Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.382, No.2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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227 - 231 Caspase-dependent and caspase-independent cell death pathways in yeast
Madeo F, Carmona-Gutierrez D, Ring J, Buettner S, Eisenberg T, Kroemer G
232 - 235 Production of a reporter transgenic pig for monitoring Cre recombinase activity
Li L, Pang DX, Wang TD, Li ZJ, Chen LM, Zhang MJ, Song N, Nie DB, Chen ZW, Lai LX, Ouyang HS
236 - 240 Identification and characterization of a novel cell-penetrating peptide
Sheng JW, Oyler G, Zhou B, Janda K, Shoemaker CB
241 - 246 Calcium and cyclic nucleotides affect TNF-alpha-induced stem cell migration
Kaplan E, Min JY, Ke QE, Chen Y, Niethammer M, Rana JS, Malek S, Verheugt FWA, Morgand JP
247 - 251 Spectral properties and mechanisms that underlie autofluorescent accumulations in Batten disease
Seehafer SS, Pearce DA
252 - 258 Anti-inflammatory effects of IL-17A on Helicobacter pylori-induced gastritis
Otani K, Watanabe T, Tanigawa T, Okazaki H, Yarnagami H, Watanabe K, Tominaga K, Fujiwara Y, Oshitani N, Arakawa T
259 - 263 Efficient inhibition of fibroblast proliferation and collagen expression by ERK2 siRNAs
Li FF, Fan CY, Cheng T, Jiang CY, Zeng BF
264 - 268 Connexin32 is expressed in vascular endothelial cells and participates in gap-junction intercellular communication
Okamoto T, Akiyama M, Takeda M, Gabazza EC, Hayashi T, Suzuki K
269 - 273 NF-kappa B and ZBP-89 regulate MMP-3 expression via a polymorphic site in the promoter
Borghaei RC, Gorski G, Javadi M, Chambers M
274 - 279 Voltage-gated proton channel is expressed on phagosomes
Okochi Y, Sasaki M, Iwasaki H, Okamura Y
280 - 285 A colonic mineralocorticoid receptor cell model expressing epithelial Na+ channels
Bergann T, Ploger S, Fromm A, Zeissig S, Borden SA, Fromm M, Schulzke JD
286 - 291 c-ABL tyrosine kinase stabilizes RAD51 chromatin association
Shimizu H, Popova M, Fleury F, Kobayashi M, Hayashi N, Sakane I, Kurumizaka H, Venkitaraman AR, Takahashi M, Yamamoto K
292 - 297 The antioxidative effect of bone morphogenetic protein-7 against high glucose-induced oxidative stress in mesangial cells
Yeh CH, Chang CK, Cheng MF, Lin HJ, Cheng JT
298 - 302 Respiratory arsenate reductase as a bidirectional enzyme
Richey C, Chovanec P, Hoeft SE, Oremland RS, Basu P, Stolz JF
303 - 308 UBXD1 is a VCP-interacting protein that is involved in ER-associated degradation
Nagahama M, Ohnishi M, Kawate Y, Matsui T, Miyake H, Yuasa K, Tani K, Tagaya M, Tsuji A
309 - 314 ALK7 expression is specific for adipose tissue, reduced in obesity and correlates to factors implicated in metabolic disease
Carlsson LMS, Jacobson P, Walley A, Froguel P, Sjostrom L, Svensson PA, Sjoholm K
315 - 320 Enhanced nerve growth factor efficiency in neural cell culture by immobilization on the culture substrate
Bhang SH, Lee TJ, Yang HS, La WG, Han AM, Kwon YHK, Kim BS
321 - 325 Regulation of DNA repair by parkin
Kao SY
326 - 330 Suppressive role of C-terminal binding protein 1 in IL-4 synthesis in human T cells
Kitamura N, Motoi Y, Mori A, Tatsumi H, Nemoto S, Miyoshi H, Kitamura F, Miyatake S, Hiroi T, Kaminuma O
331 - 335 Influenza A virus induces p53 accumulation in a biphasic pattern
Shen Y, Wang XD, Guo L, Qiu YF, Li XD, Yu H, Xiang H, Tong GZ, Ma ZY
336 - 340 Effect of atorvastatin on expression of IL-10 and TNF-alpha mRNA in myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury in rats
Sun YM, Tian Y, Li X, Liu YY, Wang LF, Li J, Li ZQ, Pan W
341 - 347 Cleavage of chemokines CCL2 and CXCL10 by matrix metalloproteinases-2 and-9: Implications for chemotaxis
Denney H, Clench MR, Woodroofe MN
348 - 352 A Jak2 inhibitor, AG490, reverses lipin-1 suppression by TNF-alpha in 3T3-L1 adipocytes
Tsuchiya Y, Takahashi N, Yoshizaki T, Tanno S, Ohhira M, Motomura W, Tanno S, Takakusaki K, Kohgo Y, Okumura T
