Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications

Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, Vol.376, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0006-291X (Print) 

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1 - 4 Gene duplication and transfer events in plant mitochondria genome
Xiong AS, Peng RH, Zhuang J, Gao F, Zhu B, Fu XY, Xue Y, Jin XF, Tian YS, Zhao W, Yao QH
5 - 9 Cathepsin D: A cellular roadmap
Zaidi N, Maurer A, Nieke S, Kalbacher H
10 - 14 Immunotherapy of hepatocellular carcinoma with a vaccine based on xenogeneic homologous alpha fetoprotein in mice
Zhang W, Liu JY, Wu Y, Xiao F, Wang YS, Wang R, Yang HS, Wang GQ, Yang JL, Deng HX, Li J, Wen YJ, Wei YQ
15 - 20 Epigenetic mechanisms and Sp1 regulate mitochondrial citrate carrier gene expression
Lacobazzi V, Infantino V, Palmieri F
21 - 25 Inhibition of GIP signaling modulates adiponectin levels under high-fat diet in mice
Naitoh R, Miyawaki K, Harada N, Mizunoya W, Toyoda K, Fushiki T, Yamada Y, Seino Y, Inagaki N
26 - 31 Development and precise characterization of phospho-site-specific antibody of Ser(357) of IRS-1: Elimination of cross reactivity with adjacent Ser(358)
Waraich RS, Zaidi N, Moeschel K, Beck A, Weigert C, Voelter W, Kalbacher H, Lehmann R
32 - 35 An abnormal pK(a) value of internal histidine of the insulin molecule revealed by neutron crystallographic analysis
Ishikawa T, Chatake T, Morimoto Y, Maeda M, Kurihara K, Tanaka I, Niimura N
36 - 39 Regulation of hormone-sensitive lipase expression by saturated fatty acids and hormones in bovine mammary epithelial cells
Yonezawa T, Haga S, Kobayashi Y, Katoh K, Obara Y
40 - 45 Novel mitochondrial extensions provide evidence for a link between microtubule-directed movement and mitochondrial fission
Bowes T, Gupta RS
46 - 51 Alpha-ketoglutarate oxidoreductase, an essential salvage enzyme of energy metabolism, in coccoid form of Helicobacter pylori
Tsugawa H, Suzuki H, Nakagawa I, Nishizawa T, Saito Y, Suematsu M, Hibi T
52 - 55 Tissue-specific DNA-PK-dependent H2AX phosphorylation and gamma-H2AX elimination after X-irradiation in vivo
Koike M, Sugasawa J, Yasuda M, Koike A
56 - 59 Non-electrostatic binding and self-association of amyloid beta-peptide on the surface of tightly packed phosphatidylcholine membranes
Yoda M, Miura T, Takeuchi H
60 - 64 Deletion of fusion peptide or destabilization of fusion core of HIV gp41 enhances antigenicity and immunogenicity of 4E10 epitope
Li J, Chen X, Jiang SB, Chen YH
65 - 69 Eukaryotic ribosomes host PKC activity
Grossso S, Volta V, Vietri M, Gorrini C, Marchisio PC, Biffo S
70 - 73 Gas6-mediated signaling is dependent on the engagement of its gamma-carboxyglutamic acid domain with phosphatidylserine
Rajotte I, Hasanbasic I, Blostein M
74 - 79 Improvement of SSO-mediated gene repair efficiency by nonspecific oligonucleotides
Shang XY, Hao DL, Wu XS, Yin WX, Guo ZC, Liu DP, Liang CC
80 - 85 Ryanodine receptor phosphorylation at Serine 2030, 2808 and 2814 in rat cardiomyocytes
Huke S, Bers DM
86 - 90 MIR-451 and Imatinib mesylate inhibit tumor growth of Glioblastoma stem cells
Gal H, Pandi G, Kanner AA, Ram Z, Lithwick-Yanai G, Amariglio N, Rechavi G, Givol D
91 - 95 Structure and anti-dengue virus activity of sulfated polysaccharide from a marine alga
Hidari KIPJ, Takahashi N, Arihara M, Nagaoka M, Morita K, Suzuki T
96 - 99 Trisindoline synthesis and anticancer activity
Yoo M, Choi SU, Choi KY, Yon GH, Chae JC, Kim D, Zystra GJ, Kim E
100 - 104 The electrogenic Na+-HCO3- cotransporter NBCe1-B is regulated by intracellular Mg2+
Yamaguchi S, Ishikawa T
105 - 110 Macrophage paraoxonase 1 (PON1) binding sites
Efrat M, Aviram M
111 - 115 Induction of ABCA1 by overexpression of hormone-sensitive lipase in macrophages
Tazoe F, Yagyu H, Okazaki H, Igarashi M, Eto K, Nagashima S, Inaba T, Shimano H, Osuga J, Ishibashi S
116 - 120 Cysteine-iron promotes arginase activity by driving the Fenton reaction
Iyamu EW, Perdew H, Woods GM
121 - 127 The ATP-binding motif in AcoK is required for regulation of acetoin catabolism in Klebsiella pneumoniae CG43
Hsu JL, Peng HL, Chang HY
128 - 133 Age-dependent change of HMGB1 and DNA double-strand break accumulation in mouse brain
Enokido Y, Yoshitake A, Ito H, Okazawa H
134 - 138 A new gibberellin detection system in living cells based on antibody V-H/V-L interaction
Lee Y, Asami T, Yamaguchi I, Ueda H, Suzuki Y
