Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.379, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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803 - 805 Influence of domain architecture and codon usage pattern on the evolution of virulence factors of Vibrio cholerae
Basak S, Banerjee R, Mukherjee I, Das S
806 - 811 Angptl 4 deficiency improves lipid metabolism, suppresses foam cell formation and protects against atherosclerosis
Adachi H, Fujiwara Y, Kondo T, Nishikawa T, Ogawa R, Matsumura T, Ishii N, Nagai R, Miyata K, Tabata M, Motoshima H, Furukawa N, Tsuruzoe K, Kawashima J, Takeya M, Yamashita S, Koh GY, Nagy A, Suda T, Oike Y, Araki E
812 - 816 SNAP-25(1-180) enhances insulin secretion by blocking Kv2.1 channels in rat pancreatic islet beta-cells
Zhuang GQ, Wu W, Liu F, Ma JL, Luo YX, Xiao ZX, Liu Y, Wang W, He Y
817 - 823 Hematopoiesis-dependent expression of CD44 in murine hepatic progenitor cells
Ohata S, Nawa M, Kasama T, Yamasaki T, Sawanobori K, Hata S, Nakamura T, Asaoka Y, Watanabe T, Okamoto H, Hara T, Terai S, Sakaida I, Katada T, Nishina H
824 - 829 MSC response to pH levels found in degenerating intervertebral discs
Wuertz K, Godburn K, Iatridis JC
830 - 834 Investigating the role of class-IA PI 3-kinase isoforms in adipocyte differentiation
Kim JE, Shepherd PR, Chaussade C
835 - 839 Identification and characterization of a leptin-responsive neuroblastoma cell line
Wang RD, Swick AG
840 - 845 MMSET is overexpressed in cancers: Link with tumor aggressiveness
Kassambara A, Klein B, Moreaux J
846 - 850 Proportion between wild-type and Mutant protein in truncated compared to full-length ATTR: An analysis on transplanted transthyretin T60A amyloidosis patients
Ihse E, Stangou AJ, Heaton ND, O'Grady J, Ybo A, Hellman U, Edvinsson A, Westermark P
851 - 854 Half-of-the-sites reactivity of transketolase from Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Sevostyanova I, Solovjeva O, Selivanov V, Kochetov G
855 - 860 Th1 and Th2 cytokines are elevated in HCV-infected SVR(-) patients treated with interferon-alpha
Wan L, Kung YJ, Lin YJ, Liao CC, Sheu JJC, Tsai YS, Lai HC, Peng CY, Tsai FJ
861 - 865 Combined effect of oxidative stress-related gene polymorphisms on atherosclerosis
Katakami N, Sakamoto K, Kaneto H, Matsuhisa M, Shimizu I, Ishibashi F, Osonoi T, Kashiwagi A, Kawamori R, Hori M, Yamasaki Y
866 - 871 CMTMS-v1 induces apoptosis in cervical carcinoma cells
Shao LN, Guo XH, Plate M, Li T, Wang Y, Ma DL, Han WL
872 - 875 VEGF-A and VEGF-F evoke distinct changes in vascular ultrastructure
Matsunaga Y, Yamazaki Y, Suzuki H, Morita T
876 - 881 A novel small molecule, LAS-0811, inhibits alcohol-induced apoptosis in VL-17A cells
Kim TH, Venugopal SK, Zhu M, Wang SS, Lau D, Lam KS, Clemens DL, Zern MA
882 - 886 Characterization of novel 2-oxoglutarate dependent dioxygenases converting L-proline to cis-4-hydroxy-L-proline
Hara R, Kino K
887 - 891 Transglutaminases expression in human supraspinatus tendon ruptures and in mouse tendons
Oliva F, Zocchi L, Codispoti A, Candi E, Celi M, Melino G, Maffulli N, Tarantino U
892 - 897 Variant late infantile ceroid lipofuscinoses associated with novel mutations in CLN6
Cannelli N, Garavaglia B, Simonati A, Aiello C, Barzaghi C, Pezzini F, Cilio MR, Biancheri R, Morbin M, Bernardina BD, Granata T, Tessa A, Invernizzi F, Pessagno A, Boldrini R, Zibordi F, Grazian L, Claps D, Carrozzo R, Mole SE, Nardocci N, Santorelli FM
