Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.380, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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431 - 436 Poly(C)-binding proteins as transcriptional regulators of gene expression
Choi HS, Hwang CK, Song KY, Law PY, Wei LN, Loh HH
437 - 441 In vivo profile of the human leukocyte microRNA response to endotoxemia
Schmidt WM, Spiel AO, Jilma B, Wolzt M, Wuller M
442 - 448 Structures of Leishmania major orthologues of macrophage migration inhibitory factor
Richardson JM, Morrison LS, Bland ND, Bruce S, Coombs GH, Mottram JC, Walkinshaw MD
449 - 453 tBHQ inhibits LPS-induced microglial activation via Nrf2-mediated suppression of p38 phosphorylation
Koh K, Cha Y, Kim S, Kim J
454 - 459 Plasmodium falciparum signal peptide peptidase is a promising drug target against blood stage malaria
Li XR, Chen HQ, Bahamontes-Rosa N, Kun JFJ, Traore B, Crompton PD, Chishti AH
460 - 466 Ptpcd-1 is a novel cell cycle related phosphatase that regulates centriole duplication and cytokinesis
Zineldeen DH, Shimada M, Niida H, Katsuno Y, Nakanishi M
467 - 471 Crystal structures of respiratory pathogen neuraminidases
Hsiao YS, Parker D, Ratner AJ, Prince A, Tong L
472 - 477 Expression and localization of regenerating gene I in a rat liver regeneration model
Wang JS, Koyota SC, Zhou XP, Ueno Y, Ma L, Kawagoe M, Koizumi Y, Okamoto H, Sugiyama T
478 - 483 Smad4 restoration leads to a suppression of Wnt/beta-catenin signaling activity and migration capacity in human colon carcinoma cells
Tian XX, Du H, Fu XS, Li K, Li AM, Zhang YL
484 - 488 Glycine-rich region regulates cysteine-rich protein 1 binding to actin cytoskeleton
Jang HS, Greenwood JA
489 - 492 IGF-I induced rapid recruitment of integrin beta(1) to lipid rafts is Caveolin-1 dependent
Salani B, Briatore L, Contini P, Passalacqua M, Melloni E, Paggi A, Cordera R, Maggi D
493 - 497 Defective regulation of the ryanodine receptor induces hypertrophy in cardiomyocytes
Hamada T, Gangopadhyay JP, Mandl A, Erhardt P, Ikemoto N
498 - 502 Acid-induced change in ozone-reactive site in indole ring of tryptophan
Matsumura S, Yoshimura A, Okazaki K, Fijitani N, Hattori H
503 - 507 Crystal structure of the human tRNA(Gly) microhelix isoacceptor G9990 at 1.18 angstrom resolution
Eichert A, Perbandt M, Schreiber A, Furste JP, Betzel C, Erdmann VA, Forster C
508 - 513 Non-AUG translational initiation of a short CAPC transcript generating protein isoform
Anaganti S, Hansen JK, Ha D, Hahn Y, Chertov O, Pastan I, Bera TK
514 - 519 S100A13-C2A binary complex structure-a key component in the acidic fibroblast growth factor for the non-classical pathway
Mohan SK, Rani SG, Kumar SM, Yu C
520 - 524 The NADPH thioredoxin reductase C functions as an electron donor to 2-Cys peroxiredoxin in a thermophilic cyanobacterium Thermosynechococcus elongatus BP-1
Sueoka K, Yamazaki T, Hiyama T, Nakamoto H
525 - 530 Phosphatidylinositol-and related-kinases: A genome-wide survey of classes and subtypes in the Schistosoma mansoni genome for designing subtype-specific inhibitors
Bahia D, Oliveira LM, Mortara RA, Ruiz JC
531 - 536 Indomethacin causes renal epithelial cell injury involving Mcl-1 down-regulation
Ou YC, Yang CR, Cheng CL, Jian-Ri U, Raung SL, Hung YY, Chen CJ
537 - 542 Both foxj1a and foxj1b are implicated in left-right asymmetric development in zebrafish embryos
Tian T, Zhao L, Zhang M, Zhao XY, Meng AM
543 - 547 Human beta-2 microglobulin W60V mutant structure: Implications for stability and amyloid aggregation
Ricagno S, Raimondi S, Giorgetti S, Bellotti V, Bolognesi M
548 - 553 Novel mutations of ABCC6 gene in Japanese patients with Angioid streaks
Sato N, Nakayama T, Mizutani Y, Yuzawa M
554 - 558 Development of a novel fluorescent substrate for Autolysin E, a bacterial type II amidase
Lutzner N, Patzold B, Zoll S, Stehle T, Kalbacher H
559 - 563 Expression and role of TTF-1 in the rat suprachiasmatic nucleus
Son YJ, Yun CH, Kim JG, Park JW, Kim JH, Kang SG, Lee BJ
564 - 568 Conformational detection of prion protein with biarsenical labeling and FlAsH fluorescence
Coleman BM, Nisbet RM, Han S, Cappai R, Hatters DM, Hill AF
569 - 574 O-GlcNAc inhibits interaction between Sp1 and Elf-1 transcription factors
Lim K, Chang HI
575 - 580 Micropatterned co-cultures of T-lymphocytes and epithelial cells as a model of mucosal immune system
Stybayeva G, Zhu H, Ramanculov E, Dandekar S, George M, Revzin A
