Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.383, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 3 Bone morphogenetic protein-7 and Gremlin: New emerging therapeutic targets for diabetic nephropathy
Zhang YL, Zhang QX
4 - 10 Analysis of xylosyltransferase II binding to the anticoagulant heparin
Casanova JC, Ambrosius M, Kuhn J, Kleesiek K, Gotting C
11 - 15 SATB1 regulates beta-like globin genes through matrix related nuclear relocation of the cluster
Gong H, Wang Z, Zhao GW, Lv X, Wei GH, Wang L, Liu DP, Liang CC
16 - 21 The polycystic kidney disease-related proteins Bicc1 and SamCystin interact
Stagner EE, Bouvrette DJ, Cheng J, Bryda EC
22 - 26 Visualization and analysis of lipopolysaccharide distribution in binary phospholipid bilayers
Henning MF, Sanchez S, Bakas L
27 - 31 Immunological study of HA1 domain of hemagglutinin of influenza H5N1 virus
Chiu FF, Venkatesan N, Wu CR, Chou AH, Chen HW, Lian SP, Liu SJ, Huang CC, Lian WC, Chong P, Leng CH
32 - 36 BimL upregulation induced by BCR cross-linking in BL41 Burkitt's lymphoma results from a splicing mechanism of the BimEL mRNA
Clybouw C, Hadji A, ElMchichi B, Auffredou MT, Leca G, Vazquez A
37 - 41 Differential interaction and aggregation of 3-repeat and 4-repeat tau isoforms with 14-3-3 zeta protein
Sadik G, Tanaka T, Kato K, Yanagi K, Kudo T, Takeda M
42 - 47 A novel transformation system using a bleomycin resistance marker with chemosensitizers for Aspergillus oryzae
Suzuki S, Tada S, Fukuoka M, Taketani H, Tsukakoshi Y, Matsushita M, Oda K, Kusumoto KI, Kashiwagi Y, Sugiyama M
48 - 53 Glycosylated liposomes against Helicobacter pylori: Behavior in acidic conditions
Bardonnet PL, Faivre V, Boullanger P, Ollivon M, Falson FO
54 - 57 Aquaporin 6 binds calmodulin in a calcium-dependent manner
Rabaud NE, Song L, Wang Y, Agre P, Yasui M, Carbrey JM
58 - 62 Assaying ATP synthesis in cultured cells: A valuable tool for the diagnosis of patients with mitochondrial disorders
Rizza T, Vazquez-Memije ME, Meschini MC, Bianchi M, Tozzi G, Nesti C, Piemonte F, Bertini E, Santorelli FM, Carrozzo R
63 - 67 Regulation of carboxylesterase 1 (CES1) in human adipose tissue
Jernas M, Olsson B, Arner P, Jacobson P, Sjostrom L, Walley A, Froguel P, McTernan PG, Hoffstedt J, Carlsson LMS
68 - 72 Functional defect of truncated hepatocyte nuclear factor-1 alpha (G554fsX556) associated with maturity-onset diabetes of the young
Kooptiwut S, Sujjitjoon J, Plengvidhya N, Boonyasrisawat W, Chongjaroen N, Jungtrakoon P, Semprasert N, Furuta H, Nanjo K, Banchuin N, Yenchitsomanus PT
73 - 77 Liver-specific enhancer in ABCC6 promoter-Functional evidence from natural polymorphisms
Ratajewski M, de Boussac H, Pulaski L
78 - 82 Suppression of QRFP 43 in the hypothalamic ventromedial nucleus of Long-Evans rats fed a high-fat diet
Beck B, Richy S
83 - 87 Snapshot of a Michaelis complex in a sulfuryl transfer reaction: Crystal structure of a mouse sulfotransferase, mSULT1D1, complexed with donor substrate and accepter substrate
Teramoto T, Sakakibara Y, Liu MC, Suiko M, Kimura M, Kakuta Y
88 - 92 Acetylation of histone deacetylase 6 by p300 attenuates its deacetylase activity
Han Y, Jeong HM, Jin YH, Kim YJ, Jeong HG, Yeo CY, Lee KY
93 - 97 Impairment of long-term depression induced by chronic brain inflammation in rats
Min SS, Quan HY, Ma J, Lee KH, Back SK, Na HS, Han SH, Yee JY, Kim C, Han JS, Seol GH
98 - 102 On the biochemical classification of yeast trehalases: Candida albicans contains two enzymes with mixed features of neutral and acid trehalase activities
Sanchez-Fresneda R, Gonzalez-Parraga P, Esteban O, Laforet L, Valentin E, Arguelles JC
103 - 107 Fluid replacement following dehydration reduces oxidative stress during recovery
Paik IY, Jeong MH, Jin HE, Kim YI, Suh AR, Cho SY, Roh HT, Jin CH, Suh SH
108 - 112 Effect of dietary conjugated linoleic acid isomers on water and glycerol permeability of kidney membranes
Soveral G, Martins AP, Martins SV, Lopes PA, Alfaia CM, Prates JAM, Moura TF
113 - 118 Important role of heparan sulfate in postnatal islet growth and insulin secretion
Takahashi I, Noguchi N, Nata K, Yamada S, Kaneiwa T, Mizumoto S, Ikeda T, Sugihara K, Asano M, Yoshikawa T, Yamauchi A, Shervani NJ, Uruno A, Kato I, Unno M, Sugahara K, Takasawa S, Okamoto H, Sugawara A
119 - 124 The Ski protein can inhibit ligand induced RAR alpha and HDAC3 degradation in the retinoic acid signaling pathway
Zhao HL, Ueki N, Marcelain K, Hayman MJ
125 - 129 Bone morphogenetic protein-2 down-regulates miR-206 expression by blocking its maturation process
Sato MM, Nashimoto M, Katagiri T, Yawaka Y, Tamura M
130 - 134 TRPV3, a thermosensitive channel is expressed in mouse distal colon epithelium
Ueda T, Yamada T, Ugawa S, Ishida Y, Shimada S
135 - 140 Comparative proteome analysis using amine-reactive isobaric tagging reagents coupled with 2D LC/MS/MS in 3T3-L1 adipocytes following hypoxia or normoxia
Choi S, Cho K, Kim J, Yea K, Park G, Lee J, Ryu SH, Kim J, Kim YH
141 - 145 Ced-9 inhibits Al-induced programmed cell death and promotes Al tolerance in tobacco
Wang WZ, Pan JW, Zheng K, Chen H, Shao HH, Guo YJ, Bian HW, Han N, Wang JH, Zhu MY
146 - 150 Purification of cytoplasmic actin by affinity chromatography using the C-terminal half of gelsolin
Ohki T, Ohno C, Oyama K, Mikhailenko SV, Ishiwata S
151 - 155 Modulations of benzo[a]pyrene-induced DNA adduct, cyclin D1 and PCNA in oral tissue by 1,4-phenylenebis(methylene)selenocyanate
Chen KM, Sacks PG, Spratt TE, Lin JM, Boyiri T, Schwartz J, Richie JP, Calcagnotto A, Das A, Bortner J, Zhao ZL, Amin S, Guttenplan J, El-Bayoumy K