898 - 903 Effects of iron oxide nanoparticles on cardiac differentiation of embryonic stem cells
Au KW, Liao SY, Lee YK, Lai WH, Ng KM, Chan YC, Yip MC, Ho CY, Wu EX, Li RA, Siu CW, Tse HF
904 - 908 Meprin A and meprin alpha generate biologically functional IL-1 beta from pro-IL-1 beta
Herzog C, Haun RS, Kaushal V, Mayeux PR, Shah SV, Kaushal GP
909 - 913 Numb3 is an endocytosis adaptor for the inflammatory marker P-selectin
Schluter T, Knauth P, Wald S, Boland S, Bohnensack R
914 - 919 Bone morphogenetic proteins are involved in the pathobiology of synovial chondromatosis
Nakanishi S, Sskamoto K, Yoshitake H, Kino K, Amagasa T, Yamaguchi A
920 - 923 Altered expression of Autism-associated genes in the brain of Fragile X mouse model
Zhang AY, Shen CH, Ma SY, Ke Y, El Idrissi A
924 - 927 Inhibition of vascular endothelial growth factor expression by TRUE gene silencing
Elbarbary RA, Takaku H, Tamura M, Nashimoto M
928 - 932 Identification of a novel compound that stimulates intracellular calcium increase and CXCL8 production in human neutrophils from Schisandra chinensis
Lee YJ, Shim JW, Lee YJ, Park YH, Lee HY, Kim SD, Choi YW, Bae YS
933 - 938 Effects of quorum sensing on cell viability in Streptococcus mutans biofilm formation
Zhang K, Ou MZ, Wang WL, Ling JQ
939 - 943 The mitochondrial TOM complex modulates bax-induced apoptosis in Drosophila
Colin J, Garibal J, Mignotte B, Guenal I
944 - 948 p38 and ERK, but not INK, are involved in copper-induced apoptosis in cultured cerebellar granule neurons
Chen XH, Lan XJ, Mo SL, Qin J, Li WM, Liu PQ, Han YF, Pi RB
949 - 953 Autophagy is upregulated in rats with status epilepticus and partly inhibited by Vitamin E
Cao LL, Xu JJ, Lin YT, Zhao XH, Liu XW, Chi ZF
954 - 958 CD40 ligation converts TGF-beta-secreting tolerogenic CD4(-)8(-) dendritic cells into IL-12-secreting immunogenic ones
Zhang XS, Kedl RM, Xiang J
959 - 963 ZIC1 is downregulated through promoter hypermethylation in gastric cancer
Wang LJ, Jin HC, Wang X, Lam EKY, Bin Zhang J, Liu X, Chan FKL, Si JM, Sung JJY
964 - 968 IFN-gamma down-regulates Secretoglobin 3A1 gene expression
Yamada A, Suzuki D, Miyazono A, Oshima K, Kamiya A, Zhao BH, Takami M, Donnelly RP, Itabe H, Yamamoto M, Kimura S, Kamijo R
969 - 974 Effect of Wnt-1 inducible signaling pathway protein-2 (WISP-2/CCN5), a downstream protein of Wnt signaling, on adipocyte differentiation
Inadera H, Shimomura A, Tachibana S
975 - 979 Cholinergic mechanism involved in the nociceptive modulation of dentate gyrus
Jiao RS, Yang CX, Zhang Y, Xu MY, Yang XF
980 - 984 TRPA1 activation by lidocaine in nerve terminals results in glutamate release increase
Piao LH, Fujita T, Jiang CY, Liu T, Yue HY, Nakatsuka T, Kumamoto E
985 - 989 Overexpression of a NAC transcription factor enhances rice drought and salt tolerance
Zheng XN, Chen B, Lu GJ, Han B
990 - 994 Effect of phosphorylation on interaction of human tau protein with 14-3-3 zeta
Sluchanko NN, Seit-Nebi AS, Gusev NB
995 - 1000 USP14 inhibits ER-associated degradation via interaction with IRE1 alpha
Nagai A, Kadowaki H, Maruyama T, Takeda K, Nishitoh H, Ichijo H
1001 - 1004 Quercetin up-regulates paraoxonase 1 gene expression with concomitant protection against LDL oxidation
Gong MK, Garige M, Varatharajalu R, Marmillot P, Gottipatti C, Leckey LC, Lakshman RM
1005 - 1008 Acetylation curtails nucleosome binding, not stable nucleosome remodeling, by FoxO1
Hatta M, Liu F, Cirillo LA