139 - 142 Amino-terminal domain interactions of lambda integrase on arm-type DNA
Lee SY
143 - 147 The Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase (SOD1) inhibits ERK phosphorylation by muscarinic receptor modulation in rat pituitary GH3 cells
Secondo A, De Mizio M, Zirpoli L, Santillo M, Mondola P
148 - 153 Induction of chondrogenesis and expression of superficial zone protein (SZP)/lubricin by mesenchymal progenitors in the infrapatellar fat pad of the knee joint treated with TGF-beta 1 and BMP-7
Lee SY, Nakagawa T, Reddi AH
154 - 157 Oxidative stress induces gastric epithelial permeability through claudin-3
Hashimoto K, Oshima T, Tomita T, Kim Y, Matsumoto T, Joh T, Miwa H
158 - 163 Delivery of small interfering RNA for inhibition of endothelial cell apoptosis by hypoxia and serum deprivation
Cho SW, Hartle L, Son SM, Yang F, Goldberg M, Xu Q, Langer R, Anderson DG
164 - 168 Adiponectin multimer distribution in patients with familial combined hyperlipidemia
Koenen TB, van Tits LJH, Holewijn S, Lemmers HLM, den Heijer M, Stalenhoef AFH, de Graaf J
169 - 173 Modulating endogenous gene expression of mammalian cells via RNA-small molecule interaction
Tuleuova N, An CI, Ramanculov E, Revzin A, Yokobayashi Y
174 - 179 Effects of novel antituberculosis agents on OmpF channel activity
Mahdiuni H, Mobasheri H, Shafiee A, Foroumadi A
180 - 185 Reactive oxygen species activate HIV long terminal repeat via post-translational control of NF-kappa B
Pyo CW, Yang YL, Yoo NK, Choi SY
186 - 190 Hypomorphic mutation in mouse Nppc gene causes retarded bone growth due to impaired endochondral ossification
Tsuji T, Kondo E, Yasoda A, Inamoto M, Kiyosu C, Nakao K, Kunieda T
191 - 195 A novel rich source of human mesenchymal stem cells from the debris of bone marrow samples
Jin JD, Wang HX, Xiao FJ, Wang JS, Lou X, Hu LD, Wang LS, Guo ZK
196 - 199 Fatty acids differentially modify the expression of urokinase type plasminogen activator receptor in monocytes
Assmann A, Mohlig M, Osterhoff M, Pfeiffer AFH, Spranger J
200 - 205 Effective delivery of antisense peptide nucleic acid oligomers into cells by anthrax protective antigen
Wright DG, Zhang Y, Murphy JR
206 - 210 CREM modulates the circadian expression of CYP51, HMGCR and cholesterogenesis in the liver
Acimovic J, Fink M, Pompon D, Bjorkhem I, Hirayama J, Sassone-Corsi P, Golicnik M, Rozman D
211 - 214 Heat-treatment method for producing fatty acid-bound alpha-lactalbumin that induces tumor cell death
Kamijima T, Ohmura A, Sato T, Akimoto K, Itabashi M, Mizuguchi M, Kamiya M, Kikukawa T, Aizawa T, Takahashi M, Kawano K, Demura M
215 - 220 Growth suppression of MCF-7 cancer cell-derived xenografts in nude mice by caveolin-1
Wu P, Wang XH, Li F, Qi BJ, Zhu H, Liu S, Cui YQ, Chen JW
221 - 224 Co-occurrence of A1555G and G11778A in a Chinese family with high penetrance of Leber's hereditary optic neuropathy
Zhang AM, Jia XY, Yao YG, Zhang QJ
225 - 230 Cloning expression and analysis of phytochelatin synthase (pcs) gene from Anabaena sp PCC 7120 offering multiple stress tolerance in Escherichia coli
Chaurasia N, Mishra Y, Rai LC
231 - 233 Lower frequency of IL-17F sequence variant (His161Arg) in chronic fatigue syndrome patients
Metzger K, Fremont M, Roelant C, De Meirleir K
234 - 240 Enhanced CCL26 production by IL-4 through IFN-gamma-induced upregulation of type 1 IL-4 receptor in keratinocytes
Nishi N, Yamamoto S, Ou W, Muro E, Inada Y, Hamasaki Y
241 - 241 PTHrP promotes chondrogenesis and suppresses hypertrophy from both bone marrow-derived and adipose tissue-derived MSCs (vol 373, pg 104, 2008)
Kim YJ, Kim HJ, Im GI
242 - 242 Dipeptide proline diphenyl phosphonates are potent, irreversible inhibitors of seprase (FAP alpha) (vol 346, pg 436, 2006)
Gilmore BF, Lynas JF, Scott CJ, McGoohan C, Martin L, Walker B
243 - 243 Intra-colonic administration of the TLR7 agonist R-848 induces an acute local and systemic inflammation in mice (vol 367, pg 242, 2008)
Karlsson A, Jagervall A, Utkovic H, Karlsson L, Rehnstrom E, Fredin MF, Gillberg PG, Jansson L, Michaelsson E, Melgar S
244 - 244 Adaptation of macrophages to exercise training improves innate immunity (vol 372, pg 152, 2008)
Kizaki T, Takemasa T, Sakurai T, Izawa T, Hanawa T, Kamiya S, Haga S, Imaizumi K, Ohno H
245 - 245 Localized decrease of beta-catenin contributes to the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells (vol 372, pg 601, 2008)
Lam H, Patel S, Wong J, Chu J, Lau A, Li S