353 - 358 Feasibility and efficacy of bone tissue engineering using human bone marrow stromal cells cultivated in serum-free conditions
Agata H, Watanabe N, Ishii Y, Kubo N, Ohshima S, Yamazaki M, Tojo A, Kagami H
359 - 364 Secreted cysteine-rich FGF receptor derives from posttranslational processing by furin-like prohormone convertases
Antoine M, Kohl R, Tag CG, Gressner AM, Hellerbrand C, Kiefer P
365 - 369 Activators of G proteins inhibit GSK-3 beta and stabilize beta-Catenin in Xenopus oocytes
Mahmoud S, Najafi A
370 - 374 Label-free biochemical imaging of heart tissue with high-speed spontaneous Raman microscopy
Ogawa M, Harada Y, Yamaoka Y, Fujita K, Yaku H, Takamatsu T
375 - 380 Generation of insulin-secreting cells from adult rat pancreatic ductal epithelial cells induced by hepatocyte growth factor and betacellulin-delta 4
Zhan XR, Li XY, Liu XM, Zhou JH, Yang YL, Yi R, Zhang J, Yang BF
381 - 384 Extracellular ATP-induced nuclear Ca2+ transient is mediated by inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors in mouse pancreatic beta-cells
Chen Z, Li ZZ, Peng G, Chen XL, Yin WX, Kotlikoff MI, Yuan ZQ, Ji GJ
385 - 389 MEK1-independent activation of MAPK and MEK1-dependent activation of p70 S6 kinase by stem cell factor (SCF) in ovarian cancer cells
Liu L, Zhang X, Du C, Zhang XN, Hou N, Zhao D, Sun JZ, Li L, Wang XW, Ma CH
390 - 394 A South African family with the mitochondrial A1555G mutation on haplogroup L0d
Human H, Lombard D, de Jong G, Bardien S
395 - 399 Behavioral dissection of Drosophila larval phototaxis
Gong ZF
400 - 404 IEX-1-induced cell death requires BIM and is modulated by MCL-1
Yoon S, Ha HJ, Kim YH, Won M, Park M, Ko JJ, Lee K, Bae J
405 - 409 Identification of casein kinase-1 phosphorylation sites on TDP-43
Kametani F, Nonaka T, Suzuki T, Arai T, Dohmae N, Akiyama H, Hasegawa M
410 - 414 Interleukin-6 induces proinflammatory signaling in Schwann cells: A high-throughput analysis
Lee HK, Wang L, Shin YK, Lee KY, Suh DJ, Park HT
415 - 418 Occurrence of phosphatidyl-D-serine in the rat cerebrum
Omori T, Mihara H, Kurihara T, Esaki N
419 - 423 The MAP1-LC3 conjugation system is involved in lipid droplet formation
Shibata M, Yoshimura K, Furuya N, Koike M, Ueno T, Komatsu M, Arai H, Tanaka K, Kominami E, Uchiyama Y
424 - 429 FGFR1 forms an FRS2-dependent complex with mTOR to regulate smooth muscle marker gene expression
Chen PY, Friesel R
430 - 433 Drosophila melanogaster deoxyribonucleoside kinase activates gemcitabine
Knecht W, Mikkelsen NE, Clausen AR, Willer M, Eklund H, Gojkovic Z, Piskur J
434 - 439 Upregulation of immunity-related GTPase (IRG) proteins by TNF-alpha in murine astrocytes
Yamada K, Akimoto H, Ogawa Y, Kinumi T, Kamagata Y, Ohmiya Y
440 - 444 The steady-state expression of connexin43 is maintained by the P13K/Akt in osteoblasts
Bhattacharjee R, Kaneda M, Nakahama K, Morita I
445 - 450 Capsaicin inhibits the IL-6/STAT3 pathway by depleting intracellular gP130 pools through endoplasmic reticulum stress
Lee HK, Seo IA, Shin YK, Park JW, Suh DJ, Park HT
451 - 456 Inhibition of macroautophagy by bafilomycin A(1) lowers proliferation and induces apoptosis in colon cancer cells
Wu YC, Wu WKK, Li YM, Yu L, Li ZJ, Wong CCM, Li HT, Sung JJY, Cho CH
457 - 461 Skin atrophy in cytoplasmic SOD-deficient mice and its complete recovery using a vitamin C derivative
Murakami K, Inagaki J, Saito M, Ikeda Y, Tsuda C, Noda Y, Kawakami S, Shirasawa T, Shimizu T
462 - 467 DNA methyltransferase I is a mediator of doxorubicin-induced genotoxicity in human cancer cells
Tan HH, Porter AG
468 - 472 Identification of a novel human endogenous retrovirus and promoter activity of its 5' U3
Liang QY, Ding JY, Xu RZ, Xu ZF, Zheng S
473 - 477 Transduction of MyoD protein into myoblasts induces myogenic differentiation without addition of protein transduction domain
Noda T, Fujino T, Mie M, Kobatake E