1009 - 1014 SBF transcription factor complex positively regulates UV mutagenesis in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Gong JJ, Siede W
1015 - 1020 Non-synonymous gene polymorphisms in the secretory signal peptide of human TGF-beta 1 affect cellular synthesis but not secretion of TGF-beta 1
Mohren S, Weiskirchen R
1021 - 1026 Methyl-CpG targeted recruitment of p300 reactivates tumor suppressor genes in human cancer cells
Fukushige S, Kondo E, Horii A
1027 - 1032 Toll-like receptor 2 mediates invasion via activating NF-kappa B in MDA-MB-231 breast cancer cells
Xie WJ, Wang YS, Huang YF, Yang HZ, Wang JP, Hu ZW
1033 - 1037 (-)-Epigallocatechin gallate inhibition of osteoclastic differentiation via NF-kappa B
Lin RW, Chen CH, Wang YH, Ho ML, Hung SH, Chen IS, Wang GJ
1038 - 1042 Arabidopsis GDSL lipase 2 plays a role in pathogen defense via negative regulation of auxin signaling
Lee DS, Kim BK, Kwon SJ, Jin HC, Park OK
1043 - 1047 EP2 receptor activation by prostaglandin E-2 leads to induction of HO-1 via PKA and PI3K pathways in C6 cells
Park MK, Kang YJ, Ha YM, Jeong JJ, Kim HJ, Seo HG, Lee JH, Chang KC
1048 - 1053 Role of aryl hydrocarbon receptor nuclear translocator in K-ATP channel-mediated insulin secretion in INS-1 insulinoma cells
Kim JS, Zheng H, Kim SJ, Park JW, Park KS, Ho WK, Chun YS
1054 - 1059 High-throughput screening assay of hepatitis C virus helicase inhibitors using fluorescence-quenching phenomenon
Tani H, Akimitsu N, Fujita O, Matsuda Y, Miyata R, Tsuneda S, Igarashi M, Sekiguchi Y, Noda N
1060 - 1065 Hypoxia enhances MUC1 expression in a lung adenocarcinoma cell line
Mikami Y, Hisatsune A, Tashiro T, Isohama Y, Katsuki H
1066 - 1071 The N-terminus of porcine circovirus type 2 replication protein is required for nuclear localization and ori binding activities
Lin WL, Chien MS, Du YW, Wu PC, Huang C
1072 - 1075 Dual effect of Platelet Factor 4 on the activities of Factor Xa
Fiore MM, Mackie IJ
1076 - 1079 The protective effect of simvastatin against low dose streptozotocin induced type 1 diabetes in mice is independent of inhibition of HMG-CoA reductase
Rydgren T, Sandler S
1080 - 1083 Excitation-contraction coupling in resistance mesenteric arteries: Evidence for NKCC1-mediated pathway
Koltsova SV, Kotelevtsev SV, Tremblay J, Hamet P, Orlov SN
1084 - 1090 Transplantation of adipose-derived stem cells overexpressing hHGF into cardiac tissue
Zhu XY, Zhang XZ, Xu L, Zhong XY, Ding Q, Chen YX
1091 - 1096 Role of E-cadherin N-glycosylation profile in a mammary tumor model
Pinho SS, Osorio H, Nita-Lazar M, Gomes J, Lopes C, Gartner F, Reis CA
1097 - 1100 CD151 regulates HGF-stimulated morphogenesis of human breast cancer cells
Klosek SK, Nakashiro K, Hara S, Goda H, Hasegawa H, Hamakawa H
1101 - 1106 Prostate specific antigen: One out of five disulfide bridges determines inactivation by reduction
Weber W, Buck F, Meyer A, Hilz H
1107 - 1113 Role of Cks1 amplification and overexpression in breast cancer
Wang XC, Tian J, Tian LL, Wu HL, Meng AM, Ma TH, Xiao J, Xiao XL, Li CH
1114 - 1119 Development of mesenchymal stem cells partially originate from the neural crest
Morikawa S, Mabuchi Y, Niibe K, Suzuki S, Nagoshi N, Sunabori T, Shimmura S, Nagai Y, Nakagawa T, Okano H, Matsuzaki Y
1120 - 1125 N114S mutation causes loss of ATP-induced aggregation of human phosphoribosylpyrophosphate synthetase 1
Liu HL, Peng XH, Zhao F, Zhang GB, Tao Y, Luo ZF, Li Y, Teng MK, Li X, Wei SQ