei expression via an AARE-like element in the promoter
Zhang YI, Jin YP, Williams TA, Burtenshaw SM, Martyn AC, Lu R
1358 - 1362 Mechanism of macrophage activation induced by beta-glucan produced from Paenibacillus polymyxa JB115
Chang ZQ, Lee JS, Gebru E, Hong JH, Jung HK, Jo WS, Park SC
1363 - 1368 U6 promoter-driven siRNA injection has nonspecific effects in zebrafish
Wang L, Zhou JY, Yao JH, Lu DR, Qiao XJ, Jia W
1369 - 1373 Substrate overload: Glucose oxidation in human myotubes conquers palmitate oxidation through anaplerosis
Gaster M
1374 - 1378 Decorin is processed by three isoforms of bone morphogenetic protein-1 (BMP1)
von Marschall Z, Fisher LW
1379 - 1384 Distinct ONE-GC transduction modes and motifs of the odorants: Uroguanylin and CO2
Duda T, Sharma RK
1385 - 1389 Cell adhesion property affected by cyclooxygenase and lipoxygenase: Opto-electric approach
Choi CK, Sukhthankar M, Kim CH, Lee SH, English A, Kihm KD, Baek SJ
1390 - 1395 Structural characterization reveals that viperin is a radical S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM) enzyme
Shaveta G, Shi JH, Chow VTK, Song JX
1396 - 1399 Inhibition of histone deacetylase activity is a novel function of the antifolate drug methotrexate
Yang PM, Lin JH, Huang WY, Lin YC, Yeh SH, Chen CC
1400 - 1404 Carabrol suppresses LPS-induced nitric oxide synthase expression by inactivation of p38 and JNK via inhibition of I-kappa B alpha degradation in RAW 264.7 cells
Lee HJ, Lim HJ, Lee DY, Jung H, Kim MR, Moon DC, Kim KI, Lee MS, Ryu JH
1405 - 1408 Glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) inhibits advanced glycation end product (AGE)-induced up-regulation of VCAM-1 mRNA levels in endothelial cells by suppressing AGE receptor (RAGE) expression
Ishibashi Y, Matsui T, Takeuchi M, Yamagishi S
1409 - 1414 The potential of the cruciform structure formation as an important factor influencing p53 sequence-specific binding to natural DNA targets
Jagelska EB, Pivonkova H, Fojta M, Brazda V
1415 - 1420 Residue Glu83 plays a major role in negatively regulating alpha-synuclein amyloid formation
Waxman EA, Emmer KL, Giasson BI
1421 - 1426 IL-6 and IFN-alpha from dsRNA-stimulated dendritic cells control expansion of regulatory T cells
Kubota N, Ebihara T, Matsumoto M, Gando S, Seya T
1427 - 1431 Expression of the hGM-CSF in the silk glands of germline of gene-targeted silkworm
Li YM, Cao GL, Chen HM, Jia HF, Xue RY, Gong CL
1432 - 1436 Active creatine kinase is present in matrix vesicles isolated from femurs of chicken embryo: Implications for bone mineralization
Sekrecka-Belniak A, Balcerzak M, Buchet R, Pikula S
1437 - 1442 Apoptosis repressor with caspase recruitment domain is dramatically reduced in cardiac, skeletal, and vascular smooth muscle during hypertension
Quadrilatero J, Bloemberg D
1443 - 1448 Similar effects of resistin and high glucose on P-selectin and fractalkine expression and monocyte adhesion in human endothelial cells
Manduteanu I, Pirvulescu M, Gan AM, Stan D, Simion V, Dragomir E, Calin M, Manea A, Simionescu M
1449 - 1454 Mutant proinsulin proteins associated with neonatal diabetes are retained in the endoplasmic reticulum and not efficiently secreted
Park SY, Ye HG, Steiner DF, Bell GI
1455 - 1458 Triazole-containing BODIPY dyes as novel fluorescent probes for soluble oligomers of amyloid A beta 1-42 peptide
Smith NW, Alonso A, Brown CM, Dzyuba SV
1459 - 1464 Farnesyltransferase inhibitor improved survival following endotoxin challenge in mice
Shinozaki S, Inoue Y, Yang W, Fukaya M, Carter EA, Ming-Yu Y, Fischman A, Tompkins R, Kaneki M
1465 - 1470 An epigenetic mechanism for capecitabine resistance in mesothelioma