581 - 585 Stability and solubility of proteins from extremophiles
Greaves RB, Warwicker J
586 - 590 Action of N-acylated ambroxol derivatives on secretion of chloride ions in human airway epithelia
Yamada T, Takemura Y, Niisato N, Mitsuyama E, Iwasaki Y, Marunaka Y
591 - 596 A direct spectrophotometric gamma-glutamyltransferase inhibitor screening assay targeting the hydrolysis-only mode
Vergauwen B, Dudycz LW, Dansercoer A, Devreese B
597 - 602 OsDEG10 encoding a small RNA-binding protein is involved in abiotic stress signaling
Park HY, Kang IS, Han JS, Lee CH, An G, Moon YH
603 - 608 Liquid-chromatographic and mass-spectrometric identification of lens proteins using microwave-assisted digestion with trypsin-immobilized magnetic nanoparticles
Miao AZ, Dai Y, Ji YH, Jiang YX, Lu Y
609 - 613 Identification and characterization of stem cell-specific transcription of PSF1 in spermatogenesis
Han YL, Ueno M, Nagahama Y, Takakura N
614 - 619 Troglitazone increases expression of E-cadherin and claudin 4 in human pancreatic cancer cells
Kumei S, Motomura W, Yoshizaki T, Takakusaki K, Okumura T
620 - 626 Presence of alpha-smooth muscle actin-positive endothelial cells in the luminal surface of adult aorta
Azuma O, Ichimura K, Mita T, Nakayama S, Jin WL, Hirose T, Fujitani Y, Sumiyoshi K, Shimada K, Daida H, Sakai T, Mitsumata M, Kawamori R, Watada H
627 - 631 Novel high-throughput screening system for identifying STAT3-SH2 antagonists
Uehara Y, Mochizuki M, Matsuno K, Haino T, Asai A
632 - 637 Periodate-resistant carbohydrate epitopes recognized by IgG and IgE antibodies from some of the immunized mice and patients with allergy
Hino S, Matsubara T, Urisu A, Aoki N, Sato C, Okajima T, Nadano D, Matsuda T
638 - 643 The serine 2481-autophosphorylated form of mammalian Target Of Rapamycin (mTOR) is localized to midzone and midbody in dividing cancer cells
Vazquez-Martin A, Oliveras-Ferraros C, Bernado L, Lopez-Bonet E, Menendez JA
644 - 649 Resveratrol inhibits the expression of SREBP1 in cell model of steatosis via Sirt1-FOXO1 signaling pathway
Wang GL, Fu YC, Xu WC, Feng YQ, Fang SR, Zhou XH
650 - 654 Lithium chloride protects retinal neurocytes from nutrient deprivation by promoting DNA non-homologous end-joining
Zhuang J, Li F, Liu X, Liu ZP, Lin JX, Ge YH, Kaminski JM, Summers JB, Wang ZC, Ge J, Yu KM
655 - 659 Phosphorylation of CREB, a cyclic AMP responsive element binding protein, contributes partially to lysophosphatidic acid-induced fibroblast cell proliferation
Won YJ, Sun Y, Kim NH, Huh SO
660 - 665 Characterization of function and regulation of miR-24-1 and miR-31
Sun FY, Wang JY, Pan QH, Yu YC, Zhang Y, Wan Y, Wang J, Li XY, Hong A
666 - 672 Thalidomide decreases intrahepatic resistance in cirrhotic rats
Yang YY, Huang YT, Lin HC, Lee FY, Lee KC, Chau GY, Loong CC, Lai CR, Lee SD
673 - 678 Cadmium interferes with the degradation of ATF5 via a post-ubiquitination step of the proteasome degradation pathway
Uekusa H, Namimatsu M, Hiwatashi Y, Akimoto T, Nishida T, Takahashi S, Takahashi Y
679 - 683 Regional variation in adipogenesis and IGF regulatory proteins in the fetal baboon
Tchoukalova YD, Nathanielsz PW, Conover CA, Smith SR, Ravussin E
684 - 688 The hepatic circadian clock is preserved in a lipid-induced mouse model of non-alcoholic steatohepatitis
Ando H, Takamura T, Matsuzawa-Nagata N, Shima KR, Nakamura S, Kumazaki M, Kurita S, Misu H, Togawa N, Fukushima T, Fujimura A, Kaneko S
689 - 694 Related transcriptional enhancer factor-1 induces fibroblast growth factor receptor-1 expression in endothelial cells
Zhang C, Song QH, Khachigian LM, Lubenec I, Shie JL, Yang B, Li J, Tian Y
695 - 698 A novel activity enhances promoter escape of RNA polymerase I
Lebedev A, Scharffetter-Kochanek K, Iben S
699 - 704 AIB1 is required for the acquisition of epithelial growth factor receptor-mediated tamoxifen resistance in breast cancer cells
Zhao WH, Zhang QY, Kang XM, Jin S, Lou CJ
705 - 709 DAZAP1 interacts via its RNA-recognition motifs with the C-termini of other RNA-binding proteins
Yang HT, Peggie M, Cohen P, Rousseau S
710 - 714 Biotransformation of the neonicotinoid insecticides imidacloprid and thiamethoxam by Pseudomonas sp 1G
Pandey G, Dorrian SJ, Russell RJ, Oakeshott JG
715 - 720 A functional motif QLYxxYP is essential for osteopontin induced T lymphocyte activation and migration
Dai JX, Cao ZG, Kang YS, Fan KX, Ji GH, Yang HO, Wang HJ, Gao J, Wang H, Guo YJ