Kosuri KV, Wu X, Wang L, Villalona-Calero MA, Otterson GA
1471 - 1476 Mesenchymal stem cells cultured under hypoxia escape from senescence via down-regulation of p16 and extracellular signal regulated kinase
Jin YH, Kato T, Furu M, Nasu A, Kajita Y, Mitsui H, Ueda M, Aoyama T, Nakayama T, Nakamura T, Toguchida J
1477 - 1482 Lanford medium induces high quality hepatic lineage cell differentiation directly from mouse embryonic stem cell-derived mesendoderm
Yoshie S, Shirasawa S, Yokoyama T, Kanoh Y, Takei S, Mizuguchi M, Matsumoto K, Tomotsune D, Sasaki K
1483 - 1489 miR-126 inhibits non-small cell lung cancer cells proliferation by targeting EGFL7
Sun YQ, Bai YF, Zhang F, Wang Y, Guo Y, Guo LL
1490 - 1493 An efficient and rapid method for gene cloning from eukaryotic genomic DNA using overlap-PCR: With an example of cattle Ghrelin gene
Zhang AL, Zhang L, Zhang LZ, Chen H, Lan XY, Zhang CL, Zhang CF
1494 - 1499 A CTL-based liposomal vaccine capable of inducing protection against heterosubtypic influenza viruses in HLA-A(*)0201 transgenic mice
Matsui M, Kohyama S, Suda T, Yokoyama S, Mori M, Kobayashi A, Taneichi M, Uchida T
1500 - 1505 NBBA, a synthetic small molecule, inhibits TNF-alpha-induced angiogenesis by suppressing the NF-kappa B signaling pathway
Kim NH, Jung HJ, Shibasaki F, Kwon HJ
1506 - 1511 Structural characterization of the intra-membrane histidine kinase YbdK from Bacillus subtilis in DPC micelles
Kim YP, Yeo KJ, Kim MH, Kim YC, Jeon YH
1512 - 1516 Caspase 3 inactivates biologically active full length interleukin-33 as a classical cytokine but does not prohibit nuclear translocation
Ali S, Nguyen DQ, Falk W, Martin MU
1517 - 1521 Altered dopamine transporter function and phosphorylation following chronic cocaine self-administration and extinction in rats
Ramamoorthy S, Samuvel DJ, Balasubramaniam A, See RE, Jayanthi LD
1522 - 1525 BRE over-expression promotes growth of hepatocellular carcinoma
Chui YL, Ching AKK, Chen SY, Yip FP, Rowlands DK, James AE, Lee KKH, Chan JYH
1526 - 1530 Ischemia-activated microglia induces neuronal injury via activation of gp91phox NADPH oxidase
Hur J, Lee P, Kim MJ, Kim Y, Cho YW
1531 - 1536 Characterization of a novel non-steroidal glucocorticoid receptor antagonist
Li QY, Zhang M, Hallis TM, DeRosier TA, Yue JM, Ye Y, Mais DE, Wang MW
1537 - 1542 Stearic acid attenuates cholestasis-induced liver injury
Pan PH, Lin SY, Ou YC, Chen WY, Chuang YH, Yen YJ, Liao SL, Raung SL, Chen CJ
1543 - 1547 The covalent modification of spectrin in red cell membranes by the lipid peroxidation product 4-hydroxy-2-nonenal
Arashiki N, Otsuka Y, Ito D, Yang M, Komatsu T, Sato K, Inaba M
1548 - 1554 Acute inhibition of myostatin-family proteins preserves skeletal muscle in mouse models of cancer cachexia
Klimek MEB, Aydogdu T, Link MJ, Pons M, Koniaris LG, Zimmers TA
1555 - 1560 A murine model of sepsis following smoke inhalation injury
Lange M, Hamahata A, Traber DL, Esechie A, Jonkam C, Bansal K, Nakano Y, Traber LD, Enkhbaatar P
1561 - 1566 Oligomerization and insulin interactions of proinsulin C-peptide: Threefold relationships to properties of insulin
Jornvall H, Lindahl E, Astorga-Wells J, Lind J, Holmlund A, Melles E, Alvelius G, Nerelius C, Maler L, Johansson J
1567 - 1572 Activation of PPAR delta up-regulates fatty acid oxidation and energy uncoupling genes of mitochondria and reduces palmitate-induced apoptosis in pancreatic beta-cells
Wan J, Jiang L, Lu QG, Ke LQ, Li XY, Tong NW
1573 - 1578 Silencing MR-1 attenuates inflammatory damage in mice heart induced by AngII
Dai WJ, Chen HY, Jiang JD, Kong WJ, Wang YG